The Dark Room


Sitting on a stool, she pulled her skirt up, moved her pink panties to one side and slid her teacher's pen into her pussy. The long metal missile-like shape slid easily between her lips and she sighed at the cool penetration into her warmth. She slid it back and forth, enjoying herself, then remembering where she was and what she was doing grabbed the camera and took a series of photos with the pen buried inside her to varying degrees.

She pulled it from herself, ready to put it back. She could see her juices glistening on its polished silver surface. She quickly wiped it on the crotch of her panties and taking the film from the camera, ran out to leave it back where she'd found it, the roll of film alongside.


Dave again found himself alone in the darkroom with an anonymous roll of film, wondering just what he might find when it revealed its secrets.

He recognized the pen immediately. It was in his pocket. He took it out as he studied the photos, inspecting it, smelling it, licking it, trying to find some residue of the youthful pussy that had engulfed it.

He knew that very soon he wasn't going to be able to control himself, that he would find a way to fill one of these young pussies with his cum.


Jo waited until the lights went out, then she swapped places, moving a couple of times, tapping one of the others on the shoulder so that they would switch with her. She was pretty sure that no one would know which position she was in now. Usually they all swapped twice, but today, she'd moved four times.

She waited facing away from the bench until she sensed her father moving in front of her, then she reached out with her hand to stop him. He paused and turned toward her. She reached out at waist level and moved her hand down until she felt his cock sticking out of her pants. Someone had already stopped him then. She tugged it, wanking it, feeling the skin move over the steel-like shaft. She felt his hands, moving to her chest, unbuttoning her dress, slipping inside, first playing with one breast, then the other, her nipples hard and stabbing at the hand that caressed them. She pushed herself against the hands, enjoying the caress, at first gentle, but then more urgent. She started to drop to her knees, the hands fleeing her dress as she did so. Squatting on the floor, she had her father's cock in her hand, centimetres from her face. She blew on it with a long slow breath.

Then she poked out her tongue, and ran it over the tip, right up the little slit in the end. She was almost shaking. It was her father's cock. Swallowing her nerves, she lowered her mouth over it, feeling its smooth skin slide across her tongue until it bumped at the back of her mouth. She still had her entire hand wrapped around the base and there was cock to spare. It was indeed big. She moved her mouth up and down a few times, before releasing him, leaving him to move on. But he didn't move on. As she stood, she felt his hands take her hips and turn her around. She let him do it, if she didn't, he might realise what had happened. She wasn't taking that chance.

She was leaning over the bench and she felt her skirt lifted, just like the first time. But this time, his cock was out. She felt it pushing against her panties, probing, rubbing, insistent and urgent. It slipped between her thighs and she clamped them on it, feeling her father humping between her legs, his hands tight on her hips, pulling her back toward him as he thrust. Her pussy was soaked.

And then his cock was gone. His fingers briefly rubbed her panties. She wanted to moan. One finger quickly slipped inside, the crotch having been roughly shoved out of the way and she felt the finger slide along the length of her slit. She expected to feel it penetrate her, but it didn't. She was left alone as he moved on. Sighing, she thrust her hand down the front of her pants, ignoring the film on the bench that she was supposed to be working on as she fingered her pussy for herself.


"He had his cock out and he was rubbing it against my pussy, along my panties," Lucy was saying.

"He did that to me too," Sarah said, smiling, but glancing nervously at Jo, waiting for her to explode.

"That's not fair, he hasn't done it to me," Allison complained. "What about you Sylvia?"

"No, me either, but I want it. I get so wet in there, waiting for my turn, wondering when it will come, thinking about which one of you might have just sucked his cock last."

"God, how kinky are we?" Allison said, laughing. Jo simply sat and listened, not looking to discourage them now, but keeping her secret. Not telling them that she too had sucked that massive cock, that she'd felt it rubbing against her pussy, that she wished that it had been thrust inside. That if it came to it, she would let her own father shove his big cock in her pussy and fuck her.

"Coming over after school?" Sylvia asked Sarah quietly as the bell rang and they all moved off to class.

"Yes, I think I'd like that," she replied smiling.


Sylvia closed her bedroom door behind her friend and invited her to sit on the bed with her. Sarah grinned and took the offered spot, immediately turning to her friend and kissing her, their lips meeting and their tongues winding around each other between their mouths.

They kissed for ages, laying on the bed, rolling and holding each other, alternating who was on top, needing nothing more than the feel of each other's tongues and lips, fingers pushing hair aside, stroking each other's cheeks.

But it wasn't going to be enough to satisfy them. Hands started exploring, touching each other, running over well-toned thighs, caressing arms, squeezing breasts and buttocks.

"Will you get naked with me?" Sarah asked.

"uh huh," Sylvia responded, smiling. They stood up and shed their dresses, quickly peeling off their underwear as well, before falling back together on the bed. Sarah immediately sucked on Sylvia's tight nipple, her teeth grazing it, her tongue swirling around it, Sylvia's hands in her red hair, stroking it, encouraging her as she moved to the other nipple. Sarah's thigh was between her legs and Sylvia ground against it, wet, leaving her mark on her friend.

Sarah felt the pressure and spread her own legs as she knelt over her friend, lowering her own pussy to her thigh, humping it, grinding and sliding.

"Touch me Sarah, touch me 'there'," Sylvia said a little breathlessly. Sarah sat up between Sylvia's legs, staring down at her cute pussy. She ran her fingers down either side of her landing strip of pubes and then down her hairless labia major, swollen and pink in her excitement. Sylvia sighed at the gentle caress and then gasped as she felt a finger thrust inside her. She arched her back, grinning as it was quickly joined by a second and Sarah thrust them in and out of her pussy.

Sarah used the thumb of her other hand to start rubbing her friend's clit as she kept working the fingers of the first hand in her pussy. Sylvia was breathing with little gasps now, short, high pitched gasps that indicated the extent of her pleasure.

"oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck ... ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh," she said, gasping as she said it, her back arched, thrusting her butt off the bed and her pussy into the air as her friend made her cum. She collapsed back on the bed and Sarah placed little kisses all the way back up her body until she found her lips again and they tangled in another kiss. "That was amazing Sah's," Sylvia whispered.

"You look so hot cumming," Sarah told her with a grin.

"I want to see your cum face," Sylvia grinned, sitting up with a sudden urgency and pushing Sarah back down on the bed. She quickly sucked her small, pale, pink and erect nipples, first one, then the other and then back to the first, unable to leave them alone.

Then she copied what Sarah had done, sitting between her friend's legs, touching her bald lips, caressing them as she eyed the droplet of moisture nestled at the base of her slit. She slid her finger up through it, watching Sarah's smooth inner lips spread either side of her finger as she did so. She slid a finger into her friend, feeling its welcoming warmth before joining it with a second. She experimented for a while, then started rubbing Sarah's clit, which was hard and ready, peeking out from beneath its hood, asking for attention.

Sarah groaned and her fingers went to her nipples, playing with them; pulling and tugging as Sylvia worked over her pussy. She was very aroused and it wasn't long until she was gasping and moaning, urging her friend not to stop as she endured the almost painful moments leading to climax; that precipice before the explosion where the pleasure is almost too intense.

And then she did explode, cumming hard and crying out as her orgasm bloomed within her.

"Wow," Sylvia said.

"Wow is right," Sarah agreed, gasping and panting for breath.


Dave went outside to where Jo was sunning herself on the back deck, wearing her bikini. He paused and studied her, a drink in each hand, one for him, one for her. Her bikini was red, brief and tight. He could almost make out the outline of her nipple beneath the shiny fabric and thought that if he got close enough to her crotch and could rub it, he'd see the outline of her pussy lips against the bottoms too. He thought back to the video, superimposing his memory over the sight before him. His cock stiffened.

"I hope you're wearing sunscreen," he said, moving toward her and proffering the drink he'd brought.

Jo opened her eyes, squinting in the sun, staring up at her father, noticing that his shorts were a bit tented, his cock pushing out against them.

"Of course," Jo replied, sitting up to take the drink from him. "Though I could probably use some more, will you do my back for me?"

"Of course I will sweet heart," Dave replied. Jo put her drink down and rolled over on her stomach. Then she reached behind and undid the clasp of her bikini and pulled the shoulder straps off. Dave was stunned. He could see the smooth, flawless curve of her breast crushed against the recliner and he wanted more than anything to simply roll his daughter over and see her tits.

Instead, he settled for squirting lotion on her back and rubbing it in. He took his time, massaging her as much as coating her with the lotion.

"Mmm, you have wonderful hands Dad," Jo said, feeling his fingers kneading the muscles of her back. She felt his fingers slide ever so slightly under the waist band of her bikini and squeezed her legs together, feeling the compression of her pussy, her father's touch starting to make her wet. His hands slid tantalisingly slowly up her back, his fingers trailing over her sides until she felt his fingers against the side of her breasts. The first time she ignored it. The second time, she reacted.

"Dad!" she said, holding her bikini to her and rolling over.

"What's wrong Jo?" Dave asked, trying to look at her in the face, but all too aware of the struggle she was having holding the bikini top over her tits.

"You touched my boob!"

"Did I? Sorry Jo, really, I didn't even realise that I had," Dave lied. Jo glanced at her father's crotch where his cock was clearly erect in his swim shorts.

"Oh my god, is that a boner Dad?" she said, outraged, pointing at his cock and leaping up from the chair. "That's gross Dad," she added and stormed off to her room. Dave tried to stammer an apology as he watched her retreat, unavoidable noticing the way her tight butt moved as she stormed off, or the fact that once she was sure she was inside, she made no attempt to cover her breasts, leaving him with an indelible image of her back, smooth, straight and proud.

Dave sat down on the chair. He didn't know what to do. He would have to apologise, he knew that much. And he'd have to watch his judgment. Clearly he'd been reading too many erotic stories where this sort of thing played out very differently. The darkroom encounters had him so horny he was starting to believe that anything was possible. Clearly he was mistaken.

He dragged himself off of the outdoor recliner and went to Jo's room, knocking quietly on the door. "Can I talk to you please Jo?"

"Yeah, come in," came the cautious reply. Relief flooding through his mind that he would get to speak to her so soon as he'd worried on his way upstairs that she might take days to get over this. He opened the door and found her lying face down on her bed, a t-shirt pulled on over her bikini top, her tight little but still clad in the bikini, dangerously good to look at.

"Baby, I'm so sorry about what happened. I didn't mean anything, I swear, its just touching you, rubbing your skin like that, well let's just say that since I've been divorced, I don't think I've touched anyone like that and my body just reacted. Sometimes as a man, you can't control what that part of you does. You can control your hands and your thoughts, but sometimes ... well it has a life of its own."

"So you really didn't mean to touch my boobs?" Jo asked, holding his gaze.

"No sweety, I didn't," he lied. "Can you forgive me?"

"Okay Dad, I forgive you, it just shocked me is all. The last thing I expected was to see you with a boner from rubbing sunscreen on me." She stood up to give him a conciliatory hug, pulling herself close, knowing that she was squashing her breasts against him, knowing that he was probably going to crack a boner again.

Dave ended the hug much sooner than he would have liked, before his mind processed the way in which his daughter's pert breasts were pressed against him, before his cock decided to betray his lie.

"In that case, I'm going to get some more sun," she said with a smile," Since I've got the sunscreen on and all. Dave resisted the urge to find a position to perve from, instead retreating to his office, looking to relieve some of the tension that had built up.

Jo lay with the sun on her back, reflecting on what she'd just done. Days ago, she'd sucked her Dad's cock and yet today, with an apparently innocent, barest touch to the side of her breasts, she'd berated him. God, with what was being done to him in the darkroom, she wasn't surprised to see him trying to bust out of his shorts. But as much as she had enjoyed seeing his erection and knowing that she could do that to him, it was different in the daylight.

In the dark room, in the heat of the moment, she'd been fine, but to think of that cock coming out right here and her sucking on it, she was conflicted, she didn't think she wanted that, she didn't want to acknowledge that she might enjoy it; that she might want more, that she was that depraved.

That didn't stop her hand moving down between her legs to caress her pussy through her bikini as she remembered the feel of it in her mouth though. God she'd never even done more that kiss a guy and let him play with her tits until then.


The encounter with Jo at home led to a bit of circumspection for Dave. He'd tossed and turned that night, wondering what he was doing with himself, alternating between hating himself for what he wanted, telling himself that he just couldn't let it happen and wondering if any of the girls that he'd touched in the darkroom had been Jo. What if she'd been one of the girls he'd grabbed and rubbed his cock against. Given her reaction, he could only imagine that she would have done something to stop him and convinced himself that at least he hadn't done that.

All this was in his mind as he turned off the lights in the darkroom. He tried not to move around too much; he tried to be good, to not encourage what would happen if he had to get in close to these young vixens.

But eventually, someone wanted some help. Sarah asked for it and it sounded like it was coming from the far end of the room. He had no choice but to make his way there, steeling himself to turn away anything that might have slowed or prevented his passage or tempted his soul.

All of that resolve melted in an instant though when a hand groped him in the dark, finding his cock, seizing it, extracting it so that a mouth could engulf it. He had no power against his desire. The amazing feeling of a gifted young mouth on his cock was simply too good to refuse. And today it was lingering, this was no quick suck and dismissal, this was an extended pleasuring of his shaft and head. The girl's hand cupped his balls, pulling and teasing at his scrotum as his cock was devoured. He was just starting to wonder if she intended for him to cum when it stopped and he was left standing, his hands reaching to find a landmark. They found an arse. He felt it, hands caressing it, feeling the panty outline beneath the school uniform, feeling the butt pushed back against his hands.

He slid them under the skirt to caress the pussy through the panties, his need having driven all thought of propriety fleeing like a scared animal before a wild fire. The panties were wet, very wet and he thought he could almost smell the aroma of the girl's sex. He knelt down, his hands running up and down the girl's thighs, inside and outside, his fingers teasing at her pussy. He reached up to her waist, pulling on the panties, feeling her wiggle slightly; stunned that he was being accommodated. They slid down the thin, silken legs and he abandoned them at the girls knees, stretched between her legs as she stood with her feet slightly apart. His right hand glided back up her left inner thigh until he felt his fingers touch her pussy. He stroked them, feeling hairless lips, but knowing that he'd not gotten as far as Sarah, whom he'd suspected of being bald from the photos. He caressed the girl's mound and discovered it too devoid of hair.

Lucy or Sylvia, he wondered? He slipped a finger inside, feeling the girl push down as his fingers entered her. He slid it around, now clearly able to smell the girl's musky scent. It was the smell that snapped his reverie. He withdrew his finger and sucked it quickly, standing up, leaving the girl to fix her own panties.

He moved as quickly as possible to Sarah's station to help her with her problem.

"Geez, Mr Johns did you get lost?" She asked, teasing him. It was rare for someone to speak in the dark room these days as they all tried to keep him from knowing who was who and the sound clattered around, startling everyone. Sarah explained her problem and Dave assisted before returning to turn on the lights.


"I thought he might have been going to fuck me," Lucy said as she recounted the way that their teacher had pulled down her panties and fingered her.

"Man, I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Allison sighed. "I never seem to get him coming to me like that, just me sucking him."

"Ok, well so far, everyone he's done something like that to hasn't sucked him, so maybe you should stand next to me when I suck him next class," Lucy said.

"Hmm, it's worth a shot I suppose."


Jo took off her school dress and pulled on a t-shirt over her bra, sitting down to do her homework at the computer in her panties. She had a long essay to work on and she was still going when her Dad came home from a late staff meeting. He knocked on the door and stuck his head in.

"How about some fish and chips in front of the telly, I'm feeling lazy," he said.

"Sounds great Dad," Jo answered, swiveling in her chair to greet him.

Dave couldn't help but glance down. The t-shirt that she was wearing was quite fitted, outlining his daughter's breasts nicely, but also, not covering the fact that she was sitting there in her panties. With her knees slightly parted, he could see more than enough to excite him. He swallowed hard and said, "Right I'll be back in about 20 minutes then."

"Thanks Dad," Jo called, turning back to the computer. Her father left and she thought about the way his eyes had travelled over her body. She had to admit to herself that she actually enjoyed it. That led her to thinking about how much she had enjoyed her secret sucking of him in the darkroom and she pressed her hand between her legs, pressuring her panties against her pussy. She sighed, knowing that the next time that she was in the darkroom, she was unlikely to hold back like she had the last couple of days. As long as she could keep it anonymous, she would see what transpired.

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