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The Dark Room


This story is a liberal recollection of an erotic experience that my mind keeps wandering back to. Thanks for letting me share it with you...

After we had arrived and circulated a bit at a local swingers' "happening", our hostess, Colleen, told us to grab a drink and bring it into the living room. After all 35 of us had settled down more or less in a circle, she had us introduce ourselves in a unique way.

"Welcome, everyone. I see quite a few familiar faces, and a few new ones. By way of introduction, we're going to play a little game. We'll go around in the circle, and we'll first state our first names (or "handles", as you prefer). Then, state an erotic act that you have never done, but that you have an interest in. For example, I'm Colleen, and I've never eaten a woman out while I masturbated a guy. If any of you have done that, you take a swallow of your drink. If nobody takes a swallow, you have to state another erotic act. Curiously, there aren't many times that anyone has to describe an act more than once. Okay, let's start with you, Lisa."

"Hi, I'm Lisa, and I assist Colleen, so a lot of you know me. Hmmm, what haven't I done... Okay, I've never ridden a guy's cock while his wife was giving me a rim job."

Glancing to my left, I watched my wife take a sip of her drink, and saw that another woman was doing the same.

"I'm Jeff, and I've never fucked another guy in the ass - not that I would really want to!"

A couple of sips.

"I'm Tom, and I have never fucked my boss on top of his desk in the middle of the day." Tom looked directly at his partner Joyce, who's face turned red as she exclaimed, "I can't believe you said that!". Amidst chuckes from the group, Joyce took a drink while reproaching Tom with a bemused smile.

And so it went, until all had a chance to say their names and describe an erotic situation. Only two people had to state another "I've never...".

As we broke up, my wife wandered away while I found myself sitting between two quiet ladies on a couch. Engaging them in coversation, I put my hand on the ample nyloned thigh of the heavy-set lady to my left while I exchanged small talk with the Mexican firecracker on my right. Soon, my lady on the left got up and wandered off. After concluding my conversation with Maria along with some smokey looks, I decided to wander about, too.

I love the erotic atmosphere of a swingers' meeting, and especially liked the setup at Colleen's. In addition to the hot tub and group rooms, her house had a special "dark room". She showed it to us in our initial orientation with lights on. Basically, it was a spacious empty room with mattresses on a riser at one end and plush carpeting throughout. Colleen explained that the room would be completely dark after introductions, so that people who chose to enter could only get to know each other by touch or sounds. I don't know why this fascinated me so much, but I found myself drawn to the dark room. Nude except for a waist-wrap, I found myself heading for the dark room.

Leaving my wrap on a hook before the entrance, I entered the dark room completely nude. It was so dark, I could see only the barest of outlines. Mostly, the room was hushed and sultry, and I heard low moans and body motion noises. The smell of sex was in the air. The hushed whispers and muted moans in the dark aroused me and made my pulse quicken with anticipation. As I stood silent a little away from the entrance, I sensed someone coming close from behind to my right.

The person brushed lightly against me and stopped. I put out my hand, and felt a long cock protruding from a smooth, trim belly. When the person didn't move, I lightly stroked his cock a few times out of curiousity, then moved to let him pass. He lightly brushed my cock with his hand as he moved on into the room.

After a minute of two, with my eyes adjusting and my ears focused, I moved more into the center of the room toward some activity I could hear. Seeing a bare outline, I touched a guy standing at ease facing the rear of the room. Hearing "wet" sounds, my hands proceeded to his front, where I felt a feminine head moving back and forth. I felt her sitting upright in front of him with her legs folded under her, moving her head back forth with his cock in her mouth. Not detecting any annoyance at my presence or touches, I felt her long hair, and moved my hand down to cup her large breast while she continued sucking Long Cock's dick. Kneeling beside her while she continued to move back and forth, my stiffening cock brushed against her side while I fondled her heavy breasts and gently tweaked her nipples. I ran my hand over her hip and thigh, then tried to put it between her thighs. It was a tight fit. She slowed as I leaned closer to her face and kissed her cheek while she still had his cock in her mouth. Kissing the corner of her mouth and the side of his cock at the same time was so hot! I couldn't resist running my other hand down her back to her bottom while I continued playing with her big boobs.

When she raised up slightly to be me more access to her butt, I got inspired to go further. Moving around and laying down on my back behind her with my face close to her ample bottom, I gave her a gentle tug with my hands to see if she would raise up. To my delight, she raised her bottom higher off the carpet to allow me to scoot my face underneath her pussy and ass, letting me lick both her cunt and her asshole as she continued to suck Long Cock's dick. As I ate her out, I could feel her lift her arms and steady herself by grabbing Long Cock's butt cheeks, pulling him deeper into her mouth.

As Ample Lady gently ground her clit and pussy on my eager mouth and tongue, I felt a hand on my hard-on. I was still playing with Ample Lady's tits as I felt a warm wet pussy settle and engulf my cock - some woman was sitting on my hard dick, taking it up her cunt. Pleasure washed over me as I felt Cock-Sitter's hands join mine on Ample Lady's tits. I reached up and touched Long Cock's balls as he continued fucking Ample Lady's mouth. Reaching back around to feel Cock-Sitter's tits, I heard and felt her cumming. Getting way too close to cumming myself, I signaled Ample Lady to raise up so I could get free.

Wiggling out from under her, I felt Cock-Sitter get up and give my dick a last fond squeeze and kiss. I managed to pat her ass before getting up to cool off, but this didn't last too long.

As I stood trying to regain my composure, I could hear couples toward the riser at the end of the room. My little head led me over to the sounds, where I could barely make out two big, beautiful women on their backs on the raised mattresses, while their partners fucked them missionary-style. I couldn't resist sitting beside the one and lightly stroking her hair while she continued to fuck. Meeting no resistance, I let my hands wander onto her boobs, then got up and leaned over to french-kiss her. Her heavy breathing didn't stop her from sucking my tongue into her mouth and teasing it with hers while I teased her nipples. Her partner seemed to like it as well, as he picked up his place slightly to fuck her a little faster.

Hearing and seeing the outline of the other woman next to us, I couldn't resist reaching out for her breast, too. Then inspiration hit. I got up and crawled over the head of the first woman so that I could get a blow-job from her while I french-kissed and felt up the other one. Feeling the first woman take my still-moist-from-cock-sitter's-pussy dick in her mouth and suck, I didn't last long. Moving my hand back and forth between the two ladies, feeling their pussies with their partners' cocks banging away inside them, I got so aroused that I started cumming in Number One's mouth. She loved it, swirling her tongue around the head and swallowing every bit of my spunk.

As I got up and headed to the snack table to recover, I knew that I would be forever addicted to the anonymous, mysterious, sultry sex activities in the dark room.

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