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The Date


(Writer's note: The people and events of this story are based on a real situation; the names have been changed to protect the not so innocent.)


"Ok, got to run," Justine called out to her husband Tom as she headed to the door, while putting the finishing touches on her appearance, "I have to pick up Rachel and get to the dinner soon!"

Tom walked up and leaned into Justine, giving her a hug and kiss.

"Have a good time, but watch out for those randy company men. You know how they get when they've had a few too many!"

Justine just threw back her head and laughed, "Ya, like that's going to happen! Besides, most of them are either too young or ancient for me." She winked as she closed the door and headed to her car.

Tonight was a company dinner. One Justine didn't really want to attend, but felt it was required. Her husband had no wish to attend and, besides, had some work to finish up at home, while also keeping an eye on their three children.

Justine was 37 years old. A tall woman of 5'9" with a pretty, if not gorgeous, face; shoulder length medium brown hair, blue eyes and a scattering of freckles over the bridge of her nose. Although she was once commented on by a colleague of her husband's as looking like a statuesque model, she was no longer quite so thin since baring three children. Not fat, flabby or even chubby, Justine was, nonetheless, curvy with large 38d breasts accentuated by her pronounced hips and long legs; much like the popular look of a 1950s movie starlet.

Tonight, Justine dressed up for the first time in months. Unlike her usual typical mother and wife every day wear; Justine was now dressed to the nines in her formfitting sleeveless black evening gown that fully exposed her arms, shoulders and neck; its hem dangled a some distance above her knees then she'd usually be comfortable wearing in public. Along with this, she wore thigh high stockings, matching black panties and push up bra -- which both helped her breasts to fit more attractively in her dress but also made them much more noticeable than normal- pumps, pearls around her smooth neck and a little black handbag. Her hair nicely styled and her favorite ruby red lipstick just heightened her appearance; as did her elegant ear rings, not quite hoop sized but large enough to really notice. She was dressed to kill and she knew it.

Justine began her journey to pick up her coworker Rachel. The two had worked well together for the last couple of years and each had now found themselves in a similar predicament; no date for the dinner, as Rachel's husband was out of town for a few days and, obviously, unable to attend. Justine had once joked to her family that Rachel was going to be her date for that night, garnering a somewhat shocked and puzzled response from her 11 year old who only understood the word 'date' in a more romantic, albeit innocently thought of, definition. Justine had just laughed that off and put to rest any such silly notions; now here she still using that loaded term 'date' as she traveled like some suitor fetching his lady.

Justine arrived at Rachel's and honked her horn, eliciting a quick reaction by her friend who almost skipped her way down from her house to the car. Justine watched her coworker and smiled; Rachel had always been a bit of a silly waif, but on this occasion her appearance was anything but silly. Normally dressed quite modestly and professionally, tonight Rachel dressed more provocatively than usual. For this evening's night out, Rachel wore a red miniskirt, a white blouse whose top two buttons had been undone and higher heels than she was accustomed to wearing. Pink, shiny lip gloss covered her fulsome lips, while large, stylish hoop ear rings would only help further draw any man's attention to her. Underneath she was attired in only a thong and a rather sheer little, low cut camisole but nothing more; Rachel looked gorgeous.

Compared with the curvaceous and buxom Justine, Rachel was a smaller woman and, at 28, she was also younger and, indeed, looked younger than that too with what could be termed a cute, teenage schoolgirl or cheerleader's face. Her body had very slender, almost petite build to go with her 5'6" frame. As would be expected with a slight build, her breasts were smaller than Justine's at 32b but, due to her younger age, also noticeably perkier. Likewise her hips were less obvious than Justine's, but her legs were almost as long and, with her very short skirt, appeared all the longer tonight. Her light brown, almost blond, hair was much longer than Justine's too, well past her shoulders; while her eyes were similarly blue but, unlike Justine, Rachel had no freckles over her nose.

"Hey Justine, how are you? Thanks for picking me up!"

Rachel almost squealed and hugged Justine as she hopped in, her skirt barely covering her hips as she shifted on the larger car's seat. Justine just laughed and hugged her friend back, while still noticing how short Rachel's skirt was and how little it was now covering.

"Hi Rachel, you're so welcome! You look terrific tonight, but you might want to fix your skirt!" Justine giggled as Rachel blushed and straightened out her tiny skirt.

"Oh, thanks. You know you look amazing. I have never seen you all done up like this before!" Rachel finally responded to Justine's pleasant comments on her appearance.

Now it was Justine's turn to blush. "Gosh, Rachel, you are a tease! I am sure I am still the dowdy old matron you've known these last two years!" Justine glanced over at her coworker, still dazzled by Rachel's outfit and who was in it. It wasn't often Justine found another woman that interesting or attractive, but tonight she noticed her younger companion.

"So already for the big date?," Justine quipped, as she started the car towards the restaurant.

"Oh ya, I'm sure we're gonna have a great time." Rachel offered sarcastically, rolling her eyes, "but I did hear there might be some dancing, which is about all that will be fun to do while we're there; other than the drinks!"

"Well, I don't think I'll be doing much drinking, since I am our 'designated driver'" the last two words Justine exclaimed officiously, "and as for dancing, I haven't cut a rug since I was in my twenties; so I think I'll pass on that too!"

"Oh no, darling, you're going to get down tonight. You are my date, so you have to save the last dance for me. But watch your hands, just because I look easy doesn't mean I'm that kind of girl. Unless I drink a lot, then maybe I'll let you cop a feel or get in my pants!" Rachel winked, while Justine nearly choked in response to the shocking words; at which the two women once again laughed, just as the car arrived at the restaurant.

As Justine climbed out of her vehicle, Rachel glanced over to see her friend's hem rise up her thigh. Rachel felt a curious tingling sensation at the sight of Justine's well sculpted leg, but quickly shook it off as she joined her fellow coworker in the restaurant.

The evening was about what they expected; generally dull and filled with increasingly drunk, mostly balding middle aged managers asking for a dance with a hope of feeling up the prettier women; married women were no exception in their licentious quest. Yet, Justine refused every advance, both out of disgust at the men making passes and out of a feeling of inadequacy at her own dance skill. Rachel was less than inhibited and spent as much time as she could on the dance floor with as many men as wished to be with her. Rachel's frequent dancing was only equaled by the frequency of her alcohol consumption. When she wasn't chatting with Rachel as they ate and drank, Justine would merely watch her friend gyrate on the floor in an ever increasingly lewd manner; going so far as allow her skirt to ride high up her hips and her blouse became unbuttoned well down her chest and pulled free from her skirt, so as to hang wildly around her midriff; intermittently exposing her belly and the small of her back to those around her.

Justine's eyes became more transfixed on Rachel's body as the night wore on. A growing warmth soon emerged, with an almost electric sensation running through her body; notably between her hips. It was a feeling she had never felt while observing another woman, but one she was familiar with from times of heightened arousal when she was with her husband or boyfriends when she was younger. Sipping intently on her beverage, Justine found herself turned and facing her friend with her eyes becoming like saucers at what she saw; Rachel soon noticed her friend's reaction and how Justine's dress had become more gathered up around her upper thighs near her hips, which Justine was undoubtedly oblivious to at this moment. In time, Rachel made sure to dance closer to her friend. Jutting back and shaking her ass nearer to Justine's face; sometimes leaning over in Justine's direction, allowing her now very loose blouse and camisole to lay more open, until Justine had little left to her imagination about what was underneath. In response, Justine's nipples perked up and hardened into firm, rubber bullets of flesh pressing and stretching the fabric of her bra and dress until anyone with eyes could see small bulges protruding. Rachel smiled to herself and began to think of a plan to play a little, harmless joke on her older friend.

As the evening progressed and it was becoming apparent that the dinner was nearing its end, Rachel walked over to Justine and stretched out her hand.

"Alright, girl, a promise is a promise"

Justine looked dumbfounded, "What do you mean?"

"I said you had to give me the last dance and here I am, so be a good date and dance with me!" Rachel giggled and brushed back a lock of her long hair.

"Well, I don't know, it's been so long and . . . well . . .you're not exactly my typical dance partner," Justine looked down a bit and blushed.

"Oh, you mean I don't have a penis?" Rachel guffawed at her inappropriate comment, now fueled by large doses of various liquors.

Justine blushed a deep crimson, but then joined her friend in the joke; laughing nervously.

"Well, I guess one little dance won't hurt. Just remember I am out of practice" and with that Justine took Rachel's hand and approached the dance floor. As they took their place, a song request Rachel had made just before asking Justine to dance began, started blaring from the speakers.

As the two married women began to gyrate, with Justine in a more hesitant and awkward style, it soon became clear to the older girl what was playing over the loud speakers when she heard the refrain, "I kissed a girl and I liked it . . ." She gasped and shouted to her friend, "This song? You've got to be kidding me!"

Rachel just laughed and placed her hands on Justine's hips, dancing closer to her as the beat pulsated through their bodies. Justine wasn't sure what to think. She was feeling a bit light headed and definitely more aroused than she thought possible. The electric feeling that she felt earlier was becoming more intense and she could feel that her panties had acquired a certain dampness to them. Her hands soon mimicked Rachel's hold on her partner's hips, feeling a bit of her skin where her blouse met the top of her skirt. The two women swiveled their hips in time with the music, but also more in time with one another. Rhythmically bumping and grinding ever closer together, until their breasts briefly brushed against each other. When the song ended, Justine and Rachel looked deeply into each others' eyes before a drunken lout knocked into them breaking their trance and making them head for the exit.

"Well that was more fun than I expected!" Justine nervously tried small talk, her voice a little strained and higher pitched than normal.

"Yes, yes it was," Rachel opined as she stared vacantly out the car window.

Justine fretfully searched through her hand bag, trying to find her car key, whereupon Rachel collected herself , smiled and almost purred,

"You know, since you are my date, you really should at least give me a little kiss goodnight," she giggled in a soft, girlish way, "like I said before, I'm not easy . . . unless I've had too much to drink." She winked and smiled as her fingers gently ran up and down the inside of Justine's leg, getting nearer to her gown's hemline until finally Rachel leaned into Justine with her lips puckered.

"Just a little one, honey" Rachel grinned as she got closer to Justine's astonished face; lips again puckering; her fingers gently caressing Justine's inner thigh right at her hem.

"Um, well . . . I don't know Rachel, this is a little weird but. . . maybe just one wouldn't hurt," Justine smiled anxiously, but her insides were filled with conflicting emotions, while at the same time her panties became even damper.

Rachel smiled mischievously, "well, after all, you are supposed to be my date you know and I kind of like to end my dates with a goodnight kiss." At that, Rachel kissed Justine. Softly and tentatively at first, but with more force and openness of her lips soon after, all the while Rachel's hand glided gently up Justine's thigh; pushing her gown's hem up to her hips and exposing the tops of her thigh high stockings. A musty scent began to emanate from between Justine's thighs as she slowly rotated her hips to the soft, ticklish caressing of Rachel's' fingers.

"Oh, I don't know about this . . . I've . . . I've never done this before," Justine broke free from Rachel's lips and started pushing down her hem, trying to straighten out her dress. "I'm not sure we should do this . . . " Yet her words trailed off indicating uncertainty about this moral decision; should she excuse herself and just drive them to their respective homes or should she explore these new feelings and see where they take her; like some sort of social experiment (or so she tried to convince herself).

Rachel brushed back Justine's hair, smiling as she tried to reassure her friend.

"Hey, I know what you mean, I have never done this before either, but I figured a little experimentation wouldn't hurt and, like I said, you've been such a good date and how better to end it together than with a little kiss and cuddle?"

Justine gave out barely a grin, and a timid grin at that, before assenting. "You're right, I am being silly! I mean what's a kiss and cuddle with a good friend?"

With that, Justine leaned into Rachel and the two mature girls kissed with greater force and passion, Rachel's hand again sliding up the partially opened legs of Justine to feel her inner thigh; creeping ever closer to her damp panties. Justine more tentatively caressed and rubbed Rachel's back, arms, face and stroked back her hair. Her body felt a tightening as Rachel's fingers teasingly stroked her panties, feeling the wetness that had accumulated.

"I think you may need to change these," Rachel giggled and kissed Justine, who giggled and kissed her back.

At that moment the two women heard the sounds of footsteps and quickly broke their salacious embrace, whereupon Justine frantically started the car and began to drive off; her gown still pushed up enough for Rachel to see the bottom of her panties.

As they drove, Rachel felt an overwhelming desire for more. Her thong was becoming as wet as Justine's black panties and her nipples had become rock hard little pebbles that stretched the fabric of her camisole; poking eagerly through her barely present blouse until even Justine could see them protruding when she looked over out of the corner of her eyes.

Rachel's legs opened and closed lustfully as she played with her hair, always looking at Justine's buxom chest and long, luscious legs.

"Hey Justine, would you mind pulling over into that little parking lot over there by the water?" Rachel asked sweetly, trying not to spook her already anxious older friend.

Justine, although fearful of what she was getting into, nevertheless almost robotically willingly obliged, pulling into the most discreet location that was there. Not a soul around, just the beauty of the scenario- both outside . . . and inside.

"I think we need to finish off our date properly, after that rude interruption," Rachel whispered as she again leaned into Justine, her hand almost floating over Justine's midriff and chest, "just another little kiss to seal the deal and complete our night." Rachel grinned as her mouth lightly pressed onto Justine's; her hand first caressing Justine's face and stroking her hair, then gliding down over her bare neck and teasingly, sensually over Justine's larger breasts.

Justine gasped a little, she was still unsure. Neither woman had been with another girl before, but somehow Justine was more straight laced and prudish than her younger companion. Still, Rachel's touch and soft lips, with the sweet candied flavor of her lip gloss, only enticed Justine even more.

"Mmmm, your lip gloss is yummy; what flavor is it?"

"Do you like it? It's cherry, I got it just for tonight . . . never had it before, so I wasn't sure how good it would taste," Rachel softly rubbed her nose onto Justine's as she spoke, her hand gently cupping one of Justine's comparatively mammoth breasts; her leg partly overlapping Justine's lap, so that the two women could feel each others' skin.

"Yes, it's very tasty . . .makes me want to have more," Justine could hardly believe the words she was saying as she arched her back a little to press her ample gland into Rachel's teasing hand.

"Anything for you baby," Rachel responded with a little giggle, then pressed her lips gingerly onto Justine's as her hand pushed Justine's breast up more; slowly squeezing it as she moved it up.

The two women kissed and embraced like this for a few minutes, each feeling the surge of warmth all over their bodies- especially between their thighs.

"Hey darling, don't you think when you date you should get a little something extra out of the evening?" Rachel chuckled as she playfully flipped and stroked Justine's hair.

"What . . . what else do you mean, Rachel?" Justine asked with a slight tremor to her voice.

"Oh, I don't know . . . I've always thought a girl should have something to really remember her night by, you know?" At this, Rachel's hand began to move well up the skirts of Justine's elegant evening gown, delicately caressing Justine's pussy through her soaking panties.

"Oh, oh my . . . I don't know, this is so new, so different . . . I'm not sure we should," Justine's words were betrayed by her response, as her legs opened a little more with each movement of Justine's hand.

"I know, it's all new to me too . . . I've had some silly dreams about being with another girl, but nothing like this . . . and I haven't even gotten close to trying it before," Rachel looked both innocent and curious as she said this; a look that only enhanced Justine's desire as, at that moment, she felt Rachel was the prettiest woman she'd ever seen.

"Maybe a little more . . . but you promise to stop if it is too much?" Justine asked cautiously.

"Yes, of course, girl . . . I'll likely be too afraid to try much anyway," she wrinkled her nose and chuckled at the thought of really doing much.

At that, Rachel began to tug down a little on Justine's dress top.

"I always wanted to have big breasts like these, are these real or implants?" Rachel then placed her hands onto Justine's breasts and began to squeeze and knead her mountainous flesh through the stylish gown.

"Yes, they are very real, can't you tell?" Justine giggled as she pushed her large mammalian glands into Rachel's face.

"Well, now that you put it that way, maybe they are; definitely much bigger and better than my little puppies," Justine pointed down to her perky, smaller breasts; the areolas of her nipples shining through the sheer fabric of her camisole that was hardly covered anymore by her blouse.

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