The Daughter


This was an very important moment for him. Mike rang the bell of the house of his new fiancé, Margarethe whose family he was going to meet for the first time. The family, that was, her 19 years old daughter Nicole.

The door opened. A blonde, slender woman opened the door.

"Hello, I'm Mike. I'm-" he begun.

"I know, who you are." she interrupted. "Come in."

She moved a few steps back and he came inside. She stood in front of him and examined him. He tried not to but he couldn't help checking her out: Blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail, tanned, bare midriff, flat stomach with a hint of muscles, long bare legs, deep blue eyes, tall. He always thought of his fiancé's daughter like a chubby teenager. But he had to admit, that she was a bombshell. She could even be a model.

He liked his fiancé, but it didn't matter, her daughter was beautiful. He loved to look at beautiful women. Of course, he was in love with Nicole's mother, but that didn't mean, that Margarethe was the only good looking woman in the world. And why he should close his eyes? Perhaps it was disturbing, that his fiancé's daughter looked so hot. That could make it a little bit difficult, to be in love with her mother with this hot young woman around, when he should have all eyes for her mother Margarethe.

"D'you like what you see?" She said with a light grin.

"I didn't expect that the daughter of my fiancé is such an attractive woman!"

"Do you think, I'm sexy?" Nicole asked.

And then Mike recognized, that something unexpected and unwanted happened. His penis began to get stiff in his trousers.

"I mean pretty is pretty. Of course I think, that a lot of people find you sexy!" Mike tried a lame excuse.

Nicole pouted: "You don't think, that I'm a sexy woman?"

Mike recognized that the chat had turn to a direction without a way back. "Oh, sorry! Of- Of course I think you are sexy! I think for most men pretty and sexy are the same, when they talk about women."

"Thank you! You seem to be cute and handsome too!" She winked.

Nicole licked her lips and lowered her gaze. Oh god, she can't see my hardening dick, can she? Mike thought. This situation should not feel like this. After a moment that seemed like eternity, she said: "I wish you a warm welcome into our family.". She stepped against Mike and hugged him. He was surprised of this action, at the very first beginning of her first meeting. Her body felt firm and soft at the same time - and incredible sexy.

During this hugging she whispered: "I like you, you're really handsome, it's fun, to feel your body" Her hands glided under the T-shirt on his back. "and it's fun to touch your bare skin."

Mike was fully aware of his now full erection and he hoped frantically, that she didn't notice it. He acted stiff and didn't know what to do.

"Do I turn you on, Mike?" Her left leg found a way between his legs as she rose it to his crotch and touched his full erect penis through his pants.

Mike took in air.

"What is that?" Nicole asked innocently.

"I-I-I-" Mike stammered and blushed, it felt so wrong but was so hot.

"I feel something hard on my knee, what is that?" Nicole insisted. "You like me, I can feel that!" "Don't you think, that it is inappropriate, Mike?" Her knee, was massaging his penis now rhythmically.

His breath was heavier. "I- I'm a little bit hot for you, I'm sorry- please- sorry- I don't want..."

"What?" She stepped back.

"You are a good looking sexy woman. I'm only a man!", he answered bashfully. That was all so definitely wrong, Mike thought.

"What do you like? My face, my eyes, my hair? My legs, My flat stomach? My boobs? My ass?"

"I haven't seen you ass." He didn't know how to handle this situation.

"But you can feel it." She grabbed his hands and put them down to her ass.

"Ahhh, your a-ass is nice!" He felt her firm, small ass.

"Nice? What a 'nice' word! Do you think, it's sexy?"

Mike didn't know how to answer. Of course he was fully erect and couldn't stop himself from drooling for her firm body.

He was quiet.

"Mike? Answer my question!"

"Oh, it is very sexy. Aaaah, I think you have a nice body!" He really didn't know anything.

"'Nice', there was this word again! What is nice?" She grinned.

"You have nice, ah, lean legs?"


"Oh, yes, they look very long!"


"Uh, yes, I think your legs are firm!"

"Do you like long, firm legs?"

"Why do you ask, uh, I think, I-"

"Answer the question! Do you like my legs?"

"Yes" he admitted.

"Are they sexy?"

"Yes, they are sexy!" He shouted out.

"You want to feel them on your cock again?"

"Oh, no, I don't want to feel your legs."

"Why not? They are long, firm, 'nice', strong, sexy and you have already feel my knee on your huge cock and you loved it." She giggles. "Do you want to feel them? And I can see your dick throbbing while I talk to you about my legs."

"Uh, because I-I am the fiancé of your mother and, and that's-uh-that's inappropriate!"

"Yes, perhaps," She hugged him again, and again he felt her knee against his crotch. "But you like it, it is sexy and you are hot for me. Don't you want it?"

"Uh... I- no- don't uh, yes, ahh, I, I, ohhh, it's very sexy!"

She grabbed his head. "You are a good boy! For your reward, you get a kiss!"

"No, not! You are the daughter..."

"I know, you mentioned that." she interrupted him.

He feel her soft lips and her probing tongue between his lips. It felt so good. He opened his mouth.

Her tongue entered his mouth, and found his tongue. She sucked his tongue into her mouth and bit it playfully. He moaned out. It was the most impassioned kiss, he had ever had. He felt like melting in her hands, he went weak in the knees. His only hard part seemed to be his erection against her knee. He realized, that he was humping against it. He got close to a cumming.

And then, the moment was over. Nicole stepped back again with a broad evil grin on her face. He didn't know what to say, he didn't know what to do now. The situation was far away from his intention of introducing himself politely to the daughter of Margarethe. With his erection throbbing in his pants, he stood in front of her, trying to get an handle on the situation.

"We only met a few minutes ago Mike!" She grinned evil. "And you are already drooling and have humped my knee like a horny dog? You are the fiancé of my mother, you are such a bad boy, Mike! A very bad boy! But I like you regardless because you are cute."

He liked her voice and he was a little excited by being complimented by Nicole.

"You are a very bad boy! But I like it, how your body react to my body. I like that it seemed you can't do anything against it, can't you?"

No! You took me by surprise! I will be prepared now, you can't do this again! Yes you are very hot, but I'm in love with your mother! He thought - but he didn't dare to tell her.

"Perhaps you are in love with my mother, but think, I can make you hard in no time. You know it's true, don't you like it?"

"I-I don't know." Mike answered. "Oh, Mikey! Don't deny it, you feel it. I like the idea, that you are the fiancé of my mother! Do you love her?"

"Yes!" He answered.

"Are you hot for her?"

She pushed her knee against his erection again.

"Yes.." He said slightly less emphatically.

"Does she have the same power over you, that I have?"

Mike didn't say anything. He couldn't describe his relationship with Margarethe with the word 'power'. 'Love' and 'respect' are much better words. He wanted to be equal in his partnership and he wanted his partner to be equal too. And that is, how it worked between Margrethe and Mike, and that was how it should be.

During this chat he recognized that he humped her knee again. It felt so good and he felt so helpless.

"Does she have the same a power over you, that I have?"

After a long moment he answered: "No...", he sighed.

"Good boy! Have fun with us. Perhaps I will make you cum during our meal. Do you think I could do that?"

"Uhhh, I, Umm, I don't know." He didn't know how to answer.

"You don't know? Then, I guess I have to prove it, don't I? You will cum on my wishes, believe it!"

"No, I won't, I don't know..." He felt doomed.

She released her knee from his crotch. He felt frustrated and relieved at the same time.

"Calm down, lover boy!" She chuckled gently. "We don't want to let Margarethe know that you are hot for me, do we?"

"No...", he sighed in frustration.

Of course he loved Margarethe, he didn't love her daughter. He couldn't explain to himself and even less to Margarethe, that he was so hot for her daughter. That Nicole had him wrapped him around her finger like he was a piece of string.

He had to calm down.

"Please keep me company in the kitchen. I am still preparing the meal for tonight. Margarethe won't be here for the next 30 minutes."

Mike followed Nicole into the kitchen. While he walked behind her, he had the opportunity to watch her firm ass. It swayed from side to side a little with each step and he was glad, that she didn't see that he couldn't remove his eyes from her body, her small sexy ass in her pants, her long, lean, firm legs, her slim waist and her perfect tan.

In the kitchen he had more opportunities to explore her body with his eyes. Nicole stretched herself sometimes to take something off the wall cupboard or she bent over to take something from the cupboard. It was a permanent turn on. But now that he knew, that she was such a bombshell, he thought he was able to take care of himself, that he wouldn't get too aroused by this hot young woman.

Only a few seconds later he had to admit, that he was absolutely wrong...

Nicole turned to him: "Look into my eyes!" Nicole commanded.

Mike looked at her. She stared at him. Her eyes seemed to pierce into him. He felt weak. A light smile crept onto her face. But he was able to resist her intimidating glare, for the moment. He begun to feel feeble and inferior to this self-confident beauty. He got weak in his knees. Her smile became a hint of strength, willpower and dominance. His eyes flickered, He didn't want to look away, but he felt like shrinking under her gaze. He finally lowered his eyes and looked away.

"Wow, that is amazing!" Nicole was thrilled. "You are not so strong, not so confident and you are intimidated - by me - a young woman - the daughter of your fiancé! You feel that I am superior. That's so fantastic!"

He trembled.

"Perhaps you have good reasons to be frightened!" She giggled.

She looked at the hard-on in Mikes pants."Ah, what have we here again? My power over you turned you on. You want me. It seems that you feel like a teenager that can't control his cock. That's wonderful! I'm enjoying it so much. It feel, like you are a little toy for me. That is so sweet, my plaything! Isn't it?"

Mike didn't like what she said. But he had to agree that every single word she said was true.

Nicole laughed out loud: "We won't to let Margrethe see that you are standing in the kitchen with this big boner, will we?"

She looked curious and amused: "What can we do about your problem? What can we do to soften it up? Do you think you hard cock will soften up, if you watch my firm ass? Or my smooth legs? Do you think when I sway my hips a little bit or when I touch your prick, it would help? What about my breasts?"

Mikes penis twitched.

"No, I don't think so!", Nicole chuckled.

She looked sternly: "Leave the kitchen now and sit down in the living room. There are some magazines. Find something boring to read and calm down, you horny dog!"

Mike left the kitchen like a whipped dog.

After ten minutes Mike heard a key in the lock.

Mike's erection had faded away a bit. He didn't know how this evening would go. He had no idea, what to do, but at this moment he didn't want to show Margarethe that he was aroused by her daughter. He needed time to think, to clear his head. He doubted that he got this time this evening. Nicole couldn't do this again, could she?

The door opened. Margarethe entered the hall.

"Hi Margarethe! Mike is here! Your handsome man." Nicole said to her.

Mike greeted Margarethe with a hug and a kiss.

"Perhaps I will make you cum during our meal." He recalled Nicole's words. No, it was so inappropriate, he didn't want this. He hugged the mother of the hot young woman who had almost make him cum after only just meeting him. It felt good, but it was far from the sexual emotions he felt with Nicole before. It scared him a little. Was this a dream or a nightmare? He didn't know - but the evening had just begun...

Hugging his fiancé. It felt good, familiar, safe, he felt love but not the same level of sexual tension from before. Mike realised that Nicole stood in back of her mother facing Mike. She caught his eyes. Then she pushed her breasts forward, started to massage them. She licked her lips slowly. He started to get an erection again.

"Oh, I missed you too." Nicole's mother asked, "Mmmm, I like it."

Nicole grinned evilly and went to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal. Mike and Margarethe sat down in the living room. They chatted about her daughter. Mike said, she was a fine young woman. Mike avoided talking about her voice, and her body. He perfect breasts, her ass that fit perfectly in his hands, he legs that were long and smooth... He couldn't stop himself from thinking about her. He got weak in his knees, when he thought of her voice.

He was really in love with her mother and it couldn't be that he was hot for her daughter. That had to stop. He knew now, that she was beautiful and gorgeous. He had to take care so that he didn't lose control again. He was prepared and on-guard.

There was a shouting from the kitchen door. "Mike, can you help me for a minute? I can't reach some stuff."

"Okay, I'm coming."

He entered the kitchen.

"No, don't you cum now!" Nicole giggled. "Perhaps later! Now get the heavy roasting tin out of that wall cupboard."

Mike stretched open the door of the cupboard and took the heavy roasting tin out.

"Hold the roasting tin above your head, turn around and don't move." she ordered.

Mike turned around, balancing the roasting tin on top of his arms.

"Stand still. Do you love my mother?" She asked.

"Yes, I do." Mike answered.

"I love her too, and I don't want, anyone to hurt her. Do you think she is sexy?"

"Yes, of course!"

"That's fine - as sexy as I am?"

Mike kept silent.

"As sexy as I am?"

With a quick motion Nicole open his belt, his trouser button, his zipper and stripped his trouser and pants down to his knee.

She knelt down in front of his crotch, and observed his always half erect penis.

"Don't move!" Nicole commanded.

Nicole opened her mouth and stared at his crotch. In less then 30 seconds his cock was hard as a rock and between her lips, but her mouth and her lips didn't touch his hard prick. He felt her soft breath against his erection and he imagined her soft lips around the tip of his cock.

He didn't dare to move, he didn't have permission to move and he didn't dare to be disobedient. Mike didn't know the consequences, but he was afraid to find out.

He watched her face and her eyes while his cock rose to its full size.

Her look was demanding, no perhaps assertive was the better word. Words like commanding, controlling, and amused came to mind. But it was his choice what to do. She could try to manipulate him, but he was the one who acted.

But his cock stayed rock hard. He couldn't prevent himself from moaning.

Nicole didn't move and despite her open mouth around his penis he recognized a light but triumphant smile on her face.

The imagination of her soft lips sucking his dick into a warm place grew. His body began to shiver.

She stood up.

"Put the roasting tin back to the wall cupboard - we don't need it." She giggled.

Mike looked distressed and put it back. His arms ached now. He didn't recognized it before.

"Do you remember my question?"

Mike blushed: "You are much sexier than your mother!" He confessed.

Nicole beamed satisfied: "And now put your penis back in your pants! And help me to carry our meal out, you little pervert."I warn you! Don't you hurt my mother or I'll have to punish you!" Nicole said, "Do you think I could do that?"

"I don't know..." Mike stammered.

"Wrong answer, Mike!" She said with a low voice. "Now I'll have to show you, what I'm able to do to you." Her tone sent shivers up Mike's back.

"Help me to serve dinner!"

Mike and Nicole served the dinner, Nicole prepared.

During the meal they chatted about this and that. Mike found out that Nicole worked in an office and she learned something about his job, his hobbies and so on. The conversation was casual.

Mike tried to calm down. Perhaps it was an ill joke of hers, that she would try to make him cum during dinner. But a part of him found the idea incredibly arousing even though he doubted, that she would be able to do that, especially with Margarethe sitting right next to him.

"And now to the dessert!" Nicole beamed, winked to Mike and licked her lips. She brought the dessert, it was a small lemon meringue pie

"Would you like a coffee?" Margarethe ask.

"Yes, that's a good idea!" Nicole replied.

Margarethe stood up and went to the kitchen.

"Mike? Look at me." Nicole demanded.

She smiled at him and held his gaze. She licked her lips and took the end of the teaspoon between her index fingers and thumbs of both hands. She end of the teaspoon aimed to the table.

"Think of our time in the kitchen today, Imagine this teaspoon is your cock!" Nicole smiled at him.

She opened her mouth and with a slow movement she raised the end of the teaspoon to his mouth since it aimed into her mouth.

With horror Mike noticed, that his penis had made the same movement, that the tablespoon did. He was fully erect.

Nicole stretched a little an then he recognized her bare foot in his crotch. She smiled satisfied.

"Stay hard for me." she ordered with a soft voice and continued to massage his penis.

Mike gulped.

"Don't move. I'll make you cum. But not when Margarethe is here, we don't want her to realize anything now do we?"

"N- nooo!" Mike sighted.

Her foot move faster along his penis. Margarethe stayed a long time in the kitchen, too long he thought. Since he had been turned on almost all night he felt like he was about to cum.

"Here is the coffee." Margarethe came back from the kitchen. Nicole's foot left his crotch. He held his breath and and waited his erection to disappear.

"Something wrong? You look so dazed." Margarethe said.

"Ahm, oh no, everything is fine! I, I remembered our first meeting." Stammered Mike.

Nicole looked curious."Tell me about your first meeting!" She demanded.

Margarethe looked curious too. "I remember when we first met, but I want to hear you talk about it."

"Well..." Mike tried to think clearly.

"It was a dark and stormy night..." he grinned.

"No, I had quit working early on Friday. I was not very happy at work. It seemed that this day everyone was being difficult, my colleagues and the customers had all been giving me a hard time so I went to the park to relax a little bit. It was a warm and sunny day in summer." Mike started.

"I sat down on the bank of the stream. After a while a woman came down to the bank. It was your mother. She was distressed as she lost her house keys and she had been laying on the bank before." Continued Mike.

"'Oh, that's too bad. Isn't anyone else home to let you in?' I asked.

'No, my daughter is out with her friends. I tried to call but she didn't answer - perhaps she didn't hear the ringing. She is the only person who is living with me. I'm divorced.' your mother said" Mike continued.

I helped her look for the key, but we couldn't find it. We sat both down on the bank.

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