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The Daughter's Boyfriend


My story began 6 months ago at my daughter's 19th birthday party. Really it began when my wife, Chris, passed away nine and one-half years ago from an undetected brain aneurism. We were vacationing in Corpus Christi Texas. After a long day at the beach we were all tired and went to sleep around 10 PM. We kissed her good night, and never spoke to her again. I woke up next to her thinking she was too cold. I snuggled up to her to get her warm, never imagining she had passed in her sleep.

It was an extremely trying time for my little girl Amanda and me. Without warning our world turned upside down. I had lost my best friend and soul mate and she, at 9, was at a vulnerable place in development when a mother's love and guidance is essential. I even made the decision to have her repeat 3rd grade.

She was naturally on the lower maturity level for her age before this and given the shock and emotional distress it was the prudent thing to do. Then in middle school and high school I enrolled her in Christian school for a more controlled environment. That is where she met her best friend Jackie. They were both held back a year so were the oldest kids in their class and both only children, so they hit it off from the beginning.

The first year after Chris' death is still a blur. We had to deal with so many things from that morning on. I had no idea about transporting her body back to Minneapolis and no real idea about funeral homes and the many choices I would have to make. We had not really discussed anything about "arrangements." She was only 31 years old and I had finally convinced her that we needed to have more kids. Amanda was not planned, and Rose was trying to establish herself as a marketing director for a large travel agency. We decided we would stop using protection after this trip and let it happen.

My younger sister Sandi was a life saver that year. Since my job requires long hours and some travel, a month after the funeral she moved in with us, while she went to school to study to be a physician's assistant. She got to live with free room and board and provide a motherly influence for Amanda, even though she was twelve years younger than me and closer to Amanda's age than mine.

It worked out great for all of us, given the circumstances. She was only going to school part time, so it took her nearly 7 years to finish. By then, she and Amanda had developed an extremely tight bond. She became so close with Amanda, that people often asked her about her sister, and were surprised when she clarified she was her Aunt.

Without her help, I would not have made it through. Sandi, and I both took a long hiatus from dating, nearly four years. I have since dated several different women, and after six years only four have ever met Amanda and none made the cut with her.

Two year after graduating Sandi married a man she met in school and wound up moving to California a year ago. She has been back to visit three times and even had Amanda out for two visits. But, it had a somewhat devastating effect on Amanda. In a sense she was losing a mother again.

Though we had talked about it at great length and Amanda was happy for her, her anger and resentment continued. Overall we had been inseparable for the first five years after Chris's death, but the past few years have been tough. The past two have been the worst It has been difficult to tell where the emotional distress ended, and hormones began.

In hind sight I wished I had tried harder to convince her to see a therapist when I began to sense the change, but she did not want to do it and had agreed to talk to Sandi about her feelings. They talked several times a week and their relationship seemed to have mended and the resentment softened. This fall she would start attending The University of Minnesota to study Humanities. (Don't get me started on Humanities... When she graduates she will basically be qualified for her current grocery store position!) Perhaps the anxiety of college has added to it. We agreed she would live at home so I thought that would ease the transition.

I had pretty much given up on dating the past three years and found release through porn and masturbation. It was a way to help quell the need for a romantic relationship until Amanda could be on her own. I had amassed quite the collection over the years with lots of lesbian action and increasing focus on anal and the combination there of.

I had dozens of DVD's, memberships in several porn sights and even tried web cams and chats but never quite got into those. They were expensive, and I really did not enjoy dialoging with a real person. The impersonal voyeurism of watching a porn star cock pounding a tight little ass was so much easier to crank off too. And porn lesbians... I love their enthusiasm. As Seinfeld used to say, "I can't disagree with either one of them."

I can't believe I am joking about porn after what has happened. I am so ashamed of what my life choices have caused. But I'm off course, back to my story.

I had built my life around Amanda and keeping her protected and safe. It was my job to shield her from all the bad things that go on in this world. That little girl is and always will be my number one priority. I did not mind sacrificing a romantic life, because she is more important. And no one will ever stack up to my soul mate Chris. In hind sight I shielded her too much causing her current lack of maturity and self centeredness.

My secret porn obsession was my outlet and quite frankly a whole lot easier than dating and more fulfilling. I can get it whenever I'm in the mood and anyway I feel like it, and the ladies all love it.

I do have to admit, the more I saw the more I found myself looking at the harder core, anal with screaming, slutty, horny bitches that love getting fucked hard and sucking cock even harder. Seeing a lady taking it in the ass and loving it as she screams in pleasure, makes my blow every time.

I always made sure Amanda never knew about this hidden part of me. I never want her to feel like the women in porn are in anyway close to depicting the reality of what women want. The porn world is all about what men want. I wanted Amanda to feel respected and valued as a human being, not viewed as an object.

But I digress, back to the birthday party. She was born on June 16th and we had an afternoon pool party. There were lots of friends and Sandi was going to skype from Cali, after the party. Amanda was looking truly happy, laughing, swimming, dancing and having a great time. She was wearing a white bikini and some Daisy Duke shorts over top. She really looked more and more like Chris every day. For her present we booked a trip to Causa Mel in August before school starts.

I was talking with the neighbors and did not see where Amanda had gone. I noticed she was not pool side and we were low on soft drinks, so I headed to the basement to get some more. When I reached the bottom of the steps I could hear Amanda talking to someone in the other room. I moved to the storage room that held the drinks but could not see who she was talking to. Before closing the door all but a crack.

"Damn it Eric, I told you what I want for my birthday. I want you to fuck me! I can't stop thinking of feeling you cum in my hand. I want it inside me! I am so fucking ready. Feel how wet I am right now"

"Amanda honey, I told you we need to take this slow. It is happening just like I warned you. I knew once you saw it, you would obsess about it just like Miss Thomas. It's all she could think about," said the strange kid I had never even met. "She had to transfer schools because she couldn't control herself. She's married for Christ's sake.

I wanted to burst through the door and beat the shit out of him but, it seemed like Amanda was more the problem than he was.

"She's crazy," said Amanda loudly. After a brief pause she began to whisper. I had to put my ear to the door to hear. "I'm not crazy, just horny. I want you to fuck me in every damned Orifice. I'm not asking you to marry me sweet heart. I'm asking to let me use that big fucking cock, till I wear your ass out."

"Mandy Honey, you've been telling me you love me for 18 months and now you want to play the "in it for the sex" routine, all the sudden? This is serious baby, you need to see someone about your porn issues. Are you sure no one's touched you inappropriately as a child? You are such a great person and I really feel strongly about you, but you have some twisted thoughts. Please let me find you a counselor to talk to."

"You're gay, aren't you? No other 21-year-old male in the world would not want this."

"No, I'm not gay but I want to be sure you're ok and make sure you're ready. I can't deal with another Mrs. Thomas," he said almost angrily. "You're too important to me Amanda. It's not about sex for me."

"I am sure sweetie, and your roommates gone, It's perfect timing. I'll sneak out tonight after my dad's asleep, you pick me up at the usual spot. I'm ok with going slow. Honestly, I'm not sure how that thing could even fit, (He sighed and sucked in a breath. I was pretty sure she just grabbed his cock.) but I want to feel you in me Eric and I want it tonight," said Amanda emphatically.

"I know it's your birthday Baby, but I love you and I don't want to take advantage of you. Shouldn't I at least meet your dad and see how that goes before we take things to a new level? "He said innocently.

"I told you a hundred times my dad is overly protective, and he will never approve of anyone, so I don't see the point. Besides. this way it's stress free to see you anytime. I can tell him I'm staying at a friend's or just sneak out and he doesn't have to stress. We need to do this tonight."

"What if you get caught sneaking out to meet me?" He asked, sounding genuinely concerned. "That would ruin things pretty quick, between your dad and I, don't you think? Are you ashamed of me or something?"

"No, I'm not ashamed. I promise I will introduce you soon. But I'm telling you, he's super protective and It's going to be a lot of stress on everybody if he knows. I kind of like it being our little secret. I'd like it even more if you would fuck me already!" She said kissing him.

"Baby, you scare me. You sound so much like Mrs. Thomas. I told you once you touched my cock, it would become an obsession..."

"Tell me you don't want to do everything in the videos, I sent you... Think about me and Jackie at the same time," she said in a sultry voice that made me sick to my stomach.

My heart was racing as I listened to my little girl talking like a crazed nymphomaniac.

"You've watched me masturbate for you, you've finger fucked me a bunch of times. Why won't you fuck me. You think that's so much worse than what we've already done? Are you sure you're not gay?"

"No, I'm not. Ok fine, text me when you're ready to sneak out and again when you're at our spot and I'll pick you up."

"Thanks Sweetie!" She said happily and then he could hear them breathing as they were apparently kissing passionately. "Now let me go upstairs first. I don't want to get my dad suspicious. I'm telling you the longer he thinks I don't have a boyfriend the better."

She bounced up the steps and closed the door. I stepped out quickly from the storage room and part way up the steps to stay out of site. When I could see I wasn't noticed I proceeded to walk down as if I just came for the drinks.

"Oh hi," I said when I stepped into the game room. "I'm Amanda's dad who are you?"

I stepped forward and extended my hand. The young man had light brown hair with the jagged cut and uncombed look. It covered his ears on the sides and touched the top of his T-shirt collar in back. He was skinny and about 6ft tall, wearing a pair of red and white flowered bathing trunks that nearly reached the knee.

As we shook I could not help but notice the tent in his trunks hanging about a half way down his bathing suit leg. He was wearing an Imagine Dragons T and sandals.

"Hi, I'm Eric," a friend of Amanda. Good to meet you Mr. Thompson."

I wanted to punch his lights out, but thought I better see where this conversation would lead.

"How do you know Amanda?" I asked calmly.

"We met through her friend Jackie two years ago and I have to be honest Mr. Thompson, we have been dating secretly ever since. I tried to get her to..."

"I know!" I growled cutting him off. "I heard your entire conversation and you will not be seeing Amanda ever again! You will get the fuck out of my house and if I ever see your sick little ass around my daughter I will kick your fucking ass..."

"Whoa hold on sir, if you heard the conversation, you know I'm not the problem Mr. Thompson. In fact, you are far more to blame than anyone..."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I growled, my face must have been tomato red.

"Please calm down Mr. Thompson, you look like your heads going to explode. If you throw me out it will be a huge mistake..."

"I know you would think so, since you'd not have a sweet young girl to corrupt any longer..."

"I'm not the one doing the corrupting Mr. Thompson, you are and have been for years as far as I can tell!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked, head spinning.

"Apparently your little porn addiction is hereditary." He said sternly.

"I'm not..."

"I've seen your collection sir, you are an Olympic Gold Medal Porn Hound Mr. Thompson. And you have some pretty twisted shit. Your "sweet little girl" masturbates five times a day watching that shit or thinking about that shit."

I froze up plopped my butt on the edge of the pool table in disbelief.

"She saw you jacking off to it one night in your bedroom when she was 13. Apparently the door was cracked, and she got a really good show. A lady that looked a little like her mother getting pounded in the ass and loving it..."

"Stop, you're making this up!" I said disgustedly.

"I've seen the collection sir. The grey case under the bed, the gym bag in the closet and the older stuff in the attic door in the other closet. Not to mention the porn sights in your favorites on your lap top. She's seen it all sir, Brazzers and Digital Porn Hub. I am not sure how she got into your accounts. She has shown me a lot, trying to convince me she's ready. You should consider yourself lucky it's me she's been chasing. Anyone else would have taken advantage of your "sweet young girl".

I bowed my head in shame. I could barely breath as his words cut me to the core. I know how she got access. I set it up to auto populate my password info.

"I know this is tough to hear but she has some real issues Mr. Thompson, She masturbates for me every day, begging for my cock. If you drive me away she will find another target, if she hasn't already sir. She has some serious issues and I really don't want to take advantage. I want to see her get some help.

In talking with her, she has serious guilt about you not having a sex partner. She feels bad about driving women away. I think she acts out because she subconsciously wants to see your sexual needs satisfied.

"Are you serious?" I asked trying not to throw up. "How the fuck could this happen?"

I began to hyperventilate, as a sharp pain gripped my chest sending me to my knees. Eric grabbed me from behind and basically drug me to the couch with his hands in my arm pits. I could feel his semi hard dick against my back as he strained to drag me.

He helped me to the corner of the couch as I tried to catch my breath.

He moved in front of me positioning himself between my legs and held my hands up over my head, "Breath slow and steady, I think you're having an anxiety attack"

After a moment the intensity decreased. I began to breathe easier as the reality that I was not having a heart attack settled in.

As I pulled my arms free, I noticed the bulge in his swim trunks from his semi hard cock trying to raise his pant leg. I could not help but marvel at the size. There was an 8-inch ridge in his pant leg with a plump round head bulging at the end. I accidently brushed it with the back of my hand as I lowered my arms. It did not feel particularly hard, yikes!

After hearing what Amanda said to him and how he responded to her, I was inclined to believe him. I needed to regroup and think.

"Let me bring up our text link Mr. Thompson. I will leave you my phone for a bit and you can scroll down the chain. I would scroll up a couple months and see the progression. I warn you it's quite graphic. I only show you this, so you will believe me. Maybe together we can have an intervention and we can get through to her," he said softly.

He scrolled up swiping his finger repeatedly for what seemed like several minutes. "Be careful some of these are video selfies that no dad wants to see... I'll come back in 20 minutes or so and we can talk. If you're done sooner, I will be in the pool."

"Take these drinks upstairs and put them in the cooler next to the grill," I said walking into the storage room and handing a couple cases of sodas.

He strained under the load. "Skinny little punk" I thought to myself,

He handed me the phone and I reluctantly took it. The first one read:

3/24/18 8:17 AM. I just came the second time this morning thinking about you. (Attached was a photo of Amanda licking her fingers)

3/24/18 9:36 AM Let's try this... tonight? (Attached was a video clip of a young lady deep throating a big hard cock. The clip looked familiar.)

3/24/18 9:46 AM Dad works till 2. Come over and fuck me please! (Attached was a selfie of her naked ass and pussy in the doggie style position.)

I got sick to my stomach. After taking a deep breath and thinking about the situation, this kid was something if he held out for months! At his age I would have jumped at the first chance.

I skipped ahead past dozens of texts with pictures on many of her naked body parts rolling by.

5/19/18 10:02 I just came watching this. Dad's working again and golfing after. Please I need you to come over and do me. Jackie watched it last night while I licked her pussy and she came hard. She is willing and ready too. (Attached was a scene I personally jacked off to a dozen or so times. There were two hot lesbians in the 69-position eating each other wildly while the top one was getting fucked hard in the ass. I did not watch the rest but knew exactly how it ends... He pulls out and cums in the bottom girls' mouth, she sucks him dry and dives back into the top girl's pussy.)

He replied: Please Amanda, I am only human... I told you, I'm not ready for this. Let's please take it slow and keep it between you and me when we do... OK?

5/19/18 10:13 I watched it with Jackie. I made her rim my ass and eat my cunt while I came watching that beautiful cock, fuck that tight ass. Get with the program or we will need to find someone else!

I had seen enough, I got out of his texts and went to the pictures. There were dozens of Amanda masturbating for him and some stills of her and Jackie, in various positions. I deleted everything and reset the phone to get rid of the texts. Even his contacts disappeared.

I went up to the pool and the party was still rocking. I waved at Amanda as she stood laughing with Jackie. She smiled and waved back. I could not help but think of the 100 or so sleep overs these two have had in the last 3 years. At least twice a month and sometimes whole weekends. I can't really recall even checking on them once they went to Amanda's room. How fucking naïve...

Eric was in a lounge chair near Amanda and Jackie. I made eye contact and nodded my head toward the house. He gave a quick nod and slowly got up. He said something to Amanda and followed me in. When we got to the basement I looked him in the eye and let loose.

"Listen, I have deleted all those fucking texts and all your fucking pics. Now you need to get the fuck out of my house and I will deal with Amanda. Clearly, I messed up leaving her vulnerable to someone like you, but I will fix all of it starting today. I do appreciate you opening my eyes to this insanity but if I see you anywhere near her will kick the shit out of you. Understand?"

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