tagGroup SexThe Day Amber Met Melissa

The Day Amber Met Melissa


I got a distressing phone call the other day. It seems "Mel" was coming to town for a visit and wanted to hook up with me.

At first I was excited at the prospect of seeing an old lover. You see, Melissa (Mel to her friends) was my second lover (Julie being my first, until she was taken from me in a terrible car accident.) I was Mel's first love, and taught her everything I knew about sex, love and life, from my completely open view point. And she promised me that she'd be forever grateful for that experience. The only thing wrong with that promise was that she made it over the phone. From Hawaii. I was in Florida. In the hospital with a broken collar bone... And a broken heart...

But now I was married to a beautiful, young girl. And Amber is a very passionate, and sometimes, jealous woman. I'd never told her about Mel, for good reason... I think I still loved Mel!!!

Of course, I ended up telling her, anyway! I've never kept secrets from Amber. I love her too damn much. Besides, she already knew.

"Chris, it's no big deal..." She said, "You are a very loving, caring and passionate man. That's why I fell in love with you, you dope!"

"And here I always thought it was my body that you loved," I kidded.

"Well, that, too. But I would like to meet Melissa. I'd like to meet the girl from whom I stole your heart away." Amber then smiled and, instantly, my cock started to get hard! Her smiles, for some reason, have that effect on me!!!

She looked down at my rising discomfort, and squealed, "Ooo, Henry's coming up to say, 'Hello!' You'd better go for a 'Super Pill,'

'cause I'm getting my cousin and we're gonna' do you silly, Lover!"

I love it when she calls me "Lover!"

I ran into the bathroom to take a little blue "Viagrow" pill and knew I'd be ready to go for the rest of the night, if necessary.

I put "Mood Indigo" on the cd player, because Elington always makes Amber hotter than hot, then waited for my two lovers to come and "do me silly!"

My wife's cousin, Amber Nathalie ("Nat" for short) was our daughter's nanny, as well as our housekeeper. Amber (my wife) and I had started calling our servant by her middle name. It was much less confusing this way. Having two women, cousins no less, with the same first name in the same house, was freaking me, and my baby daughter, out. And we couldn't very well continue calling our maid "Slut." I didn't want my daughter's first words to be, "Mamma, Dadda, Slut!"

But when the three of us are alone, I am "Master." Amber is "Mistress." And Nat, our little submissive, maid-servant, will forever be "Slut." With a capital "S." She'd earned our respect by taking care of us these past months.

I heard a soft knock on the door and in walked my two lovely sex toys, giggling.

When they saw my erection standing at attention, they both squealed with excitement.

"Who wants to go first?" I asked.

"I do! I do," they both chimed in unison.

"All right. Slut, you get it first!" The truth was, Slut usually went first, in case the baby woke up. That way Amber and I could make love for the rest of the night.

I sat in the chair and watched Amber and Slut strip each other right in front of me. Once naked, Slut asked, "How do you want me?"

"Crawl to me. On your hands and knees," I demanded.

Slut slowly slinked her way toward my chair. When she got to me, she crawled up into my lap with her little 4'11" frame. Those hot little breasts of hers, like my wife's, had been tantalizing me all night. Now, it was time to axact some revenge!

"Down on your knees, Slut!" I commanded, the Dominant in me coming to the fore.

"Wife! Get the lube from the drawer!"

Amber quickly went to the dresser to get the love oil that I kept for "special" occasions.

Slut knew exactly what she was in for.

Ever since she'd been indoctrinated into the pleasures of anal sex, at an out-door barbecue party months ago, she's been a lover of all things associated with it. And my cock is her favorite thing to have in her anus.

"Love, would you do the honors?" I asked, knowing that Amber loves to lick her lovely young cousin's "private parts" as much as I do.

Actually, there's nothing private about any of Slut's parts, to me or Amber. When either of us feel like getting our rocks off, we simply take Slut to a bedroom, and have our way with her... No questions asked. It's great having a live-in "receptical" for sexual energy! Everyone should have a "Slut" in their house!

Amber started to lick her cousin's pussy from behind. She licked upwards, lapping the juices from her pussy to be dribbled onto, and into, her pink, puckered asshole. Once Slut started to shudder, Amber knew that her cousin was starting to climax. She quickly slathered some of the oil into her slut's anus.

Meanwhile, I was rubbing my erection with the same oil, getting good and ready to enter Slut's hot butt.

It was time.

Amber reached over, grabbed onto my throbbing pecker and positioned it at her cousins slick, back door. I pushed in slowly, wanting the sensations to last. Once the head popped past her sphincter muscle, I pushed in a little bit harder.

Slut started groaning as I entered her rectum with my meat prong. When she pushed her hips back, in order to get me in her all the way, I took this as a sign to really pick up the pace. We started slamming into each other with such force, Amber was afraid we'd knock the pictures off the wall! My balls were bouncing off of Slut's thighs and my wife, seeing this, climbed under Slut's body. And after sticking a finger into her cousin's flowing vagina, she positioned her head between my thighs to lick my sensitive scrotum. Whenever she licks my balls, I always shoot off like a rocket. And I did!

"GNNnnnaaaaaaahhhHHH!" I blasted a load into Slut's rectum, giving her a hot and creamy cum enema!!! This set Slut off, screaming through her own orgasm! (Slut has always been able to cum with just a cock in her anal passage!)

Just then, the baby woke up.

Since Amber was the only one of us in any shape to attend to her, she left the room, saying, "Nat,

you'd better get my husband hard, because when I come back, I'm gonna need him in me!

"See ya', Lover!" She winked and was gone.

With that, Slut leaned over and inhaled my flaccid penis. Slut likes to give head as much as Amber does. Luckily for me, they're both great at it, too!

Fifteen minutes later, Amber came back to the bedroom and leaped onto the bed, saying, "My turn!"

I was hard and ready for my wife's tight body.

Even after giving birth to our daughter, Amber still had a tight body. She'd been doing the excercises prescribed by the doctor to make her vagina tight again. I've always loved to watch her do them, and we always have great sex afterwards. They've made her orgasms better, too, she says.

But getting back to the matter at hand, or rather, mouth...

Slut took my erection out of her mouth and climbed off my body. Amber climbed on top of my chest and slid her pussy toward my penis, as it throbbed against my belly in anticipation of the hard fucking I knew was to come!!! And Amber didn't disappoint!

She engulfed my cock with her velvet-like crevice,

taking Henry all the way in, massaging him all the way down to the base!!!

The shape and angle of my erection is such that, when completely hard, it rubs against Amber's G-spot, which causes her to ejaculate, all over me and the bed, windows, walls, anything in the vicinity! Slut's face happened to be in the way, this time, and she got a face-full of my wife's ejaculation! The sight of our little maide's face covered with my wife's cum, caused me to blow my wad, right up my wife's gasping cunt!!!

"AAaaoooggh!" I screamed, blasting my second load of cum for the night, deep into my wifes cunt- hole!!!

My wife always cries when she cums that much. For her, sex is such an emotional, not just physical, experience. And I have always loved her for THAT! Anyone who can enjoy life as much as that... How could I NOT love her?

As we were all coming down from our sexual high, Amber told her cousin to fix up one of the big guest rooms to accommodate "the Master's old lover." To which Slut just looked at me, and then her mistress, with a confused look on her face. When Amber started to smile, Slut started to look excited. I, of course, got another erection (I've got to ask my wife how she keeps doing that to my penis!!!) Before we fell asleep that night, Amber sucked the cream from my testicles, giving me an incredible blow-job which put me out like a little baby.


I awoke the next morn to find I had the whole bed to myself. An odd occurrence, considering there were three women (well, two women and a toddler) who always wanted to go and do "stuff," on my days off from work.

I heard a lot of hushed, whispered voices and shuffling of feet in the hallway, so I got up to see what was going on.

"Your friend called from the airport," Nat said, when she saw that I was out of bed. "She'll be here in another twenty minutes! You'd better get showered and dressed... Unless you think she'd like to see and smell you looking like you've just fucked your wife and sister-in-law!" With that, Nat scurried down the hall, after slapping my bare buns and giving my morning erection a quick fondle!

"Yikes!" I said, remembering what day it was.

I quickly jumped into the shower, lathered my whole body, rinsed and towel-dried my hair, in 8 minutes. I couldn't decide what to wear, so I just put on my best silk bathrobe. I didn't think anyone would mind my not dressing, considering everyone that was going to be in the house had already seen me naked before.

The door-bell chimed as I came down the stairs and I answered it.

"Chris, long time no see!" It was Mel.

MY Melissa had finally come home to see me! Almost, as if she'd never left, all those years ago!

She looked exactly the same, too. 35-24-33 inches of pure, molten sexuality. If anything, she looked hotter than she had the first time she gave herself to me! It's hard to explain; with some women, age and the years aren't very kind. But, for some reason, the women that I have loved (and who've loved me,) just get better looking as they/I/WE get older. (I'd like to think it's because of some magic ingredient in my sperm-- that once I ejaculate my essence into their womb, they are endowed with a magical beauty that never leaves them-- but who am I kidding... I think its just 'cause I have such great taste in lovers.)

I mean, for cripes sake, look at Amber, my wife. We've been married for four, almost five years, and she still looks like a fifteen year-old girl.

When she wears her hair up in pigtails, with no make-up, she looks even younger, still!!! We go out, with her looking like that, and folks look at me like I'm a child molester, or something! No one ever believes that she's my 24 year old wife, and the mother of my daughter!!!

Now you know why I love my wife so much!

She is a real, classy lady.

But, getting back to Melissa...

She kissed me, as she stepped in thru' the front door. I kissed her back, with all the memories of our first kiss flooding into my brain, threatening to drown me. I then heard someone clearing her throat, and remembered where I was!

Breaking the kiss, I said, "Melissa, I'd love for you to meet my wife, Amber."

Amber gave me a knowing smile, and then hugged Melissa, with a big bear hug.

"Hello, Melissa! It's nice to finally meet you, after all these years."

After all these years? What the heck did that mean? I'd only just told Amber about Mel three days ago!

Curiouser and curiouser.

My penis was starting to protrude from my robe and both Mel and Amber saw it. When Mel exclaimed, "Oh, my God, it's Henry!" they both started laffing.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Amber explained that she thought it was funny that they both knew that my penis was named,


Mel said, that her last four boyfriends all named their members something like, "The Python," or "The Hulk," or something like that.

I told them that "Big John Stud" was Henry's name, once. But after I'd seen my first porno flick, and I looked down at Henry's flaccid 1"x1" size, I decided that "Henry, The Magic Penis" was a more apropos name for my member.

"And besides, I never once heard either of you two birds complain when I was taking your cherries with him at his full 7"x4" size!" I said, defending my manhood.

"All right, Honey. Don't be defensive about it. I love Henry. And I've had a couple others, as well. Tom's is much bigger than yours. But he couldn't control his as well as you control Henry!" Amber then turned to Mel and said, "Oh God, speaking of which, Chris's penis hits my "spot" every time it gets fully hard! I've cum buckets every day for the past 5 years! Henry may not be big, but he sure knows my body!"

Mel started to agree, when Nat came in to say that brunch was ready.

It was time to catch up on old times...

Amber sat on one side of me, with Nat on the other, never once taking her eyes off of Mel. It was clear that Nat didn't like Melissa and there was a certain tension in the air whenever Mel spoke. I made a mental note to myself to punish "Slut" for her insolent attitude, after lunch.

Once the meal was finished and the dishes were cleared from the table, I asked Amber if she'd like to give Mel a tour of the Estate!

Amber said, "Sure, Love! Mel, please follow me. You gotta see the Guest house..."

"Amber..." I said, "that's not the tour I was thinking of!"

She looked at me and smiled, saying, "Ohh, Pooh! I was only kidding! Jeez, your a grouch today!"

To which Mel added, as if conspiring against me,

"Yeah, Chris, lighten up! Or you won't get any sex later!!"

Oh, SHEEP-DIP! Did she just say what I thought she said?!

I decided to put it out of my mind and concentrate on the task at hand.

"Slut, come here, now" I commanded.

"Yes, Master? What is it, Master?" she complied.

I told her that I didn't approve of her attitude toward my friend, Melissa. I asked her what had gotten in to her. Why was she treating a very nice woman with so much disrespect?

She said, matter-of-factly, "I'm afraid she might take you away from us. Amber and I love you so much, that if you were to leave us, I'd be crushed... I love you, Master! I want to have a baby of my own, someday. I want you to be the father!" And with that said, she started to cry.

In between sobs, I tried to comfort little Nathalie, while reassuring her that I loved my wife, and would never, ever leave "my girls!"

"You three are my life. I'd rather lose 'Henry,' than lose the love I have from all of you!" I said to my crying, little friend.

Then I said, "But, that doesn't excuse your rudeness to my old lover, now does it!"

"No, I guess not. I AM very sorry, Master. Do YOU forgive me?" she asked, the tears still dripping from her eyes.

"Well, I s'pose so... But it's really not up to me. I think you should ask Mel. Ask her to punish you, OK?"

"Okey Dokey," Slut said, drying the tears from her eyes.

Slut and I walked accross the Estate grounds, to the Guest house. Up on the 2nd floor we still kept those two rooms for our "special" punishments!

The nearer Nat and I got to the Guest house, the more evident it became that someone was using it. We heard moans and groans and cries of ecstacy! When Nat and I got to the "Torture Chamber" room, our jaws audibly dropped open at what we saw...

Amber, my wife, the love of my life and mother of my only child, was laying on top of Melissa, another love of my life, both naked, eating each others' pussies, with such a force and magnitude! It was like they'd known each other for ever, and couldn't stand to be apart another second of their lives!

But, this couldn't be... I know for a fact that they'd never met, never talked, never even seen each other...

But, THAT's where I was WRONG!!!

Amber and Mel HAD met...! If only briefly. At a passing glance, from our shared window, Amber and Mel had shared many secrets, without ever really saying a word to each other!

Amber had, apparently, been watching Mel and I fuck, for the summer that Mel and I were together!

From watching through the window Amber had learned all the techniques that Mel used to get me to cum.

Amber even learned to masturbate from watching Mel and I, during one of our mutual masturbation sessions. With this knowledge, she even taught her young cousin, Amber Nathalie, our very own little "Slut," how to enjoy the sexual release of an orgasm!

Was I turned on?

To quote the Bard, "Is a frog's ass water-tight?"

I'd taken a little blue "Boner" pill, in hopes of watching Slut get spanked by Mel!

But, NOW...

My Dominant spirit took over me, right there, right then!

Since Amber and Mel were already almost shackled to the Table, I decided to finish the job, myself!

Once my two flames were restrained, I turned my attention to Slut...

"Slut, On your knees, again!" I demanded!

"Yes, Master!" Slut did so, smiling as she did it.

I placed Slut in a harness, on her knees, so she could neither stand up nor sit down. I then put a chain thru' the back of the harness and put the chain in a winch. I pulled her up, 'til her crotch was face high with my standing body! This had her exposed, dripping, shaved-bald cunt lips at my mercy...

Amber and Mel could both see what was happening to the young girl! And they both screamed when I dipped my tongue into Slut's wet hole!!!

I know they were envious of Slut's predicament!

I had taken the wet panties from off of my old girlfriends body to stuff into Slut's mouth. She's always liked soeone else's underwear in her mouth when she is in bondage restraints. And since I was still wearing the silk-robe from the morning, and Amber'd lost her panties somewhere en route to the Guest house, I selected Mel's dripping panties, to stuff in Slut's mouth. But first, I got 'em real wet, by stickin 'em way up Mel's drippy cunt! Then I took 'em out and stuck 'em way up Amber's cunt! They were sopping wet, then! But, I wasn't done yet, because, then I stuck those drenched panties way up Slut's own flowing cunt! Then I squeezed out a drop or four onto my own tongue, and enjoyed a "Dripping Pussy" cocktail! I thought about bottling the concoction,

but Slut was whining too much and I had to shut her up! So, I squeezed out a few drops onto each of my three lovely, bound fuck-holes' belly buttons (a very sensitive erogenous zone on all three of them) and stuffed the damn panties deep into Slut's wide-open mouth!!!

Now that she was quiet and coming (I stuck a BIG 8" vibrator up her juicy pussy and turned it on to the "Liquify" setting! Slut just had one continuous orgasm!!! If it didn't kill her, it would only make her stronger, I figured,)I could turn my attention to Amber and Mel...

Both "A" & "M" were still tied to each other, face to crotch/crotch to face. A perfect 69-S&M- bondage scene!!!

I decided to punish them for their little game of deceit over all these years. I made them eat each other out, but said that if they came, I would whip their asses bloody! This put the fear of "Henry" in them! So much so, that their pussies were flowing!

Since they were both juicing more and more by the minute, I thought I'd see which one of my two sexy cunts was the tightest!

I slapped Amber's little ass and told Mel to move her mouth. I then stuck my raging hard-on into Amber's tight box. She squeeezed the hell out of my cock with her Kegel muscles! It seemed like she was holding on to my cock for dear-life!!! Just before I was about to cum, I slapped Amber's ass, again, and she unwillingly released my penis from her velvet-vise!

Next it was my older lover, Melissa's, turn to be cudgeled by my rock hard "Battering-ram-of-love!"

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