tagLoving WivesThe Day Ch. 2

The Day Ch. 2


Over the next few hours I never saw another person as Linda tasked me to perform an array of household chores. Of course they were all the ones I hated, but I did each as well as I could. Partly out of self-pride, but also out of fear. My butt continued to burn from the paddling received earlier.

When inside the house or in the backyard my work was done in the nude except for a frilly apron. When I worked in the front yard Linda allowed me to wear a pair of baggy shorts and some sun block. All the time I had my ever-present companion; 5-inch butt plug snugly in place. The only time it was missing was when Linda, or someone else, removed it to flush me out and restart the process.

At those times I would squat, drain, assume the enema position, then continue with my duties. The most difficult time was when an unknown voice directed me to replace my blindfold and assume the enema position. It is much easier to relax your asshole if someone you trust is removing the plug. After each removal I was refilled and the plug replaced. I lost count of how many times this happened, but by early afternoon I was running clear.

In a perverse sort of way the sensation to take a dump between plug removals went away. I guess my ass got use to the plug. To me it said I was doing okay. Of course that was too good to be true and the day was about to take a different direction.

"Jim, put your blindfold on then get in the enema position!" Linda ordered. "You are much too comfortable."

I quickly dropped to the floor with my knees next to my ears. Linda locked my legs is place then I felt someone working with the handle of the plug, as well as my dick and balls.

"Lets see how you like this. Stand up and spread your legs" Linda directed.

I arose to discover a control box hanging from the plug handle and a ring around my cock and balls. Without speaking I wondered what was happening. A moment later my question was answered.

I jumped as the electric tingle zapped my ass. After I calmed down I realized it was not painful, but it was frightening enough to figuratively scare the shit out of me. I could imagine the potential pain. The plug emitted a small electrical shock in a slow pulse. It was actually quite pleasant.

Just as I was adjusting to the rhythm a powerful charge grabbed my balls and dropped me to the floor. This one hurt and I started to yell, but held it back for fear of punishment. The shock was almost more than I could bear, but somehow I maintained control. To quit was to admit defeat and lose Linda forever.

"Did that last one get your attention?" Linda said. "I control when and how strong a shock you receive. Failure to do right will result in writhing on the floor. Oh Jim, if you think that was severe pain you ain't seen anything yet."

Linda, in every imaginable way had me by the balls. She controlled everything; my world, even my very existence. She could give me exquisite pleasure or excruciating pain. If I wanted her I must submit and obey. I wondered if this was how she envisioned our lives after the Day.

For the most part the shocks are not bad. I bear them and do my assigned work. Occasionally, a hard charge to the cock ring knocks me to the floor. Sometimes it is because I don't perform my task to Linda's expectation, but other times it is purely for her amusement.

In the late afternoon Linda directed me to go shower and take a nap. Again she reminded me of the consequence should I either remove the plug or masturbate. I was past that point, and was just thankful for the hot shower as it caressed my body. Clean and relaxed I was able to immediately slip into a deep, restful sleep. In retrospect I fell asleep a little too fast and too deep.

"Jim! Jim, wake up." I heard Linda say. "Jim you will wake up right now. What is wrong? I gave him the antidote?"

A new and very sexy female voice said; "He is okay. Just give him a minute." "Jim, it is time to wake up. You have worked hard today, but now it is time for fun and games."

My head was a bit foggy, and the blindfold was in place over my eyes. I was lying on something hard, with my extremities stretched, tied, and unable to move. I was no longer in bed, and I was naked. I was at the complete mercy of Linda and her associates.

Ms. Sexy voice spoke, "You are a hairy bastard Jim, but we are going to fix that. Think about it, if you want to share your life with Linda this is the last time you will ever feel any hair on your body below the neck. Nod if you consent." As every time before I nodded yes.

Hot wax struck my body and I realized sometime soon pain would follow; a fact confirmed when the first strips were removed. "Would you like something in your mouth to stifle the yells?" Ms. Sexy Voice asked. Again I nodded yes.

The frame to which I was tied could turn me in any direction. With that type of movement freedom it did not take long to complete both sides. Chest, back, legs, arms were all denuded of hair. The only areas remaining were the genitals and asshole.

Just before they pulled the strips I heard Linda whisper in my ear, "You have my permission to scream as loud as you want." I nodded, and vowed to myself I would make no sound at all, a vow I almost kept. Had my captors ripped at the same time I could have withstood the pain, but they carefully timed their movements from one place to another so the pain lasted long and never relented. In the end my voice was heard throughout the house. Despite the pain there was one constant; my dick was hard as ever.

"Look at that folks. A nice hard dick caused by pain. I wonder if Linda would object to my taking a little suck?" said a deep bass voice.

"No, you Shit-For-Brains. You will not suck his cock. We know how you are; absolutely no control, and Linda wants that cum for later." a very familiar female voice responded. Where have I heard that voice before?

I was untied, walked downstairs and tied to another frame. "Jim, you know you are tied to a moveable frame." I heard a new female voice say. "We are going to position you upright, turn down the lights, remove your blindfold, and allow you to watch the entertainment. Remember the rules about speaking or protesting."I expected a movie, but a live scene unfolded before me. A live scene consisting of a large bed on which were three nude bodies; two women and a man. Their faces were covered with masks and their bodies were painted in different colors; a green man, and one woman each painted red and blue.

At a command from offstage the players began to caress each other. A kiss here followed by a grab there; tits, assholes, and genitals. It emerged that Red-woman was receiving the sexual attention of the other two. She was not passive, but she was clearly the object of attention.

The voice offstage spoke; "Jim, do you deny you have always wanted to watch a live sex performance with multiple people? We know the answer. Tonight you will witness several acts as men place their cocks in every hole of woman's body, or other men. Women will eat and fuck each other with dildoes. Then use those same dildoes to fuck men. You don't have to watch. Simply close your eyes."

"Like Hell!" I thought. "There is no way I will look away from this. I may never have the opportunity again."

Red-woman immediately ducked her head to suck the man's dick. She swallowed his green cock down her throat while squeezing his balls. Up and down. Up and down she moved her mouth on the long, wide prick. It seemed to flow down her throat, and each time the man moaned.

With that kind of attention, and the extra inducement from Blue-woman forcing a dildoe into his ass, it did not take long for him to reach orgasm. He began to moan faster as his body slowly arched upward. At last he came in a powerful climax spewing his cum onto Red-woman's face and tits.

The man rolled to the side while Red-woman turned her attention to the other bed partner. Seeing a dildoe projecting from Blue-woman's ass, Red-woman turned and presented her asshole and pussy for fucking. Without hesitation Blue-woman plunged the shit-cover eight-inch shaft into Red-woman's pussy, pumping without restraint until Red-woman experienced a shattering orgasm.

Both women then felt and sucked each other's tits. Red-woman moved onto her back and signaled Blue-woman to eat her pussy; a task Blue-woman performed with great enthusiasm. She tongued, sucked, and fingered Red-woman's cunt until the woman screamed in pleasure over and over again as she was brought to multiple orgasms.

Red-woman recovered and moved to enjoy some pussy for herself. She licked and slurped until Blue-woman creamed on her face. Red-woman then rolled her over and sucked her asshole while stroking the woman's throbbing clit until she again reached orgasm.

As one last treat Red-woman strapped on a large fake cock; at least ten inches long and two inches in diameter. She placed both her playmates in a face down kneeling position. Then moving behind the man she rammed her cock into his ass. He took it all without a single sound. After several strokes, Red-woman withdrew the dildoe and quickly moved behind Blue-woman, where with equal ferocity she jammed the long instrument of pleasure into the girl's cunt and just as quickly into her ass.

In and out Red-woman shoved the dick as she frequently changed partner. She rammed the now well lubricated, with cunt and ass juice, dildoe into one hole after another of the three presented to her. Blue-woman was fucked in the ass and cunt until she screamed and collapsed with pleasure. At the same time the man was stroked up the ass until he again ejaculated. This time, because the man warned her he was about to cum, Red-woman was rewarded with the taste of his cum as it emerged from the end of his pulsating member.

As the man and Blue-woman rolled off the bed three masked men with very large erections joined Red-woman. She directed the show having one man lie on his back. Holding his dick straight in the air toward her juicy cuntal opening, she impaled herself in one lightening swift plunge, then pumped in and out a few times to ensure proper fit and comfort.

The second man placed lubricant over his substantial cock and on Red-woman's asshole. On her signal, and without any preliminaries, he plunged his engorged prick into her ass. The woman gasped. It was part of the show for Jim to see it happen that way. The director wanted him to see the way Red-woman enjoyed the discomfort.

Jim was always sensitive to the pain he thought Linda might experience. So much so that often sex was of little pleasure for her. She wanted him to pound her, but she did not know how to ask Jim to perform that way. From off-stage a voice delivered a shocking tidbit of information.

"Jim, Linda has told us many times you are a lousy fuck! It is not because you can't fuck well, but rather it is because you won't allow yourself to fuck well. You are too damn nice!" The voice continued; "A woman enjoys soft times, but not all the time. A woman also enjoys those Wham Bam Slam It To Me times. Did you see that dick slam into the red woman's ass? Did you see her reaction to the sensation of it sliding into her without pre-stretching? She liked it that way, and so does Linda. She has always liked it that way, and in some manner or another has always had it that way."

The voice stopped talking and let the last little bit soak into Jim's brain. It dawned on him that faithfulness between them was only on his part.

"You could not or would not fuck Linda the way she wanted and needed so she went elsewhere. She often tried to tell you, but you would not listen. You were too much of a gentleman. Jim, Linda loves you, but she craves hard sex by both men and women. It is not possible for you to meet all her sexual need. Accept the fact that no matter what happens to you as a couple, she will have sex with many other partners. If you want to be with her you must accept that aspect of her character."

Jim was stunned by the revelations. Stunned or not his dick remained hard as steel. He also liked hard sex, but had suppressed the feeling so as to not hurt his beloved Linda. "What a smuck!" he thought.

Returning his thoughts to the bed Jim watched ass and cunt filled Red-woman begin to suck the third cock. As with the earlier man she sucked it deep into her throat. Red-woman then began to pump her body back and forth, up and down, and side to side so each of the three men experienced the fuck of their lives.

Red-woman was a wonderful fucking machine to observe. No man was ever without pleasure. Each groaned and writhed as mouth then cunt came almost together. Each pulled out, sprayed his cum on the woman, and withdrew to observe the action.

Mr. Ass now began to seriously pump his cock into Red-woman's ass. He plunged hard and deep hitting her pussy entrance with his huge pendulous balls. He could feel the grasp of the anal sphincter, and the tenacious grip of the bowel muscles.

"Pump that cock into me you bastard! I want to feel you pound my ass. More! More! Harder! God, you feel so fucking great." the woman screamed over and over again. There is no way she could have experienced a better fuck. She came many times from that pounding, and it was obvious to all those watching that her orgasms were either real or absolutely amazing acting. Later, Red-woman testified to their realness.

Ass-fucker told the woman he was nearing his climax. She told him to pump as long as he could, and tell her at the last possible moment. He did exactly as instructed and Red-woman pulled away from his cock, spun around, and took the shit-covered cock directly into her mouth. The man's cum was more and spewed faster than she could swallow. Some of it leaked around the edges. Eventually, the woman received all he had to offer after which she licked his cock clean, and then French-kissed each of her three partners.

What more could the woman do? As the evening developed there was much more. Red-woman fucked man after man and woman after woman in any hole they, or she desired. She was an active participant giving as good as she got. At the end of the show her body was covered with sperm, piss, shit, scrapes, and bruises. The woman loved every minute of this time.

As the last players departed, Red-woman semi-staggered toward Jim and then spoke, "So Jim, what did you think of what you saw?" Jim recoiled as much as he could in his present situation because the voice emerging from the red mouth was Linda's.

"Don't answer that right away. Your brain and your cock might not agree. However, I can see what your cock thinks. That dick is so hard it would come if anyone looked at it too close. I bet you are miserable. But you know what, I don't give a fucking shit. I want you to feel miserable."

"Listen to me Jim." Linda continued. "I truly hope you are adaptable to the huge changes I have presented to you. In so very many ways you are a wonderful man. Those good parts are the reason I have stayed with you and am now offering you the opportunity to stay with me. Separation from you is not what I want, but if you don't meet my needs we will follow that path. This little bet was a God-sent opportunity for me to show you my other side. To show you the true me."

"As for your hard-on don't think I am going to help you out anytime soon. You have more adventures before your time of servitude to me is completed, and I want to make sure you are hard at the end. Do you want to say anything? You may speak freely. Now is the last chance you may have for quite some time."

Jim nodded yes and paused to collect his words. "Linda, I don't know where we stand. What I do know is I am sorry I did not give you the type of hard sex – fucking we both apparently wanted."

"You are right about my wanting to cum. I have come so close so many times today that now I am in pain. Please Linda, let me pound into one of your holes."

Linda responded quickly; "I told you no. Don't ask again. Our silly bet, and its outcome have proven very awakening and eye opening. Jim, you are a much stronger man than I expected. That is not a slap at you. I just thought you too nice to withstand all you have seen and felt. It is not over yet. There is more to come, including some things I know you will have a very difficult time accepting."

As Linda turned and walked away, Jim was laid back and a pussy covered his face. Despite the dark, wet distraction he thought; "What can be worse or more shocking than what I have already experienced and witnessed? If it is much stronger I wonder if I have it within me, it I am tough enough. If it is that bad I wonder if I will want to make it through the remainder of The Day?"

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