tagErotic CouplingsThe Day I Met MY Wife

The Day I Met MY Wife


I'd like begin this true story by saying I'll be using the same names I used on my previously written story to protect our identities. Again, this is a true story down to the last detail. I am obviously not a professional writer and would hope that reviews on my story would reflect that. I enjoy writing about our adventures.

My name is Bill. I was a 46 year old man when I met my lovely wife Mary, 7 years ago. I'm a very active man, about 6 feet tall, weighing 180 pounds with a very athletic body. I try to stay in shape by working out daily. I guess most women would say I'm an attractive man, some say it's obvious I was once a man in the military. I guess I carry myself in that manner and appearance. I'm a clean cut guy, short hair, impeccable hygiene, well groomed and always smell nice.

I was single at the time, having been divorced for about a year. I won't go into detail about my sex life at the time I met my wife for the first time but let's just say I wasn't alone often. I guess you could say I had three different girlfriends at that time, they all knew about each other. I had no intentions of settling down or being faithful to only one woman as I was enjoying life as a single man.

I won't give you my wife's actual profession as that might breach our promise of anonymity. Let's just say she was an office worker at the time and I needed something from her office faxed to me. Fortunately for me, the fax was never sent so I had to visit the office in person to collect the form I needed.

Little did I know that a woman I had met several times at the office suggested to Mary that I may be of interest to her as she was single and looking to date. You might say it was a set up. Mary was sitting at the front desk as I entered and approached her.

I will never forget the first impression I had of Mary. She was breathtakingly beautiful with gorgeous tits half exposed by her very low cut blouse she was wearing. I've always had a thing for redheads so I already had naughty thoughts running through my mind before any words were exchanged. She was tanned, toned and so hot.

"May I help you?" Mary asked with a very articulate, sexy voice.

I explained to her that I had asked to have a form faxed to me but had never received it. She apologized for her company's mistake of not following up with me.

"Would you like to come into my office?" "I'll get the form for you."

"Sure, I appreciate you helping me out." "Please, no need to apologize."

I said as I watched her stand and proceed to her office.

I had a great chance to check out her body and the incredibly sexy way she walked, more of a strut. She had on a very short skirt, at least 6 inches above the knee exposing very toned and tanned legs. I also noticed she was in heels, very tall sexy heels. She looked to be about 5 feet tall but was hard to tell in those heels. Everything about this woman oozed sexual energy. I knew I had to figure out a way to have this woman.

As we entered the office Mary said "Please have a seat sir, I'll get this form right to you."

I sat in the chair next to her desk, all the while checking out her every movement. We were only sitting about a foot from each other and we both could feel the sexual energy building. She had those "fuck me" eyes that drive men crazy with desire. I had to think of something to say to prolong my stay in her office.

So I said 'Do you go out to dinner often, are you dating?"

Mary wasted no time replying "I've been single for many years and intend to stay that way, but I love to go out. Do you have any favorite restaurants?"

"I'll eat just about anything but really like Italian and Mexican food. I know of a great Mexican restaurant in town. Maybe you'd like to go sometime?

Mary then gave me a wink and handed me her business card saying "Call me sometime if you'd like to get a bite to eat together."

I really wasn't sure just how interested Mary was so I decided to really push the envelope a little by brushing my hand over her knee as I said "Thank you, I'll definitely give you a call" I wasn't sure how well my suggestive advance was taken until she asked for her business card back and said "Let me give you me cell phone number."

I swear my cock was getting so hard I had to squirm in my seat just to get comfortable. She was giving me that innocent, sexy look as if she were thinking 'I know you're horny and I'm going to work you up". I didn't want to leave her office but thought people may get the "wrong" idea if I overstayed my welcome. So, I excused myself thanking her for everything and left the office. Mary followed closely behind and actually made physical contact with me brushing against my side as I opened the outside door to leave the office. "See you soon, I hope." she said as I exited.

"I certainly hope so and look forward to it." I was so fucking horny, she had to notice the bulge in my pants as I felt like I was going to explode just thinking about being with her. I swear this woman was the woman of my dreams, wet ones.

I couldn't wait to tell someone about this hot lady I had just met so I stopped at my buddy's business down the road to tell him. I could barely control my enthusiasm as I jumped from my vehicle and practically ran to the door. I flung the door open and Immediately said "Henry, you wouldn't believe this chic I just met, she was so fucking hot. We flirted back and forth and she even gave me her card with her cell number to call her for a date."

"Whoa, slow down big fella. Give me some details." said Henry

I explained how and why I met with Mary and how she was the hottest woman I've seen in town and how I couldn't wait to get into her pants. "You should have seen her. Perfect face, perfect tits, ass and legs to die for for. AND she was wearing heels with a very short skirt. God, she had fucking huge tits and she was just a tiny girl."

"How old is she." asked Henry

"Shit, I never asked but don't really care either. I think she was about 35 or 40......but so fucking hot. I have to have this one"

"Don't you have enough ladies going right now Bill?" What are you up to now, playing three at the same time?" asked Henry

"I'd forget all of them for this one!"

"So, let me get this straight.....you have her number but didn't ask her our on a date. You're a stupid fuck! Call her or give me her number." Henry made a good point. What was I waiting for?

"See you later Henry, thanks for the advice." as I left and made my way for my vehicle, as I was taking out my cell phone to call her.

I nervously dialed her number, I swear my hands were shaking in anticipation. As the phone rang so many thoughts were rushing through me head, "What the fuck am I going to say?"

Mary answered "Hello".

I paused for a second and said "This is Bill, I know I just left your office and you did say to call if I ever wanted to get a bite to eat together.....how about tonight?.

"I'd love to!" "When and where should we meet?"

Holy shit, she said yes!!! "Ah, how about 5 PM at that new Mexican restaurant? Would that be Ok?"

"You don't waste any time do you?" she said.

"Well, I figured if I waited someone else would scoop you up before I had the chance and I really like you."

"See you at 5 Bill!"

Damn, this was just too much to believe. In less than an hour I had met a sexy woman, exchanged numbers and already had a date set for that evening. I had to think fast and make this a date to remember....think Bill, think....

My next stop was at the local Flower Shop. I had to really think this out and didn't want to scare her off but had to do something special. I ordered a dozen long stemmed roses and had them boxed. Then I was off to my apartment to get ready for my dream date.

I had about 3 hours to prepare and knew how nicely she dressed but also didn't want to over do it either. So, I chose a nice pair of slacks, dress shoes and a new button down shirt. I ironed the slacks and shirt in anticipation or making a good impression. I shaved, showered and did a little man-scaping in preparation of my dream date. A couple squirts of my favorite cologne and I was ready for my date.

As I drove to the restaurant I had many thoughts running through my mind. Would she show up? Would she think the roses were too over the top? Would we hit it off? Would I get laid and would she be as good in bed as I had imagined? Damn, already getting another hard on just thinking about it. Here I was fucking her in my mind yet hadn't even been on a date.

I arrived at the restaurant about 15 minutes early but there was no sign of her yet. I'm always early for everything and shouldn't expect the same from others. She arrived at exactly 5 PM as promised and as she stepped from her car I felt that tingle of excitement again. How the hell am I going to contain this erection in my pants all night without her noticing?

I exited my car as well and met halfway between the cars and the restaurant front door. "Here, these are for you." as I handed the box to Mary. A puzzled look came over Mary's face as she opened the box. Her eyes grew as she noticed the roses and she began to cry.

"I'm so sorry, is this too much? Have I offended you?"I said.

"No, I'm just overwhelmed. Nobody has ever done anything like this for me before, you are so sweet." Mary closed the box and asked "May I put these in my car?"

"Sure let me take them for you." as I walked them to her car and placed them in the front seat.

As I turned around Mary was against me and threw her arms around me tilting her head back inviting me to kiss her. I kissed her softly, our lips gently touching as shivers went through my body. I could feel her pressing harder against me noticing her tits pressing against my chest. We continued our kiss as it became more passionate as we forgot our surroundings and that this was just our first date. The kiss became very erotic as our tongues gently met and our hands caressed each others backs. She raised her arms and took my face in her hands and we continued to kiss so passionately. This was the kind of kiss you'd experience in bed with your lover while having sex,

I finally broke free from the kiss and said "If we keep this up we'll have to ship dinner and get a room."

"Sounds like a good idea to me." I was shocked by her response.

"Let's go in and get something to eat just to make this look right" I said.

"Ok, I am hungry....but for you" she said.

"We entered the restaurant and was greeted by the hostess. I asked the hostess if we could have a corner table and was directed to a corner table. On the way to the table a man from another table said 'Congratulations, you must have asked her to marry you." I guess our kiss in the parking lot didn't go unnoticed. We both chuckled as we went to our table.

We ordered our meals but neither of us ate much as we were practically sitting on top of each other with our legs touching each other. Many times throughout the dinner my hand rested on her knee and hers on mine. I couldn't keep my eyes off her, our touches became caresses. Then we started kissing until at one point I just couldn't take it any more. My cock was about to break through my slacks and it was quite obvious. Mary kept glancing at my crotch as I stroked her leg. She had such a slutty little look on her face...I just had to get her out of there.

"I've had enough, would you like to go?" I asked.

"Where would you like to go? She asked.

"Anywhere a little more private, would you like to see my apartment? I asked sheepishly not knowing if I was moving too fast.

Her next comment absolutely shocked me!!!! "How about we just fuck in the back seat of your car right here?"

Damn, did she really just say that? "I'd like a little more privacy and would love to have you see my apartment, I will be a gentleman."

"I hope not, let's go." Mary said.

We each drove our own cars to my apartment, she following me. I half expected at any time for her to disappear as this night was turning into a dream night. To my amazement she stayed very close and parked right next to me as we pulled into the parking lot. My hands were shaking. What the fuck was wrong with me, I've fucked plenty of women and never been nervous like this. Something just felt different about this, more erotic.

"Welcome to my home" I said as she got out of her car. We kissed again before walking to the front door. As we got to the door I fumbled for my keys and could hardly hold my hand steady enough to put the key in the lock.

"As we entered she said "Wow, this is the nicest apartment I've been in. Who chose your furniture?'

"I picked everything out, please make yourself comfortable. Would you like a drink?"

"Sure, do you have any wine?"

"I'll get you a glass, you may turn on the television if you like." I said.

"I'd prefer not to have the distraction, I'm interested in you"

Did Mary just say what I think she said? Holy fuck, this was moving so much faster than I had ever dreamed. I made us both drinks, placing them on the coffee table and joining her on the couch. I couldn't help noticing how enticing she looked with her short skirt, unbelievable cleavage and the most beautiful face I'd ever seen. She looked totally relaxed and receptive to my advances.....time to see just how far I could take this.

As I sat as close to her as possible without actually being in her lap, I put my arm around her and offered her glass to her. She took the glass from my hand and put it back on the coffee table. She then put her arms around me and kissed me, just a gentle kiss at first. Then another kiss, a little longer and wetter. Our lips parted and then we joined lips again with a passionate hunger for each other. We both became very aggressive with our kiss and touched tongues and changed positions as we both almost attacked each others' lips with vigorous hunger for each other.

I really didn't want to push things too fast and blow my chances of ending up in the bedroom so I continued kissing and caressing without touching sexually yet even though I wanted so badly to get my hands on those tits. Mary was the first to slide her hand to my chest and unbuttoned my shirt, caressing my chest. I mimicked her action as I unbuttoned her blouse, still not attacking those huge tits I've been salivating over. Then I began caressing her tit over her bra as I could hear her breathing become louder, I could feel my heart beating and swear she could hear it as well.

With my other hand I reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra easily as she sighed. This almost drove me over the edge as I exposed those gorgeous tits of hers and began caressing one and then the other. She was a tiny little woman with natural 36DD's....every man's dream. I was getting so horny and she was sensing this as well as her hand had made it's way to my belt buckle. She fumbled with it for a bit but there was no way I was going to interrupt her by helping out. Just as she got the belt buckle open and , started to unzip my pants, I. lowered my face to my dream girl's breasts.

I was so fucking hard and horny and her tits were so big and beautiful, I couldn't think of anything else as I started sucking one while caressing the other. Her tits were perfect, with nice large nipples and a perfect shape. Her breathing got louder, I got harder and she reached into my pants and started slowly caressing my cock.

"You have the nicest cock I've ever felt, you're so big" Mary whispered as I gasped at her light, sensuous touch. "Please take you pants off for me."

I stood up and let my pants drop to the floor as my cock stood at attention in front of this beautiful woman with her breasts exposed. I removed her top, as I bent over to do so she took my cock in her hands and hear head moved forward. I knew what was about to happen and was hoping I could hold back long enough to not embarrass myself.

She licked the length of my shaft as if sizing it up for what was to come. She again said "You have the most beautiful cock I've ever seen, I want you so bad." She then placed the head of my cock on her lips as I watched my cock completely disappear in her mouth. I have a 7 inch cock and she just devoured it, every inch. She then started slowly sucking me making sure to allow me to watch her every move by holding her hair back.

While she was sucking and slurping on my cock I was caressing her tit with one hand while guiding the back of her head with my other hand as she bobbed up and down.

I couldn't stand this any more and had to say "Let's take this to the bedroom before it's over too soon."

Then she really surprised me by saying "I'm not that kind of girl." But she did stop and stood up in front of me. It was at this moment I realized just how sexy she was standing there in front of me with her breasts exposed and her lips wet with saliva.

As we went around the corner to the bedroom I followed closely behind her cupping her breast in my hands. As we approached the bed I asked her to remove her pants and lie down. I removed all of my clothes as well and stood in front of her looking down at her magnificent body. Her pussy looked delicious as she was completely shaved. I said nothing as I positioned myself, crawling between her legs until my face was within inches of her pussy. I could tell how turned on she was as her breasts were heaving in anticipation.

As I gently touched her pussy with my tongue she moaned a sigh of pleasure. She tasted wonderful and smelled like heaven. She was already moist with anticipation, God this girl was fucking sexy and horny. I started kissing and tonguing her pussy as her breathing go more rapid. As I inserted my tongue deeper into her pussy I could feel her tense as I knew she was cumming. Waves of pleasure came over Mary as she gripped my head firmly as she came while screaming with pleasure. As she came I slid my finger in her pussy while licking her.

Mary then told me "That was wonderful, please change positions with me. I want to devour you."

Oh MY God, it couldn't get any better than this, As I got on my back she immediately went for my cock with her hungry mouth. My cock was disappearing as she was taking me all the way down her throat, I started meeting her sucks with thrusts forward as I fucked her face with vigor. She never let up as I knew I was about to cum. I had to grab her head to make her stop.

I then physically flipped her over on the bed and mounted her. As I felt her breasts push against my chest I readied myself to enter her enticing pussy. I was so hard, there was no need to guide my cock by hand. I slid down far enough until the tip of my cock was resting on the entrance to her pussy. I could feel her wetness and inserted the head of my cock slowly and withdrew. I could actually hear how wet she was..I continued this, each stroke going just a bit further into her pussy. Each time I went a bit further, she moaned a little louder until she finally said "Fuck me, fuck me now. I want all of you, fuck me."

I pushed my entire shaft in until my balls were slapping her ass. As I increased the speed, she moaned louder until she said "Fuck me hard!"

I fucked her hard, rocking back and forth pushing as hard as I could making sure she got every bit of me. Every push I made was met with her lifting her ass to receive me as deep as she could take. I was fucking her so hard that the bed was rocking back and forth and hitting the wall. Just before I was about to cum I pulled out and said "get on your knees on the edge of the bed. I want to fuck you doggy!"

She positioned herself on the edge of the bed as I stood and entered her from behind. I loved the site of fucking her hard and watching her big tits sway in rhythm to each thrust I made deep into her pussy. As I fucked her harder and harder she began screaming with joy and she reached under and grabbed my balls as I fucked even harder. She started milking me with her hand as I was fucking her and inserted a finger in and out of her cunt as I was thrusting my cock into her. This put me over the top...

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