tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Day I Met Ruby Rose

The Day I Met Ruby Rose


Friday evening. It's a cloudy and grey day that threatens with rain, as usual in mi town, so I decide to stay at home. Going out with my friends would involve fighting with an umbrella, with the wind and my coat or being careful not to step in a puddle with my high heels. On the contrary, I'm in the mood for my panda bear pyjamas pants, my white tank top, a cup of tea and writing on my laptop all the evening.

I'm always in the mood for writing and that's why my hard drive stores dozens of stories, some of them unfinished and other completed, short or long, but all of them with two common denominators: they're risqué and have the same protagonist. Why I chose her? I could say because she seems to be a nice person, and apparently she really is like that, but to be honest it's because she's extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily sexy, besides being a genuinely versatile model... and that suits my plans.

In one photoshoot she can be a badass tomboy, a sweet girl with a smiling face, an environmentalist dog lover, an athlete, a cool DJ, a sexy model for a makeup company or a chic lady ready to hit the red carpet. I keep her always in my mind when I'm writing and she can play any role in my stories. She's like an empty shell where I can express all my feelings, temperaments or personalities knowing that it will work. I love the challenge involved in changing totally the attitude of a character from one story to other, without being influenced by his old personality.

Not everybody is happy with that, of course. Ever since a friend persuaded me to publish my stories on an erotic site I've found everything: from constructive criticism to fierce attacks. Sometimes it happens that you fall in love with a character because of his charm and then you're not able to see him as the bad guy of the next story. It happens also with actors, film watchers can feel cheated when someone tries to present as a saint the character they've associated with the psychopath in a previous job.

But in general the reviews are good and I've even made new friends. We have contact now and then by email and, particularly, there's a girl who loved my stories; we spend our days exchanging ideas, new plots and laughing online. Unfortunately, after talking for hours, discussing everything under the sun, recently we've confessed our real names and location and unfortunately Rosie lives at the other end of the world, too far to meet for coffee.

Anyway, maybe I should start with something new to cheer me up... I sit down on the couch with my laptop and, just when I'm getting comfortable, the doorbell rings. Damn! I stand up reluctantly and, before opening the door, I check myself out in the mirror. Well, I'm not exactly winning the "Best Dressed of the Year" award, but at least I'm decent. Probably it will be Amazon's delivery man with my last order so I open the door without checking who's there, almost jumping of joy thinking of my new purchase: I love the smell of new books. I look up ready to sign the delivery note when...




"Hello my friend."

I would love to answer her but I can't. The polite thing to do would be to say "Hello Miss Langenheim," or at least a simple "Hello Ruby..." but I can´t. My mind has gone blank, unable to understand that the woman of my dreams is standing in front of me with a mischievous smirk on her face. I'm in shock, I can't even feel the air going into my lungs, the only thing I'm able to do is to stand frozen and try to not hit the floor due to a cardiac arrest. If only my brain could work again, it would realize that she's enjoying my reaction, delighted with the surprise she's given me.

"Aren't you going to let me in?"

Apparently, even if my conscious mind has gone for a walk, my subconscious still remembers how to behave properly so, without any will on my part, I get out of the way and I let her come in, pointing at the living room. Ruby stares at my laptop and a new mischievous smirk opens her lips while she leaves her bag besides my computer:

"Are you writing again?"

My mind is still spinning around while I take my eyes to the couch. It seems that, when I'm not looking at her, my brain cells are able to work so I can answer:

"Yes, I'd want to start something new."

I feel Ruby getting close to my body but I insist in keeping my eyes on the laptop in order to prevent my mind from buzzing around.

"Are you writing about me again?"

I swallow hard, worried. I can't know using her tune of voice if she's upset, if she's curious, if my obsession bothers her, if this is some kind of joke for her or if she's going to congratulate me for my work. I hope it's the last option...

"I'm so sorry Miss Langenheim."

"You know... After all the things we've done together, in all places and possible positions, some of them truly fantastic, after all the places where you've had your tongue rubbing and I've had mine... I think you can use my name."

I swallow hard once again. I can't still know if she's furious or just having fun.

"I'm so sorry Ruby."

"Maybe you'd prefer to call me Rosie, that's the name we've been using when we were talking intimately last weeks. And tell me... What's exactly the thing you feel sorry about?."

I take a deep breath before trying to answer that question. I have to collect my thoughts of this shocked mind on mine. I try not to look at her face while the words are coming out of my mouth:

"I'm... so sorry because I've use your appearance to... I had no right but... mmm... you're a celebrity and you must be aware that millions of fans all over the world are having naughty dreams with you and that's cool... I guess," I add when I see her raising an eyebrow. I'd better look away again. "What I mean is that I'm sorry for using your face and body to put on paper my filthy fantasies and expose them to thousands of potential readers. I'm sorry if I upset you; really, I didn't mean to embarrass you... is just that... I'm so good at imaging things and... mmm... but I should have kept them on my mind. I have no excuse. I'm so sorry."

I shoot a glance at her face to check how she's taken my speech. Her mischievous smirk and her raised eyebrow are still in their places. I'm hopeful that she isn't furious but making fun of me.

"Look at me when you talk, please. Repeat it looking into my eyes."

Oh well, fine, maybe she's a little angry after all but she's right: a sincere apology must be given face to face. I look up and it's like taking a punch, I'm still trying to cope with the fact that she's standing in front of me:

"I'm so sorry Ruby."

A genuine smile plays across her face. Definitely she's having fun.

"Do you, really? How sorry are you?"

I stare at her surprised. So sorry, I've already said it, so very sorry... How do you quantify something like that? I blink not knowing what to answer. By contrast, she has gotten serious.

"Let's see what 'so sorry' means to you." Walking towards the centre of the room she stands with her legs slightly open. She points between them and orders: "Get on your knees."

My eyes are wide open now in disbelief, I can't believe she's asking me to do that. She wants me to beg for forgiveness on my knees? She must be joking... but... it doesn't seem that she is. In fact, her face is so serious that doesn't express any emotion. I've seen that before in pictures, it's her badass look. Well, fine, if this is what she needs I can humiliate myself a little. After all, I'm wrong. I've gone too far with some of my stories. I get on my knees slowly in front of her but, before I can talk, she says:

"That's not the spot that I've specified." True; I didn't realise she was that fussy with something so trivial like where I place my legs. Slowly, I get a little closer, now I'm almost between her legs. I open my mouth trying to apologise but once again:

"Shut up! I didn't say you can talk. Keep your eyes on the floor and your hands behind your back."

My eyes are wide open again looking at her shocked, even more shocked than at the time I opened the door. I've read about this, I know what that position means but I can believe that she wants me to...

"I've said eyes down." Her furious tune of voice leaves no doubt. Immediately, I aim my gaze at the floor between her legs and put my hands behind my back. My gut tells me that I'd better not play with fire and, if Ruby gets really mad, probably I'll burn.

A minute goes, then two. My knees are starting to hurt on the hardwood floor but I do everything I can to not move any part of my body looking for a more comfortable position. I know she wouldn't like it, I don't know how but I know it. She hasn't moved either even though I can feel her glare on me. I can't figure out her intentions and that worries me... surely what she expects. To be honest I'm really sorry if she hasn't like what I've written about her but this situation is ridiculous. This is my home and this is absurd. I'm about to stand up and... I don't know... just apologize again and ask her to leave my house or something like that. Would I dare to kick Ruby Rose out? I don't know... I feel her moving.

"Look at me. I don't believe your excuses, you little slut. I think you've had a great time picturing me in all those situations and doing all those things to you. I guess that, after imagining them, you've pleasured yourself, and once again after writing them and again when you reread them. And who knows how many more times. I said look at me! I can assure you that I've read them all and I've fingered myself with them all and you know what? I've been terribly frustrated because, even if it felt so good, I knew it would be better having you in front of me. It's been a delight talking to you and finding out that the girl behind the screen fascinated me as much as the writer. And here we're now..."

She takes a deep breath to calm down before continuing.

"I'm not accepting your apology unless you please me in anything I want, in anything I ask... Later, if I'm satisfied and I don't feel frustrated anymore you can ask me again and I'll consider if I accept them. It's your decision, depends on how important my forgiveness is to you. Do you accept the deal? Feel free to say no but I want you to know that I'd be very happy if you decide to go ahead with it."

Ruby's smile nearly blinds me. She knows that she's totally irresistible. How could anyone say no? This is every fan's dream. If I decline I'll be regretting it all my life but, on the other hand, I don't know her intentions. How far does she want to go with this? I hesitate few seconds, uncertain, till she gently places her hand on my cheek while she smiles tenderly, in an attempt to encourage me. Her smile is my sentence and I nod, making Ruby raise her eyebrow.

"Say it out loud."

"I accept... my Lady." The last word has sounded like a question, I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to address her. Ruby smiles again so I guess she's happy with it. She leans forward and grabs something from the bookcase behind me, then she points at her pants: "Here, unbutton them."

I've just placed my hands on her waist when I feel a quick jab on my cheek. I look up shocked while feeling a little burning on my face. Seriously? Did she just hit me with one of my National Geographic History rolled in her hand?

"Did I say that you can use your hands, kitty?"

Well, no, she didn't say that. I'm beginning to understand that I must follow her commands to the letter in this game. Keeping my hands on my back I use my teeth to unbutton her pants. It's not easy since they're very tight and I wrestle with the zipper but finally I get to unzip it. She takes off her pants along with her sneakers and her shirt; then she stands in front of me in her sports underwear, so close that my nose almost touches her pubis and my hot breath fans her core. It's tempting to lean forward to cross the short distance to her body and put my lips on... Once again I feel the burn of the magazine on my cheek.

"Did I say that you can taste the cream, kitty? Being disobedient you'll never achieve my forgiveness." She says with a harsh tone of voice.

I stay in the initial position, hands on my back and head down, for a few minutes. I feel my knees getting numb and probably tomorrow I'll have bruises but Ruby doesn't seem to care while she walks around staring at me.

"Beautiful panda bear pyjamas pants." I can hear her chuckling. Is she making fun of me? I slump my shoulders while looking at the floor sadly but she cups my jaw with her hand forcing me to raise my head. She stares at me tenderly like in the beginning, "Seriously kitty, I like them. Now take them off along with your tank top"

I consider my options for a few seconds because I'm aware that she keeps the magazine rolled in her hand. She hasn't said how I have to undress but something tells me that I'd better obey her quickly. Finally I dare to move my hands and take my top off. Without moving my knees I pull my pants down and then I take them off while sitting on the floor, never getting up. I'm back to my initial position in seconds.

"Well done." She looks disappointed for not being able to hit me with the magazine again. I smile slightly: I think I'm good at this game. Ruby's face turns severe, she doesn't seem happy with my self-indulgence.

Slowly, she comes close to me and takes my mini hair claw clips off. They're little since I only use them to keep my bangs out of my face. She opens and closes the little clips looking at them pensively, then she tests them on the tip of her little finger. She stares at me with a mischievous smirk that makes me swallow hard. Kneeling before me, she takes my simple black bra off and places her hands on my boobs, rubbing them, touching them gently, circling my nipples with her thumbs, feeling their weight and size.

"I like these too," I can't hold back a sigh, "stay on your knees but open your legs a little. Well done. Now lean back and put your hands on the floor beyond your feet, your head looking up, offer me your boobs. That's it, babe."

I'd swear I can hear Ruby purring when she takes one of my nipples in her mouth, sucking it and then circling it with the tip of her tongue, nibbling gently. She turns her attention to the other nipple and she does the same movements. She plays with my boobs, squeezing both in her hands and taking them to her mouth together, alternating her attention from one to another. The minutes tick by while my nipples become hard and erect due to her hot mouth. One of her hands makes its way to my panties and I feel her heat through the fabric; her fingers play circling my clit till a shiver runs down my spine. Ruby's hands touch my boobs again, her fingers gently pinching and rolling my nipples.

Suddenly I feel pain, like a sting in one of my peaks and then in the other. I let out a gasp and my body tenses, now my mind is all messed up: what the hell happened? I try to catch a glimpse of my breast without moving my head form the position she ordered. Fuck! I think she has fastened my claw clips to my nipples and it hurts, there's no denying it. It isn't horrible but it truly hurts.

"Calm down, kitty, relax. Be quiet."

Like that's so easy. My mind is focused on the burning feeling of my nipples and my breathing becomes erratic. Ruby's hands still rub carefully my boobs, the tip of her tongue circling slowly my peaks. Her thumbs graze gently the clips intensifying the pain and I hold my breath.

"Tell me kitty: from 1 to 5, where 5 means "I can't take it anymore" How do you feel them?."

"Mmmm... a high 3?" Yes, I think that sums it up pretty good. As long as she doesn't touch them it's bearable.

"Fine. When you reach 4, 5 you must alert me, okay? You might be tempted to put up with the pain as much as you can in order to please me but you mustn't do it. You have to alert me before reaching 5 allowing me to unfasten them carefully, otherwise they'll hurt like a bitch and we don't want that, do we?"

"Yes, my Lady."

Pleased with my answer, Ruby holds my boobs with her hands and then lets them drop, watching them bounce. The pull of the claw pins on my nipples makes me gasp again and, for a moment, I'm tempting to tell her that I've reached number 4 but then she grazes again my clit with her fingers, rubbing all my core over my panties, again and again. She makes circles with her thumb while she plays gently with the claw clips with one fingertip, alternating between my two nipples. The mixture of pain and pleasure makes my head spinning until my numb knees, my aching shoulders that bear the weight of my body and the sting I feel on my nipples become something distant. It's a tolerable and constant dull pain.

My mind is focused on her thumb circling my clit nonstop. I try to control my moans remembering that she's ordered me to keep quiet but her fingers give me goosebumps. The muscles of my thighs and abdomen get tense and my hips buck involuntarily against her hand, her palm is flat on my swollen clit rubbing in circles. My orgasm is so close, I can feel it being built by her naughty fingers. I'm almost there... I feel a burning pain on my pussy and a real scream comes out of my mouth for the first time while my arms lose strength and I almost collapse on the floor. Ruby has hit hard my clit with the rolled magazine.

"Did I say that you can cum, kitty?"

I shake my head holding back my tears. Now that I'm not focused on her fingers brushing my pussy the pain has come back harder but, before I can tell her, she places her hand on my back, helping me to kneel down to the initial position, and she unfastens the clips carefully. I whine quietly while the blood runs again through my nipples and for a few seconds the pain becomes unbearable. Gently she leans on me and kisses my lips, never touching my breast. Her tongue dances with mine, comforting me. She bites my bottom lip, teasing me before kiss me again. It's getting hard to keep my hands on my back when all I want to do is hold her tight.

"Get on your knees on the floor, facing the couch. Keep your legs together and place your upper body on the couch. Put your hands on your back," the severe Ruby has come back.

I just do what she tells me: crawling few steps I lean my body from my waist up on the couch. The cold leather feels good on my sore nipples and on my cheek that still remembers the rolled magazine. I hear her searching for something in her bag near my head and few moments later my hands are cuffed behind my back with leather wrist cuffs. I feel her fingers brushing my butt over my panties and then tracing my slit up and down. She slides my panties down slowly and she drops them on my face:

"Mmmm... they're wet, can you feel it? But not enough. We'll fix this. Open your legs."

She places her tongue flat over my clit and holds it there while my thighs tremble with desire. Then she starts to lick slowly, lazily, immediately switching between sucking aggressively and flicking it with the tip of her tongue. Once again I have to control my moans and try to not buck my hips against her face. While she brushes with her tongue up and down over my clit driving me crazy I feel one of her fingers entering me. It feels weird and I gasp when I realize that she's thrusting my panties inside my pussy.

Slowly, each movement of her naughty tongue brings me closer to an orgasm while she thrusts my panties until only one of the thin side straps pokes out my opening. She sits still behind me, admiring her work, and then I hear her searching for something in her bag again. She slides her left thumb in my mouth and I lick it before she places it over my clit, moving it gently till I'm moaning once more.

Suddenly, I feel a hard spank on my ass that makes me shudder and scream out loud. Ruby orders silence while she removes a strand of hair from my face to be able to see my eyes. That allows me to realize that she's wearing a stainless-steel chain mail glove like the butchers use to prevent disastrous knife slips.

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