The Day I Stole My First Panties


I had a better plan. I quickly pulled my shorts down. I stepped out of them, and pulled her panties on over mine. I couldn't believe I had concocted such a scheme to steal a stupid pair of panties! They were a little bit big on me because Mrs. Brown was a bit thick around the middle and had quite an ass, but my butt was also a pretty good size, so they stayed on ok. I pulled my shorts back up, flushed the toilet, and stood in front of the mirror for a moment.

While I tried to regain my composure, I checked around the room to make sure everything was just like I left it. The clothes were all back in the hamper (except the panties I put on), and the lid was closed.

I splashed my face with cold water, washed my hands, and dried off with the towel. I unlocked the door and walked back out through the bedroom... back out to the living room. My whole episode in the bathroom hadn't lasted more than 5 minutes, so nobody was suspicious of anything.

For the next hour and half, I sat there staring at the practice tests. What a waste of 90 minutes. My mind couldn't have been farther away. While everyone else was trying to make the most of this time, my thoughts were on Mrs. Brown and the panties I was wearing under my shorts. It wasn't very comfortable to sit there wearing 2 pairs of panties, but in my mind, it couldn't have been more worth it.

Every time she walked through the living room, my heart jumped. What if she knew? I know it wasn't a rational thought, but I mean, I was trying to smuggle a pair of her panties out of the house, which isn't exactly rational either.

When it was finally time to leave, I couldn't wait! I think I was the first girl to have my books all packed up. We all thanked Mrs. Brown for her hospitality. If only she had known what I was doing...

I got a ride home with one of the other girls. As she pulled into my driveway, I jumped out of the car and ran into the house. I was so eager to get up to my room! But I bumped into my mom, so I had to talk to her for a few minutes, tell her how the study session went... verify that I had thanked Mrs. Brown for letting us study over there.

I scurried upstairs, and closed and locked the door to my room. I IMMEDIATELY kicked my sneakers off, unzipped my shorts, and pulled them off. In my full-length mirror, I spent a second or two staring at what I looked like with those powder blue panties on. But I wasn't interested in how I looked. I was interested in how Mrs. Brown looked in them. I was interested in how they smelled.

I slipped my thumbs into the waistband and pulled them down my legs. I didn't bother to take mine off. I didn't have time. As soon as her panties were off of me, I was laying on my back in bed, with the panties draped over my nose. I held them there with one hand while my other hand slipped down between my legs.

I took one deep breath after another! It was like when you try to see how long you can stay underwater, and when you finally come up for air, you take these big quick deep breaths. It was just like that. It smelled amazing! My other hand was rubbing furiously between my legs. My own panties were showing signs of my arousal... the dark wet spots. After the initial rush of Mrs. Brown's scent, I paused for a moment to tug my panties down, and I kicked them off onto the floor.

I moved my fingers up and down the length of my slippery wet slit. I focused pressure on my clit, rubbing it, pinching it. At some point, I'm sure that I slipped my fingers inside. I usually do. But that time was just such a blur. I felt like some kind of wild perverted animal. I was furiously masturbating with one hand, and holding someone else's dirty panties over my face with the other!

Then, I had the urge to do something I hadn't given much though to before. As I inhaled the sensuous musky aroma of Mrs. Brown's panties, I wanted to take my craving a step further. I opened my mouth, extended my tongue out, and barely touched the crotch of her panties with the tip of my tongue. I don't think that first taste actually tasted like anything. I tried again... this time lightly running the tip of my tongue up the crotch. Still, I didn't really taste anything. The whole idea of it was erotic, and I kept masturbating, but I definitely remember not tasting anything.

I retracted my tongue, got it wet in my mouth, and tried a third time. This time, I ran the flat part of my tongue along the crotch. BINGO! For the first time in my life, I tasted another woman's dirty panties! In a word, it was AMAZING! My animal urges took over, and before I knew it, I had my lips closed around the fabric, sucking on the panty crotch with my mouth!

At that moment, I remember feeling, just, absolutely filthy! At that moment, sucking the taste out of Mrs. Brown's panties seemed like the naughtiest thing in the world to me. At that moment, I swallowed a mouthful of what I was sucking on, and it brought me to the verge of an orgasm. The taste... the smell... the way the satin felt on my lips and in my mouth... draped over the side of my face and down my cheek... I couldn't take it any longer.

With one swift motion, I tugged the panties out of my mouth and plunged them down between my legs. During those last few seconds, I rubbed Mrs. Brown's delicate blue satin panties against my pussy. I furiously diddled my clit through the fabric. Before I could prepare, a wave a pleasure racked my body, and I tensed up. My thighs squeezed my hand tightly between them, forcing my to press the panties even more firmly against my sex. My hand was clenched in there so tight, I couldn't even rub my clit... only press against it.

I thrust my hips up into the air, and my back arched tensely, I held this position for 7 or 8 seconds before my body collapsed back on the bed. My body was jelly! The orgasm was so intense that another one quickly followed. With the panties still down between my legs, I clenched my thighs again. The muscle spasms within me were so intense that it took all my concentration to keep myself from moaning out loud.

When my second climax subsided, I was finally able to begin catching my breath. I was completely flushed and sweaty, and my hands were shaking like two little leaves. I remember bringing the panties back up to my nose to smell them a bit more as I came down from my high. All of this excitement because of a simple pair of panties. Was this normal? Was I the only person that had this fetish? I pondered this while I lay there.

As I mentioned before, this is a fetish that I never really seemed to outgrow. As I got older, and especially with the advent of the internet and chat rooms, I've come to realize that although it's a bit odd for women to have these particular urges for panties, there are definitely other people out there that share this fetish with me.

But back then, I didn't know any better. I was a naughty, filthy, dirty little 18 year old girl, laying on her bed, basking in the afterglow of an orgasm brought on by the taste and smell of her friend's mom's panties. After a few minutes, I began to wonder what I would do next. Should I keep them? Should I get rid of them? If my mom saw them, she'd know they weren't mine. How would I explain myself?

I did end up keeping them for quite awhile, hidden in a secret spot. I used them a few more times, but eventually, due to rubbing them on my own wet pussy so many times, Mrs. Brown's scent gradually diminished and my own juices soaked in instead. I got rid of them at some point, but not before I developed a more intense attraction to Mrs. Brown. Each time I masturbated with those panties... each time I smelled them... I became more attracted to her. I guess I'll save that story for another time, but I will always remember that first time... that first pair... that first taste. I will always remember Mrs. Brown's blue satin panties.

Please let me know if you enjoyed hearing me relive this moment. I would appreciate it.

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