tagMatureThe Daydream...

The Daydream...


I had just put my bags down, leaning my head from side to side, stretching the tense muscles in my neck. I was going to shower and change into something other than a dress shirt and tie. Over the years, the way people dress for air travel had become much more lax. Although I wear jeans, they are nice ones, and I always wear a tie. I was here for a job, sent by my company, but also, I was here for fun...

A few months ago, I had made contact with a young woman who had posted a few pictures, in various states of dress, or undress, and I had made some comments to her about how much I appreciated her body. She responded and, because it was such a site, the conversation turned towards sexual desires. When I had heard there was a job in her area, that should last a couple of weeks, I pulled seniority and was sent. I was going to meet her while I was here. I was a little on the nervous side, carrying on on-line was one thing, but there has to be a chemistry face to face, and I wasn't sure she would feel the same once she had seen me. Cary Grant, I'm not, I consider myself average looking, just not someone who walks into a room and has a devastatingly beautiful woman look at me and think, "I've GOT to have him."

As I finished stretching my neck, there was a knock at the door. "Yes?" I askedI heard my name, a female voice asked. I peered through the peep hole, it was her. My breath caught as I opened the door. She stood there in a knee length red dress, nylons and heels. I moved back from the door, she stepped in and I closed the door. "I thought we were meeting..." I stammered, "You told me you were going to be here and when," her eyes were wide, her words coming fast, "I got here early and waited in the lobby, I followed you down the hall..." her words trailed off. She is here, she is a true beauty, and I couldn't help myself.

I reached up and took hold of her shoulders, I could feel her trembling, I stepped closer to her, looked in her eyes, and leaned in until our lips just touched. Softly, tentatively I kissed her, I felt her hands move to my waist, I kissed her again, a little more pressure this time, she leaned into the kiss. I felt her tongue touch my lip, and opened my mouth to meet her. We stood there, our arms wrapping around each other, the kisses became more passionate, she feels so good in my arms. I moved my hands from her back, up to her shoulders again, down her arms to her wrists, I pulled them from behind me and moved them behind her, then moved her back against the wall. Our breath was getting heavy as we continued kissing, I'm sure she can feel my cock growing hard between us,

I released her wrists, her hands move immediately to my ass, grabbing me and pulling me to her harder. My hands move to her face, cupping her cheeks, I moved my hands slowly down her neck, over her shoulders to her back and found the zipper of her dress. I slowly start pulling it down, my left hand slid under the material to feel her bare skin and bra strap underneath. My right hand takes the zipper all the way down, and I start pulled the material of the dress up, feeling her bare ass and thong underneath.

I break our kissing, I step back slightly and unbutton my sleeve cuffs, then loosen my tie and unbutton the top button. Taking her by the shoulders, I move her over to the foot of the king sized bed, I move closer again and place my hands on her neck, I kiss her softly on the lips, then her jaw, neck and throat. I step back slightly again so I can gauge her reaction as I start to slide the shoulders of her dress off, her eyes are still wide, and a gasp comes out of her. I look in her eyes for any sign of hesitation, I start moving the dress down her arms, there's a sudden change in her look, no longer tense, no longer wide eyed, she has the look of a woman who is enjoying being seduced. The dress falls from my hands to the floor. Never taking my eyes from hers, I lower myself to the ground and pick the dress up as she steps sideways out of it. I walk over to the office chair by the desk and lay the dress over the back.

Turning around, there she stand, thigh high hose, heels, red and black bra and matching panties, and a smile, so seductive. As I walk back to her, I remove my tie and drop it on the bed, she reaches out and starts to unbutton my shirt, one after the other, pulling it from my waist as she nears the bottom. She runs her hands from my belt, up my chest, and pushes the shirt back off my shoulders. I groan as her touch feels sooooo wonderful against my skin. My hands move to her waist and pull her to me again, our mouths are open and our tongues begin to dance as soon as out lips meet. I massage her skin as my hands move to her bra, unclipping it, I use my fingernails and lightly scratch her skin as I move to her shoulders and pull the bra from between us, it drops to the floor. Bare skin to bare skin, she pulls me to her in a hard passionate kiss. I step back and grab my tie from the bed, quickly and expertly, I make two loose knots. She looks at me, I loop on on her right wrist, pass it behind her and loop the other on her left wrist. She has just enough slack to move her hands to her sides, but no further. "Don't try to get out of them," my voice sound low and thick, "my knots don't slip."

I move to the head of the bed, turn down the covers and arrange the pillows behind her, she watches with a smile on her face. Back to the foot of the bed, I take her by the shoulders and sit her down gently. I kneel before her, my hands drop to the outside of her ankles, I press her skin and nylons with a firm pressure as I move up her calves, her knees and her thighs to her hips. I hear her sigh as my hands move to the fold, where her legs meet her body. I slide my hands between the inside of her thighs and she gasps as she opens them to the pressure I apply. To the inside of her thighs, down towards her knees and back down her legs to her ankles. I rise up on my knees, place my hands on her hips again and move between her legs. As we kiss, my hands move up her belly, feeling her ribs until I get to the bottom of her tits. I lightly scratch just up to the areola, circling them, not touching her nipples, not yet. My hands lay flat over the top of her tits, moving up to her shoulders, neck, jaw and entwine in her hair. We're breathing hard now, the want, the need is soon going to take control. I withdraw from the kiss, slowly easing her back to lay, inclined, on the pillows. My hands move down to massage her tits, I lean over and softly flick my tongue over one of her nipples, it's already stiff, I take it in my mouth, biting gently, hearing the gasp of breath again, my hands kneed their way down her body from her tits, as I kiss my way across her chest from one nipple to the other.

As I start suckling her left nipple, my hands move down again, to the inside of her thighs. I squeeze, kneed and rub the soft sensitive flesh between the thighs and her marvelous slit. I hear her moan and can feel her struggle against the tie I bound her wrists with, I smile to myself as my mouth releases a hard erect nipple and my hands and face start moving to change places. My hands go first to the outside of her hips, feeling her soft, warm skin as I start kissing a trail from directly between her breasts, down the center of her body. My hands move up to her breasts, massaging and moving those two glorious mounds, tweaking the nipples as she moans at the sensations I'm giving her. My lips finally kiss down too the waistband of her panties, I move my head to her left side, licking my way along the seam of the material. When I get to the hip, I traverse the material to her thigh, and slide my tongue under the material, around her leg until I can go no lower.

My mouth is even with her pussy, I can see the wetness on her panties from the way she's enjoying my touch. My face turns to the other leg, I inhale her scent deep as my lips brush past her wet panties. My tongue continues it's journey up her right leg, around to her hip. I cross the panties again and lick my way back to the center, once there, I slide my tongue as far under the material as it will go, and grab the center of her waistband with my teeth. The urge is growing stronger within me, I feel the need for my own release, my hands slide quickly down to her hips and roughly pull the panties down. I lean back as she raises her legs so I can pull the panties down her nylons and off past her heels. Her feet never make it to the floor, my hands grab her under the knees, push them wide and back towards her as my face descends down for a full assault on her pussy. I spread her lips with my tongue, running from the bottom to the top, when I get to her clit, I suck it into my mouth and swish it back and forth with my tongue. Her arms are straining against the tie, her body tensing, her hips start to rotate up and she is almost constantly moaning now. I lower her right leg down to the bed, and insert a finger of my left hand into her pussy, curling it as it travels deeper into her. My mouth breaks the suction on her clit, but my tongue never looses contact with it, I alternate from flicking up and down, to side to side, then chasing it with the tip of my tongue. Her body suddenly tenses, she makes no sound, I feel her pussy tighten against my finger, and I insert another as she lets out a gasp and loud cry, her body convulsing with the waves of orgasm washing through her. My tongue continues it's furious licking, but my fingers slow their thrust to the timing of her spasms. She is moaning loudly, but at a slower pace. I lighten up chasing her clit as my fingers slow with her movements. She rides the sensations to the end, finally still and silent. I give her pussy one last kiss, as I rise over her, looking down at her body below me.

I reach down, taking my belt loose, and stare into her eyes. "And now, sweet Lady, I'm going to fuck you." as I unbutton the waist of my jeans and start lower my zipper...

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