tagFirst TimeThe Dead Boat

The Dead Boat


"We will be back," said her father as he left on the inflatable boat with her brother to get to land. Between the rain that got into the engine and the leak that killed the radio, it was not a good day for Scarlett. She didn't want to come on this trip on her dad's friend's "New" houseboat. She had plans for a final party on Spring Break with her friends to scope out guys.

Her mom was passed out below in one of the rooms. The rain let up nearly an hour before, but it was enough to get everyone stranded. She admitted to herself that the trip was fun up to till this moment, but had a feeling things weren't going to go according to plan. She walked down to the house part of the boat, and walked into one of the bedrooms. The boat itself was pretty large. Up on deck was a kitchen and living area, while down below were three bedrooms and a few storage rooms (for "Food and Boat parts," the owner said earlier). Unfortunately she was stuck in the room with next to one with the parts for the boat. She heard things fall down a lot in the room. It had to be a mess.

She entered what was declared as her room. She brushed her dark auburn hair out of her eyes and sat down on her bed, removing her sneakers and cutoffs down her full hips and slim legs, to reveal the black thong of her bathing suit. She pulled off her baby doll t-shirt revealing her black bikini top, while modest, did give a good presentation of her large breasts. With the clothing removed she was going to get back up and go on deck to try to relax.

Then she remembered her father's friend, Ted. She didn't want to give him a heart attack thinking that she was going to come on to him or something. She laid back on her bed and sighed. She just wanted to go out get off the boat so she might have a chance to get off later with some cute guy. As she thought about that, she slid one of her hands down her stomach and into the thong bikini, stroking a finger up and down her shaven slit. She stroked her fingers up a couple of times when she heard a loud *THUMP* in the room next to her.

"Damn it," she said to herself. She got up from her bed and walked over to the next room. If she was going to be stuck here and get distracted, at least she could stop the distraction.

She opened up the door expecting to get hit with the smell of grease and dirt, but instead gasped.

It was another normal bedroom. It had a television set and VCR secured on the walls. One of those "Girls Gone Wild" tapes was playing. A scene where one of the females was moaning as if something was being done to her was displayed.

To bad the young man on the floor wasn't secured to the wall. He also was VERY displayed. He started to stammer as she looked at him. He seemed to be about her age as he started to get up and apologize. She walked into the room, and shut the door. The click behind her showed confirmed that she locked it. He was extremely cute. Maybe she would have someone to play with and distract her after all. She walked over to him and helped him up, and immediately pushed him onto his bed.

He started to talk again and she put a finger to her lips, "Shhh...no talking. You might want to cut down the noise."

"But my father might..." he started.

Questions would happen later, she just put her finger to his lips and said "Shhh.." one more time as she kissed him softly on the lips. She slid her hands up his shirt as he slowly started to relax. She scratched her nails down his chest, knowing that she might wind up leaving a mark or two, but he didn't seem to complain, as her head went lower to the package that he had on display. She took a hand and tried to wrap her hand around it. Her fingers didn't meet each other as he gasped at her grip.

"I think we are going to have a little fun," she said. He simply nodded as she lowered her head down to look at what was being presented. It was the first time she saw a piece of equipment that almost scared her. She stroked it up and down with her hand, and could easily tell that it was only about half hard. While a part of her hoped it didn't get thicker, more of her hoped that it got longer and thicker as she it's head between her lips, and started swirling her tongue around it as it started to grow longer and thicker in her mouth.

She didn't move her mouth at all, but allowed it to grow deeper into her mouth as she heard him gasp. When it felt that it wasn't going to grow any longer, she slid it out of her mouth and started licking up and down his shaft, looking at him the whole time. She got his cock nice and wet and went back to the head, taking it into her mouth, and started her voyage downward. The cock hit the back of her throat, but she wasn't going to let that stop her as she swallowed and made her way all the way down to his pubic hair. She felt his balls contract on her chin, and immediately removed his meat from her mouth.

"Have you ever eaten anyone out before?" she asked.

"I've never done anything before..." he replied, "I'm pretty much a loner."

"Well," she said, "You aren't getting off until I get off," she said standing, and pulling him off the bed. She removed her thong and bikini top and they dropped to the floor. She sat down on the bed with her legs spread open, "Get on your hands and knees."

He did so obediently and without her having to say so, did what he knew she wanted. He licked up her inner thigh to her lower lips, and started to slide the tip of his tongue into her. It tasted a bit tart, but it was something that he could live with. It did smell extremely fresh though. He slid the tip of his tongue up and down the inside of her slit, hoping to find the clit that he always read about. After rubbing over a nub and a sharp moan from Scarlet, he knew he found it. He pressed his face into her farther and started to lick around her hole, and then slide his tongue inside of her. He took a finger and proceeded to rub her clit as he screwed her with her tongue.

She couldn't help but yelp and moan. She wasn't sure if the guy was lying to her or that he was so eager he was good. The blowjob started getting her extremely wet to begin with, and after he slid a finger inside of her and kept his mouth sucking on her clit, she just went off like a rocket, grabbing a pillow and putting it over her face to keep her screams from going above deck. She continued to climax and climax and knew that if she didn't do something he wouldn't stop. Reluctantly she pushed him away and caught her breath.

"I ... need ... to ... breathe ... " She told him as she laid back on the bed. He smiled, knowing that he did good, and started to kiss up her taunt, firm, stomach. He got to her large breasts and started to massage them gently and listened to her purr. He couldn't help himself as he started to lick and suck her nipples as he squeezed her firm melons. She moaned lightly, and he took this as going to the next step. He was waiting for this all of his life as he rubbed his cock against her waiting hole.

"No," she said. He looked down at her and she shook her head, "No, I'm not doing that."

"I thought you were going to get me off after you got off," he replied.

"True," she replied "but I'm saving that for marriage. Bring that big rod up here."

He straddled her face and she started to lick and suck at his cock, coating it with saliva as he started to try to fuck her face with it. She kept him pushed back though and finally pushed him back enough that he was straddling her breasts.

"Fuck my tits," she simply said as she enveloped her mounds around his python. He held to the wall for support as he started to thrust his cock in-between her valley, it's head hitting her chin, causing her to make an occasional swipe at it. After a few thrusts he got his balance adjusted and took one of his hands and started to play with her pussy. She was stuck with her hands holding onto her breasts. She couldn't make a reach to the pillow to stop her gasps and moans from getting to a higher decibel. He felt her tighten around his finger and saw her give an open mouthed silent-scream as she orgasmed again from the simulation all over her body. The look that she gave him when this happen caused him to explode. The first shot hit her in the chin as she grabbed his cock and started to jerk it, with shots hitting her in the mouth, and finally coming out with less of a force that they started to cover her tips, every drop sending shivers down her spine. She noticed that he looked like he was going to have a heart attack above her and just smiled.

He got off of her and kissed her directly on the lips, their tongues intertwining. She stood up and looked in the mirror.

"I'm a mess," she replied.

"There is a bathroom right over there," he said pointing to what could have been a closet.

"What's your name anyway?" Scarlett replied.

"Pete," he said as he watched her naked form bounce over to the bathroom.

"Why didn't you come out of the room?" She replied.

"I'm a loner, in general I don't like people," he replied as she turned on a sink and started to wipe herself off. She looked over to the shower and started it up. This would be a lot faster as she stepped inside.

He still couldn't believe what happened. A beautiful redhead was in Pete's bathroom, showering after something he could only dream about, it couldn't get any better then this he thought to himself.

"Pete, could you come in here and wash my back," she asked.

Maybe it could get better, he thought as he removed his shirt and shorts. He entered the small shower room and noticed her smiling at him. He entered the shower and took the washcloth from her hand. Pete started to rub the cloth over Scarlett's back. Her now wet red hair waving a few inches above her shoulders. He continued down to her nice firm ass, as the she backed up into him as the boat rocked slightly, her ass touching his now hard again cock.

She looked behind him and smiled, "I wasn't going to give you my virginity, but how about we take my virginity in another place," she said wiggling her eyebrows Groucho Marx like, "Soap me up really nice down there."

He was stunned at her suggestion and started to do what she said without thinking. She took the bottle of shampoo and started to squirt the cold shampoo over his warm dick, slicking it all up. She bent forward and smiled to herself.

"It's all yours…" she said. He couldn't believe his ears as she parted her rear end to him. He placed his cockhead to her ass and felt a lot of pressure as her anal ring finally gave way and he started his descent into her anal depths.

She gasped, taking her hand off her ass and putting them both on the wall in front of her. She hung her head down, water splashing across her back as she felt like she needed to take a painful dump, but Pete was still pushing himself into her. She looked down through the valley of her breasts watched as his balls were getting closer and closer to her backside.

He felt himself bottoming out inside her tight ass.

"Oh god," he simply said as they mutually started to thrust into one another. It started slowly at first as jolts filled Scarlett's body. She kept saying "Fuck…oh fuck…" over and over again as Pete was speechless, simply moaning and grunting animal like everytime he thrusted into her tight ass. Soon they picked up the pace as they started to fuck each other harder. He instinctively grabbed onto her hair and pulled her neck back, causing her to arch her back as he slammed inside her tight ass. She broke free from the grip and turned around, scratching her fingernails across his chest, causing welts along the way. He grabbed her hips and pulled completely out, wanting to drive in the full length. He was too busy watching her face and the look on her face changed as she screamed.

"OH FUCK!" Scarlett turned to the wall again her head back. The hole actually seemed tighter in his horror Pete realized that he entered the wrong hole. He tried to pull out but it was too tight.

Scarlett never felt so full in her life as she started to have the largest orgasm of her life. She was already close as it was, but this pushed her over the edge, she cried out, "Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh god!" and started to go into indescribable noises and mews as her body started to twitch and convulse. He thought he was killing her until she stopped and simply stammered "Fu…fu…ck…me…hard."

He couldn't believe this as he started to do just that. He grabbed her hips and started to go at it as hard as he could. With every thrust he received a "fuck" or a "shit" or a "damn" or a "harder." Somehow she turned off the water during this whole entire mess and silently screamed again as another powerful, but stronger orgasm hit.

"I'm going to cum," he said, sounding like he was holding on for dear life as she tightened around her. She road him out a few more strokes and pulled him out, dropping to her knees and taking the head of his cock into her mouth as he released himself. The first shot coated her tonsils and she promptly swallowed everything that came out. A few seconds later she got up and wiped her chin.

"I didn't mean…" he started to stammer.

She just simply smiled, and walked out. Pete hoped that she came over more often. A lot more often.

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