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The Deal


She double checked her watch and cursed under her breath, this was a huge deal she had lined up and she had invested all of her personal fortune in it, and now it was trembling on a knife edge, she was just a whisker away from personal bankruptcy and ruin and was running out of time fast! She checked over the papers yet again, but there was no way out, everything had been planned and arranged to the very last detail, nothing could be undone now. Just that one little fact that had gone unnoticed, and that was the thing that would destroy her and everything she had built up over the years. The legal idiots who has missed it had been sacked on the spot, but that was no consolation now, her fortune which had allowed her to finally live the wealthy, decadent lifestyle she had so desperately wanted would be lost, along with almost al of her possessions, her luxury flats around the world, her huge wardrobes of designer clothes, jewellery, everything!

In less than twenty four hours the deal would collapse; she had those few hours to try and get the owner of an overlooked business to agree to sell to her so his buildings could be demolished and the new building work started, and while she had managed to get his details and arrange this meeting she was also scheduled for other meetings later that day relating to the deal that couldn't be rearranged or postponed, she was desperately short of time!

She took a deep breath and headed into the bathroom in her personal office suite, and started to get ready, it was vital that everything went right this afternoon! She had arranged for the owner to meet with her at her private office where she would use every possible weapon at her command to persuade him to sign the papers, as she showered she already knew that he had rejected the initial offers and that this might well prove to be one of the most difficult deals she had ever had to pull off. As she dressed carefully and re-applied her makeup she already knew that she would do absolutely anything to get his signature and so keep her wealth, and she had never failed to get a man to do what she wanted.

She looked at herself in the full length mirror, yes she was perfect! Expertly applied makeup, a tight satin blouse which strained to contain her heavy breasts, a satin pencil skirt, so tight and constrictive, hugging her curves, seamed stocking and her desperately stunning six inch Louboutin heels, she was desirable and would have him eating out of her hands! She had used her sex appeal and innate understanding of men to seduce and control all the men she had wanted to in the past, these days she simply dominated them and used them cruelly for her own pleasures and desires, never caring about what they wanted. She was supremely confident in getting the outcome she wanted, although the personal risks she was exposed to still made her tremble slightly in fear. Her PA called to say he had arrived.

The intransigent bastard! Nothing she had offered had persuaded him to agree to the deal, she only had about half an hour before she would have to go down to the boardroom and say she hadn't got him to sign the papers so she had no choice; she seduced and took men all the time, using them, dominating them for her pleasure but this time she had to get him to agree to sign her papers rather than just take him for her own needs. It was obvious that he liked what he saw, well which man could resist her? So it was an easy step to start to seduce him, she changed the way she sat to push her breasts forward and pointedly crossed her stockinged legs, oh yes, he was watching!

She stood up and slowly ran her hands down over her hips, straightening the pencil shirt, walked round and perched on the desk to carry on the negotiations; she could see lust in his eyes and an uncomfortable shift in his chair as he tried to hide his growing erection. She continued to talk about the deal, how she needed his signature and would be prepared to do anything to get it. Her tongue slowly ran along her glossy lips as she lifted one foot and started to run the six inch heel of her shoe up along his leg, she strained her breasts and the top button of her blouse slipped open, revealing more of her cleavage. As she become aroused herself her nipples grew and hardened, pushing against the satin blouse, his erection was huge now and he no longer tried to hide it. The offer on the table was obvious and he was going to do exactly what she wanted, she would get the deal done and be fabulously rich!

Sliding the tight pencil skirt up to her hips she parted her long legs to open herself to him, smirking as she gloried in her power over men; she pushed him down to his knees and pulled his head in between her silken thighs, gasping with pleasure as his tongue ran over the scrap of satin that covered her pussy. Her voice was thick with lust and need.

"Do it, work your tongue and mouth and serve me like the slave you are, please your Mistress and give me the pleasure I want!"

She slipped one long painted fingernail under her panties and pulled them to one side, his probing tongue found the pulsing lips of her vagina, lapping against them and sucking her juices as they started to flow. She tugged on his hair to guide him to her engorged clitoris, and moaned as he licked it and then flicked the tip of his tongue over it time and time again. Issuing curt commands to ensure he pleasured her exactly as she wanted she ground her cunt down onto his face as she gasped and writhed against his mouth and tongue, forcing it deeper into her hot wet pussy. She urged him on, a cruel cold snarl twisting her thickly painted lips, demanding that he give her the orgasm she wanted as she felt herself starting to cum, panting with lust and need, arching her body and throwing her head back as it finally hit her, hard and deep and she lashed out with her heels, kicking her slave away and down onto the floor as she surrendered herself to the waves of orgasm running through her, ignoring any thoughts of his needs now she had taken her own pleasure, not caring that he felt frustrated and used, that's what men were for!

When she recovered sufficient self control she stood up, straightened her skirt and pulled the papers across her desk, she looked at him contemptuously as he struggled back onto his chair. "Now after that you won't mind just signing these for me will you?". And then the full shock of her position hit her, he refused!

"You're a very sexy and desirable woman" he had said "but let's be quite clear, using me to give yourself an orgasm wasn't really the best way to get my co-operation. I have no intention of signing those papers and being used as your sex toy hasn't changed my position one bit. I'm sorry that your deal isn't going to come off but that's just business. Better luck next time".

And he had walked out of her office, leaving her with the post orgasmic waves of pleasure running through her but rapidly being replaced by shock and fear as she realised she was out of time, the boardroom meeting was due to start in ten minutes and she hadn't got the papers signed. She cursed her high-handed approach to him, letting her arrogance take control and using him for her own pleasure when she should have been cosying up to him, persuading him, flirting with him; her dominant desires and needs had finally destroyed and ruined her! As she rushed to make herself presentable for the board she made one last frantic, begging phone call.

Later that night she was getting ready in her apartment, this was the final throw of the dice and everything depended both on her seductive charms and her ability to hold back the demon presence of her need to dominate and use men. Freshly washed and powdered she took ages over her toilet, finally happy she stood for a long time looking at herself in the full length mirror. Her makeup was perfect, but thick and heavy, she could feel the weight of the lipstick lush and moist and glossy on her lips, the clinging slinky satin dress hugged her curves and was backless all the way down to her arse. It was tight across her breasts as they heaved with her heavy breathing as she tried to control the panic inside her. The slit up the sides showed her silk seamed holdups and the heels she was wearing were so high she could barely walk in them, she tugged her long leather opera gloves tighter up her arms. She had put on her most expensive jewellery, her plan was to offer herself to him as a sex goddess who would pleasure him like no other woman could. She had all the skills, experience and techniques if only she could keep in mind that she had to please him, make sure his needs and desires were satisfied rather than hers; she shuddered at the thought of putting a man before her own wants, but it was necessary!

The lights were dimmed, the papers were on her dressing table and the champagne was chilled, she was waiting for him to arrive. She was so tense and scared, if she couldn't get him to sign then this apartment wouldn't be hers by the morning, she was struggling to balance her need to seduce and persuade him with her need to dominate, use and destroy her lovers. She already knew she would have to do things to please him that she hadn't done to a man, or worse, let a man do to her, for many years! Finally the doorbell rang and she buzzed him in and went to meet him.

"I'd like to apologise for the way I treated you earlier today" she said as she brought him into the apartment, "I was under a great deal of stress but that was no reason to take it out on you, please let me make it up to you". She gestured him to the leather sofa and poured two glasses of champagne, he was gazing at her, following her every move, even after the disaster earlier he obviously still wanted her. She brought the drinks to the sofa and snuggled down beside him, handing him a glass. It didn't take long, her flirting and seduction soon had him close to her, his cock obviously straining in his trousers. She made sure that every move was posed to show off her glorious body to him in the best way, that she coiled up close to him so her heady scent would intoxicate and arouse him even more.

She moved in even closer and put her leather clad hand on his thigh, gently stroking him while she made small talk. Finally, forcing down the urge to vomit she tilted her face towards him, parted her perfect lips, slid her hand in it's long leather glove behind his head and gently pulled him towards her, her eyes closed as she whispered "Please, please, kiss me" and kissed him, opening her mouth, feeling her thick lipstick smear slightly as she pushed onto him and then their tongues were intertwined, she was faking little moans of pleasure and encouragement, squirming her body in it's slinky dress against him, fuelling his lust and desire.

"You see darling, I really do want to make up for my behaviour earlier" she said as she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips, staring with hot passion directly into his eyes "and it seemed fair that I should return the favour. You were very very good and I just hope I can please you as much".

As she lied and flattered him she ran her gloved hand over the bulge in his trousers and then despite her demons screaming at her to take and use him like any other slave she slowly slid off the sofa and onto her knees in front of him from where she unzipped his trousers and gently brought out his hard cock. She struggled and managed to force her instinctive reactions under control as she gazed up at him and put a look of lustful subservience onto her face, then she wrapped her leather clad fingers around his straining cock and slowly started to wank him. As his eyes closed she briefly let her true feelings show but the look of revulsion and disgust had gone by the time he looked down at her servicing him again.

"I am really very, very sorry for earlier, and I'll do just anything you want to make up for it" she purred, gazing upwards at him and opening her heavily painted lips wide.

Then she forced herself to do the most humiliating thing she had done for a very long time and slowly slid her moist wet lips down the shaft of his cock, sucking it deep into her hot mouth, her thick lipstick smearing as she took him in. Her tongue ran around and over the thick head and then she slowly pulled back, smearing more lipstick down his shaft.

Looking back up at him she whispered huskily "Is that all right, is that what you want? Shall I keep going and make sure I fully say sorry for what happened earlier?"

His groans and gasps were exactly the answers she wanted, she slowly started to wank his cock as she stretched up on her knees to flaunt her glorious breasts at him and to whisper seductively "I will do anything to say sorry, anything you want so you will forgive me".

She returned to his cock, sucking and swirling it around in her mouth, twisting her head as she sucked it in and out of her mouth, bobbing her head as she worked it, wanking the base of the shaft with one leather clad hand, her towering heels jutting out behind her perfect arse. She was still fighting down her demons which were shrieking at her to rip his filthy cock out of her glorious mouth, but she kept on working him, she could feel his orgasm starting to grow and knew she had to time this to perfection, the thought of actually having him cum in her mouth filled her with disgust.

He was pumping his cock into her mouth desperately now as he felt his orgasm coming, suddenly he grabbed her head and forced her onto him hard. The shock and rage of being treated like that almost overwhelmed her, but she managed to just keep control of herself and tightened her gloved fingers onto his artery just so as to stop his orgasm, then pulled her head back and looked back up at him.

"Oh no darling, not just yet, I want you to have so much more before you cum. I'm going to pleasure you like nobody else has ever done before and I really want you to cum when you're fucking me hard like the bitch I am, punishing me for being bad to you earlier. Lie back on the couch darling and let me please you some more.".

She slithered on top of him as he lay back groaning in frustration, writhing her satin covered body across him as she got into position, she slid the spaghetti straps down her shoulders and slowly peeled the satin dress off her heavy, perfect breasts. She lay on top of him and put them either side of his cock, then slowly started to wank his cock between them, whispering encouragements as she did so, making him rock hard again in moments. She dipped her head and dribbled spittle onto his prick, she knew the sight of it dripping off her lush red lips would drive him wild, moistening his cock as she moved herself up and down on him, giving him a tit wank while what she had really ached to do was to spit in his face!

He was so big and was moaning and gasping with need, she could feel his cock as it started the early pulsations of his orgasm and reached one gloved hand to hold the base hard to deny him again. He rolled his head from side to side with frustration as she started yet another tale of lies and promises.

"Oh darling no, not yet, not there. I need you so much, please if I beg you will you punish me, will you fuck me like a bitch, take me and use me like the bad, evil slut I am? I need your fat cock to fill me, fuck me hard and cum so deep inside me. If I bend over the couch will you please take me from behind, fuck me, screw me in the arse and use me, please?".

She was struggling so hard against her inner rage she could only hope to keep it in check for this one last time, this had to work! She stood up and helped him to his feet, her words and pleading had gotten him straining hard again, she put her dress straps back up and smoothed it down over her lush curves, then she backed onto him and started to writhe and twist her satin clad body against him, working her arse hard over his cock. She took his hands and guided them onto her breasts and for a long time just twisted and squirmed in his arms, rubbing and sliding her curves against him, whispering of the pleasure to come as she surrendered to him and he took her whichever ways he wanted, moaning with faked excitement as she did so.

He was almost incoherent with lust by now, two orgasms halted just as he was about to explode and the promise of being able to humiliate and use this bitch, broken as he rammed his cock up her tight arse, had left him adrift in a sea of testosterone-fuelled lust. She continued to drive him wilder and wilder as her body writhed in his arms, teasing, arousing him more and more.

"I'm going to bend over soon darling" she turned her head and whispered hot and most into his ear, "and I want you to slide your huge cock into me and fuck me hard, punish me and use me however you want. I need to be taught a lesson. In fact, I want you to be my slave master, slip these on, they make you look like a Roman gladiator and then you can fuck me and whip me, beat your slave woman as you pound into me and make me scream".

She slid a couple of thick leather wristcuffs with thick chains attached onto his wrists and tightened them, then she sagged against him again, rubbing her satin covered body and breasts against him and gazing up into his eyes, making sure he remained distracted and disorientated.

"Oh my master, I've been such a bad slave, I want you to punish me, please! I need to be used and broken by you my lord, I want you to ram your huge cock into me, make me scream as you take me hard. I don't deserve for you to pleasure me, so take your hard prick and force it deep into my virgin arse, fuck my arse and leave me broken and ruined".

She was almost there, and was using everything she had, her body, her voice, the feel of the materials she was wearing along with her sheer sensuality and sexual techniques, she just had to keep him on the edge for a little longer, make him a little more desperate, a little less aware of what she was doing.

Twisting and writhing in his arms again she bent forward over the back of the couch and wriggling her arse in the air at him slid her satin dress up, over her rounded, perfect bottom to her hips, she slowly gyrated her arse towards him, her pussy juices dribbling down the inside of her thighs, her silk hold ups with their seams running straight down into her towering heels.

"Just in case you bruise me, and I don't mind darling, I need you to punish me, I just need us to to sign this to say we both agreed to this" She slid a paper and pen towards him, grinding her arse against his cock and arching her back as she rubbed herself hard against him, she slid one hand behind her and pulled her cheeks apart showing her tight virgin anus.

"Hurry, I can't wait any longer for you, I need you now please master!' She was watching him out of the corner of her eyes, seeing a hesitation she wrapped her hand in it's long leather opera glove around his cock and pulled his wet shining head to her tight anus. "I want you to force yourself into me, rip me apart, ram yourself into me so hard I bleed, fuck me until you cum right deep inside me my master" She moaned and writhed and twisted towards him.

He scribbled on the paper then turned back to enjoy his victory.

She slid out of his grasp, and still fighting off her demons, grabbed the paper he had signed, yes! Still twenty minutes to go, she hobbled as fast as she could in her heels to her desk, fed the paper into a slot and pressed the speed dial button, the fax was sending as he started to realise that his wristcuffs were attached by chains to secure points in the floor.

Sent Ok - she was free, she had done it, and now she went straight to the bathroom and washed his filthy taste out of her mouth and began to repair her make up. Ignoring his demands to know what the hell was going on she took her time, yes, she was immaculate again. She had a cold smile on her lips as she fitted her favourite strap-on into place, gasping a little with pleasure as the internal dildo penetrated her, then she stalked out and stood in front of her victim.

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