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The Deal


i just started writing and i do hope that Y/you A/all are enjoying them. i welcome any and all comments good or bad. Thanks for reading.


Standing out front of a huge mansion, her body trembling and not believing what she is about to do for her Master. The night air is cool and softly blowing up her long black over coat. She reaches up and rings the bell, keeping her head down not knowing what to expect.

"Come in!" Shouts a deep voice from behind the large door.

She takes in a deep breath and pushes the door open, taking all her courage knowing how much this means to her One. She steps in keeping her head lowered pulling open her long coat. Her skin starts to form goosebumps as she drops the coat to the floor. Now standing in a strangers home with nothing on but a red lace bra, matching panties, black thigh highs and 5 inch stilettos. She takes in a breath and lowers to her knees, spreading them wide, her hands palms up on the tops of her thighs , head up, eyes down and mouth open.

She does not move as foot steps come closer. Her whole body is screaming inside to look up and see who has her Master in such a grip that He would offer her up to be used. She watches as a pair of black leather boots step into her view, along with strong looking legs covered in denim. The sweet smell of cologne fills her nostrils. Her body fights to keep still wanting to look up at this Man so badly.

A strong hand slides down the back of her head and grips her hair long dark hair a little. She takes in a soft breath, not having anyone touch her except her One for almost a year now. He pulls her head back sharply forcing her to look up at Him.

Her eyes widen a bit as she takes in the sight of this Handsome Man, deep dark eyes staring back into her deep blue ones. Her breathing starts to speed up as she takes in His features. Short neatly cut dark almost black hair with a few flicks of grey. Strong jaw line and delicious looking full lips. His mouth curls into a little smile reveling beautiful straight white teeth.

Her eyes drop down a little bit taking in His strong bare chest, a deep brown flesh. Dark tribal tattoos running down from the tops of His shoulders down both arms. Her body trembles softly as His grip tightens, leaning down close to her still open mouth. She flinches as He spits in it. His other hand reaches up and slides two fingers over her tongue, spreading His saliva. She knows her place and knows better then to move while He is inspecting her holes. He lets out a satisfied breath. He stands back up and slowly walks around behind her. She notices His tight 6 pack abs and His denim jeans hanging low on His hips and the top button of His button fly is undone.

Her heart pounding in her chest so hard that she is sure He must be hearing it. She keeps her body as still as possible while His hand pulls her hair up into His hand while His other hand slides over her shoulders and down her spine. She can't help but shiver and His chuckle is dark and deep as He lets her hair drop back down.


Her body flinches at His sudden order. She quickly leans forward putting her forehead on the floor, her ass up high in the air and she hesitates for a moment before reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks. Her panties slide over her cheeks and into the crack of her ass.


She whimpers out loudly as His hand comes down hard over each ass cheek. Her nails digging into her flesh a little bit, knowing it was for her hesitation. Her mind starts racing about who this Man is and why her One needs her to serve Him. He is obviously a Master and has been for a very long time, like my One.

He crouches behind her, hooking a finger under one side of her panties and pulls it aside. Her body shivers. He leans in and spits over her tight dark pink star. She takes in a deep breath as the tip of His finger pushes into it. Her nails again dig into her pulled apart cheeks.

"Mmm nice tight hole you have here slut."

She knows not to say a word not being told she could speak yet. His finger pulls out and slides down to her smoothly waxed pussy. She lets a soft moan push past her lips as His finger starts to explore between the soft wet folds.

"And wet already too. Impressive."

She tries to still her body as His finger pushes in deeply. Her muscles clench around the intrusion. He groans at the feel of them closing around His thick digit. She holds her breath for a moment as He pulls His finger out watching it close tightly behind it. He stands up and walks past her, patting His leg as if calling an animal.


She quickly gets to her hands and knees, crawling after this strong Dom. She is almost mezmorized by Him. Her love for her One is still filling her heart but her need to know more about this Man is keeping her on her best behavior. Needing and wanting to please her One. Her mind tails back to T/their conversation early that morning as She follows.


His hand softly caresses her face as He lays on top of her spent from the morning fuck. B/both bodies with a light sheen of sweat in the morning sun shining into the bed room.

"I need to ask something of you that I have never asked you to do before My pet."

She looks lovingly into His eyes and nods.

"i would do anything for you my One."

He twists pulling His cock from her drenched hole, laying on His side, His arm draped over her.

"This evening I need you to go to someone's house and let them use you. Serve them as you would Me. Do you think that is something you could do My girl?"

Her eyes open wide with surprise. He has always been so possessive of her and would never let another Man so much as look at her the wrong way. And now He is asking her to go, alone and serve someone else!

"You no longer want me Master?"

"Oh god girl! Never think that! This is important and it will be explained to you afterwards. If W/we are going to keep this lifestyle, the money, the house, My job. It all comes down to what and how you behave this evening."

She looks at Him so puzzled, biting on her lower lip as she squirms at the thought of some other Man touching and using her.

" I swear you will be safe. No harm will come to you. You may even enjoy it."

His lip curls at the thought of what He is requesting but knows it is what has to be done to keep her, the one He brought into this life.

She looks into His caring dark eyes and nods her head.

"i will do anything for You Master. Anything to stay here with You and stay Your girl."

He smiles and flips her over quickly and slides His once again hard cock deep into her tight ass, ready to use His pet again....


She is brought out of her thoughts when He stops at a large heavy door. He pulls a key from His pocket, unlocks it pushing the door open and steps aside. Her body shivers knowing that most locked doors in a house with a Man like this means a playroom of some kind.

"In and strip."

She slowly crawls into the softly lit room. It looked quite familiar, with a number of the same elements as her One's playroom. A large four poster bed on a angle in one corner. A cross against the opposite wall. A gynecologist table but covered in leather. The walls are lined with various sizes of whips, canes, paddles. A stainless steel table with twelve drawers down under it.

Her pussy starts to clench as she stands and quickly strips all of her clothes. She slips back to her knees in her open position, only this time she is watching Him. He walks around the room pulling a few items from the walls, and pulling open a few drawers. He sets out two different weights of floggers, a thin cane, a red ball gag, several lengths of rope, clover clamps with several weights, a large butt plug and a bottle of lube.

Her eyes quickly drop to the floor as He finishes and walks over to her holding a few lengths of the rope. Slowly He circles her like a piece of meat. Which in His eyes at this moment she is just that. A piece of pleasure meat.


She instantly puts her arms behind her back, holding her wrists together, palms facing each other. He crouches down and quickly secures her wrists. He lays her on her side and secures her knees together.


She wriggles and squirms, twisting onto her forehead and slides her legs up getting them under her. He chuckles darkly watching her struggle to obey. Finally she gets her legs under her and lifts her body up until she is kneeling. She lowers her head only to have it pushed back by a gag getting shoved roughly into her mouth. She wobbles not having much balance with her legs tied so tightly together. He fastens it around her head actual very careful that her hair is not caught in it.

He walks over to the table and picks up the lighter of the two floggers, pulling it through His fingers. She automatically sticks out her chest the way her One loves it. A smile curls in the corners of His lips as He slowly starts to whip her perky 34C breasts. She flinches and gasps under the gag with each one, her nipples being hyper sensitive.

He stops after several passes to run His hand over the now pinked flesh, pinching and pulling on each nipple making her moan into the gag. She blinks her eyes up at Him. Her pussy now aching from the sensations He is causing her. She has always enjoy rough hard sex, and discovering this lifestyle only fed it more.

"Mmmm your skin reddens so quickly. I see why Darryl enjoys you so much."

He steps back and starts moving the whip lower over over her tight abs, her body flinches with each swat. He picks up His pace watching every flinch and smirking at her deep mewls pushing from behind the gag. He moves back up to her breasts which she sticks out again. His strikes gradually getting harder and harder.

A deep burning sting crawls over every inch of her now reddened skin. It is alive with tingles as the blood is all pulled to the surface. He stops and rubs His hands over the heated flesh. She is panting deeply through the gag and her eyes watering from the stings of the leather.

"Are you alright?"

His tone for the first time soft and almost caring. She nods her head quickly. Her pussy now a dripping mess between her tightly pressed thighs. He crouches down pushing His fingers down over her wet lips. She moans deeply as He starts to rub and circle her swelled clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He keeps His eyes on hers as He pushes in two fingers, quickly pumping them in and out knowing by her wetness that she would be close to orgasm.

"You need to cum don't you slut?"

She pants deep and hard through her nose, her eyes flicking back as her body shakes from His piston like fingers. A deep pressure starts to push forth. She nods her head quickly. He keeps the pace as her muscles clench around His fingers waiting for permission.


She moans hard into the gag as orgasm crashes through her, her hips pushing and matching His fingers. He keeps them moving working her through her climax, until His fingers are coated in her slick white cream. He pulls them from her and puts them to His mouth, sucking on them.

"Mmmmm superb."

He stands, taking her by the underarm and pulling her up to her feet. She teeters a little bit. Her legs being a little weak from her release. Her thighs tied tightly and only able to take little baby steps He walks her over to the table. He unties her legs and helps her on the table. She lays back on her arms still behind her, putting her feet in the stirrups. Her cheeks flush deeply being so exposed with this Stranger. He drops the bottom of the table and pulls her by the hips down so her cheeks are almost hanging off the end.

"Now lets see what we have here."

Biting her lip trying to force her body to still. He sits on a stool with wheels and slides over to the table picking up the plug, lube and clover clamps. Her eyes watching Him closely as her breathing speeds up again. He slides back between her legs taking the plug and pouring some lube on it. Her eyes widen just a bit and can not stop from squirming not having anything that large in her ass before.

He rubs the tip of it over her tight star, gently pushing. She lets out a soft whimper as her hole starts to slowly open around it. Stretching it wider and wider with each push. Her toes curl as she whimpers hard biting down on the ball as He pushes it past the largest part. Searing pain rips through her now stretched hole. He looks up at her and flashes a wicked smile.

"Hummmm your ass it really tight. I suppose He doesn't use it much."

She blinks down at Him, letting out a hard relieving breath as her hole finally closes around the end. He flicks it with His fingers making her whimper into the ball. Her pussy clenching and still wet from her orgasm. He picks up the clovers and pulls one lip out, clamping the clover to it then moves swiftly to the other one. She winces hard as each one holds tightly. The chain between the clamps is longer then ones her One has. He pulls and tugs on the chain, watching her closely.

"Sit up"

She wriggles and quickly sits up. He stands and takes the gag from her mouth. He holds the chain up between her spreads legs towards her mouth.

"Lean forward and hold this, and do not let it go slut."

She takes in a deep breath and leans forward, taking the chain in her teeth and holding it. He sits back down and starts to circle and flick her hard swelled clit, making her take in sharp breaths and flinches. She pulls on the chain sending waves of pleasure/pain up from her clamped pussy lips.

She blinks hard as she watches His fingers exploring her open pussy. Her muscles clench with each touch to her hyper sensitive clit, pushing out some clear liquid. He dips His finger into the slick juices and up around her clit. She moans deeply through clenched teeth making sure to keep a good hold of the chain.

He stands pushing back the stool and with one flick of His fingers He pulls open His jeans, reaching in and pulling out His hard deep brown cock. His fingers grip and slide up and down the thick shaft. Her eyes widen seeing how large He is. He steps in and rubs the large mushroom up and down between her spread lips. He pushes in slowly watching it disappear into the tight hole. He groans hard as her muscle clamp around the thick girth.

"Jesus Christ slut you are tight!"

He keeps pushing until He is buried. She pants and gasps from the stretching sensation. The plug filling her ass making her pussy even tighter then usual. He pulls back slowly looking at His cock now glistening with her natural lube. He reaches up and grips her hips and starts to slowly fuck her. She moans and gasp from pleasure. The chain rattling with each thrust. She pulls her head back not thinking and cries out as the chain pulls hard on her now red swelled lips. She still keeping a hold of the chain while He picks up the pace. The large head hitting her cervix hard with each deep thrust.

"Fuck girl, your cunt is like a sucking mouth!"

He hisses and grunts. His fingers digging into her hips now fucking her at a fast pace. Her muscle clench ready to explode again. She whimper at Him. Her eyes begging to cum, but He ignores her pleading whimpers. He grunts and growls with each thrust in and out. He reaches down with both hands and quickly pulls the clamps off. Her head falls back not able to take it. She holds her breath as waves of orgasm rips through, matching every thrust of His cock.

"Mmmmm...good girl!"

He takes the clamps and pulls on each nipple before closing the clamp over it. His cock not missing a thrust. Her whole body trembling now pain rushing through her nipples. Her muscles again clamping down on His thrusting cock, now really shining with her cum. He pulls on the chain, making her sit up more as her nipples get pulled away from her. Gasping and moaning hard, trying to keep His eye contact. He finally pulls out from her pussy and steps back holding the chain to her mouth again.


She bites down on the chain again. Her pussy a dripping mess now and still slightly convulsing as her climax passes. He walks around to her side and undoes her arms. She lets out a relieving groan as blood rushes back into her limbs.

"Up, hands and knees, feet in the stirrups."

She carefully twists around up on her hands and looking down between her legs to place her knees on the edge of the table and feet back in place. Her nipples on fire from the trapped blood. She holds her body still as He walks over and picks up the weight balls. He comes back and takes the chain from her teeth and holds it together, hooking two weights making sure they will not touch the table. She lets out a deep hissing sound as the weight pull on her slowly numbing nipples.

He walks back around behind her and adjusts the legs of the stirrups making her legs slide farther apart so her ass drops down more to the perfect height for His cock. He grips the end of the plug and slowly pulls it. Twisting with each pull to dislodge it. She cries out as her ass stretches over the largest part then pants deeply as her hole is now gaping a little ready to be used.

He slides His cock up and down the little gape then pushes forward. She lets out a deep moan as it pushes in past the ring. He grunts low with each inch He pushes in until He is buried. Her ass burning as it is stretched out around His thick girth. She tries to keep her body still so the weights won't swing.

He pulls back slowly until just the head is resting just inside. She cries out as He thrusts hard, the weights start to swing and pull on her nipples. He grips her hips with a smirk at her cries and starts to use her deep and hard. Her head dropping down between her arms, the sensations defeating her. The weights swing wildly with each thrust. Her pussy clenches and a deep pressure builds deep in her core.

He senses her building orgasm and reaches around and quickly takes off the clamps. She screams as the blood rushes back into them forcing her pussy to clench and start squirting, orgasm ripping through her whole body. He laughs pulling from her ass and slides His fingers over her soaked pussy.

"Mmmmm He never told me your a squirter!"

His pushes two fingers in deeply making her cry out. Her muscle grip around them as He twists and curls them hitting that spot. She shutters and gasps as her pussy explodes into squirting again. His hand comes down hard on each ass cheek. He pulls His soaked fingers out and walks around beside her shoving them into her mouth. She instantly starts sucking and cleaning them. He grips the back of her head and pulls her mouth down to His thick pulsing cock and roughly starts fucking her face. Her back arches with each deep gag. His cock in and out of her throat. She blinks back the water filling her eyes. He grunts and growls with each thrust.

"Fuck...not many can take all of My cock!"

Her saliva starts to run down her chin, then suddenly without letting her have a breath He pushes all the way in and stills.

"Hold it!"

His tone stern and cold. It sends chills down her spine. She desperately tries to hold it down but her gag keeps retching around it making Him growl from the milking sensation. Blinking her eyes letting the water streak down her cheeks as her back arches and fingers grip the edges of the table. Her body starting to really fight for air.

He grips her hair and pulls all the way out letting her take in two deep hard breaths before shoving His cock all the way back in. His growls getting deeper. He keeps up the same pace, holding then two breaths then holding.

He finally pulls out letting her taking in several deep gasping half coughing breaths before grabbing her head on both sides and pumping His cock in and out. It almost feels like it is getting bigger. She know He is getting close.

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