tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Deal Ch. 03

The Deal Ch. 03


Disclaimer: Please note that all graphic displays of sexual activities only take place amongst individuals who are at least eighteen years old.

Certain elements of this story were inspired by a Korean manhwa made by author: Sung San-Young and artist: Sang-Ah called "The Gamer" along with some other elements from a few different anime and the tabletop game "Dungeons & Dragons."

This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities between characters or events to persons living or dead in your world is purely coincidental. Only those who have agreed to the above have the privilege of partaking in this story.


I realized while creating this chapter that I've been forgetting to give Marcus Perks so I've added them in and put the descriptions for them here.

Oral Sex Perk

[Improved Tongue Lashing Passive

You have greater control over the movements of your tongue.]

Orgasm Control Perks

[Improved Orgasm Control Passive

You have better control over your orgasms allowing you to temporarily stop yourself from climaxing for up to 2 minute per point of [Vitality].

Note: This effect overwrites the effect of [Orgasm Control]

Because you also have the [Edging] perk its effects are no longer limited to during masturbation.]

[Greater Orgasm Control Passive

You have better control over your orgasms allowing you to temporarily stop yourself from climaxing for up to 5 minute per point of [Vitality].

Note: This effect overwrites the effect of [Orgasm Control] and [Improved Orgasm Control]

Because you also have the [Edging] perk its effects are no longer limited to during masturbation.]

Sexual Intercourse Perk

[All Night Long Passive

Reduces the stamina you use during sex.]


I would again like to thank Destodes777 for editing my story. If not for him it wouldn't be nearly as good. I would also like to thank the readers and everyone who left a comment or sent me a message. Your support is much appreciated.

Again any feedback is appreciated. If possible I'd like ratings and/or feedback about the following areas of the story so I know what to improve.



Sex Scenes

Descriptions of characters/environments

Gamer Ability Information

I ask that you please read my bio because I will be using it to keep my readers informed of the progress of my stories and additional ways to contact me. I'm currently working on a second story that will be titled "Another Life Online" so stay on the lookout for that if you enjoy "The Deal". It will contain similar elements except this time within an actual videogame.


After waking, I smack my dry mouth through the painful pounding in my head. What happened last night? It's kind of hazy, but I remember defeating the gluttony demon and Violet leading us away. After that everything else is too blurry to recall even with the help of [Enhanced Memory]. Judging by how I'm feeling and the slight loss of memory there was probably a lot of drinking last night. Need to remember that alcohol induced blackouts can still screw with my memory. At this point I realize no-one else is here. Julia is probably at work, but where the Hell is Eve?

"Eve." I say loud enough that my voice should be able to reach most of the house.

After waiting a few moments for a response that didn't come I decide to deal with this thirst. While standing up I notice the clothing Julia and I were wearing yesterday is scattered all over the room. Before heading downstairs I equip some new clothes stored in my inventory. Once downstairs I look into the living room and see empty alcohol bottles, orange juice containers, the juice pitchers I stored the beer in and a couple of glasses. Guess we must've been so horny we didn't bother cleaning up. Passing through the living and dining room I head into the kitchen. I'll clean up the mess after having something to drink and breakfast.

After grabbing a glass from the cupboard I head to the fridge and pour myself a glass of milk. Putting the milk back inside and closing the door I down my glass. Once finished I notice a note posted on the fridge.

Sorry to do this while you're sleeping, but Lord Mephistopheles asked for me to temporarily return to Hell and help deal with a situation he's having. Mistress Lilim, his second in command. Is away at the moment so that's why he called upon me. I'll probably be back sometime tonight.

Hornily yours, Evelynn."

I'm all alone and as that realization sank in so does the anxiety. Don't let it bother you Marcus. They'll both be back later. This isn't like when you were living by yourself or when you were forced into foster care. You have friends now. They aren't going to up and abandon you for no reason. Besides this house belongs to Julia which means at the very least she will be back. That's right there is absolutely nothing to worry about. I could always use the party chat to telepathically message them if it starts bothering me too much. Should also note that the locator says Eve's position is unknown. Guessing there's probably too much magical interference in Hell for it to work properly. If she's busy working for Lord Mephistopheles it probably wouldn't be a good idea to interfere anyway so I'll leave it alone.

Now that I've calmed down I make a bowl of cereal. While eating breakfast I look over my character sheet and see that I purchased some new abilities last night along with a second title slot currently equipped with the [Amateur Demon Slayer] title and I've got [Well Rested] and [Healthy] buffs for some reason. Should also mention I've got the [Hungover] debuff. However it seems I didn't spend my stat or skill points so I do that while eating. The stat points go into [Intelligence] raising it up to forty-five and the skill points into [Crafting]. [Crafting] is an interesting skill. Because of the broad nature it's only a fraction as effective as more standard skills unless you've obtained a crafting style. For example I spent the two perks to obtain [Gunsmithing] and [Tailoring]. With the perk obtained from increasing my [Intelligence] I got [Improved Enhanced Memory]. While examining my new abilities I also look over the title I got last night.

[Amateur Demon Slayer Level 1

A title given to those who have succeeded in killing a demon.

Increase damage done to demons by 10%

Reduce damage taken from demons by 10%]

[Create Aspect: Active Level 1

You can create a copy of yourself that has all of your abilities (excluding [Create Aspect]), skills, perks, etc. This copy will only have 10% of your level and stats. You will receive sensory feedback from your copies in real time. You can change the copy's settings through the copy's character menu. Each copy will disappear after 30 minutes unless you spend the MP cost again.

MP cost 100 per copy used

Note: You can create 1 copy per level of this ability.

You can sacrifice a copy to increase another copy's level and stats by 10%.

You cannot recover MP if you have an active copy.

Copies cannot recover MP.]

[Astral Projection Toggle Level Max

Using this ability let's you transfer your consciousness to either your spirit or shadow, whichever is decided before activating this ability.

MP cost 50+10/minute

Warning: Your physical body is completely helpless while using this ability.]

[Incognito Passive Level Max

Renders you untraceable by non-magical mean. You will not leave any forensic evidence anywhere unless you choose to.]

[Improved Enhanced Memory Toggle

By focusing your thoughts you are able to remember events with perfect clarity no matter how long ago they happened.]

I'm unsure if it's because of increasing my [Intelligence], getting [Improved Enhanced Memory], or a combination of the two, but the events of last night are coming back to me.

Closing my eyes and utilizing the effects of [Improved Enhanced Memory] I focus my thoughts on remembering what happened last night in vivid detail. After we saw Violet she lead us through some back street and to where the people we helped were. They were all extremely grateful for the rescue. After they all thanked us Violet, Julia and I went somewhere more private to have a discussion it would be best if no-one else heard.

"I knew there was something odd about you two." Violet said looking between Julia and myself. "Are you guys demon hunters or something?"

"I guess you could call us amateur demon hunters. To be honest this is the first time we've done this. If it wasn't for us setting fire to the building I'm not sure if we would've won." I said now realizing the danger of the situation. Then another revelation sank in. Violet had guessed what we were with no sign of being disturbed. Maybe the fact that she knew about demons meant she accepted the crazy at face value. "Anyway I'm guessing you want to ask us to help with your demon problem. Right?"


Put an end to the demon that's making the wealthy homeless.

Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Mana, $2000

Failure: The demon will continue ruining people's lives.]

"How did you know about that?" Violet asked with a slight shakiness to her voice.

"A combination of an ability I have and putting the pieces together. You don't need to ask by the way." I said giving her a smile. "I was already planning on offering to help you once that was dealt with."

"What do you want in return?" Violet asked clearly misunderstanding my intent. "I don't have any money, but I'm sure there's something I can do."

"Don't worry about it, but I'm going to need some time. This fight made me realize just how weak I still am." I said with a sigh. "Something you could do though is give me any information you have about the demon you're involved with. Anything you know could be helpful. Even something as small as their name."

"His name is Gier. I've only seen his true form once. He looked like a corpse with big pure white eyes, no nose or teeth and it's stomach ripped open with gold coins falling out that disappear after they hit the ground. He took everything from me." Violet said with anger and frustration in her voice. "Even now he's forcing me to steal things for him. Anything I get he takes barely leaving me enough food to survive. He kidnapped my brother and is threatening to kill him unless I do what he says."

This information didn't make sense to me. Why would a demon that is the personification of greed bother to keep her brother alive? Having to feed someone would cut into their profits after all. Unless her brother wasn't being kept alive and they were just using the threat to make her do what they want. For Violet's sake I hoped my suspicions were unfounded.

"Her description is definitely that of a greed demon." Eve said through the party chat. "They seek out people who are wealthy, use a little magic and some honeyed words to garner participation into a low stakes game of the demons choosing. Once the person has agreed they purposely lose the game repeatedly and give them money made from those gold coins she mentioned."

"As you can probably guess since this money is made from their body it carries their sin." Eve said continuing her explanation. "When the money is willingly taken from the greed demon it starts corrupting the person who took the money. That individual will then be compelled to play and get more money. Once they've corrupted the person enough that's when they strike and take everything of value that they can. Their favorite trick is to take something with a lot of sentimental value and use that as bait to force them to keep playing. Due to the person's increased greed there's nothing they dislike more they having their own possessions in someone else's hands. When I say they take everything I mean everything. They'll clear out the person's bank account. Take all of their possessions and properties. Only when the victim has nothing of value left will they move on."

"Her brother is more than likely already dead." Eve said confirming my fears. "Sometimes greed demons take a bigger interest in some people than normal. When that happens they won't be satisfied with just taking their wealth and material goods. They will take absolutely everything they can from them without fully corrupting their victim so they can enjoy the suffering that follows. Family, lovers, anything and anyone they can take from them they will and they'll use their loved ones to force the victims to steal for them. Threatening to kill their captives if the person crosses them even though they've already killed them. After all keeping a captive requires you to take care of them, which requires money."

"There is no easy way to tell you this." I said bracing myself for the fallout of what I was about to say. "I was just telepathically communicating with an ally who is very knowledgeable about demons. I'm so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but your brother is probably already gone."

I think deep down she already knew her brother was dead because instead of arguing with me she just broke into tears. I'm not good with this kind of thing, but having gone through something similar myself I also know that nothing anyone says will help. I promised to myself as I wrapped her in my arms I'm gonna kill that demon. You can't just toy with a person's life in such a way. That bastard needs to die.

"We're gonna come see you again tomorrow night where we first met." I said to her after she calmed down. "We will kill that bastard for you, but we need time to get stronger first. It'll probably only take about a week until we're ready. I think it would be best if you act like nothing is out of the ordinary so that Gier doesn't get suspicious."

"I've been living like this for a while now. If all it takes is another week I can manage." Violet said grasping onto the hope we'd given her.

After that was done Julia, Eve and I looked for a quiet place to transform back into our usual appearances and drove home.

Instead of heading straight home we went to the LCBO and bought some more alcohol in addition to the beer that was in Julia's fridge. We got some Smirnoff for me and Baileys for Julia.

After we got back to Julia's I took some time to sell the souls to Lord Mephistopheles and purchase those abilities I mentioned before. There were a ton of clone abilities to choose from, but I decided on [Create Aspect] because of the real time sense sharing. Being able to experience sex with multiple women simultaneously seems too awesome to pass up.

Something I didn't notice earlier was the new things I'd added to the appearance editor. For starters I removed the MP cost of switching between custom appearances. Still have to pay the initial cost to create the appearance though. When I tried to remove the MP cost from other abilities I only received an error message. It must have something to do with the fact that the appearance editor is a standard function of my gamer ability. Thus it's being powered and apparently monitored by some ancient god.

Anyway I also changed the appearance editor into a shape shifting ability. Now it's possible to do a ton of new things with it. A few examples of what I can now do are growing wings, a tail, multiple cocks and a long prehensile tongue. After changing the ability I got a notice stating that it's not possible to gain more than twice my original mass or increase my height to more than double my real size. It's also not possible to shrink below half my real height or reduce my mass by more than half. Unfortunately this puts a limit on how much I can do with the transformations.

Should also note that I added this feature, [Lust Demon Immunity], [Astral Projection] and [Incognito] to the party link along with a set of buffs for taking care of my human needs. These buffs are: [Well Rested], [Satiated], [Healthy] and [Lover's Comfort]. Most of these buffs last four hours. [Healthy] is the exception and lasts so long as I'm not sick and my health is over seventy-five percent. Each one adds a ten percent increase to experience earned. After that was dealt with we started celebrating our first victory against a demon. Julia put on some music and the two of us downed all of the alcohol we bought including the beer that was left over from creating the Molotov cocktails. Eve summoned her own drinks saying that human alcohol did nothing for her. I asked to try a glass, but she said that would most likely end with me getting alcohol poisoning. If just one glass could do that to a human it's no wonder human alcohol would do nothing for her.

After finishing all of the alcohol and being sufficiently inebriated we headed to Julia's room pretty sure I don't need to say why. Once inside it was time to show off some of my new tricks after informing Julia that she no longer needed to worry about Eve's aphrodisiac. First off I used [Create Aspect] to make a copy of myself. Using this ability is really weird. It's impossible to explain unless you are experiencing it. My mind is controlling two separate bodies complete with sensory feedback from each of them. However it's not like my consciousness is being split between the two bodies. I'm actually thinking for both bodies simultaneously.

You might think it's like trying to watch two different televisions or play two different video games at the same time, but that's not it. If you are doing that your attention needs to shift between the two, but that's not what's happening. It's like playing two different video games and giving both of them your complete and undivided attention at the same time. I suppose the easiest way to put it is that using this ability turns my mind into a hive mind.

I think that if my [Intelligence] wasn't in the superhuman level my mind would've broke shortly after using this ability. That's probably why it had a thirty [Intelligence] requirement. Realizing that the copy was wearing an exact duplicate of my clothes I wondered if I'd be able to use this for some kind of item duplication glitch. Immediately after that thought came to me this window popped up.

[Patch Notes

Please note that copies created through use of the [Create Aspect] ability can no longer remove equipment except to store it within their own inventory.]

Can't help wondering if they actually didn't think about that possibly or purposely made it with that flaw so they could patch it. Basically telling me in their own way that they won't let me exploit the system. Anyway the four of us removed our clothing and the girls laid down on the bed. The copy went to Julia while I headed over to Eve. Should mention that it's possible to block the sense sharing of any of my senses with the copy using its character menu. Thinking that feeling the pleasure of sex with both girls at the same time would be way too much to handle I blocked the sense of touch.

I pulled Eve to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor while the copy was seeing to Julia's pleasure. Rather than building her up I immediately attack Eve's clit. Aggressively licking her sensitive nub. This aggression took Eve by surprise causing her to cry out. I made sure her eyes were shut and she was focused on the pleasure I was providing before transforming into the new appearance I made before we started partying. The new appearance looks like my regular appearance with a few additions. Namely a six foot long prehensile tongue and a tail of the same length that has a duplicate of my usual nine inch cock for it's tip. Also since this form was meant for sex with Eve I doubled the size of my cock. I know she said technique is more important, but she is used to Lord Mephistopheles' size so I thought if I combine size and technique maybe I'd be able to give her the best fuck she's ever had.

I was contemplating adding an extra cock, but decided against it for the time being. Figured I wouldn't last very long if I was using both so there wasn't much point. Who knows maybe at some point I'll make a form that is like some tentacle monster straight out of Japanese hentai or the king of tentacle rape Alex Mercer himself. That could be fun.

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