tagLoving WivesThe Deal Ch. 1

The Deal Ch. 1


My husband, Patrick, and I have a very active and wide ranging interest in sexual affairs. Ours is a marriage bonded on mutual love, respect and lust! I am a shameless exhibitionist. Patrick is an avid voyeur. Together we have had hundreds of exciting and in many cases, breathtaking experiences. Last week, however, I think we crossed over the last barrier to total freedom of exercise in regards to sexual activities.

I will admit that when the subject of opening our marriage to new experiences first arose, I was not a great fan of the idea. I've had my share of lovers, both long term and one-nighters, and when I married my husband, I was prepared to live and love exclusively within the bounds of holy matrimony. This was a difficult decision for me. I am a very active woman, one who enjoys the passions of sexual escapades, and finds great pleasure in men, all men, all sizes, all colors, all backgrounds. I have even been known to enjoy women from time to time, but more about that another time.

As I was saying, last week, Patrick started a conversation at breakfast, concerning our weekend activities.

"You know what, Rachael? I'd sure like to watch you dance naked at a topless bar."

"We've done that, sweetie," I reminded him.

"I know, but it's been over a year since that time, and you know how it excited me when you did it!"

Yes, I remember how excited he was. And me, too! That was the night we went to a private club after the bar closed, and I performed live sex acts for the paying customers. Everyone thought I was a hooker, and I certainly did act like one that night. I fucked or sucked a dozen guys before the sun came up, each one thinking he was the best of the lot. A good woman is also a good actress! Some were very good, others, well, others did their best. But the fact is that night was a biggie for me and Patrick. He watched his pretty redheaded bride have sexual intercourse with twelve men, then spent the next morning in bed sucking my cunt clean of the residue from the night before.

"Besides," he continued, "you had a pretty good time, yourself. I don't recall you complaining about all the dick you got that night."

"Yeah, but my pussy was sore for a week after that, remember?"

"What's a little discomfort in the name of sex?"

"That's easy for you to say. All you do is watch and have a good time. I'm the one who does all the work. Why is that?"

"Because, my little cupcake, I'm the one who thinks up all the good ideas. I like this arrangement. I think up the plots, and you fuck them out. I can't think of a more equitable relationship."

"Well, I can. How about I think them up, and you act them out?"

"Sure, darling. Whatever you think. I'll leave the next weekend up to you."

I knew he wasn't serious. He was humoring me, trying to get me to admit that he's the brains of the outfit. Well, he was barking up the wrong tree this time. I have as wicked a mind as any man does, and when it comes to sexual fantasies, I take a back seat to no one!

"Great! I'll take that deal. But you have to agree to do whatever I tell you to do. For one full weekend. Deal?"

I had his attention now. Patrick doesn't make deals without first considering all the aspects. He prides himself on following through on anything he says. I knew if he gave me his word on this, his ass was mine starting Friday night. He still hadn't answered me. I knew I was in danger of his not agreeing. I knew what I had to do.

"You know, baby," I began, "I really am hot today. I don't know if I can wait two more days to have my pussy fucked and sucked by a roomful of strange men. You may have to find someone tonight to hold me over." I let my housecoat fall open, as if to accent what I was saying. Patrick watched as my 38DD breasts rose and fell on my chest. He saw the nipples he loved to suck get hard, as my hand went to my pussy, stroking away at the clit, making me wet right in front of him. He watched in silence as I masturbated, as I opened my long slender legs and worked my middle finger in and out of my closely shaved cunt.

"All this talk about me being in charge has made me so hot!" I was really getting worked up. But not because of my finger fucking my pussy, but because of the secret fantasies I was going over in my head. If Patrick agreed to this week end's party, I was going to enjoy it as much as he did. Maybe more! "Can we do it, sweet balls?"

My legs were straight out from me, my fingers stroking my now very wet cunt. I wanted to come, but not before I had extracted the promise of the weekend from Patrick. I was close to the edge. I slowed down, looked him in the eyes and begged one more time. "Please? Give me your word on this. I'll make you very happy. Please?"

"Oh, what the hell. How bad can you screw up? Sure, you got it. Now, let me watch you cum."

I didn't need to be asked twice. My right hand was buried in my cunt, pumping as fast as I could. Patrick got up and walked around the breakfast table.

He reached down to my left nipple and pulled it away from my breast. He knew what he was doing! As he pulled and twisted the hard little end of my breast, I felt the dam breaking inside my pussy! I was coming, and nothing would stop me now. Patrick's cock was suddenly rubbing against my cheek. I turned my head to accept it into my mouth. As his dick sunk into my face, my pussy started to erupt. Damn! As orgasms waved over me, as the self-satisfied feeling of a cum well done settled over my entire body, I turned my full attention to his cock which had by now slithered down my throat. He tasted magnificent. I knew that he wanted his cum, and I was more than willing to give him what he needed. As I continued to suck him off, a movement caught my eye. It was Juan, our gardener.

Juan was walking past the verandah and had stopped at the sight of Patrick getting his cock sucked. I realized the gardener was watching, but my husband did not. I casually pulled my robe back completely, allowing the man who tended our lawn to get a full view of my naked body. At the same time, I started to put a little pressure on Patrick's ass to move him more directly into Hernandez's line of vision. When I had finished my maneuvers, the Mexican could see clearly what I was doing. He now had a full frontal view of Patrick's prick sliding in and out of my mouth, while being able to see my naked body as I began again to diddle my cunt, this time for his benefit.

Knowing that someone was watching what I was doing made me hotter than the first time I'd done it only for Patrick. I came quickly this second time, too quickly for my needs. I wanted the gardener to see it all, to see me shudder in climax, to watch me suck Patrick's cock into my mouth, to watch as I sucked the cum out of the master of the house's hard dick. Patrick had other plans. He stole the hard cock from me, and without a word, lifted me out of my chair and onto the table. My ass was on the edge, in fact, it was centered right where I'd just finished breakfast. Patrick gently pushed me back on the table, moving the cups and plates away from me so I could lay flat.

Once I was lowered into this position, Patrick did what he always does when lust overtakes us. He surprised me!! Reaching past my naked body, he dipped his entire hand in the grape jam jar, scooped up a handful of purple jam, and smeared it all over my pussy and then, as an afterthought, wiped his hands on my tits. I was shocked at this turn of events. One minute I was seducing my husband, in return for his allowing me to dominate the next weekend's festivities, and the next I was laying flat on my back, on the kitchen table, grape jam smeared all over my pussy, and a man who can't even speak English was standing just outside the door watching the whole event! I was mortified, but what could I do? Patrick wasn't about to stop. I realized that when he bent over and put his mouth over my cunt and began licking the jam off my pussy hairs, and out of my quim.

Meanwhile, Juan didn't move. He must have been wondering about the strange Gringo's behavior, but probably his foremost thought was, "How can I get some of that pussy?" Well, don't worry, Juan, when this is all over, and Patrick's gone to his office, I'll still need some cock, and yours looks good from here. I'd never fucked him; the opportunity had never come up. I'd fucked all the other gardeners Patrick had hired, and in time, I'd have probably gotten around to Juan. But this morning's observation of my getting screwed on the patio deck was all the excuse I'd need for moving Juan to the top of my list. All the while I was thinking about the Mexican's cock, Patrick had his mouth covering my pussy, and his tongue was making short work out of the grape jam. I felt myself starting to build toward the ultimate climax. I always come hardest whenever a stranger is watching me. Patrick took his mouth away from my cunt! I wiggled my ass at him. No! I want more. Don't stop. Suck me!!!

I needn't have worried. Patrick had no intention of making me wait. His tongue was replaced by his dick! He was super hard. The very cock that had seconds ago been pumping away inside my head, was now ramming my cunt for all it was worth! And it was worth plenty right then. As soon as his dick made contact with my pussy, pushing aside my outer lips and forcing its way deep inside my hot cunt, I knew I was going to climax hard! It seems like only seconds after he shoved his way into my private love box, that I started to climax on Patrick's cock. And in that same instant, I felt my husband's come flowing into me, spurt after urgent spurt.

We don't often come at the same time. Even after these many years of marriage, our timing is not always perfect. But that morning it was. That morning, I came just as his cock was spitting out the evidence of my pussy's tightness. He came like a man who'd been in prison for ten years. And to think, only the night before I'd fucked him to within an inch of his life. Now here he was, shooting come into me like an eighteen year old boy. And I enjoyed every spurt!

After he finished using my body like he'd use a whore's, I got off the table, and walked weakly toward the door leading into the kitchen. I still had my robe on, but it was covered with grape jam. In fact, I was a mess of purple jam over half my torso! There was grape jam everywhere on my body. Everywhere, of course, except in my pussy. Patrick had seen to that. The only sweet stuff in my cunt was the load Patrick had just dropped off! As I started to leave the breakfast area, Patrick called after me.

"Rachael, be careful of what you do today. And stay out of the yard. I don't think Juan could handle anything else right now."

I couldn't have been more surprised by that. Not only had the gardener seen everything I had, not only had he seen my husband using me like a two-bit slut, but Patrick had known all along that the man had been watching. And still he allowed me to act like a cheap whore in front of the hired help. He'd deliberately treated me like a common cunt, for the amusement of another man! No wonder I love him so!

As I walked up the stairs to my bath, only one thought kept going through my mind. Wait till Friday night, you cocky bastard. Just you wait!

[i]This story continues in The Deal Part II. Enjoy. Write me.[/i]

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