tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Deal Maker Ch. 01

The Deal Maker Ch. 01


Alright, this is a sort of spin-off series to "Lilith." Each chapter will involve different characters and certain ones, may even include Lilith in some way or another. I'm really starting to enjoy this whole sci-fi/horror thing lol. I hope you all enjoy it, just as much.



Katherine slammed the door to her apartment shut behind her, locking it and sliding the dead bolt over. She was sweating and out of breath, from running practically the whole way home. She looked at the clock on her kitchen wall; 12:30 in the morning. She had been running from fate for a half an hour now, and was honestly surprised that she had made it so far.

Katherine knew though, that she couldn't run forever.

It had followed her back to the apartment complex. She felt it the whole way there, chills running down her spine as she ran. She saw it's shadow on the walls of the buildings, that she passed by. It became clear to Katherine at that moment, that she had only made it home safely...because it had allowed her to do make it home safely. Why would it do something like that? Truth be told, it wouldn't; she was being toyed with. Outside of her door, Katherine heard footsteps...very heavy footsteps.

"Damn it," she cursed, slowly backing away from her door.

Desperate but foolish, Katherine locked herself in her bedroom. She jumped onto her mattress and grabbed a Crucifix, that was sitting on the nightstand beside her. After what she had done, one wouldn't expect a girl like Katherine, to have such an artifact. She had never been terribly big on religion until after she'd made that stupid deal, a week earlier though. Then she got exactly, what she had wanted; that was awesome at first until she realized, just what it meant for her future.

Katherine began to panic. When she began to panic, she started looking for a loop hole, in the contract; of course, there were none. The only thing she could think to do was to turn to the Catholic church. She didn't tell them the whole story though, as she worried they might think she was insane. Instead, Katherine told the priest, that she was having a "Spiritual Crisis" and she needed The Lord in her life.

The kind old priest was more than happy, to give her a copy of the bible and a bottle of Holy Water...along with the Crucifix. Despite her faith not being all that great, Katherine would have tried anything.

Truth be told...it hadn't been working at all.

Still, Katherine clung to the Crucifix and softly cried, looking up at the clock and listening to it tick away.

It had been a whole year already. An entire year, since that fateful night in June, when she had suffered a terrible tragedy. Her ex-boyfriend had done some rather...cruel things, to her as well as a couple of girls, that he had cheated on Katherine with. As far as she was concerned, the man was a total monster. The problem was that, he had gotten away with everything that he did.

On top of going totally free, he was making threats to come back for Katherine and kill her, because she had gotten him locked up in the first place; it was a terrifying time in her life.

Aside from the fear though, Katherine had been angry. So incredibly angry. He had cheated on her, lied to her, stole from her...he had beaten her and he had done many other terrible things to her. He'd cost her many friendships, because he wouldn't allow her to leave but, her friends and family thought that she was just too afraid to do it.

So, when Katherine walked into that bar the night, one week earlier and was approached by a tall and beautiful brunette, with piercing blue eyes who told her she could grant her any wish...Katherine knew exactly what she wanted to ask for.

Initially, Katherine had thought this woman was crazy. She called herself Dianna and she spoke in a sexy, sultry voice. She had been wearing a black dress, had a pentagram tattoo on her left shoulder and her long hair hung over her face; Dianna was very attractive.

"I know you've suffered a great deal, throughout your life."

"W-What? What are you talking about?"

"It's okay," Dianna smiled. "You don't have to hide it anymore. You have been wronged by someone...and he's been allowed to walk free, correct?"

Katherine fell silent, sipping at her drink, her heart pounding in her chest and her stomach was in knots. She knew she had a bad feeling about this woman; something just didn't seem right about her. Katherine had chills, the entire time that they were talking. Most concerning, was how the hell did this lady seem to know so much about her?

"I know what you want," Dianna said softly.

"I can give it to you...I can give you justice. I can make him pay, for everything he did to you. Everything that he did to those other women? All at the same time, we'll be making sure that he can never do it to anyone else...ever again."


Dianna smiled, placing her hand over Katherine's hand. "I'll do it for you Katherine; and I only ask one thing, in exchange."

"What do you want from me?"

"Your soul."

Katherine gasped, pulling her hand away from Dianna and standing up from the bar stool. She was shaking now, her heart still racing in her chest. This woman was insane; something was wrong with her. "You're crazy," Katherine said, before turning and walking out of the bar.

She stood outside in the cool night air, lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag. It was late and she was drunk...she needed a ride home. Katherine decided, she would finish her cigarette and then call for a taxi to get home. She felt a hand on her shoulder and jumped, spinning around to find Dianna smiling at her.

"Please, let me help you," Dianna insisted.

"Help me how? By selling you my soul, right? Like your some kind of Demon or something...that kind of stuff isn't real!"

"Let me prove it to you," she pressed on.

"All you have to do, is say yes! Say yes and I'll make that sick bastard, suffer for everything that he did to you...right now."

Being drunk as she was, Katherine didn't quite get, that this was just a tactic to draw her in and trick her. Obviously, if she said yes and it turned out that Dianna was really a Demon and she did "make Josh suffer" then Katherine would owe her, her soul. This didn't connect with the young woman though, thanks to the alcohol and the fact that she was so distraught and vulnerable.

"Fine," she blurted out, slurring a little. "Prove it! The answer is yes, and if you can make it happen...you can have my soul."

Dianna smiled, brushing a strand of blonde hair out of Katherine's face. Her fingertips were oddly cold and sent shivers down Katherine's spine. That's when Dianna did something, that Katherine really had not expected. She leaned in close, the smell of her sweet breath filling Katherine's nose, and pressed her lips to the young girls.

The kiss was deep and passionate, their tongues wrestling and Dianna reaching behind her to give her ass a bit of a squeeze. Katherine had never kissed another girl in her entire life but, this felt so...wonderful.

"Perfect," the woman said, in a low voice, as she broke the kiss.

"It will be done, in no time."

And then, strangely enough...the woman was gone.

Katherine thought, that she must have been so drunk, she'd started seeing things. That woman probably had never been there, in the first place; the whole thing was part of her imagination. She finished her cigarette and called for a taxi, as planned.

The entire ride home, she couldn't stop thinking about that kiss she had shared with Dianna. It had been so sweet...so intoxicating.

Her lips were so soft and they tasted so good, Dianna had Katherine feeling light headed, by the end of the kiss. Even thinking about it, in the back seat of the taxi...Katherine realized just how wet her pussy was at that moment.

When she got home, Katherine went directly to her bedroom and found it nearly impossible, not to pleasure herself. Her hands moved down between her legs, over the folds of her soaking wet pussy and she began rubbing her clit. Katherine kept rubbing herself, moaning and writhing in pleasure, all the while asking herself why she had been THIS turned on by that kiss. When she came, she came so hard that it made the room spin.

An image of Dianna's face, floated around in her dizzy head for a few minutes afterwards...until she drifted off to sleep.

Katherine woke just a few short hours later, to find that the room was freezing cold. She was shivering, even with the blankets on and the hair on her arms was standing straight up. Her nipples were nice and perky, so stiff they were almost painful.

It was strange, because it was the middle of June and she had fallen asleep without the fan on...so why was the room so cold?

"It's been done."

The voice scared the hell out of Katherine, causing her to jump straight into an upright sitting position. Standing at the foot of her bed, was Dianna. Her arms hung at her sides and that same, eerie grin, covered her face as she stared at Katherine.

"W-What...how...how did you get in my apartment?"

"I'm pretty sure you know..."

"No, that's impossible! This is a dream, or something! I'm going to wake up at some point and realize, this isn't real."

"I'm afraid that it is," Dianna laughed.

"If you still don't believe me, then you soon will. The only thing you need to know right now, is that I held my end of the bargain. Your ex-boyfriend is dead. He died a quite painful death, one that I feel he deserved, for everything that he did to you. I'm sure, you'll hear about it on the news in the morning..."

"Josh...Josh is really dead?"


That wasn't possible, right? It couldn't possibly be; even if it was, then surely it had been an accident and had nothing to do with Demon's or anything. This was a dream and if she woke up, to find out that Josh was dead, she knew it would have just been some freak coincidence. Maybe it was just Karma's way, of making him suffer for what he had done.

"Whether you believe me right now, or not...it's insignificant," Dianna continued.

"I did as I said I would, which means that you now owe me your soul. I will give you one week, to get your affairs in order and say goodbye to whatever family you may have. I will return to collect you, at midnight one week from now."

"W-Wait," Katherine stammered, suddenly starting to fear that this may actually be real.

"Where exactly...would you be taking my soul?"

Hearing herself say it out loud, Katherine knew that was a rather stupid question. If Dianna really was a Demon and she planned to take her soul, then obviously they would be going to hell.

"Don't worry kiddo," Dianna laughed. "You're gonna love it."

With that, Dianna vanished...again.

Having disappeared into thin air for the second time that night, Dianna left Katherine deeply concerned at that point. She wasn't nearly as drunk as she'd been earlier, since she had a few hours of sleep. Katherine took a deep breath and pinched herself, hoping to wake up and realize, that it really had been a dream; nothing happened.

Katherine laid there for the rest of the night, completely unmoved. Her anxiety was through the roof though, as she contemplated the events of that night. Sure enough when she woke that morning and turned on the TV, there was a report on the news about Josh. He'd been killed in a car accident. Apparently though, he did not die instantly. He wrapped his SUV around a tree and it took three hours, for the fire department to get him out of the wreckage.

He had one passenger in the car with him, who luckily managed to survive the accident. The girl told police officers, that they only crashed before they lost complete control of the car. There was no explanation for this event, it just happened out of nowhere and before they knew it, they had wrapped around the tree.

Katherine shivered, as she realized what it must have really been...Dianna.

Then there were the thoughts, about the other things that had happened with Dianna. That kiss, that they exchanged outside of the bar. Then coming home and feeling so incredibly aroused...pleasuring herself, to thoughts of Dianna. Thoughts of a Demon; supposedly a demon.

Over the course of the next few days, strange things happened around the apartment. Knocking sounds and weird smells, doors opening and closing by themselves, strange shadow figures on the walls; all the typical stuff, that you'd see in a horror movie. It had Katherine absolutely terrified and convinced now, that Dianna had not been lying; she was clearly, a real Demon.

Then there were the dreams, that she kept having.

Katherine continuously dreamed about Dianna, over the course of that entire week. Not just normal dreams either...sex dreams. Hot, intense, passionate sex dreams. Dianna would show up in her room in these dreams and climb into Katherine's bed, kissing her all over and rubbing between Katherine's legs. There was one very odd thing about all of this, though...

Katherine noticed in the very first dream, that Dianna did not have the parts that she should have, as a woman. Even for a Demon, it was completely confusing but...Dianna had a cock.

It was a massive cock, too, absolutely enormous. She had to be at least eleven hard, thick inches of Demon cock and she would spread Katherine's legs and shove her meat right into the girls pussy. She would fuck her harder, then Katherine had ever been fucked in her entire life...and she loved every second of it.

The dreams would always end, just as Dianna would start to pump the girls womb full of her Demon cum. Katherine would wake, to find her panties soaking wet and her forehead drenched in sweat. Was any of that even true? She was sure by now, that Dianna really was a Demon and that she would be taking Katherine's soul; but did she actually have a penis? Or was that just some crazy image, that Katherine's imagination had made up.

Now here she was, lying in her bed, legs pulled up to her chest. Katherine had put the crucifix back on the nightstand, convinced it would do her no good at this point. She just sat there and stared, at the bedroom door...waiting.

Outside, she could hear the apartment's front door opening and slamming shut. The sound startled her, and she jumped straight out of her bed and stood in the center of the room. There was nothing but silence now and it made her feel sick to the stomach. Then footsteps again, slowly approaching the bedroom door. Every step she heard outside, was louder then the last one.

The door knob began to shake...slowly at first. Then gradually becoming more intense and violent, until finally, the door swung wide open and slammed against the wall.

Katherine looked up into the doorway, to find the tall brunette standing there and grinning from ear to ear at her.

"Hello, my dear."


Katherine slowly stepped back, towards her bed. Dianna stepped into the room and laughed, shaking her head and sighed.

"Why do you look so scared?"

"W-Why do you think?" Katherine asked. "Some Demon's about to snatch my soul and take me to hell? Shouldn't I be afraid?"

"Oh, it's not that bad sweetie. Perhaps, I should have explained better. You're not going to burn or suffer in hell, like most of you humans seem to believe you will. Rather, you will spend all of eternity as my lover...my partner."


Dianna stepped closer and soon, her arms were wrapped around Katherine's waist, pulling her close. Her heart began to speed up again and she was already soaking wet, her panties drenched.

"That's why I've been visiting you in your dreams, every night."

"Those dreams...were real?"

"In a sense," she replied. "I'm some what of a Succubi, I guess you could say."

"Do you...do you really have..."

"A dick? Why yes, I do in fact have a dick. It's quite big and I know, you're going to love it. You'll have a dick too, once I'm done with you."

Did she really just say that?

"What? How is that even possible?"

Dianna laughed and moved around Katherine, sitting down on the foot of the bed.

"Well, let me explain...you see, I'm what is known as a Deal Maker. We're Demon's, as we already established. Our job is to collect the souls of both men and women. We're all gifted with very large...well...cocks."

Katherine couldn't believe what she was hearing. This had been crazy enough, as it was but now this?

"Anyway," Dianna continued.

"We collect men and bring them to hell, where we hand them over to our Queen...Lilith."

"And this Queen...she has a-"

"Yes," Dianna interrupted. "She has a cock too."

Katherine laughed, shaking her head and trying to understand how any of this was actually possible.

"The men become Lilith's eternal sex slaves. The women, become just like us. The first time that we mate, you will be transformed. You will begin a brand new life, serving Lilith as a Deal Maker and making boys cream themselves when you pound their tight little assholes."

"I thought you said, they belong to Lilith?"

"Some of them...most of them. But her Majesty is kind to us and sometimes, she hands a few slaves over to a select few lucky girls. All of us have at least ONE slave, of our own."

"And...this is what awaits me, in hell?"

Dianna smiled, standing up and taking Katherine's hands to pull her closer. "An eternity of happiness...beats the drama you've had to endure, living your mortal life, right?"

It was still a little scary to think about but, Katherine did have to admit...it beat the life she was currently living. Before she had a chance to answer though, Dianna leaned in and kissed Katherine on the lips. It felt just as magical, as it had that first night a week earlier. She melted right into the woman's kiss, and it went even deeper than before. Dianna reached down between the younger woman's legs, rubbing her wet pussy and sliding her fingers into her hole.

Katherine moaned, as Dianna started sucking, biting and kissing her neck. She shoved Katherine back onto the mattress behind her, climbing on top of the girl and sliding her hands up under her shirt. Dianna started gently fondling Katherine's breasts, rubbing her nipples and lifting her shirt up, so she could suck on them. Katherine gasped, arching her back and moaning quite loudly.

As Dianna sucked on Katherine's tits, she continued fingering the young woman's pussy at the same time. Katherine was getting wetter and wetter, by the second and Dianna seemed to be having so much fun. Finally, Dianna slid down to the foot of the bed and onto the floor, rubbing Katherine's legs.

She reached up and hooked her thumbs around the elastic waist band of Katherine's panties, pulling them down and discarding them. She parted Katherine's legs a little further and admired the beauty, of the woman's pussy. Leaning in, Dianna inhaled the musky aroma and stuck her tongue out, flicking it across Katherine's clit.

Katherine cried out, gasping loudly, as Dianna started licking and sucking on her clit. She shoved her tongue into Katherine's pussy, tasting her insides and reaching up to pinch her nipples. Most of Katherine's previous boyfriends, had been a bit iffy about eating her pussy; including Josh. That being said, this was something totally new to her in itself.

What made it even more interesting though, was knowing it was another woman making her feel this good.

Just as Katherine swore, that she was about to climax, Dianna stopped and moved her head out from between the girls legs. Dianna stood up again and smiled down at Katherine, lifting up her long black dress and revealing her massive cock.

It was just as big as it had been, in the dreams Katherine had experienced. At least ten and a half inches and very...very thick. How was it even going to fit inside of her, Katherine wondered.

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