The Death of Dreams


"Put it in." she urged, and I had no idea which one of them she was addressing. Dave obliged first, easing his prick into her stretched opening and letting himself slide all the way in as far as it could go. She groaned as the man above her face hesitated, still reluctant to dip his dick into a pool of another guy's cum. She realised that it was the man with the long, thin dick who was balking at getting blown by her cum dripping face so she asked them both to turn her over so that he could put it in her ass. It looked like just about the perfect cock for an ass fuck, something that wouldn't rip her tight asshole apart with its girth like the ape man's could easily have done. If anybody else fancied a try at that hole later then the thin one would, I guess, have been the perfect preparatory tool for something a little more dangerous.

The trio rolled about on the floor until Karen was astride Dave, mounted upon his erection with her tits pressed against his chest. All I could see of Dave's genitals were his swollen balls - the rest was buried deep inside the warm, wet paradise of her pussy. Behind her the skinny dicked dude crouched over her ass, guiding his knob into the valley between her ass cheeks with his hand, pressing the oversized glans against her puckered anal hole which was a moving target because Dave had already started fucking up into her, making her hips and ass bounce around in three dimensions.

"Do it!" She hissed as the bald multi millionaire knelt down next to Dave's head and impatiently pushed his dick into Karen's mouth, ignoring the other man's spunk that dribbled down her face in glistening wet trails that stretched as far as her chin, effectively silencing her while the cock-head poking tentatively at her asshole butted repeatedly against the unyielding orifice there. He grabbed her hips, finally got himself into a position where he could feel the tight sphincter begin to acquiesce a little, then he gently pushed forward.

Lightning bolts of pain lanced through her trembling body, her face contorting into a grimace as the first agonising inch of that thin cock penetrated her ring and she involuntarily ceased her bouncing on the cock spearing her fanny. Her mouth opened as the agony quickly turned into a warm, burning promise of ecstacy to come and the bald guy took the opportunity to jam his dick halfway down her gullet. Karen gagged at the rough handling, her hands automatically grasping hold of his thighs to support her body as the two cocks in her front and rear holes began to saw in and out of her quivering body, synchronising themselves to each other.

By my count four of the nine guys that were in the house had been sated. One of them, the pissed off his head guy who had come in her hand after a twenty second handjob, was snoring in a curled up pile in front of the video cabinet and was clearly out of it for the rest of the night. I doubted he'd even remember this in the morning. The guy who had unloaded onto his own shirt was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he was in the laundry room. The ape was slumped on the sofa taking a long pull from a bottle of Budweiser, his limp dick curled up in his lap and the one who had spray painted her face with his seed was already half dressed and at the bar pouring himself a Southern Comfort with shaky hands, the bottle clinking against the glass like a chandelier in an earthquake. The handcuffed guy was still on the floor, dressed in just a shirt and a T-shirt beneath it, unable to get out of those garments but otherwise totally naked from the waist down. It was a surreal sight watching him pull on his dick with hands bound together with fluffy pink handcuffs.

That left the three guys currently working the girl and one toned, tanned, blonde haired kid with a ponytail who looked barely out of his teens sat in an armchair, lazily stroking his erection while he watched the action taking place right in front of him. I think he'd been like that since the party had started. So Karen still had five guys to get off. The ape worried me, though. He looked like he was getting ready for second helpings. If Karen held the bald guy to the deal, specifically making each of them cum, then there might be trouble brewing in a while, I realised, especially if Sasquatch decided he was ready to take a second bite at the cherry.

Karen herself looked like she was in slut heaven. Dave underneath her was pounding himself hard up into her bubbling snatch while sucking hungrily on one of her hanging breasts. The guy in her ass was reaming it out slowly, gently, just using three or four inches of his eight inch long dong to make her squeal delightedly around the thicker prick in her mouth that belonged to the bald guy. That cock slipped out in the throes of her passion and she took the opportunity to exhale explosively. "Oh yeah fuck meeeee," she whined in the few seconds when she didn't have a cock pistoning between her lips. "Harder!" All three holes were soon filled again when the bald guy forced his cock back into her mouth and began fucking her face hard, holding her head still with his hands while he thrust his hips in and out in perfect time with the two guys reaming out her cunt and ass.

All Karen could do was make loud humming noises as the trio of hard cocks powerfully explored all of her available holes. She was bucking her hips wildly as the pricks in her ass and pussy lost their timing and just began to fuck her at a pace thtat their own desires demanded, the one in her ass speeding up noticeably. She had no control whatsoever over the dick filling her mouth, just tried to maintain some suction while attempting to breathe at the same time, the grip on her head not allowing her to spit it out and fully inhale, and her breathing was punctuated by gasps and yelps as one dick or another bottomed out somewhere in her body, having been rammed in as far as was humanly possible.

This went on for several minutes, Karen's quivering body taking an extreme pounding from three men sating themselves with no regard to her pleasure, just using her as a sex toy with nothing in mind other than getting themselves off. The first one to achieve this was the man fucking her sexy ass and he pulled out of her butt, laid his pulsing cock between her fleshy ass cheeks, and let fly with his ejaculation, crying out in ecstasy with each wave of his climax.

The first jet of his cum exploded out of the tip of his prick, shooting so far up her back that some of it landed in her hair. The second laid a grey-white line along the curve of her spine, and each subsequent shot expanded that line until a pool of cum had formed in the small of her back. His dick twitched between her butt cheeks as the last of his semen dribbled out. He then fed his still hard cock back into her gaping asshole and slowly fucked her until it began to soften, then he pulled out and headed off in search of a drink.

Now Karen found things a bit easier. She got into a rhythm on Dave's cock, bouncing up and down on it, her hands now able to take a hold of the shaft penetrating her mouth and jacking it off rapidly while she suckled on the knob. While one hand pumped up and down the shaft the other closed over his balls and squeezed, the middle finger of that hand sliding underneath his balls and locating his anus. She rubbed the tender spot mercilessly with her fingertip, her tongue swirling around the cock-head trapped between her teeth, a fist sliding firmly up and down the shaft, travelling the full distance from his belly to her lips twice per second. The bald guy let go of her head and stood rock still as Karen took over, the act morphing from face fuck to enthusiastic blowjob.

The ponytailed blonde guy who had been content watching the show suddenly got up from his armchair and crossed the room to where the action was, stroking his erection as he did so. He stood over the trio, and for a moment I thought he was going to just let fly and fire his creamy load all over the lot of them, but all he did was lean over and tap Karen on the shoulder.

She looked up at him and, without releasing the bald guy's cock from her mouth, removed her hand from Baldy's scrotum, running her red varnished nails up and down the firm, washboard like six pack of the bold youngster and then closed her slender fingers over the cock that he was offering her. Then she spat out the hard-on in her jaws and sat upright on Dave's cock, turning her face to service the newcomer with her ravenous lips. Baldy scrambled to his feet and stood on the other side of her, reminding her that she still hadn't quite finished with him yet.

Karen had a cock pounding deep in her pussy, one stretching her mouth, and now one gripped firmly in her hand and poised within an inch of her distended lips. She switched her oral attentions between the two men, alternating her lips and fingers from one purple cock-head to the other, sliding energetically up and down on Dave's fuck-meat, her big tits bouncing in time with the way she fucked him, for it was definitely Karen doing all the work in this foursome - the three guys were just along for the ride.

Her face glowed red, her eyes burned with a desire that I had never seen in her before. It was almost as if she had forgotten that she was doing this for financial reasons and was instead revelling in being the centre of attention for a room full of horny men and enjoying the once in a lifetime experience that this almost certainly was. The folds of her pussy were soaking wet, making Dave's cock look like a glistening steel piston as it cycled repeatedly in and out of her unrelentingly in something that might loosely be described as perpetual motion.

She gripped a cock tightly in each hand and pulled the two hard weapons to her lips at the same time. Her tongue flicked out, waggling left and right from one knob to the other, then she drew them even closer together until the swollen purple heads were pressing against each other firmly. Her tongue flicked up and down the valley that the two bulbous knobs had created between them and then closed her lips over them both, still jerking them off as she sucked on them simultaneously, at least half of each glans hidden from view inside her mouth.

Ponytail suddenly cried out that he was cumming, grasped her hair tightly, and held his cock in her mouth as he began to spasm. Baldy gave her no warning at all, just swore repeatedly -"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" as he also came, perhaps triggered by Ponytail ejaculating while his glans was rubbing against his own. Karen's eyes went wide as two substantial loads of jism gushed into her mouth at the same time. It was just too much for her to take. Unable to swallow it all she began to gag and had to spit them both from her mouth or risk drowning in hot, sticky cum. As both cocks slipped out of her mouth, still spraying jets of semen, a large glob of their creamy white fluid spilled from her lips, ran down her chin and onto her heaving tits where it splashed wetly before running down into the valley of her cleavage and from there down her taut belly where it seemed to run out of momentum.

She swallowed what remained in her mouth, then concentrated on cleaning up the two wilting penises that she had just brought off, sucking and licking the last traces of jizz from them before turning her attention back to Dave.

She placed her hands on his chest, dug her nails into the hard muscle there and began to fuck him hard and fast, gasping as she slammed her cunt down onto the cock impaling her. The spunk on her tits slowly spread out as they bounced wildly, some of the stuff dripping down onto Dave's belly in long, viscous, grey-white strings.

There was no way that Dave could last very long under this onslaught. His eyes were rolling in their sockets and his toes were beginning to curl as his own climax approached rapidly. "Ahhh, shit!" He exclaimed and Karen quickly dismounted him, closing her fist around his twitching cock and milking it furiously. The first powerful spurt exploded from the tip and rose almost a foot into the air before splatting back down on his belly. Karen closed her lips over the quivering glans for the next one, and greedily swallowed down that and each subsequent explosive delivery from his swollen balls, her cheeks hollowing, throat bobbing as she gulped the thick, salty tasting fuck juice down, her hand masturbating his trembling shaft firmly as she coaxed every last drop of his hot cum out of him. Finally, satisfied that he had finished coming into her mouth, she wiped her lips with the back of her hand and crawled over to the one man who she had yet to bring to orgasm, the one that she was there to entertain - the groom to be - and took his erection in both her hands.

"What's it to be, gay boy?" She taunted him. "Shall I suck you off like a guy would, or would you like to fuck me in the ass?"

"You can start by sucking it, sweetheart." He told her, and without another word she crawled between his legs, put her hands on his knees, spread them apart and took him all the way down her throat. When I say all the way I ain't kidding. I couldn't see any of his cock. All I could see was her crimson lips pressed tightly down against the bush of wiry hair at his groin. He brought his cuffed hands down onto her hair and held her in this position, squirming his hips as he savoured the feel of his cock-head jammed in the tight entrance to her throat. Slowly Karen backed off, allowing his meat to slide out of her mouth a half inch at a time, then she began to give him the blowjob of his life, one that any porn star would have insisted be included on her 'best of' DVD.

She sucked him off by giving him the full works, licking at the slit in the tip of his cock, her pointed tongue flicking over the tiny hole, then closed her lips over half of his glans and sucked, her cheeks hollowing again as she began to slide her mouth down his hard on until it had all but disappeared again. Up and down her head bobbed, her hands on his balls, her sharp, red nails raking the swollen sac and sneaking into the crack of his ass to torment the puckered muscle that protected his anus. When I saw him shudder beneath her, his ass jerking off the thick carpet, I knew that she had jabbed one of those dangerous digits up his butt. I gave it no more than five minutes and we'd be on our way back home.

She moaned as she slobbered over his dick, streams of saliva spilling from her lips as it worked the thick meat of his shaft. I must confess I was so absorbed in watching her cum and lip gloss smeared lips working on his cock that the ape man was kneeling behind her, his recovered hard-on gripped firmly in his right hand, before I realised what was happening. While both Karen and I had thought it would just be a one splash per guy and dash, it looked like it might be degenerating into an all night gang bang. I started to step in to intervene, alerting Karen to the danger approaching from behind, and she released the groom's cock from her teeth, still fingering his ass, and glanced over her shoulder.

Amazingly she waved me off, raised her ass, spread her legs wider, then resumed gobbling the groom's straining prick. Ape man drove his thick cock deep into her cunt, put his hands on her ass, and jammed a thick, hairy thumb deep into her butt. Holding for dear life onto the groom's erection, she allowed the ape to control the spit-roast that she was in the middle of, each angry thrust ramming her mouth further down the cock between her lips.

Her ass quivered as he screwed her, her flesh rippling all the way from her haunches to her ribs, her thighs similarly quaking, her tits swinging wildly beneath her. The ape man plowed her furrow angrily almost, a night's alcohol and possibly some marijuana reducing him to the basest of his humanity until he really was little more than an animal rutting like a dog. His face was red, sweat beaded his brow as he grunted, his hips slammed hard with a lewd, wet slapping noise into Karen's ass cheeks, impaling her deeper on the cock getting jammed down her throat. I scanned the room, ready now to intercept anybody else looking to prolong the night's entertainment, wondering why I was even bothering when it was in my own best interests to keep this going on as long as possible. At forty quid an hour for just standing around making sure things didn't get violent I could have made a killing.

The thing is, I liked Karen. She had fueled many a lonely night's masturbatory musings after I had watched her performances at a club or a bar or somebody's private party. She was without a doubt my favourite, despite what I knew of her past, or maybe even because of it. I felt the need to protect her and while I also felt this with my other exotic dancers, the danger that Karen was still in from her previous life heightened my sense of chivalry, if that word could be used appropriately in this context, toward her. What made it worse was that I just did not like this ape man at all.

Watching him screw her, digging a thumb into her anus, groping under her arched back to pull on a nipple created an icy ball in my stomach, almost like I'd been kicked in the nuts but not quite so intense. I was ready for this to end. I couldn't watch any more. Enough,my brain cried. It was, I understood, that green eyed monster called jealousy. I could cope with the stripping, the lap dances, the occasional hand job or blowjob, but tonight things had gone been several stages too far. Having long harbored a secret desire to get intimate with Karen myself, it was difficult to ignore the fact that several other guys had beaten me to it, and also that I'd had to witness it.

Even though I understood that there was no emotion involved and it was purely a business deal as far as she was concerned and, technically, it was none of my business as I had tacitly condoned her actions by telling her that the extras were her responsibility alone, it still made me feel slightly sick. I was no more to her than a driver and a minder and I had no reason to be acting like a cuckolded lover, even though that's a little like how I felt. It didn't hurt, watching her get gang banged by nine men, but it wasn't a pleasant thing for me to have to endure.

I turned away so that I didn't see him release his grip on her nipple, rip his thumb out of her ass and firmly grab onto both of her hips with his hands as he brutally fucked the living daylights out of her. Nor did I see the groom buck his hips off the floor and fill her mouth with his cum, even though I could plainly hear what was going on. I didn't see the seed come pouring out of her mouth around his cock and soak into the thick, wiry hairs at its base as Animal continued to pound into her either, though I did hear Karen making gagging and spitting noises as the groom's prick continued to unload into her tired, aching jaws.

The slapping noise continued unabated, if anything it was increasing in both tempo and volume, and his grunts were soon drowned out by her sharp, staccato gasps and panted breath after the prick in her mouth had softened and slipped out, taking a large amount of spunk with it. The sounds of animalistic sex assaulted my ears so intensely that I didn't even register the cheering of the rest of the party as the ape threw back his head and howled his climax, for a moment making me wonder if he was in reality nothing more than a poorly disguised werewolf. His hips still slapped hard and wetly against Karen's ass throughout his ejaculation as she squeezed his swinging nuts and dragged a sharp fingernail over the swollen skin of his hairy ball sac.

That was the moment when the unrequited lust that I had long held for her died. I could have lived with the lap dances, the handjobs, the titty fucks and even the blowjobs. I could have learned to accept the facials, the screwing, the anal and the cum eating. I could even have, after a while, blocked out the lingering after-image of her being double and triple penetrated whilst surrounded by guys jerking off over her. But that half man-half ape emptying his thick cock into her ovaries, his disgusting tasting sperm blasting up her unprotected cunt walls, painting her insides with hot and sticky foul smelling semen, ruined her forever in my mind. If it had been any of these other tossers then perhaps I could have blocked the memories out, but if I ever got lucky enough to go flesh to flesh with Karen myself, that mental image would be forever a wedge between us, a stain that not even the most potent mind bleach could shift. I could have coped if I'd been bigger than him, in the ways that mattered, but alas I was not and there's no making up for that shortfall.

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