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The Debut


I made my public debut as a cocksucker in front of seven of my best friends. This is how it happened. My girl and I were at a pool party with three other couples. Harv and Janet owned the place. They’d been friends for years with Gayle and me, Larry and Sue, and Bill and Ginny.

We had a great afternoon of swimming and sunning. None of us guys are buff and none of the ladies are dolls. We’re decent looking people who keep themselves fit. After a cookout of steak and shrimp and other good things, we lazed around for a hour or so just shooting the breeze.

Larry suggested we end the day with a game of killer ball. That’s water polo with no holds barred. We split into two teams and jumped into the pool. I don’t really know if the object of the game is to control the ball and score points or to grope and feel as many people as you can. In any event there was a lot of groping and squealing and laughing going on. There were even a fair number of bellows as each of us guys got groped or got our dicks squeezed.

Afterwards, we sat around swilling table wine. I don’t know when the conversation got steered towards sex and sex practices, but I think it was when Janet wondered out loud where a guy’s balls go when he jumps into cold water. One topic led to another until Ginny asked Bill if he had ever had his dick sucked by a man.

Things got really quiet until Bill, who looked sort of embarrassed, replied, “No, I’ve never had a man suck my dick.”

Ginny persisted, “Would you like to have a man suck you off?”

Bill got a little testy, “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“It’s not right, er, not natural, er, you know what I mean.”

“Not normal?”

“Yeah, I guess that’s it.”

Harv chimed in, “What’s normal.? If it’s consenual, I don’t see what difference it makes if two guys or two women what to give each other head.”

Larry laughed, “I’ve always wondered who gives a better blowjob. A man or a woman.”

“I read an article on the internet that said some men prefer to get oral sex from another man because a man knows what another man wants and likes.” Everyone looked at Gayle as she said this.

“That’s probably true.”

Janet elbowed Harv, “Well, thanks a lot. See if I go down on you again.”

Sue cut in, “You’re blushing, Janet!”

“Hey, come on. We all admit we like oral sex. Right?”

We all chorused, “Right, Larry!”

Larry grinned, “Besides, I’ve always wanted to get a blowjob from a man.”

I piped in, “That’s interesting.”

“What’s interesting, Gene?”

“Well, I’ve always wondered what it was like to give a blowjob.”

Gayle gasped, “You’re kidding! Aren’t you?”

“No. You’re always telling me what a turn on it is for you.” I grinned, “Besides, why should you ladies have all the fun.”

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, I’m serious. Larry, if you want your dick sucked by a man, I’m ready to do it.”

“Right here?’

“Yes. Right here. Right now. Only one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“Everyone here has got to be naked.”


Janet clapped her hands, “This will be worth it. I’ve wanted to watch guys suck dick.” She started to untie her top.

I stood up and started to push my swim suit down. “What do you say, Larry. Yes or no?” Sue was already out of her swimming suit.

Larry laughed, “I think Sue wants me to do it.”

I pushed my suit down to my ankles and stepped out of it. Gayle winked at me as she took her suit top off. Harv was peeling his suit down. Ginny was out of hers. Bill was sitting in his chair. He looked sort of stunned by the speed of events.

I picked up a cushion off of a chair and walked over to where Larry was sitting. I dropped the cushion. “Stand up.” I looked around, “Gather around, everyone. They all quickly formed a circle around Larry and me. I found and pulled the drawstring on Larry’s swimsuit and began to push his suit down over his legs. As soon as his dick cleared his suit, I licked the head.

Larry stepped out of his suit. I licked the head of his dick a couple of more times. He grinned as I lifted it to my lips. His dick was still pretty soft and I was able to feed all of it into my mouth. He tasted and smelled of pool chemicals. Soda straw sucks seem to help him stiffen up.

As his erection grew, I licked my way up and down his cock shaft, but mostly I concentrated on running my tongue over and around his cockhead. I’d do this for a moment, then I’d put it in my mouth and swallow what I could. As I did this, I’d fondle his balls. Then I’d return to his cockhead and flick it and tap it and run my tongue around the rim.

“Come here, Harv.” I stopped sucking Larry’s dick to ask Harv to come closer. When he was standing beside Larry, I wrapped my hand around his hard dick and resumed sucking Larry. I switched and I stroked Larry’s dick while I pushed my mouth as far as I could down Harv’s hard tool.

Bill had joined the circle. Again, I stopped long enough to tell Bill, “No fisting. Step up here for a blowjob.” He didn’t seem reluctant to have me suck his dick.

Now I could stroke two and suck one. I don’t know if anyone was saying anything or if they were just silently watching my cock sucking debut. I was concentrating on giving the best blowjobs that I could so I wasn’t really paying attention to the people around me anyway. My vision, my taste and my mouth and hands were all focused on the three dicks in front of me.

I tired to vary the pattern of sucking, licking, kissing, flicking, and so on as I moved my mouth from one dick to another. Bill was the first to cum. I was giving him some hard vacuum sucks when he jerked his dick out of my mouth. He stroked himself a few times then squirted a stream that landed on my shoulders and chest.

Larry was the next. I had been sucking him the longest so I wasn’t surprised. I had his cockhead just inside my mouth when he wrapped his hand around his dick. “I’m gonna’ pop.” And pop he did. His first squirt went over my shoulder. When he got it under control, the rest landed on my chest and thighs.

Harv held my head as I worked his cock over. He didn’t try to fuck my face. He didn’t need to, because I was rapidly pumping my mouth up and down his dick. I was trying to swallow the whole thing. When he shot his load he covered my chest and shoulders. I didn’t move as he wiped his dick across my face.

When he was finished, I sat back on my haunches and looked around. Gayle and Janet were fingering their pussies. Sue was standing beside Larry, stroking him. He looked like he had a finger was up her butt. Ginny was rubbing a tit with one hand and her pussy with the other. Bill was wringing his dick as hard as he could.

All of a sudden there was a smattering of applause and laughter. Surprisingly enough, there were no questions of ‘How was it?’ or comments about being a cocksucker. Everyone cleaned up, we finished our drinks, got dressed and went home.

Gayle’s only comment, once we were in bed, was about me now knowing why she liked to suck my cock.

Ginny and I ran into each other at a coffee bar early the following week. “It was a turn on watching you suck off those three guys. I asked Bill how he liked being sucked by another man. He said it was o.k.” She grinned, “But he liked my blowjobs better.”

I grinned, “I would hope so.”

She got serious, “Gene, can you and Gayle come over this weekend? I’m positive that I can convince Bill to give you a blowjob. And do you think Gayle would let me eat her pussy?”

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