tagGay MaleThe Debut Ch. 02

The Debut Ch. 02


Gayle and I were eating dinner when I commented that I had seen Ginny this morning when I had stopped to pick up a latte.

"Yes, I ran into her at the grocery store this afternoon."

"'She say anything?"

"She asked if we would like to come over to their place sometime this weekend to sun and hang out with them."

"What'd you tell her."

"I told her that we'd think about it and let them know in a day or so."

"She asked me the same thing when I saw her this morning at the coffee bar."

"What did you tell her?"

"Nothing, Gayle. She mention anything else to you?"

"No, not really. Why?"

"Well, she mentioned that she really thought my little performance over at Janet's and Harv's was a turn on."

"You were pretty outrageous blowing your buds like that. And, yes, it was a turn on. Ginny said she and Bill had their best lovemaking session in years after they got home."

"That's nice. She didn't mention that she thought she could convince Bill to go down on me?"

"Is that what she has in mind?"

"Well, that and the fact she'd like to go down on you."

Gayle blushed, but she smiled, "That'd be different. I've never had another woman give me head. Have you ever gotten head from another man?"

"You know I have. Remember, before we got married, we talked about all of our sexual histories and experiences and I told you about that time with my roommate's gay friend."

"I remember." Gayle, grinned, "You want to do it again?"

"I take it you want to go over to Ginny and Bill's this weekend?"

"Sure. Why not? It should be interesting. And rather pleasant too."

"You know they may expect some reciprocation, don't you."

"That's to be expected. I've always been open to new experiences. I'll call Ginny later this evening and tell her that we'd love to spend an afternoon with them."

"You're sure?"

"Sure I'm sure. Like I said, it was a turn on watching you, Gene, with your three buds cocks in your mouth and hands. Watching Bill and you suck each other off will be fun. And I'm sure both of you will enjoy watching Ginny and I as we eat each other's pussy."

"You sure you're sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure, Gene. Now let's finish dinner."

"What'll we do if Ginny and Bill want to go further?"

"Go further?"

"Yeah, as in swap."

"I doubt if it would go that far. If it did, we could decide then. Besides, Bill might refuse to blow you and there won't be any reason to worry."

"I guess we'll wait and see how far it goes then, Gayle."

We finished dinner and cleaned up the dining area and the kitchen. Gayle called Ginny after the early news cast.

"It's all set for Saturday afternoon, Gary. We'll go over about three and catch some sun for a couple of hours. Ginny said they were planning on smoking a pork rack. You know, something that doesn't require constant tending. I told her we'd bring a salad and a side dish and some drinks."

"Sounds good to me, Gayle."

"Ginny said she's been making subtle suggestions to Bill and she's excited to see what happens."

"Well, we will just have to wait, won't we?"

Gayle came over behind my chair. "All this talk of sucking dicks and eating pussy has made me horny. Let's go to bed early."

I looked up and grinned at her. "You dirty old woman. How early?"

Gayle laughed and pulled on my hand, "Like right now."

I stood, "That's early." Then I hugged her to me and put both of my hands on her firm butt, "Funny, I'm kinda' horny too."

Once in the bedroom, we quickly undressed each other. I unhooked Gayle's bra and she pulled my t-shirt over my head. Gayle sat on the edge of the bed, "Come here."

She pushed my shorts down as soon as I got close to her. Without a word, she kissed the head of my cock then took it into her mouth. She gently kneaded and rolled my nuts around in their furry sac as she quickly sucked me into a full erection.

"Oh, gawd, you're good."

She stopped sucking me and looked up and grinned, "I know. You tell me that every time I give you a blowjob."

I squatted in front of her and put my hands on the elastic waistband of her panties, "Raise your sweet butt." Gayle stood briefly and I rolled her panties down her legs. She lay back down on the edge of the bed. After draping her legs over my shoulders I petted, stroked and kissed her pussy hair.

Gayle keeps her pussy hair neatly groomed and trimmed. I could smell her womanly essences as I nuzzled my nose in her pussy fur. I spread her outer pussy lips with my thumbs, then I licked her pink damp slit from bottom to top with the flat of my tongue.

Gale moaned, "Oh, gawd, you're good," as I sucked her clit and lightly rubbed it with the side of a finger.

I stood then lay down on top of her, "I know. You tell me that every time I eat your pussy."

Gayle laughed, "Get off me, you big lug, unless you want to screw my brains out."

I raised my weight off of her. She scooted into the center of the bed. I crawled across the bed after her. "Let's screw each other's brains out."

"You're on, mister. Get on your back."

I flopped onto my back next to Gayle. She took my cock into her hands. After pumping it with her hands she leaned down and licked the shaft up and down. I watched as she drooled a large amount of saliva over the cockhead. She used her hands to smear her saliva over the cockhead and down the shaft.

She swung a leg over me so she was on her knees and straddling my hips. I held my hard spit-slick cock upright as she positioned her pussy over it. Gayle took my cock. She rubbed it against her pussy and parted her lips with the cockhead. She lowered her hips. I smiled at her as my cock disappeared into her pussy.

Once Gayle was fully seated on my cock, she shifted her knees and hips.


"Oh, yeah. You seem bigger tonight."

"It's probably because we're both horny. That. And the fact you're a great cocksucker who builds big hard-ons."

"That may be true," Gayle grinned, "But you feel like a nightstick shoved up between my legs. Not that I'm complaining."

She rose up on her knees. I braced my heels and shoulders and as she slipped her wet pussy down my slick cockshaft , I humped my hips upwards. We quickly established a mutually satisfying fuck rhythm. I put my hands on Gayle's hips and she steadied herself by putting her hands on the sides of my arms. Our pelvis's gently smacked together as we fucked each other.

Gayle grunted, "Gawd, you go so deep when we're like this."

"Yeah. It feels good and I like watching me disappear into you., " I grunted back.

"Sometimes you go so deep it hurts a little."

"Want to change?"

"No. Let's slow down."

"O.K." I reduced the height of my hip thrust and we continued to fuck each other with a steady rhythm. Finally, Gayle sat down again on my cock. I caressed her breasts until she straightened her legs and lay down on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her and we kissed.

"That was nice, but I was getting cramps in my thighs."

I used one leg as a lever to roll us over. We shifted around to get comfortable and untangled from the bedsheet then I braced myself on my forearms as Gayle humped her hips. Again, the steady rhythm of fucking was quickly set up.

She was flexing her vaginal muscles and my cockhead was rubbing against the roof of her vaginal tunnel, because of the angle of the fuck, so it didn't take very long for either of us reach a climax.

Just as we cum together, Gayle, who had her legs wrapped around mine, pulled her knees up so her heels were tight against my ass. She used her legs to push on my ass so my cock was pushed deeper into her pussy. She worked her vaginal muscles as my cock twitched and jerked inside her.

We lay together quietly for a few minutes, then I rolled onto my side and drew her up close to me. After pulling up the covers, we kissed and talked quietly before we fell asleep.

We spent Saturday morning preparing for the afternoon with Ginny and Bill. Gayle had picked up the salad fixings the previous afternoon. She had also gotten the ingredients for homemade baked beans. After soaking the beans overnight, she prepared the sauce and put the beans on. I helped by cleaning and slicing vegetables and shredding lettuce for the tossed salad.

Once the salad was chilling, we took a break. "We can pick up a case of cold beer on the way over to their place."

'That sounds like a plan," Gayle smiled, "While the beans are baking, I'm going to shower."

"Want to shower together?"

"O.K., but I've got to shave my pits and legs."

"I'll help you."

"How'll you help?"

"Well, I can wash your pits and legs and apply the lather."

"That sounds like fun."

"And I can even wield the razor."

"Now that sounds dangerous," Gayle laughed.

We went to the bathroom, quickly stripped and stepped into the shower.

"Wash your back, sailor?"

"Sure thing, lady, if I can wash your front."

Gayle giggled, "O.K., but I asked first."

I turned my back to her and she quickly began to rub my back with a soap filled sponge. I spread my arms and leaned against the shower stall wall. Gayle ran the sponge in circles over my butt cheeks. She slipped a hand between my legs and gave my balls a gentle squeeze.

"Hey! Watch it!" She moved her hand and tugged on my dick, "I'm just washing the objects of my affection. Turn around."

I turned and she soaped my chest and stomach. I wrapped my arms around my wife and hug her close. As I hugged her I rubbed my body against hers. Taking the sponge from Gayle I lathered her back and butt. Then I dropped the sponge and used my hands. I rubbed and caressed Gayle's ass cheeks. and ran my fingers up and down her ass crack.

"Um, that's nice." She put her arms around my neck. I lifted her. As I lifted, she wrapped her legs around me.

We stood in the shower and kissed deeply. I could feel Gayle's pussy pressing against my hard cock. She felt it to.

Uh, if we're going to finish showering, we better stop this."


"I don't know why we should stop, but we should if we're going over to Ginny's and Bill."

"Well, O.K." I let Gayle down.

She picked up the razor and raised one arm. I picked up the shaving cream can, shook it, and squirted a little onto my hand. I applied the lather and Gayle shaved her armpit. We quickly finished her other armpit. After turning the shower to a trickle, I squatted down and applied shaving cream to her left leg. I watched her shave with long smooth strokes. When she finished the leg, I lathered her right leg with shaving cream. I was still squatting while she shaved her right leg.

Before she could rinse the lather off of her legs, I buried my face in her pussy hair. Gayle gasped then laughed as I began to lick her clean pink slit. She put her hand on my head and pushed my face away from her pussy.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm eating your pussy."

"I know that, but why?"


"Oh. That's what I thought."

"I think we should shave you."


"Because. "


I put some shaving cream on my fingertips and worked it into Gayle's wet pussy hair. She leaned against the shower stall wall and spread her legs.

"Be careful."

"You know I will." It took just a few minutes of carefully wielding the razor to shave off her carefully trimmed and groomed pussy hair and reveal my wife's beautiful bare pussy. After rinsing the lather away, I kissed and licked her bald labia. "Beautiful."

Gayle rubbed her crotch. It feels odd. I wish we had a mirror so I could see. Let's shave you."


"Because," Gayle giggled. She was already on her knees in front of me with the razor in one hand and the can of shaving cream in the other.

"Oh. You will be careful."

Gayle kissed my cockhead, "You know I will." She worked lather into the hair on my ball sac. As she rubbed and massaged my balls, the skinned of my sac tightened and my cock started to rise. She held my cock as she carefully shaved my balls. After applying lather several times, Gayle finished my ball sac and started on my cock.

She grinned up at me, "It was nice of you to get a hard-on. It gave me a handle to hold on to and now it's nice and long and easy for me to shave." She lathered my cock and shaved it from base to foreskin with careful strokes.

We quickly rinsed and got out of the shower. We helped each other dry off. When we were dry, Gayle stood in front of the full length mirror on the inside of the bathroom door. She spread her feet. She touched her smooth bare pussy. I looked at my cock. I ran my fingertips over my smooth balls. Gayle turned and covered my fingertips with hers.

We went into our bedroom to dress.

"They have a hot tub, so we'll need to take suits." Gayle went to a dresser drawer and picked out a suit. "I think I'll where this under my shorts and t-shirt." She held up a red thong back bottom and a small top. She opened my dresser drawer. "I think you should wear this one." She held up a skimpy European style swim suit that I sometimes wear when we sunbathe at home. "Help me with my top."

I helped her tie the strings that held her swimsuit top. I slipped on my swimsuit. Before I could get my shorts on, Gayle grinned at me, "I like the way you fill that pouch, sailor."

"You fill your suit pretty well yourself, lady."

We laughed as we finished dressing. It didn't take long to put the pot of baked beans in an insulated container and to put the salad in a cooler. On our way across town we stopped at our favorite liquor store and bought a case of beer and a large jug of table wine.

We parked in the driveway. I carried the beer and the insulated container with the beans. Gayle carried the wine and salad. Ginny opened the front door almost as soon as we rang their doorbell.

"Boy, you're quick."

Ginny laughed, "Come on in. We heard you drive up and we heard the car doors slamming so here I am."

We followed her through the house and out onto the shaded patio. Bill was stocking a cooler with beer.

"Here's a case of cold ones, Bill."

"Thanks." He handed each of us a cold brew from the cooler then he opened the case and added some bottles to the cooler.

Gayle slipped her sandals off and pulled her shorts down. "I feel overdressed next to you two."

Ginny had been wearing a short beach cover-up when she met us a the front door. I turned around as Gayle spoke. Ginny had taken the cover-up off. She was wearing a string bikini that made Gayle's suit look like more than modest. The three white triangles of cloth that made up her suit emphasized her deep tan.

Bill was wearing hip hugging swim trunks that were skin tight. It was also white and emphasized his deep tan too. It also emphasized his firm looking butt and his rather substantial package.

I joined Gayle in taking off my t-shirt and shorts. Ginny whistled appreciatively when I bet over to pick up my shorts. We all laughed as Gayle pantomimed taking a photo of Bill. Ginny picked up a large bottle of sunblock and moved out into the sunny yard where four lounges were set up in a circle. Gayle followed her.

Bill looked at me, "We have a couple of good looking ladies there, Gene."

"You got that right."

We picked up the cooler of beer and followed the two women across the lawn.

Bill and I set the cooler in the middle of the circle where it was in easy reach of everyone. We settled back on the lounges and idly chatted while we sipped beer and sunbathed. Ginny sat up after about twenty minutes, "I hope no one minds. I'm going to take my top off."

Bill laughed, "You might as well. It hardly covers anything."

Ginny untied the top of her suit and threw it at Bill. It was fascinating to watch her carefully apply sunblock to each areola and nipple. When she was finished, she lay back on the lounge. Gayle looked at me with a questioning look. I shrugged slightly then nodded. Gayle sat up and untied the strings to her top. She hung it over the back of her lounge.

Before she could lay back, Ginny sat up, "You'd better get some sunblock on those beauties." She stood, picked up the bottle of sunblock and moved over to Gayle's lounge where she sat down on the edge. "Let me help you."

I was sort of surprised that Gayle acquiesced without a murmur. She lay back on the lounge and closed her eyes as Ginny applied sunblock to her breasts. Ginny leaned close to Gayle's face and said something. I could see Gayle blush under her tan. She put her hand on Ginny's face and drew her closer. I think they may have kissed lightly. In any event, when Ginny stood up and turned away from Gayle, her areola were all pebbly and her nipples looked hard. I looked at Gayle. Hers looked the same way. She smiled at me and ran the tip of her tongue around her lips.

Ginny went to the cooler and retrieved four beers. She handed them around before sitting back on her lounge. Ginny is a slim, leggy brunette with shoulder length hair. She is about six inches taller than Gayle. Gayle is five foot four also with a slim figure. She wears her dark hair in a pixie cut.

Bill stood up. He gathered up the empty bottles and carried them back to the patio. When he returned, he was carrying the rest of the case of beer that Gayle and I had brought. He handed out four more bottles, then refilled the cooler . He set the case next to the cooler. "We'll use it for the empties." Before he sat down he removed his swim trunks. He didn't have any tan lines. Come to think of it, Ginny's breasts were tanned too.

Gayle and I looked at each other just as Ginny shifted her hips and untied the string bows an each side of her bottom. She pulled the strings of her bikini bottom from between her legs and dropped it on the grass. I stood and rolled my suit down over my hips to my feet. I left it lying on the grass as I sat back down. Ginny raised her beer bottle in sort of a toast.

Gayle raised her hips and worked her thong down her legs. She dropped it on the grass near Ginny's suit. No one said anything for what seemed the longest time until Gayle looked at Ginny and asked, "How long did it take for you two to get such a deep overall tans?"

Bill set his beer aside, "We've been sunbathing nude for several years now. We start during the first sunny days of late winter and early spring."

Ginny chimed in, "You know, when it gets warm enough that you can comfortably lay out in the sun. Is this you guys first time?"

"Well, I replied, "We've never specifically sunbathed nude before, but we've done a fair amount of skinny dipping."

"Oh, really? Where?"

"We go up in the mountains to hike and we've gone swimming and bathing in streams, ponds and lakes."

Gayle laughed, "One summer we went on vacation in the desert southwest. Almost a mistake. It was so hot you could hardly do anything during the daytime. Finally, we drove to a large reservoir just to swim. We rented a boat and when we found a secluded cove, we stripped off and went swimming."

"We didn't think to bring along a lot of sunblock," I laughed, "So we both got a pretty good sun burn that afternoon."

Ginny held up a bottle of sunblock, "We go through this by the gallon."

"Well, we won't need anymore today. The sun has moved around so we'll be in deep shade the rest of the afternoon unless we move into another part of the yard."

"Ginny, you're closest to the smoker. Could you check the ribs, please? They should be just about ready."

"Sure, Bill." Ginny swung her legs off the far side of her lounge and stood up. We all watched her walk to the smoker. She may have been slim but she had a really nice butt. The kind of butt that a guy would like to have two handfuls of while she rode up and down on his cock.

I noticed Bill reach down and free his dick from between his thighs. When Ginny turned and came back from the smoker, I noticed her pussy hair was shaved into a thin dark "racing stripe" or "landing strip."

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