The Defiled One


"Then she faded away. I don't mean that she escaped, she just faded out like a cheesy special effect on a cheap TV show. Her body got less and less distinct until it began to shimmer like a transparent soap bubble in body form. Just before she faded completely away, she turned to me and said, 'You chose me, so now I chose you. You are already defiled to the depth of your being. Perhaps in your new form your heart will be defiled enough for Quello to accept your body as his eternal mate.'"

"Then she looked into Quello's eyes and said softly, 'I would have loved you if your heart could have changed. I said no to you because I knew that you could not change what your heart was created to be, but I do still care for you. She is my gift to you. Once she is fully defiled, use her well and wisely and you may find happiness.' Then she was gone."

"Everyone was staring at me and I looked back at them and started to ask, 'What is going on?' But it wasn't my voice. It was much too high pitched to be my voice. That's when I looked at myself and realized that I was no longer me. It was no longer my body. It was this body. I was a woman... a beautiful woman... standing naked in front of my partners."

"Immediately after that, I found myself screaming like the scared woman I now was as Quello roared out his anger and leapt from the altar. I thought he was coming for me, but instead, he tore the others apart in just moments and left me standing there covered in blood. Then he spoke in a low growling voice. 'On the altar! Now!' I ran over to the altar and climbed up to where the witch had been lying a few moments before."

"'On your back! Spread your legs!' I did."

"Then I felt Quello's tongue beginning to move across my body. He licked my body from my toes to the top of my head. The sensations were overwhelming. I never knew what a woman felt as her body was stimulated, so even normal sex probably would have been overwhelming, but the sensations that Quello's tongue created in me were way beyond normal. I had watched otherwise pure witches beg to be fucked by him after he had stimulated them with his tongue, and I was much less than pure. I was thrashing on the altar begging him to fuck me long before he was finished with what he wanted to do."

She giggled slightly and looked me in the eyes. "He did, you know." Another giggle, "He fucked me. And it was wonderful. I orgasmed at least a dozen times while he fucked me. When he finished, I knew he was going to ask me the question and I knew that I was going to say yes."

She looked down and her shoulders slumped. "But he didn't ask. Instead he said, 'Good fuck, but not defiled enough.' Then he picked me up and set me on my feet."

Her voice took on a lower, gravely pitch as she continued, "He said to me, 'I will let you live and you will be my sexual release each time I return, but you must willingly defile yourself completely for me. If you fuck one thousand men by midnight on what you call Halloween, you will prove that you are truly the Defiled One and you will live. If not, I will have my post-fuck snack a little late.'"

She looked at me with desperation painted across her face and said, "Doctor, I have only 23 minutes left. You have to fuck me now. I will make the cameras not work while you do it like I did for that young doctor. You must do it. You are a doctor. It will save my life..." She giggled again... "and change your life forever."

I knew what I should do. I should have called for an orderly or an intern or a nurse and administered additional meds to sedate a patient in the depths of a dangerous delusion. But instead, I began unbuckling my belt as she slid down onto her back on the cot. I looked up at the cameras. The red recording lights were now off and both cameras were swivelled over toward the door. I climbed up onto the cot and positioned myself between her legs.

My grandfather used to joke about "snapping turtle pussy" that would nearly bite your prick off because it would clamp down so tightly as you entered. He would also talk about "milking machine pussy" that would milk you dry all the way down to the bottom of your balls. The old man would have loved her. She was a snapping turtle milking machine. I had never felt anything like it. She was the most purely sexual woman I had ever fucked. It wasn't making love. It wasn't sex. It was pure, animal fucking.

As we finished, a low guttural voice came from the corner of the room. The shadows there thickened slightly in an almost human form that stepped slowly out into the room. "I didn't think you would be able to do it. One thousand men in seventeen days. You are truly a totally defiled woman and worthy of me. I will enjoy coming back to fuck you once each completion of the cycle of the moon and sun. In the meantime, you will not age, and you will continue to have your knowledge of business. The only requirement is that you remain defiled. You must have sex in every possible way every year at this time. I will not require that you fuck one thousand men each year, but you must give yourself totally in all ways to as many men as possible on this night each year in the years between my visits."

He then turned to me. His eyes were glowing as he looked at me and said, "And you, doctor, I will allow you to be her earthly mate. Are you willing to be consort to my bride? If you say 'Yes,' you will not age; you will have the same ability that she has to know what businesses will succeed, and you will be able to fully enjoy her in all ways at all times. There is only one caveat to our agreement. You must insure that she totally defiles herself each year on this day so that she is kept impure for my return."

"What about the deaths of the twelve? What about the fact that she... he is still listed as missing?"

"Taken care of," he growled, "Yes or no?"

As I walked back to the ward desk, I noticed that the monitors were starting to come back on for the video surveillance of room six. I could see in the monitors that Harriet was now wearing a robe and sitting in the chair next to her bed. Larry was looking up at me with a questioning look.

"Didn't they teach you about severe fugue states brought on by extreme mental trauma? Once I got her to talk about what happened to her, she snapped out of it. She and her brother had kept her existence hidden so that she could operate openly and not be connected to their group. She had found what they thought was the ultimate energy source for cars. If it worked, they would make billions on it. The inventor and Harold were demonstrating it for his cohorts in a secret place in the woods when it blew up. Her brother and the scientist were effectively vaporized, and everyone else was blown to bits. Harriet was far enough away that she survived, but her clothing was blown off by the shock wave and her mind was overwhelmed by the images of carnage... and the guilt that she had brought the device to her brother's attention. Her DNA was on the altar because she burned herself looking for her brother. The sexual frenzy was probably some type of self-punishment brought up from the depths of her fractured mind and the fact that she found herself naked in public. If they re-test that stone platform they thought was an altar, they will hopefully find some traces of her brother in the ashes."

Larry looked at me a bit sheepishly and turned slightly red. "Don't worry about the fact that you reinforced her delusion. I told you to do whatever you needed to do and it did calm her down enough so that she was able to talk to me. Just be very, very careful with that type of therapy in the future."

He grinned slightly and I added, "Oh, and don't bother calling me with anything else tonight. I just called Dr. Hudson and told her that I quit as of right now. She objected, but I told her that it was because I came in a little intoxicated and ended up having 'therapeutic sex' with a delusional patient in order to bring her out of a fugue state. I assured her that I had erased the surveillance tapes of the incident, but sooner or later someone was going to talk to the press about it because the patient was Harold Aldrige's sister, Harriet."

Larry swallowed and tried to suppress a smile that was more of a smirk, "What'd she say?"

I laughed and smirked back at him. "She gasped and said that she would work something out and to leave a written resignation on her desk. That's a nice way of saying, 'Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.' I am going to take Harriet over to the medical ward and have her checked out for physical injuries and then I am taking her home with me."

Harriet came out of Room 6 wearing a brief, hospital-issue robe. Larry's eyes slowly traveled from her bare feet to her... well, he didn't seem to be able to get above the ample cleavage she was displaying.

I snapped my fingers several times in front of his face to bring him out of his trance. "One final word of advice from your former supervisor, Larry. On the first of January, you put in a written vacation request for Halloween week of next year... and every year from now on. Harriet and I are going to be throwing a Halloween party next year that you really won't want to miss."

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