tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Defiled Temple Ch. 01

The Defiled Temple Ch. 01


Malika sat atop the highest tower of the Defiled Temple looking over the surrounding hills and wastelands. The cult of the demoness Lagria had taken this place long ago and sacrificed the old Priestesses Of The Light to their foul mistress during the temple's ravaging. Like all the denizens of the temple, Malika had been stolen from her family as a child and raised in the ways of the demoness. She had studied the infernal rites of her cult and revelled in the intoxicating dark magics of the sisters. Today was the first day of her twentieth year and at sunset she would take the final step into becoming a sorceress.

The ritual was known as The Tempting for she would lure a demon from deep within the dark realms and bind its soul to hers. In doing so she would command all of its magic and might allowing her to weave her own magika for the first time and take her promised place amongst her sisters.

Needless to say, Malika was terrified. Her time atop the tower was meant to give her space to clear her mind yet it served only to heighten her fear of what was to come. If a demon was raised and she could not hold it in thrall there were horrid stories told of sorceresses whose demonic companions turned upon them. What's more, although she had studied far more of the ancient tomes than the sisters she lacked their appetite for cruelty and destruction that was crucial to luring the infernals.

She had always hidden it away deep inside herself but the sisters had always seemed to guess her weakness. They laughed and mocked her hesitation to sacrifice her first human to Lagria. It had been a farmer, older than her, who had the deepest green eyes. They were eyes that had been filled with fear and as he told her of his wife and child. Malika's hand had stayed for a few telling moments before she had plunged it into his chest and that deep green light in his gaze faded to nothingness.

Afterwards her sisters chilled her by informing her they had torn apart his family when they had taken him. Malika had nodded and told them she was at ease before retiring to her room where she had wept for the life she had taken. It was not the last sacrifice she would have to endure. Yet if she had refused, if she had again hesitated then her sisters would have burned her alive for her weakness. Malika did not wish to die.

The sun was low on the horizon and Malika saw the two moons rise out of the deep blue sky signalling that dusk was upon them. She lifted herself to stand and walked slowly from the tower down to the summoning chamber where her sisters awaited her. The temple was oddly quiet as she made her way through its dark marble corridors upon bare feet.

As was the custom she stopped outside the bath house where she would be prepared by a chosen apprentice. The baths themselves had been added after the defilement at the insistence of the sisters and were carved out of the stone by the claws of the demons in thrall to them. Malika entered to see the dark tarnished marble surfaces and old crumbling pillars. The room had once been a sanctified place to the Priestesses Of The Light until the demons had clawed apart the ground and released an underground spring into the aperture they had created. The water was always near to freezing for no fires were allowed to heat the bathing pool for the apprentices. To warm the water required magic and they had none of their own, only what the sisters allowed them to practice their dark arts with under their supervision.

Malika recalled a visit here where all the apprentices had been subject to a cruel whim of the High Sorceress. Each had been stripped and cast into the pool before the sisters magically froze it around them. They were left like that for a whole day until finally after two had died, they were released and healed. Such torments were common amongst the chosen of Lagria.

Malika looked around for the apprentice that would prepare her and did not need to search for long. She found Shanti already stripped and stood in the centre of the pool awaiting her.

Shanti was an apprentice currently in her nineteenth year and was the closest thing to a friend Malika knew. Though, the word friend carries with it certain connotations that are unspeakable to the sorceresses of Lagria. Finding solace in the company of another was considered foolish, only the power of the individual mattered. Yet to further individual power it was sometimes necessary to test yourself against another and take in a different perspective of matters to your own. Shanti was the one she had studied alongside and now she was the one who would prepare her for The Tempting.

Malika let her black silken robe fall to pool around her feet as she approached the deep water. She wore no garments beneath her apprentice's robe and the large room felt chilly against her bare alabaster flesh. Looking over to Shanti she saw her polar opposite in appearance. Malika's midnight hair was speckled with golden strands due to her exposure to magic. Shanti had short cropped platinum blonde hair that was pure of taint for her studies had not yet allowed her to wield any serious amount of magika.

As Malika placed an ivory skinned foot in the water she felt a shiver run through her. She could not help but gasp and goosebumps arose on her fair skin as she descended into the pool. Without saying a word, Shanti waded toward her and Malika felt the girl's dark flesh press against her own. The sisters had always cast cruel comments at Malika in regards to her large breasts that now pressed against Shanti's smaller and firmer globes. She felt her own hardened pink nipples brush against the dark little nubs that peaked Shanti's breasts.

It was difficult to resist the urge to put her arms around the younger apprentice, if only for the warmth her body extruded. Yet it was forbidden for she herself was still only an apprentice and such fraternising was punished severely. As Shanti lifted her hands she began to caress Malika, cleaning her for the ritual. The feel of those long fingers brushing across the most sensitive parts of her body made Malika bite her lip to hold back a gasp.

Shanti saw the effect she was having on the woman she had so often secretly admired and she quickly slipped her arms about that pale womanly figure, maintaining the façade of cleaning by rubbing her hands across Malika's back. A soft moan finally escaped the raven haired woman's full lips and Shanti suppressed a smile at her small victory. The risk she was taking was immense, if one of the sisters should enter then they would both be sorely punished for the intimate embrace.

So it came as a shock to Shanti when she felt Malika's fingertips beneath the water timidly slide over her hips. There was a moments hesitation as the fear that Shanti was playing some kind of game almost drew her hands away. Malika's closed eyes were unreadable and she couldn't see the expression on Shanti's face practically begging for her embrace to be returned. Then Malika's pale blue eyes opened and she slipped her hands forward and grabbed her training partner's firm bottom to pull her closer.

They stared into each others gaze for what seemed like hours, so close and yet so impossibly far from what each knew they both desired. Occasionally the tips of their noses would touch and a jolt of forbidden excitement would pass through them both. Shanti's hands stopped her false attempts at cleaning Malika's back and settled her palms below the slender shoulders she had long desired to trail her lips over.

The dark magic that filled the temple like some sort of putrescent miasma seemed to lift for a moment in the space between them and that was when Malika's lips found Shanti's. Their eyes closed once more as they shared a moment of sweet defiance to all they knew and found that a fire far more intense than those of the dark realms burned in each of their bodies. Shanti lifted a leg to wrap about Malika's waist as their tongues found each other and began a sweet dance that whispered of hope in that dark place.

Suddenly a noise disturbed them and they jumped out of their tight embrace to find it was only a rock that had come loose from the wall. Shanti looked back to Malika with hopeful eyes but saw immediately that the moment had passed. The poor woman looked terrified and confused and Shanti stepped back closer to her to tilt her head to the side and whisper.

"I have broken all my vows to Lagria for the hope of your touch Malika. Tonight you shall become a sorceress like no other before you and I will be yours to punish as you see fit." Though the whisper was spoken as an apology there was a tone of promise within Shanti's words that made that heat burn in Malika once again.

Before she could reply to Shanti however, the girl gave a small nod of her head and left the waters to begin dressing Malika for the ceremony. The attempt to lure the demon from the pit was based partly on the lusts of the infernal creatures and so the garb was minimal. A series of golden ribbons were wrapped about Malika's large breasts and across her hips before a long silvery transparent shawl was fixed about her waist leaving her long creamy legs bare beneath.

As Shanti prepared her, Malika longed for the apprentice to touch her in the intimate areas she was dressing but no touch came. To keep the fair skinned woman from becoming disheartened though Shanti did offer her an encouraging wink once she was finished.

Malika was left to take one last look at the nude girl she now realised would be spending the night in her bed should she pass her oncoming trial. Then she turned and left the baths and the heavy weight she felt in her chest soon returned.

- - - - -

Despite her hasty retreat Shanti's words had offered her some comfort which she privately cherished as she entered the large doors to see the sisters lined up awaiting her arrival. Upon her entrance some of those assembled twittered like harpies at the sight of Malika's obviously aroused state. The sisterhood consisted of over thirty sorceresses each with their demonic thralls nearby. Malika's cobalt blue gaze wandered toward the demons, each a towering mass of muscle and hellish power. All of them were male in shape and all were naked save for a magical obsidian collar about their necks engraved with the darkest of magical runes to keep them obedient.

She walked to the summoning circle, a large opening in the floor upon which was written the runes which would bind the demon in place whilst Malika bartered with her soul. The trick was to get the most power from the infernal whilst giving up the least amount of yourself. Maliciousness and a cruel nature helped a great deal in these bargains. Likewise she wondered what kind of demon would rise up from those runes. They were all different with horns, tails, extra limbs, no limbs and odd spurs of bone meant for the torture and murder they so excelled at. They all shared a strong masculine likeness however with broad shoulders, square jaws and as they were all naked their oversized members were also on display. Many of those lengths twitched and started to rise at the sight of Malika.

Just in front of the circle the one named Eluria awaited her arrival along with Deckler, the largest and strongest of all the demons. Deckler was the reason Eluria carried the title of the High Sorceress as his power was unheard of. He had been known to crush stone in his bare claws and could cleave a fully armoured knight in half. As was the tradition, Malika knelt before their leader and awaited her permission to begin The Tempting.

"Malika, you are today to join our sisterhood in the service of Lagria." The high sorceress' voice was low and carried a malicious hint of amusement. It cut through Malika's nerves to find the fear nestled in her heart.

"Yes mistress." She lowered her head submissively.

"You may begin the rite, though as chaos and evolution are the ways of the world we decree that your Tempting will be different from the rest."

Malika suddenly looked up in surprise to see the gleaming crimson gaze of Eluria looking at her as her tongue licked across her lips. Malika had seen that look of bloodlust before and it scared her to be on the receiving end of that gaze now.

"H-how so mistress?" Malika's honey sweet voice trembled as she spoke.

"You will cast The Tempting through the opposition of your sisters' magic, only if you are worthy to join our ranks will you be able to bring forth a demon. If you fail then we shall share your soul between us and you shall wander our halls as our dead eyed servant for the rest of your days." Beside her Deckler Grinned showing a mouth full of sharp white fangs.

Malika was lost for words, terror gripped her heart and all arousal she had felt from Shanti's ministrations fell to the wayside. Against the power of the entire coven she surely would not be able to summon even the least of demons. The only explanation for this new tradition was that Eluria had sensed her reluctance to kill and had decided she would be best used as a servant of hers instead of a servant of Lagria.

The high sorceress stepped aside and Deckler obediently followed her.

Left with no choice, Malika began casting the ritual in the ancient language. Though what should have been spoken with conviction emerged with her voice trembling. As she called out to the demons of the dark realms to come to her she felt her voice silenced by a heavy weight on her throat. She looked back, wide eyed and fearful to see the sisters all smiling at her imminent failure. Some were extending small incantations into the air designed to cut slices from her spirit for themselves.

Malika fell to her knees and lifted her hands, her whispers brought no answer from the darkness. Finally Eluria lifted her hand and the circle lifted leaving Malika to collapse on the cold floor of the chamber. With an expression of delighted hunger the sisters began to advance on the barely clothed woman and Malika felt the first icy shards of their spells begin to tear at her soul.

The cannibalism of her spirit was rudely interrupted however when the summoning circle suddenly erupted with a pillar of bright green fire. There were screams of surprise from the sorceresses as they scurried back behind their demonic protectors. Such an upsurge of power was unheard of, especially since the tempter had not finished the ancient chant.

Gasps of fear and dread were silenced however as the fire died down to reveal the tiny figure of an imp stood in the centre of the circle, his small wiry arms folded across his sickly green chest and his clawed foot tapping impatiently on the stone. His only clothing was a pair of ratty sand coloured shorts that seemed like they had survived at least three ages of the world.

The fear and shock soon turned into cruel mocking laughter as the sisters saw the small grizzled creature that Malika had apparently just managed to summon. Its narrow ugly face and small black eyes looked at them all as if impatiently waiting for them to do something. Then it finally spoke.

"Aaand shit. Knew I shoulda taken a left at the intersection but noooo. I gotta listen to directions from a three headed dog." The imp grumbled to himself as he looked over his surroundings, its voice sounded like someone crushing a slug into grit.

The laughter of the sorceresses soon became hysterical and Malika's fear turned into humiliation at the thing stood within the circle. She had only managed to tempt an imp with her pleading whispers.

The coven hooted and hollered as they started to file out of the room, no longer interested in her soul. It would, after all, have been tainted the instant the imp was raised from the dark realms. As she passed the broken woman, Eluria stopped and looked down upon her. Deckler's large clawed hand reached down and ensnared Malika's face to bring her gaze up to meet the eyes of his mistress. His sharpened claws dug painfully into Malika's cheeks although thankfully he didn't draw blood.

"We will leave you to bargain with your..." She looked to at the imp and curled her lip in disgust. "...thrall. Tomorrow he shall be tested."

The promise made Malika moan with renewed sorrow. After each Tempting the demon was tested against another to see the limits of its power. It was difficult to believe the imp would last a second against the behemoths of the other sorceresses.

They left her sealed in the summoning chamber, the powerful incantations that sealed the door shut were meant to keep the most fearsome demons confined if they escaped the circle. Now they were the doors of Malika's new prison and she was left with the beady eyed creature that had answered her call.

Once they were alone the Imp walked over to press his clawed hands up against the barrier that held him in place at the edge of the summoning circle. He looked over to the weeping woman who had once again crumpled up to lay on the stone floor.

"Hey Sugar Tits! 'Little help 'ere?" The imp shouted over to her but found she was either ignoring him or couldn't hear him.

Grumbling to himself, he looked at the floor and saw the runes that kept him in the circle. As his eyes moved from one to the next a smile formed of his pointed features that eventually blossomed into a full grin.

"Well this is just fuckin' pathetic." The imp regarded the sisters' runes with a kind of disgusted amusement.

It seemed that Malika actually could hear him since right about then her wails grew louder upon hearing him apparently call her pathetic. Her head was still firmly buried in her arms and so she couldn't know he wasn't speaking to her.

The imp looked back to her for a moment before he closed his eyes and drew a simple glyph in the air with the tip of his claw. The foundations of the summoning chamber began to shake as the image of the glyph hung in the air with a pale green light that grew brighter and brighter. Finally the Imp stuck his fingers in his ears as the runes of the summoning circle loudly cracked open one by one.

This had certainly caught Malika's attention and her sobs subsided as she lifted her head to see what was going on. Her eyes widened in shock as the little imp's magic ripped apart the prison the sorceresses had made for him and his kin.

The pasty green skinned figure hopped across a large crack in the floor and over the threshold of the circle to freedom. As an afterthought he clicked his thin gangly fingers in the air and a thick brown cylindrical shaped object dropped out of nowhere for him to catch. Casually, he bit the end off of the object with his sharp little yellow teeth and turned it around in his fingers before placing the other end in his mouth. Another click of his fingers made a small green flame appear at the tip of his claw and he set the tube alight, making thick dark smoke pour from within his mouth seconds later.

Malika had never seen such a thing or heard of such behaviour from a demon but he seemed to be enjoying sucking on the tube enough as it burned green at the other end. As he blew out a ring of thick black smoke he audibly cleared the phlegm from his throat and sighed with relief.

"Tha's much better." Suddenly he turned to face Malika and looked her over, his brows rising approvingly as he did so.

"How did you..." She began but her voice fell to shock as she looked from him to the broken circle and back again.

"Uh?" The imp's eyes had been locked on the great swell of her breasts. He looked back to the circle as if he'd forgotten all about it then to her once more. "Oh that? It was fuckin' cheap magic lady. I wouldn't trust it to hold a damn fish, let alone someone like me."

The imp adjusted his ragged sandy coloured shorts that seemed to be frayed with burn marks before popping the tube back in his mouth and walking over to her. His small clawed feet made little clicking noises on the stone as he did so. She remained laid upon the floor, too shocked at the imp's actions to move. The strands of cloth that covered her nipples had long since fallen away to leave her completely topless. Her lower half was still covered by the translucent fabric that hung from the ribbons about her waist and the way she laid on her front with her well rounded ass slightly lifted in the air was highly appealing.

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