tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Defiled Temple Ch. 06

The Defiled Temple Ch. 06


The sorceress and her thrall both lazily slid out of the bed. Malika lifted Pugward up to sit on her shoulders and they descended through the temple toward the baths. As they passed some of the doors to the sisters' chambers they heard the soft moans and an occasional squeal of delight that showed they weren't the only ones enjoying themselves. Once they descended to the lower levels they found the temple to be mostly silent with all the apprentices long since having retired to bed.

Pugward's spell to heat the water and fill it with frothing bubbles had not faded since he had cast it the previous day. From the evidence of the few discarded robes littered about the place it seemed they weren't the only ones to have made use of it again since the orgy.

For the moment they were alone it seemed so Malika lifted Pugward from her shoulders and let him wrap his arms about her neck as he sank into the water. His long gangly limbs weren't really made for swimming after all. That large pale green length slipped comfortably up between her large roung breasts and the imp groaned at the sensation of her soft skin pressed up against him.

"So what do you have planned for tomorrow Pugward?" She asked as he began shifting his green posterior to slide his cock up and down inside her expansive cleavage.

"Ooooh, I dunno boss. We ain't finished fixin' this place up yet an' that'll take a few days. Then we gots ta go find a town nearby that's willin' to trade with us 'fore we run outta eats. I mean you ain't gonna be up for just stealin' it like Eluria used to right?" She began to wash him as he pleasured himself, he barely seemed to notice.

"No, I'd rather not. Couldn't we grow our own? Or summon some magically?" She wasn't exactly versed in how the sisterhood had provided her with the sparse meals she'd gotten during her years as an apprentice.

"Well maybe when the girls figure out how ta use their own magicka, sure. Right now though? Well they'd probably die o' hunger before they figured it out an' you really don't wanna eat anythin' that I make. Y'see my magic is a little skewed from all that time in the dark realms. I could make a fire to boil some stew sure enough but if I just popped da stew inta existence it'd be pretty shitty to eat. Prolly poisonous too."

"I had heard that demonic magic was tainted in such a way." Malika frowned, for someone who just wanted some peace and quiet she certainly had to solve more than her fair share of problems.

"Yeah, we're more into da crush, kill 'n destroy sorta lifestyle. Healin' an' feedin' ain't really my strong suit." He happily leaned into her hand as she scratched behind his large ears.

"Well you have other strong suits Pugward." She reassured him and set a soft kiss from those plump lips on his brow.

He looked up at her with a toothy yellow grin.

"Thanks babe. 'Sides I can teach you an' the rest of 'em how to do that crap in a few months. We just gotta get by 'till then. So I say we go look for a town an' strike up a deal. You got enough gold to buy the fuckin' country anyhoo an' that'll usually seal any deal. Now am I clean enough yet? This boner could level a damn building." He complained leading them to both look down at the bulbous tip of his shaft popping up between her meaty tits.

"Well I'm not sure. I think I got most of the grime off of you but I don't think you're quite done yet." She chided him with a barely suppressed giggle and a scintillating glint in her crimson eyes.

"Aw c'mon boss, I mean we've been in for like five minutes already! Lets go back upstairs so I can play with yer tits some more huh?" He suggested, not quite catching the suggestiveness in Malika's tone.

"No, I'm sorry Pugward but we need to get you cleaned up properly first." She told him as she slipped up to the side of the pool and lifted him up to sit on the edge. His cock waved about lewdly in the air before her eyes.

"For fuck sake Sugar Tits, I ain't gettin' any cleaner unless ya..." Pugward never got to tell her about washing machine's however as Malika lowered her mouth over his cock and sucked him between her lips.

The imp cursed in some strange language as she took him in inch by inch until her lips were wrapped about the base of his cock and her nose was nestled against his green flesh. The sight of the gorgeous creamy skinned, raven haired woman sucking him so hungrily caught him off guard and he nearly sent his thick black gunk gushing down her throat right then.

Closing his eyes tightly and concentrating on holding back, he somehowmanaged to keep his calm. He felt her sucking mouth slide back up to the tip of his length where her wet pink tongue swirled delicately about his bulbous tip.

"Ooooh shit boss, ya really are getting' fuckin' good at that." The imp exclaimed as his long spidery fingers entwined in her silky smooth hair.

Her dark crimson hued eyes looked up to him and her mouth opened to show him the lewd sight of his cock resting on her wet tongue. Slowly, she started licking at that sweet spot under his swollen helmet. The imp grinned down at her, his thick meat twitching against her tongue before she planted a gentle kiss on the tip and then moved to his side so she could pull herself out of the pool.

Pugward untangled his fingers from her hair and watched the gorgeous woman move to sit on the edge of the pool next to him, all that crystalline water poured over her ivory skin along those stunning curves. He moved to grab hold of those giant tits but before he could she slapped his hand away playfully.

"Hey what gives? I...Oi!" He complained as she picked him up and pushed him backwards to land on his back on the hard floor with his hard cock pointing at the ceiling.

Before he could summon the will to get angery Malika made it up to him. A feminine twitter of laughter filled the large room as the busty sorceress raised herself to stand. Quickly, she placed a foot on either side of her demonic cohort giving him a stunning view of her pink slit above his head. Then she descended, her knees spreading apart as she crouched down, her hot pussy descending towards his pulsing member. Pugward's expression turned from mildly annoyed to positively gleeful and he guided his cock up to slide smoothly into her tight slippery sheath as she settled against him. A soft husky moan escaped her lips as she was steadily impaled upon his hard length and she felt herself filled once again by the amorous imp.

Pugward eagerly reached up and cupped her heaving tits in his hands making Malika draw in her breath in a hiss of desire. Once she was filled entirely with his cock she rolled her hips slightly and opened her eyes to look down at him, the corner of her mouth curving up in a seductive smirk. She sucked her lower lip between her teeth to nibble upon. Pugward felt the sticky sweet juices from her delicious cunt begin to drip down over his balls and soon enough she started to bounce up and down upon him.

"Oooh yeah Sugar Tits that's the stuff right there." And indeed it was as Malika had never looked as incredible to him as she did when getting fucked by his cock.

Her large tits jiggled with every thrust, slapping together every time she slipped him completely inside her pussy. Her hands lifted to slide over his as he grasped those incredible melon sized boobs and encouraged him to squeeze and play all he liked. When he lightly pinched her sensitive nipples with his fingertips she screamed his name loudly and her pussy clenched tightly around his cock before bathing his balls in her juices.

"I love your cock Pugward!" She professed to him at the height of her orgasm.

"My cock loves ya right back babe!" Pugward grunted as he too could no longer hold back and sent a thick spurt of cum gushing through her slippery pussy.

The feel of his hot gunk inside her made her sigh with a naughty smile as her tongue licked over her lips and she looked down at him, her eyes glimmering with scarlet lust.

Once he had finished she lifted herself up to let his cock slip out of her with a wet sucking noise and hesitated only for a moment before reaching down between them and moving the tip to slip between the cheeks of her ass.

"Ooooh, you sure boss?" Pugward felt his cock apply pressure against her tightest hole.

The stunning female answered him by letting out a long breath and slowly pushing him against her asshole. For a few seconds it seemed like there was no chance of it fitting until finally with a determined little shove she managed to push the very tip of his cock up inside her. When she felt him slip inside her bottom and spread her wide open she felt the imps hands lower from her tits to rest across her thighs.

Slowly, so very slowly, he pushed himself upwards and took away his mistress' breath. Inch by inch he slipped up into her ass, stopping only once when she pushed her hands down onto his narrow chest and squeezed. Her eyes closed tightly together and she let out a litte whimper. They stilled their movements as Malika adjusted to the thick length probing her behind. Then he started once again when he felt her fingers relax their grip and her hips began to swivel in little circles. The beautiful woman felt the most intense sensation she'd ever experienced. At times it was almost painful but Pugward seemed to know what he was doing. That long tongue of his slipped out from his mouth and down over his body until she felt it slowly flicking over her clit with quick wet strokes. That little move started her ass instinctively moving in short sharp little fucking motions that slid more of him inside her. Soon enough Malika finally found herself sat on the imp's lap with his cock buried to the balls in her ass.

"Oh...oh Pugward. This is very different." She said between sharp breaths, unsure whether or not she was enjoying herself right then. Having her tight ass invaded so deeply and spread enough to allow all of the imp's girth was not exactly comfortable. Yet there was something she felt building deep inside her. The wonderful things his tongue was doing to her pusse helped matters and that dark sensation at her core soon began to build.

The imp wasn't about to stop and she felt him make a few tiny thrusts into the deepest parts of her bottom before she felt her pain fade leaving her to experience the breathtaking sensation. She quickly went with it and began to match his thrusts, taking him wholly inside her ass each time.

"I think...I think I could get used to this." She looked down at the imp once more and got an approving if slightly dirty grin in response.

The foul mouthed creature's long serpentine tongue left her pussy and slid back into his mouth. Her hands lifted from his chest to grasp her spread knees.

"Fuckin' hell I love watchin' those big 'ol titties o' yours slappin' togetha boss." His gravely voice spurred her on and she slammed his cock deep into her ass.

"Is my ass n-nice?" Malika almost bit her lip trying to get the words out whilst she rode him like a wild woman.

"Oh baby it's da best! Ya gonna cum hard for 'ol Pugward?"

"Oh yes! Yes!"

Pugwards grip tightened on her smooth taut thighs and as she felt the first wave of her climax wash over her she almost forgot to keep fucking him. Luckily Pugward had thought ahead and he used his new leverage to thrust himself up into her tight bum again and again as she shuddered and gasped. Malika felt as if her breath had been stolen as the intense feeling of her anal orgasm ripped through her and when she found noise coming from her throat again she threw her head back and screamed louder than she ever had before. Her pussy gushed her sweet sticky juices all over Pugward's green chest and the imp soon couldn't hold out any longer. The feel of his hot black cum erupting deep inside her bottom immediately left her gasping for air once more, her body spasming with feeings that were unheard of.

Then everthing went black.

A few moments later when Malika's eyes opened and the world came back into view she found herself lying on her back on the floor of the baths. One of her arms had fallen into the bubbling water of the great pool beside her. Her entire body felt pleasantly numb and she heard the wet sucking noises coming from between her legs before she felt Pugward's tongue deep inside her pussy licking up the remnants of her climax. As the feeling came back into her body heat suddenly flooded her and she felt a minor orgasm send a shiver along her skin as she stirred. Pugward gave her pussy a long final wet kiss before his head popped up from between her thighs. She offered a lazy smile as she rolled her hips one final time for his viewing pleasure.

"Mmmm, that was very nice Pugward." She reached down andpulled him up into her arms.

"Hoped ya'd like it boss." The imp told her as she held him between her soft round tits.

"Lets go to bed." She finally said when she was certain she'd be able to stand.

Although she walked slightly oddly on her way back upstairs she was very glad she'd allowed him take her ass. It wasn't like normal sex and she wouldn't like to do it every day but it certainly was an interesting and rather intense experience.

They arrived back in the bedroom to find the other girls asleep on the bed. Even Eluria had curled up at the bottom and was snoozing soundly like a content kitten. Malika set Pugward down and crawled up onto Shanti's arms, the dark skinned girl embraced her lover fondly and they both waited for Pugward to slip between them before falling asleep.

The next morning Malika awoke to find herself looking at Pugward's very pleased features. He relaxed back upon a pillow on the bed beside her with the elf girl, Sirillia, on all fours before him hungrily sucking on his cock. She thought that explained the wet sucking noises in the room but as her senses came to her she realised that Shanti was also practicing her oral skills on her own pussy. What's more because of Shanti's tongue Malika's first sensation of the day was a rather intense orgasm that had her fingers digging into the bed sheets.

"See? It's way better doin' it that way." Pugward told Shanti.

"What way?" Malika asked, still somewhat dreamy after her sleep and her orgasm.

"Pugward's teaching me how to lick pussy like he does." Shanti lifted her head from between Malika's spread thighs and smiled at the sorceress. Her lips were glistening with Malika's juices.

"Just givin' a few pointers." Pugward said rather modestly. His hands were planted upon the sheets at either side of him giving him some leverage to thrust his hips up and shove his cock into the girl's mouth each time she bobbed her head between his legs. "Oh fuck yeah, that's the stuff right there. You are a born cock sucker girl."

The beautiful elf took that as a compliment and started bobbing her head faster, eventually causing Pugward to grunt and pour a few streams of cum down her throat. Once he was finished Sirillia slurped her lips up from the base of the cock to finally release the tip with a wet 'pop' and smile at Pugward after gulping down the last drop of his dark seed.

"Thank you Pugward. It is good to know my efforts are well spent." She told him with a teasing wiggle of her eyebrows.

Pugward, who had flopped sideways to land with his head resting on Malika's arm was currently trying to catch his breath. Right then all he could manage was to give the girl a thumb up. She laughed musically and winked at Malika.

- - - - -

The day began much as it had done the day before. There was still much work to do for everyone including Malika. The morning was spent with her demon as he dominated the minds of the former sorceresses as he had done to Eluria. For her part Malika didn't like the idea of keeping the sisterhood around but they couldn't be simply turned out into the world to die or worse, to live and seek revenge. So instead they would stay in the temple to serve the apprentices. At first she wasn't certain how this idea would be taken. Shanti had warned that enslaving the former evil sorceresses and putting them in the hands of their victims would not be a good idea. Not if Malika didn't want their new slaves harmed at least.

It turned out she needn't have worried as the girls tended to avoid their new servants if they could. The exception was the bald elf girl with skin the colour of the night who seemed to enjoy 'playing' with the sisters. This often included making them dance naked in the main hall at dinner times, having them serve as living statues in the halls in various rather lewd poses or outright having them pleasure her on the spot. Since she wasn't physically harming them Malika allowed it although she kept a close eye on the dark elf to make sure it didn't go any further. Pugward told her not to worry about it so much.

After their first week was over it was becoming clear that they would soon need to venture out into the world to find a village or town to trade with. Their food supplies would only last for two more weeks and the sorceress didn't want her friends starving. She found Pugward busying himself in the library preparing a number of books to start teaching the apprentices the rudiments of magic. Judging from the slurping noises coming from beneath the desk he was seated at she guessed one of the apprentices was showing her appreciation for all his hard work.

"Hello Pugward, I was thinking we might set out to one of the outlying towns before noon." She moved to perch her firm bottom on the table he was seated at.

"Sure thing Luscious Lips." Pugward agreed, those small dark eyes rising from the text he'd been reading to look her over.

Beneath the desk the sucking noises continued despite Malika's presence although a hand she recognised as Shanti's appeared beside Pugward from beneath the table and waved.

Malika had a hard time subduing a laugh at the gesture.

"So what do you recommend we take with us?" Having little experience in the outside world other than what she'd read of adventurer's travels, Malika was left to look to the imp for advice.

"Well we should prolly take Eluria. I'm gonna need somethin' ta ride on. Oh an' some snacks for da road. Nearest town's only about a day's walk from 'ere. Oh an' remember ta dress warm." He told her in a motherly fashion before letting his head loll backwards and groaning softly before sending a few gulps of demonic cum down Shanti's throat.

Since she was done with the imp Shanti slipped from under the table and smiled at Malika, a thick drop of Pugward's black goo dripped from the corner of her mouth. The busty sorceress smiled at her lover and walked over to lick up the stray drop and kiss Shanti on the lips.

"Ya could come along too toots." Pugward said as he turned his narrow face to Shanti. "Da boss always thinks better with ya around."

Shanti shrugged her shoulders absently after easing back from Malika's lips. She wore the dark robe that Pugward had made for her and little else underneath.

"I'd like that Shanti, but it's your descision." Malika told her lover.

"Sure, I suppose it will be interesting." The blonde haired woman agreed.

Less than thirty minutes later they all met up in the hall, many of the apprentices had assembled to see what was going on. They found Pugward standing by the great double doors looking at Eluria critically. The naked purple haired woman seemed slightly distressed. He had her bent over at the waist with her ass stuck up in the air and her arms hanging down toward the floor. Over her back he had slung a saddle suitable for holding two humans and the woman's legs were wobbling slightly trying to stay upright like he'd told her to.

"Pugward we can't make her go the whole journey like that. She'll be falling over every five minutes and she'll probably freeze within an hour." Malika scolded her demon as she emerged from the crowd with Shanti.

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