tagFirst TimeThe Deflowering of a Daughter Ch. 01

The Deflowering of a Daughter Ch. 01

byStardog Champion©

The last thing Lindsey Carlson pictured in her mind when she found out her Mom and Dad had planned a family vacation to Las Vegas was that, two days into it, she would find herself sitting in the passenger seat of the family's pale blue mini-van, riding south through the ungodly desolate Nevada desert. Having turned 18 a few weeks before her high school graduation in the Spring, Lindsey had looked forward to a week's worth of slot machines, Vegas shows and celebrity spotting, all on her parent's bill, before starting college in the Fall.

Why on Earth her Mother had dragged her out of bed, to be on the road by 9 am that morning, her Mother had kept a secret. Just like with most girl's her age, idle chatter was something that could often be pained between Lindsey and her Mom. But with nothing but the hum on the vehicle's tires droning continuously on the dusty expanse of asphalt to fill the silence, eventually the two were forced to make small talk.

"I could be at the poker tables right now," Lindsey groaned.

"Yeah...blowing your entire allowance for your first year at school," Joyce Carlson sarcastically snapped back to her Daughter.

Still, Lindsey detected an underlying unease in her Mother's demeanor, despite Joyce's usual snide snippiness. Lindsey could also see the way her Mother's knuckles whitened around the steering wheel as she gripped it, and that only heightened Lindsey's unease as they traveled on.

"You're not going to sell me to some underground black market bride service are you?" Lindsey joked, hoping to illicit any new hint of detail.

"I wish me and your Dad had thought of that," Joyce cracked. "Would have certainly benefited our retirement fund more than having to pay for your tuition for the next four years."

Finally, Joyce exhaled about an hour into their trek when she noticed the exit sign she'd been looking for. Making the right off the highway, Joyce glanced over and saw a ranch house off in the distance, the only thing in fact along the late morning, rural Nevada skyline.

Sensing her Daughter's curiosity and dread when Lindsey too noticed the only thing in the area really to be seen, Joyce slowed the van and said, "We're almost there."

"If I was a few years younger, I'd think you're either sending me to some out of the way boarding school...or your simply bringing me out here to kill me and hope those people from CSI might find me one of these days after the vultures have picked my bones," Lindsey croaked, her eyes focusing on the approaching driveway to the ranch house's property.

"You might want to do the latter to me after we're done out here," Joyce cryptically replied.

The steady and predictable hum of the tires on the hard pavement gave way to the grinding sound gravel being crunched below when Joyce turned off the main road, into the driveway. Scanning her eyes for any sign of life around the house off in the distance, Lindsey tried to make out the inscription on the sign near the front porch.

"Juanita's Stud Farm," she swore it read.

"It says it's a stud farm Mom... what...are you buying me a horse...that's not exactly gonna fly with the home owner's association," Lindsey chided. "Besides...you're a little late...I think I asked for one back when I was 5 didn't I?"

A steady silence descended upon the two women as they approached the modest wooden structure. From the front it appeared the place was abandoned, but it wasn't until they continued down the driveway and disappeared behind the house that they saw approximately two dozen other cars, many with out of state license plates, and not a horse or anything that would make the desolate patch of land a farm, anywhere to be seen.

"Well...we're here," Joyce said after putting the van's gear in park and switching off the ignition.

"We're where?" Lindsey again groused, noticing her Mom checking her face and hair in the rear view as if appearances somehow mattered where they were.

"I'll tell you once we're inside," Joyce offered after a long drink from her bottle of water.

"I just hope you wore clean underwear," she added wryly.

"RRGGHH," Lindsey muttered, pushing her passenger side door open and stepping from the cool comfort of the air conditioned van out into the unbearable midday Nevada heat.


Now came the moment of truth that Joyce Carlson had dreaded since hatching the plan several weeks earlier. Being a few sheets into the wind earlier that Summer, checking out sites to see on the web for the family's upcoming trip to Vegas, Joyce had stumbled upon a website for a place that sparked her interest, initially in a rather selfish way. After surveying the site for the better part of a half hour, a slightly more altruistic idea entered Joyce's mind.

In the sober light of day, walking side by side with her Daughter up a dusty gravel driveway under the baking desert sun however, Joyce's plan didn't seem quite so simple. In lieu of anymore adequate BS responses for her Daughter's understandable trepidation, she finally realized the truth would have to do.

Keeping her voice lowered to a hush as they walked towards the big house, Joyce explained to her Daughter what she'd set up.

"Remember about 4 years ago when we came to Las Vegas last time, right before your brother Mark started college?" Joyce began.

"Yeah," Lindsey nodded.

"Well...your Father...unrenowned to me until well after the fact... stole away with Mark one afternoon and took him out to some place outside of the city...and bought a hooker for him...some kind of stupid family tradition he said," Joyce rambled, praying Lindsey would see the logic of what she was trying to hint at without her actually having to say it.

"Well...part of me was horrified he'd do something like...much less without talking to me first...and part of me was mad he went through the trouble of telling me...that could have been much better just left unsaid and I could have gone on completely unaware. Well I guess I didn't think it was fair only the Carlson men got to live out that type of tradition...so I...kind of...well...thought...I...," Joyce's voice trailed off.

"...So you brought me out to a brothel...to a male brothel?" Lindsey mouthed incredulously. "And Dad knew about this?"

"NO...NO...I...just...there was no way I could tell him...this is just our secret?" Joyce quickly replied.

"And here I am thinking the whole time you were dragging me down to the Hoover Dam or something," Lindsey quipped.

"So Lindsey honey...now that we're here and you know...well know why...do you want to go through with it...I mean we could just turn around...and...and...go...back?" Joyce stammered.

The two women continued standing there looking at the front door as Joyce's final query hung in the stagnant, dry air.


Somehow, they found their way onto the front porch.

Still punch-drunk from her Mother's embarrassed explanation of why they had driven out to the middle of nowhere, Lindsey swallowed hard as she walked through the front door of the establishment and into the gaudily decorated living room/lobby.

Lindsey instantly knew she was out of her element. Still a virgin, an honor student and a twelve year veteran of her church choir, her entire body tensed and her insides coiled around themselves as her and her equally as cautious Mother made their way across the room to the smiling older lady there to greet them.

"You must be Joyce," the proprietor of the brothel beamed as she approached the two Carlson women.

"Yes...yes I am," Joyce chimed nervously.

"Well I'm Juanita and I'm so glad you could make it out here," the warm, friendly and voluptuous woman with long flowing, dyed red hair and more than a modest amount of makeup introduced herself.

"Mother and Daughter," the late 50ish madam grinned in her best hostess voice.

"...Yes...," Joyce laughed a little defensively looking over at Lindsey. "But today is just for her."

"Don't worry little lady...we're gonna fix you up right...you're lucky to have a Momma as open minded as her...men have been doing this for years...time us girls had a little fun too...right?" Juanita chuckled.

Lindsey felt faint as the surreality of her situation gradually sunk in.

"Can I get you a glass of water?" Juanita asked, quickly sensing the young, innocent looking girl's queer state.

"No...but thanks...I'll be alright...this was all kind of just sprung on me a few minutes ago," Lindsey's dryly spat in the direction of her Mother.

"Well...there's no hurry at all...we take things kind of slow around here," Juanita sighed. "We have a couple of different options...we can get all the fellows together in one room and have you mingle with them until you've made your choice...or if that would be too awkward for you...I have a catalogue over on my desk with pictures and profiles of all the guys and you can pick from it."

While the sordid thought of mingling all by herself in a roomful of poon-hungry men appealed to Lindsey on some very deep, private level, she knew she simply wouldn't be able to keep her wits in such an overwhelming situation.

"I think we'll look through the catalogue," she shyly responded.

"So are you really ready to go through with this," Joyce Carlson asked her Daughter, in the soberest of Motherly tones while Juanita went to retrieve the book.

"Since all of this is some crazy whacked out dream anyway, why not," Lindsey quipped in an equally sober and very mature voice.

The catalogue was nothing more than a cobbled together photo album with around 20 pages in it, each one with a series of glamour shot type photos of each man and some of his interests and specialties. The men seemed to range from college aged boys to several sophisticated men in their late 40's or 50's. Nearly every ethnicity and race was represented, but all the men seemed to be rather handsome, clean cut, tall and lean.

"Little something here for everyone huh," Joyce's voice cracked, her palms, just like her Daughter's getting slightly damp as they flipped through the pages.

"Let's go with him," Joyce suggested, pointing out a ruggedly handsome man in his late 30's.

"I don't know...the guy a few pages back was pretty cute," Lindsey said softly, flipping back to a frat boy type guy in his early 20's with curly blonde hair.

"You could get hundreds of guys like that at college Lindsey, but you'd be so drunk on the sofa at a party you wouldn't remember anything except for the headache and the STD the next morning...let's go with someone who'll treat you a little better than that...I still like the other guy I showed you," her Mother chided.

"He's old enough to almost be Dad's age," Lindsey lamented.

"Yeah...but your Dad doesn't look anything like that," Joyce replied, bringing a shared girlish giggle out of each. "This guy could be the Marlboro Man if you out a cowboy hat on him."

"I don't know," Lindsey continued to vacillate.

"Are we having any luck?" Juanita said as she eased back over.

"So tell me...what do I do when I get in the room?" Lindsey asked sheepishly while flipping through several more profiles.

"Whatever you want young lady...which ever guy you choose...he's there for you...He'll do anything you ask of him," Juanita smiled reassuringly.

"Well...," the teenage girl started. "Mom seems to know which one she wants...guess I'll have to trust her judgment... So what do we do now?"

"Ah...Geoffrey," the matronly madam noted the profile Joyce Carlson had picked out. "He's a fine choice...he's down waiting in Room 16...down the hall near the end on the right...just head down there whenever you're ready...I'll call him on the intercom and tell him to be expecting you."

"Geoffrey," Lindsey repeated to herself, blushing visibly with embarrassment and anticipation.

As she turned and began walking down the plushly carpeted hallway, Lindsey stole a quick glance backwards and struggled to sustain eye contact with her Mom and Juanita as they watched her slip away. Somehow, Lindsey knew that the last 'goodbye' she would share in the coming weeks when her parents dropped her off at her freshman dorm at college was going to be tough. The fact that that same type of moment was playing out now at a desert brothel as she walked down the hallway to have her virginity taken by a complete stranger, with her Mother's blessing, gave Lindsey a fizzing sensation deep into the marrow of her bones.

Her head swirling with so much muddled confusion, Lindsey paid almost no attention to the rooms she slowly passed and the occasional sounds of sex that filtered through the walls. Her heart leaped into her throat however when she looked up and realized she had made it down to Room 16.

After staring at the closed door for more than a couple of deep breaths, with numb fingertips Lindsey somehow managed to turn the knob and push it open. Laying before her was a glorified hotel room, with dark shag carpet, several gawdy wall hangings, candles and incense burning and in the center of the room, a rather large bed with satiny royal lavender sheets. Right beside the bed stood a shirtless man, about 6'2" with his arms crossed and a gentle, warm and peaceful gleam in his green eyes.

"Hi there...my name is Geoff," he offered.

"H...Hi...I'm Lindsey," the 18 year old scuttled a response as she melted under the weight of the stranger's velvet gaze.

"He seems so calm...so friendly...so normal," Lindsey internally noted, despite her bookwormish looks and demeanor, not too naive to know what went on in those rooms and more to the point, what Geoff had been hired to do to her.

Still, Lindsey couldn't help feeling drawn to him with his smooth fatherly warmth, his broad shoulders and the salt and peppering of his neatly trimmed hair. Her knees trembled even more when she measured the patient gait he began walking towards her with.

Standing statue still as Geoff approached, the cologne he was wearing began to fill Lindsey's airways and she couldn't help allowing her eyes to scan the contours of the older man's muscular arms and chest.

"Are you the one whose Mother brought her in?" he asked inquisitively. "And you're a virgin?"

"Yes," Lindsey bowed her head. "All these years of telling me to be a good girl and save it for marriage...and look where I am right now."

"Kind of ironic huh," she laughed, breaking slightly, the obvious tension in the room.

"Yes...yes it is," Geoff smiled widely, impressed immediately with the young girl's presence and humor in such a difficult and awkward situation.

"It's certainly a different way to do it," Geoff added. "Most girls from what I've heard don't have the best memory when it comes to losing it...at least this bed is a little more roomy than the back seat of a car or in the gravel under the bleachers."

So absorbed by Geoff's tender mann4er, Lindsey hadn't realized just how close he had gotten to her until she felt the back of his fingers come to rest on her right temple. Her knees buckling, a meek sigh seeped from her lips when Geoff gently brushed his hand down the side of her cheek.

Her body going limp as he towered above her, Geoff was sure he could see moisture glimmering in Lindsey's brown eyes. Sensing her quick and unconditional surrender, Geoff leaned in and kissed her softly, first on the shoulder, then on the collarbone before brushing his lips up her neck until Lindsey was fighting to couple her lips with his.

Their bodies melded together when their lips finally met, nothing else in the world mattered at that moment for Lindsey as she fought to return the older man's warm and probing kisses. Her skin sizzling each time he brushed his fingertips up and down her arm, Lindsey's entire body shuddered and she let out a passionate yelp when Geoff reached his hand up to her chest and boldly began squeezing her breasts.

"Second base," Lindsey dazedly thought, her knees knocking against his, knowing in a few brief moments with Geoff she had already gone further than she ever had with a guy.


This was what Geoffry Stubblefield lived for. Twice married, with two teenage sons he was paying an ungodly amount of child support on, at least he could say he enjoyed his job. Having worked a good many years as a bit part actor and model in California in the late 80's and early 90's, Geoff had moved to Las Vegas after his second divorce and kept his head above water in the hospitality industry. When he came across an ad in an underground newspaper a few years earlier looking for men to work at a brothel catering to women, Geoff couldnt resist at least giving it a shot.

He had been working at Juanita's for almost three years, and while he did have to put his skills as a trained actor to work with some of the less attractive clients that paid for his services, what he was experiencing with Lindsey made the job way more than worth it.

Geoff had immediately sniffed Lindsey's sexual hesitancy from the instant she walked into the room. By the time he had earned her trust and had her caressed in his warm embrace however, he could tell she would do anything he was going to ask of her.

His cock hardening inside his lounging pants, pressing outwards against Lindsey's belly, Geoff inhaled the teenage girl's soft, feminine scent as he gracefully allowed his lips to roam over her cheek, neck and earlobe.

"I'm going to undress you, Lindsey," Geoff's warm breath drifted into her ear.

"...Please...," her voice trailed off.

Gently removing his left hand from Lindsey's breast, Geoff squeezed both hands around each of the young girl's arms, helping her raise them high above her head so he could remove her shirt.

Paying special care to take his time, Geoff patiently allowed Lindsey to get comfortable with each stage of her undressing, keeping his gaze focused on her reactions as she seemed to morph from a child to a woman right in front of his eyes.

Standing there with only her navy blue bra covering her chest, Lindsey watched as Geoff playfully rolled her shirt in his hands before tossing it aside. She then mewed like a kitten when he eased his fingers up to her pale white shoulder and teasingly slipped one of them underneath her thin bra strap.

"Casino tan," Geoff grinned.

"Yeah...I burn real easy so I try to stay out of the sun," Lindsey managed a smile as Geoff suddenly lowered himself down on one knee in front of her.

With the coolness that came with complete ownership of Lindsey's body, Geoff reached out and grabbed the clasp of the swaying girl's jeans. Unsnapping them quickly, in one fell swoop Geoff pulled the teenager's pants down to her feet, leaving her in nothing but her bra and moistened panties. In one fluid motion as he stood up, Geoff scooped Lindsey's petite and half naked body up, turned, and carried her to the bed behind him as she cuddled sheepishly in his arms.


Lindsey's senses crackled with excitement looking up at Geoff's face as he deposited her down on the bed. Clad only in her underwear, Lindsey felt an instinctive twinge to cover to body, but the warmth and intent in Geoff's eyes kept her hands at her side. She couldn't help in that moment of gazing up at him standing above her what his family was like. Did he have a wife or a girlfriend, kids of his own, heaven forbid a daughter close to her age? How many other girls like her, had he done this with?

Feeling a heated blush spread from head to toe as Geoff stared down, as if examaning her, Lindsey's body began twisting slightly side to side on the sheets in a primal and silent beckon.

Every bit the naive and cautious virgin, Lindsey bit down on her lower lip and tensed when Geoff began to lean down on top of her. By the time his lips had met hers once again, she was on fire underneath him. Her body lurching and squirming to meet every move he made, as Geoff traced his mouth slowly down her cheekbone to her neck, she looked in his hungry eyes and realized he was going to kiss every square inch of her nearly naked frame.

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