tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Degrading of Trina Ch. 01

The Degrading of Trina Ch. 01


Trina's friend Kendra returned to the apartment late afternoon Sunday evening, having been out overnight, catching up with some of her other old school pals. The two girls had planned dinner together earlier in the week, before Kendra vacated the sofa-bed she had been sleeping on while visiting town, so she scouted around to see if her host was in. 'Trina? Trina?' No response. She rapped on the bedroom door. 'Trina, you there?'

The vaguest of confirmatory grunts came from the other side of the door. Kendra peered tentatively inside. The drapes were drawn, the room in near-darkness. Trina must've had quite some Saturday night, she thought. The all-day hangover was something she could personally only recall from her student days. She ventured inside, but almost backed out again at the indefinable, acrid stink that filled her nostrils. A huddled shape lay on top of the still intact bed covers. Kendra approached cautiously to check on her roommate. 'Hey Trina, you okay?'

It seemed all Trina could do to raise herself an inch from the bed and fuzzily inquire 'Wha...?' Kendra came close, still balking at the weirdly unpleasant smell, and risked switching on the bedside light. She gasped aloud at what she saw, her jaw remaining dropped for some seconds, while her eyes goggled in disbelief. 'Jesus Christ!' she finally exclaimed, having soaked up the astonishing scene of mortified humanity that lay before her. 'Trina, what... what the fuck HAPPENED to you last night?


Trina was a slut and she knew it. None of her work colleagues did, nor her friends, even those as close as Kendra. Miss Respectable by day, Trina had kept hidden from all her night-time obsession with porn; not your tame couples variety, no - hard nasty shit, from people who knew how to make it. Stuff where women got used like meat, by perverts who loved their work. No one knew. Nor did anyone know about the late-night anonymous phone sex, where Trina encouraged horned-up strangers to abuse her in their fantasies, till she was subjected to their onslaughts of verbal filth, rubbing herself frantically all the while, coming like a crazy-woman.

No one knew that Trina had moved on from solo fantasy. That she had begun to seek out the real deal, overcoming her initial fears to go out picking up random guys in seedy bars, so she could suck them, fuck them, and become prey to their deep-seated lusts. Within the last couple of months she had been fingered sitting at the bar by the guy buying her drinks, before he had taken her outside and boned her over the back of his car. She had sucked off three separate guys in men's rooms. She had experienced her first and second threesomes, accompanying sex-hungry pairs of strangers to wherever they chose, so they could work her over. It made her feel cheap, guilty and wildly excited all at the same time, and it was escalating. Her dirty thrills did not satisfy her perverse urges, they just inflamed them all the more.

That Saturday night she walked into Brannigan's bar for the third time in as many weeks, primed to snag two of the dirtiest guys she could find, and hand herself over to their tender care. Hell, she thought recklessly, maybe she would go back with three tonight. Wouldn't that be something? The usual thrill of danger ran through her body as she entered. Brannigan's was a dimly-lit, no-frills guys' bar, where blue-collar workers knocked back beers and whiskey, and let off steam after the working week. What few girls accompanied them knew their place at their guys' sides in this male environment. And then here was Trina, cranking up the slut-factor for effect - strolling up to the bar with every eye fixed on her.

Her petite frame was clad in a black halter mini-dress, with a violently plunging neckline, showing off the considerable cleavage between her 34D breasts. The back was plunging too, almost to the crack of her ass, showing off her happily bra-less condition along the way. Her black strapped heels pushed her some inches above her 5'3", helping display the curves of her legs, all the way up to the dress's perilously high hem-line. A clinging strip of red thong underneath was her one negligible nod to modesty. Her blonde hair danced freely about her shoulders, while her face was decked out in dark mascara and eye-liner, and pouting scarlet lipstick. No ambiguity. She knew, and she knew every guy knew, that she was out to get fucked that night, and the thought made her cream her thong.

Trina had her routine down to a science by now. Cheeky flirtation with the barman as she purchased a beer, casting a glance both ways down the bar, to see which guys were propping it up. A teasing smile to all who caught her eye, promising much to each one, but keeping her options open. Then a slow saunter to the duke box, surveying all the - mostly male - denizens of the bar. Cheerfully deflecting comments thrown her way as she passed, always looking for the hotter guy. A quarter taken from her purse and fed into the machine, to produce the opening bars of a raunchy rock number. Swigging casually from the neck of her beer, then closing her eyes and throwing her head back slightly, as she swayed just a little to the music. Further study of the bar's inhabitants as she continued to dance - the guys circling the pool table, pretending not to look at her, the buddies eyeing her over their drinks at a nearby table, the young stud trying to check her out over his girlfriend's shoulder. She could stay here, or do what she did last time - give some lucky dude a good time on premises, but away from the rest of the crowd, and move on to some other place with even better prospects. The night was young.

He passed her on his way to the men's room, delivering her a knowing look, and she made up her mind instantly. The guy was late twenties, she thought, around her age, tall and clean-shaven, with short dark hair and a great smile. Trina had no intention of waiting for him to speak to her on his return. She felt her pussy further spasm as she left the duke box and followed him slyly, tongue already moistening her lips in preparation.

Trina thought she saw a lot on these occasions, but as she disappeared into the men's room, she had no idea of the glances shared by a scattered group of Brannigan's regulars and of the wordless understanding that passed between them. For Trina's performances around the bar on past occasions had been noted - noted and remembered. Now she had returned one more time to parade herself, blind to the nature of the real feelings she had stirred up. It was a guy called Sal, part-time bar-worker at the place and regular customer when not working there, who gave the signal by pushing back his chair and setting down his drink. His move was copied all round the bar, as a group of men left their chairs and moved off with grin intent. Trina's time had come.

Oblivious to the fate that was closing in on her, Trina shut the men's room door behind her and made a little feminine noise in her throat that caught her chosen guy's attention. He turned around from the urinal where he had been about to unzip, and grinned in surprised delight. He was about to speak, but Trina put a finger to her lips, took him smilingly by the hand and led him towards one of the cubicles. Her nipples were hard at the prospect of what she was once more about to do, as the two of them bustled excitedly inside. She gently pushed him up against the wall. Then she reached up and kissed him, feeling his tongue respond enthusiastically to hers, as she ran her hands over the front of his shirt and down towards the belt of his jeans. 'Mmmm, baby,' she whispered in his ear, as she undid the buckle and began to unbutton him, 'I wanna blow you right here in this stall, that okay?'

'Oh fuck yeah,' he responded hoarsely, and she slid down his body on to her knees, from where she continued to unfasten him hurriedly. His thickening cock fell heavily out of his shorts as she dragged them down, and she gobbled it up without missing a beat, loving the sensation of how it swelled in her mouth, as she ravenously sucked the head. He was fully hard in seconds, from the heat of her performance, and she wrenched his pants and shorts further down his legs, so she could massage his full length and knead his balls, as she sucked further inches into her greedy mouth. She could hear him groaning at his own good fortune and could feel his fingers stroking her hair, as she went down on him further, slurping in the greater part of his length.

His hard excitement got her going as well; while working him with one hand, she slipped the other up under her dress and plucked her thong aside, so she could stick two fingers into her slippery hole. A mouthful of stranger's stiff dick in a dirty toilet stall, with the sound in the background of other guys entering the men's room, it made her pussy throb like crazy. She was a slut and this was what sluts enjoyed. She squirmed her tongue lewdly around the bulged head of her guy's cock, staring into his pleasure-suffused face, then she plunged down again, sucking full on his hardness. 'Ohhhhh fuck,' he was hissing through his teeth, as she fellated him with all her self-achieved expertise, inhaling further fat inches into her juicy mouth. She could hear muttering voices from beyond the cubicle door and felt sure they must know what was going on. The thought made her juices flow all the more freely under her busily frigging fingers. Maybe she'd be strolling idly out and past them in a few minutes' time, a trace of cum trickling from the side of her mouth. Yes, she'd like them to see that...

She smoked the cock like it was an addiction (and how far from the truth was that?), willing all that cum to rush boiling from where it brewed in the guy's swollen balls. He was bucking against her now, thrusting himself deeper as his joy approached. Her nipples were hard under her clinging dress, her whole body tense with excitement at his imminent release. She felt his balls clenching in her hand and heard his groans rise sharply in pitch. She co-ordinated it beautifully. Her fingers, crazy on her clit all this while, plunged into her pussy and brought her to a flesh-shivering climax, just as he began to shoot long, luxurious streams of cum into the back of her throat. She moaned in the full rush of orgasm, trying to drink down all his thick essence, but letting some of it spill down her chin, such was the urge for her cock-filled mouth to cry out. She was still shuddering frantically as the guy dribbled his last; then as her body came under control again, she licked him clean and deposited his deflating member back in his shorts.

She rose unsteadily and they leaned smiling at each other against the cubicle wall, both aware from their exchanged glances of the muffled male voices without. 'Your balls all nice and drained, baby?' she asked slyly.

'Oh God yeah,' he responded happily, 'for now at least...' Trina knew he was about to suggest pursuing the evening, but she had other plans, for which she needed a couple of male buddies, so she stopped him with a finger to his lips. 'Let's just leave it like this. Maybe I'll see you here again some night.' He nodded in reluctant agreement, then she looked on as he had the piss he had originally come in for, enjoying the sight of his cock release its strong stream of urine into the bowl. Then he zipped up, grinned again and left her alone in the stall. She took a moment to adjust her soaking thong, then prepared herself to walk brazenly past any guys who had accumulated in the rest-room. God, would she gives these guys the full-beam, as she walked past them. Containing the urge to grin, she swung open the stall door and made to leave.

Trina froze in the doorway, realising in a rush of horror that something was very wrong. Around eight guys, scattered around the men's room, were turning to face her full-on, each of them wearing a severely pissed expression. The nearest was a big-built guy of well over six foot, with short-cropped hair and a torso that bulged out of his check shirt. His bluntly chiselled features were contorted into a mean sneer.

'Where the fuck do you think you're going, bitch?' She stared at him in blank astonishment, her shoulder-bag tumbling to the floor. 'You're not going anywhere. You think you can come in here in your slutty little outfits, pushing your tits in everyone's face and then just walk out again?' Some of the others were contributing their own feelings.

'Fuckin' right she does.'

'Tell her Sal. Tell the bitch.'

'You parade your whore ass round our bar like you own the joint,' Sal was proceeding, 'and then just blow whoever you decide? The fuck you do, bitch. You're gonna learn some fuckin' manners.' He grabbed her by the bottom of her diving neckline and wrenched her tottering out of the stall, bringing her inches from his snarling face. Inside she was screaming in panic; her heart had dropped somewhere into her guts. 'We got a way of dealin' with cock-teasing little sluts like you, ain't that right, boys?' A raucous chorus of agreement, that served to ratchet up the terror with which her mind was reeling. The guy Sal seized her by the hair and pulled, making her gasp aloud. 'On your knees, bitch.' Some shred of spirited anger kept her standing. This was not what she'd come here for. Not like this. She glared back at him, defiantly refusing to kneel.

Whack! His broad hand had let go her hair and smacked her hard across the face, leaving her stunned and smarting. Now he had a tight hold of her hair once more. 'Get on your fucking knees, you dumb bitch, of I'll slap you stupid!' Her spirit and body crumpled, and she found herself back on the floor, staring a second guy that evening in the crotch of his pants.

Sal was bulging already, as he swiftly unfastened his jeans and ripped himself free of his clothing layers. His angry cock sprang out at Trina's face, a fully-pumped nine-inch monster. 'Now what do you do?' She held back. This was way different from back in the stall. Sal cut her no slack. 'Do I have to fucking spell it, bitch? Suck the fucking cock!' She opened up reluctantly and fitted her mouth over the head, around his thick girth. But from there she got no chance to start sucking. Sal took hold of her head firmly with both hands and jammed her all the way down on to his rampant prick, invading her throat to its depths. Her eyes bulged at the mighty surge of thick, hard, choking cock inside her face. He held her there for a moment, helpless and crammed, her nose nearly touching his stomach. 'You like that? Do you? 'Cos you're gonna fuckin' LOVE this!' He raised her nailed head halfway off his dick and began to bang it repeatedly down on to the base of his rock-hard column. She could feel the suction of her constricted vocal tract on that column, could feel its head smacking into her throat, every time he shoved her down. This bastard wasn't going to spare her one iota.

Sal wrenched her off him, thick saliva pouring out of her throat, all over the head of his cock. He let it splatter on to her cleavage for a moment, then he gripped her head, holding it still this time, and re-inserted himself. He thrust himself brutally in and out of her gaping mouth, pounding as deep as he could go, skull-fucking her like an act of vengeance. He went in hard bursts, pulling out sporadically and smacking her around the face once more, paddling her flushed cheeks with the palm of his hand; then he ploughed his cock back in to make her eyes bug once more with its hard piston-action.

Trina's eyes were watering, her mascara starting to run. She was blowing snot-bubbles from her attempts to suck in air through her nose and burbling with saliva-thick incoherence every time the cock withdrew. Her senses were overwhelmed by Sal's violent face-fucking, but she knew this was merely the beginning. The guys were shouting their approval - 'Fuck that bitch's throat! Slap that whore! Fucking make her choke!' - and getting out their own cocks, jacking them hard, getting ready to take their own turn. Her eyes welled with sorrowful tears at the mess in which she had landed herself. Then Sal pulled out like he was done for now. His face was red with excitement and sexual effort. He reached behind her head with both hands and unknotted the halter top, then he ripped the front of the dress down to her waist, so that her big breasts fell out before the gaze of the other men.

'Bitch is all yours, boys, don't be fuckin' nice about it!' And as Sal's hard-cocked buddies crowded around her, full of angry lust, her tears spilled freely down her face.

'Oh God, oh please, oh please don't! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry!' she could hear herself blubbering, as one guy grabbed her hair and wrenched her head back. 'Please no, please let me go!'

There was laughter - hard-edged, mocking laughter, from angry men who forgave nothing. The pony-tailed guy gripping her hair dragged her shuffling forward to meet her other captors. 'Aww, poor sweetheart, didn't know it was gonna get so rough. Wants to leave now. Wants to be all curled up at home.' He drew her up sharply and spat, unexpectedly and copiously into her open mouth. With his other hand he was groping her naked tits, twisting hard on her nipples. 'Well you're going fucking nowhere, bitch. We fucking own your ass!' Then he rubbed his erect cock all over her teary, snot-ridden, mascara-plastered visage. 'You look a fuckin' mess already, baby. I hate to think what you'll look like once this evening's done.'

And then she had four, maybe five hard cocks, slapping her in the face at a time, with occasional gobs of spit splatting into her helpless features, so those prick-heads could slither all the more easily about her glistening forehead, cheeks and chin. It wasn't long before her mouth had another dick shoved inside it, even as she sobbed; this time it was the pony-tailed bastard had a grip on her head and was forcing her down on to it, making her swallow all the inches she was given. 'Fucking suck it, you goddam worthless bitch! It's all you're fucking good for! Suck the fucking dick!' Each guy began to take his first turn, Trina slotted on to one thrusting organ after another and made to take it deep into her gullet. She would gag at each turn, then splutter and wretch as the cock withdrew, sucking in all the air she could and drooling in rivers over her breasts, before she had her face fucked once more. Then she was ordered to jerk guys at the same time, a thick shaft pushed into each hand, so that she could pump it good.

Trina was overwhelmed with what was happening to her. On her knees, hemmed in by those sweaty, beery guys, as they mocked and abused her at every turn, her face and tits slapped when anyone got the chance, her face spat on, then her mouth plugged again. Rigid cock squelched in the back of her throat, while in her hands foreskin slid back and forth over those blood-engorged columns, so she could feel every contour, every excited twitch. Oh God, she had thought she was so hot, so slutty-sophisticated, walking into the bar to pick up whatever grizzled, working guy she chose. Well the tables had been well and truly turned, hadn't they? Now she was a whole different level of slut. Powerless and half-stripped, there to take what she was given.

They made her guzzle and masturbate cock on her knees for some more minutes, then on some grunted suggestion she was hauled to her feet, lifted off the ground and inverted by two strong males. They held her there, head dangling backwards, hair hanging towards the floor, while one guy after another penetrated her mouth with his cock and assaulted her throat. They could go deeper now, gripping her head and plunging in to the balls every time, forcing her to inhale all that hard fuck-flesh, so that she puked viscous saliva all over her face and hair when they finally pulled out. She could feel her breasts being slapped and groped, the nipples, now hard, being pinched and further twisted. Her thong was pulled aside and fingers were rudely thrust into her pussy, testing its wetness.

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