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This is the latest story my wife has finished for me. As I have said on my other stories some are true some are not. This story though is the original story she told me that got us into this whole thing about 5 years ago. I have to believe this one to be true although she will never say one way or the other. She says she was about seventeen when this 'tail' happened.



I was at the new deli that just opened a month prior to my employment. It was a hot Saturday and I was a bit peeved that I had to work on such a beautiful summer day. It was about 10:00 am and we had been opened about an hour and it was really slow. I had done just about everything there was for me to do and I found myself just standing around waiting for the old couple in the corner booth to finish up eating and leave so I could at least have something to do by being able to clean up their table. After a minute or two the old couple began to get up and move toward the door. I said goodbye to them as I walked past them toward the table to wipe it down.

My boss was in the back office running through his records and counting his money I supposed leaving me to fend for myself up front. It didn't bother me so much since it was such a slow day, but I didn't look forward to the lunch rush and was gradually getting more and more pissed off thinking about that fat pig in the back office playing with himself while I had to do all the work in the front!

I bent over the table and began cleaning off the table. I felt a little more comfortable cleaning up while no one was present because my boss insisted on skimpy uniforms because he says it would attract more business if we showed a little skin. My uniform consisted of a very short yellow and red cheerleader style mini-skirt and a black spaghetti stringed tank top. It looked good on me I thought cause I was the younger of the girls that worked at the deli and my ass and tits were tight and perky and I hardly ever had to wear a bra.

I just had a problem having to show my ass and tits for the benefit of my boss who was making all the money! I was just getting finished wiping down the benches in the booth and was so into my work that I didn't realize I had my ass poked into the air enough for my next customers to see.

I heard a mans voice behind me say, "Nice".

I popped up and turned to see two men standing in front of my counter. One of the men was white and his friend was black. The white guy was a large framed man, like a football players build. He was in good shape and by the looks of it he looked like he spent most of his days at the local beachfront because he had an awesome tan. He had dark hair with lighter streaks from the sun and was unshaven like he was on vacation or something. He looked very relaxed and comfortable only wearing swim shorts, a tank top and thongs. He was pretty hot but I wasn't going to let him think I thought he was.

His friend was pretty good looking too. He had very dark skin and sported short twisted dreads on his head. He had a goatee that he kept very well groomed and thick juicy lips that any girl would like to try out! He stood about 6'4", maybe an inch or two taller than his friend and wore something similar to his friend. Shorts, tank and thongs.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't hear you come in!" I said as I moved out of the booth and stood up.

"That's okay sweetie." The white guy said smiling smugly. "We were being entertained by the lovely view." He said with a wink.

I rolled my eyes slightly making sure he wouldn't see. What a smart ass! His friend kept trying to catch my eye so he could flirt with me. He was cute but I wasn't in the mood for flirting because I was stuck in this God forsaken deli on a hot beautiful Saturday afternoon and they had the day to do whatever they wanted!

I hurried my way past them and behind the counter.

With one swift move I picked up my pencil and order pad and asked, "Can I help you?" making sure not to get eye contact going with either of the two because of their blatant flirting.

"Shit mon!" The black guy spoke up, "Let her help me first." he said as he advanced his way toward my counter. I noticed he had a Jamaican accent. He approached me, took my order pad out of my hand and placed it on the counter. I looked up at him as he looked me in the eye and said, "Where ya from girl?"

"I'm from here." I answered quickly.

"From where?" He asked back. "I never seen ya about here."

"Doesn't mean I'm not from around here now does it?" I snapped back.

He then smiled at me. "I like her Alex," he said slyly. " I be thinking I'm her type."

"Common you guys." I said a bit annoyed at the time wasted. "Are you going to order something or not?"

This time Alex stepped up. "Anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful lips?"

This took me by surprise and I answered back slowly, "No."

Alex then smiled and said, "Well you do."

I smiled back and said, "Thanks. Now are you going to order something?" I snatched my order pad back off the counter and whipped up a pencil and readied myself to take an order. Alex slowly pushed my hand with the order pad in it to the counter and looked me in the eye.

He smiled a mischievous smile at me and said, "We're going to the beach today. There's going to be a party there and I want you to know that you're invited."

I smiled a sarcastic smile back at him and said, "Yeah, well some people have to work for a living."

"HERE?!?" Alex said with a laugh. "You hear that Reggie? She wants to work here for a living instead of going to the slammin party over at the cove!"

Reggie just stood there shaking his head at me while Alex busted into continuous laughter.

By this time my boss began to take notice to the commotion going on outside his office and made his way to the door of his small office and poked his fat head out. "Are you going to stand there shootin the shit all day with your friends, or are you going to get back to work?"

I looked back over my shoulder at my boss then looked back at Alex and Reggie who seem to be waiting for an answer to my bosses inquiry as well.

"You know," I said after some thought. "I think I'd rather shoot the shit all day with my friends."

Alex slapped the counter as if to close the deal and took me by the hand to lead me from around the counter.

"Yeah! Ya fat fuck!" Reggie said with sense of laughter in his voice. We began making our way to the door.

"Well, what the hell am I supposed to do now?" my boss said very confused by this point. "Lunch is only a half an hour away and I'd be the only one here!"

I paused for a minute and looked back at my boss. He stood behind the counter looking like a lost child. I almost felt sorry for him until I thought about all the times he over worked me and felt like it was his right to slap me on the ass when he deemed it necessary. I looked back at Alex and Reggie who where both standing at the door. Reggie already had the door opened for me. I glanced back at my boss and flipped him the bird. "Sucks to be you." I said as I strolled through the door past Alex and Reggie.

Reggie let go of the door and let it close then ran to catch up to us as we made our way across the parking lot to Alex's van. "Shit girl! I knew ya had it in ya!" Reggie said with a smile.

"I need to go home first and get a swim suit..." I began making plans for the day.

Alex broke in, "You don't need a swim suit. You can swim naked."

I stopped in my tracks. "I'm not going to swim naked!" I said still in disbelief the Alex would say such a thing.

"Don't worry." Alex said in a reassuring voice, "You don't have to swim naked. It was just a suggestion sweet heart. Shit, with that tight body of yours you'd think you'd be more open to showing it off." Alex smiled and took my hand to lead me to the van again. "You can swim in your panties and bra. We have to get going if we're going to be there on time."

I thought about the panty and bra suggestion and figured I could do that instead of holding Alex and Reggie up any more. I mean come on! They did save me from that hell hole of a deli I was working in. I agreed and began walking again with Alex to the van where Reggie was already standing with the door open for me to enter. The van was an old 70's style van with all the velour and carpet in the back. The outside was a two-tone gray and the inside had red and black velour and carpet everywhere!

"Nice van!" I said with a sarcastic tone, laughter bubbling up into my throat.

"Hey!" Alex said a bit disturbed at my tone. "Don't knock the van sweetheart. I made magic happen in this van!"

With a scoff I said "Yeah." in reply. I climbed in the van and sat on the bed that was located on the very back part of the van. Reggie jumped in the passenger side and Alex took the wheel. Alex started the van up and off we went to sun and fun at the beach! After about 20 minutes of driving and bullshitting with each other as we drove closer to the beach I found myself really beginning to like Alex and Reggie. They seemed like cool guys and they had great senses of humor. We laughed and joked most of the way there.

"Want a beer?" Reggie said looking back at me.

I thought a moment, "Why the hell not!" I said giving up all my hesitation. Reggie smiled at me and got up out of his seat and moved to the little fridge that sat behind the drivers seat. He opened the fridge, pulled out two beers, gave one to Alex, then the other to me then grabbed one for himself. I opened my beer as I watched Alex fumble around trying to drive and get his opened.

"You drink and drive?" I asked cautiously. Alex peered up into the rear view mirror at me.

"Oh so now you're going to rake my balls over the fire for drinking a beer?"

I shrugged and took a sip from my beer.

"You know you need to be taught how to relax sweetie" Alex said as he finally got his beer opened then took a chug from it. Reggie and Alex caught eyes as if they were saying unspoken words to each other and grinned evil grins at each other. Reggie then reached toward the dash and turned the radio up loud. So loud, I couldn't hear them anymore. He then faded the speakers toward the back of the van where I sat making sure I wasn't going to hear what he had to say to Alex. I didn't care. If they wanted to tell secrets like little boys, screw em! I was going to have a good day anyhow! Reggie and Alex conversed for about 5 minutes taking a break every now and again to look back at me. I began to feel like I was a raw steak on a plate with two lions circling me! Alex then suddenly took his foot off the gas and began to pull into one of many groves of trees that lines the scenic route we were on.

"Where we going?" I said a bit confused at their sudden action. Alex and Reggie said nothing as Alex made his way deeper into the trees on a small road that was worn into the ground probably by cherry pickers that harvest the trees. Alex then stopped the van and turned it off. I was starting to get a little worried now. What have I gotten myself into? "Why'd we stop?" I said unsteadily.

Reggie turned to me, "You smoke weed?"

Feeling a bit relieved that that's what they wanted to do I answered back, "Sometimes."

Reggie pulled out a joint from his bag he had by his feet and fired it up. Alex swiveled his chair to face Reggie, locked it in place then stared at me with a silly grin on his face. Beginning to feel a little uneasy, I asked, "What the hell are you staring at?" We all chuckled a bit at that question. Reggie passed the joint to Alex. Alex took it and pulled a big drag from it and held it in while handing me the joint. I took the joint and took a hit from it passing it quickly back to Reggie.

"That's it?" Alex asked me as if he was disappointed in my hit. I nodded and took another swig from my beer finishing it.

"Damn girl." Alex said. "I think Reggie and I are going to have to teach you how to relax and enjoy life a bit more."

I raised an eyebrow in Alex's direction. "Oh, and how do you think you might want to do that?" I asked smugly still joking around a bit.

Alex smiled. "You know, I never got your name...did you Reggie?" Reggie shook his head as he placed the joint into the consoles ashtray.

I smiled. "I'm sorry, I thought you did. My name is Suzan."

Alex smiled and got out of his seat and made his way to the back of the van and sat on the bed next to me. He extended his hand. "Nice to meet you Suzan."

I took his hand and shook it grinning back at him. " Knew a Suzan once." Alex said laying back on the bed next to me.

"Yeah?" I inquired 'where from?".

Alex laid back still staring up at the vans ceiling. "Oh, I'm not sure how I met her, all I know is that she sucked good dick."

I gasped at Alex's comment then gave him a playful shove as if to push him away from me. Reggie just sat grinning and listening.

"No I'm serious." Alex said raising up to a sitting position. "You ever suck dick, Suzan?" Alex now looking very serious as he stared me in the eye.

I was shocked! "That's none of your damn business!" I snapped back at Alex.

Reggie laughed. "See mon? I told ya she needed a lesson in respect."

"Respect!?!" I said astonished. "Looks to me like the both of you can learn a lesson of respect!" With that Alex in one move pushed me down into a laying position and pinned me with his body.

"Stop!" I said as I tried to fight him off.

"Stop what?" Alex sounded amused. He reached down and under my mini-skirt and weaseled his finger under my panties and into my pussy. "You need to relax a bit sweetie. Let me show you how." I kept on fighting as he began rubbing my clit and surprisingly beginning to make me hot. He jutted his finger up my pussy causing me to stiffen. "Relax." He said again quietly. I found my body beginning to relax as Alex moved closer to my ear and began whispering, "Just relax sweetie. It's just us here and you did say you wanted to have fun today. So lets have a little fun. I promise you, you won't regret it." With that Alex pulled out his cock. It was huge!

My eyes widened as I looked down on his big cock. I lay there still for a minute. Alex grabbed my hand and guided it down to where his stiff cock was then beckoned me to play with it. I began tickling his cock with my fingers ever so slightly then gently grabbed hold of it and began stroking it. I couldn't believe what I was doing!

Reggie breaks the silence. "Seems like ya broke her in eh mon?"

Alex looks over at his friend and grins, "It's a good thing too, cause this bitch is a nasty one. I can tell. Aren't you Suzan?" Alex begins playing with my pussy again. I'm really getting turned on by this point.

I look into Alex's eyes and nod. Alex smiles broadly then gestures for Reggie to come back to where we are. Reggie wasted no time in climbing into the back where we were, opening his shorts and pulling out his big black dick. He knee walks over to where my head lay, placed one hand behind my head and used his other hand to guide his fat stiff dick into my mouth. "There ya go girl." Reggie said with a smile on his face. "Ya ever suck a Jamaican's dick?"

"Uhg uuum" is all I could get out with Reggie's huge cock in my mouth and down my throat.

Reggie growled, "Suck it hard!" With that I began sucking his cock vigorously up and down his shaft and tickling the head of his cock with my tongue. "Oh shit mon!" Reggie say's with delight. "Dis bitch really does know what she's doin! She had me fooled for a bit!"

Alex then reached and grabbed the spaghetti straps on my top and with one fluid motion pulled my top downward to my waist leaving my supple young breasts exposed. Alex begins ticking my nipples with his tongue making me even hotter.

I groan, "Uuuum."

"Oh yeah." Alex says as he pulls his shirt off over his head. "This bitch needs fucked!" Alex reaches down under my skirt and pulls my wet panties off and tosses them aside. "Oh fuck you turn me on Suzan" Alex says as he strokes my now naked pussy. "You shave it all off. That such a fucking turn on!" He pulls his shorts to his knees, pulls my legs up onto the bed to where my whole body is now laying across the bed. Alex pushes his hips between my legs then slides his big cock to the opening of my cunt. As he starts to force his cock into my pussy I feel a sense of heat run up my spine.

I stop sucking Reggie's dick. "Shit!" I said. "Your cock is too big! It hurts!"

"Bullshit if it is. "Alex says as he pushed his dick deep into me with one move. I feel his dick slide into me causing me to scream out a scream half pain half delight. "I told you to relax didn't I?" Alex begins to fuck me harder. "Don't make me hurt you like that again okay?"

I gaze down at Alex pounding his hips against my inner thighs fucking me hard. "Okay." I said between blows.

"That's right bitch." Reggie says as he grabs my head and push it closer to his hard dick. "Do what yer told en we'll all have a good time." Reggie shoves his big black dick back into my mouth and I start sucking again as I feel Alex still pounding my pussy with his huge hard cock.

After about 10 minutes of getting fucked hard and sucking Reggie's dick Alex then says, "Shit! That looks so good how she sucks. I want her to do me. Reggie you need to get some of this pussy man."

Alex and Reggie then switch places.

As Reggie moves down to my lower half he beckons me to get up. "Get on all fours. I want ya from behind."

"Good idea." Alex says as he positions himself in front of me. I roll onto my tummy and get up on all fours and back up into Reggie's dick. Reggie opens my pussy with one hand while positioning his dick to give me what I know as one of the hardest fucks I have ever received in my lifetime! Reggie begins fucking me so hard I could hardly stay still enough to receive Alex's cock into my mouth.

"Uuuugh" I groan loud as Reggie pounds my ass from behind.

Alex is amused at the sight. "That's right my friend." He tells Reggie. "Fuck her fucking brains out!" Reggie obliged by commencing to pound me even harder shoving his huge cock into my pussy as hard as he could and pulling it out exposing his whole shaft then ramming it back in again. I have never been fucked like that! Reggie cooled it down enough for his friend to get in on the action again. Alex pushed his dick into my mouth and I began sucking him good running my teeth up and down the length of his cock and ticking his balls with my tongue.

"Oh fuck!" Alex blurted out. "I'm gonna fucking cum!"

"That's right Alex," Reggie says as he pounds his hips against my ass causing a loud clapping noise. "Cum down her fucking troat!"

Alex then groaned as he shot a hot stream of cum into my mouth and down my throat, some spilling out of the corner of my mouth. Alex pulled my head back by my hair. "Swallow it!" I began gulping his cum trying to get it all down. "That's right you fucking whore. Swallow it down." Alex fell back onto the bed and lay there panting as I kept getting slammed by his friend Reggie.

Reggie went on like this for probably another 15 minutes before he began to stiffen his whole body. I knew he was getting ready to cum. Reggie slid his cock out of my pussy and began rubbing it on my asshole and ass cheeks as he shot his wad all over my asshole and began smearing his slick cum all over my ass cheeks. "Gonna butter ya up real good." Reggie said as he finished up. Reggie sat down on the bed and I fell over panting and groaning.

"Do you think you're done?" Alex asked me.

"What do you mean?" I said still panting. Alex looked down at me from his position on the bed. I could see that his cock was getting readied for another go.

"Oh hell no!" I said as I began to get up.

Alex grabbed my arm and pulled me down onto the bed again. "I didn't feel you cum." Alex whispered in my ear. "I could at least be a gentleman and let you cum all on my cock."

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