tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Demonstration

The Demonstration


Many thanks to my editor (you know who you are), your work is greatly appreciated.

A special thank you to my friend, MR B, (you know who you are) for sharing his expert cunnilingus techniques, if only by the written word. Most of what you are about to read are his thoughts, his ideas, his words, I merely put them into story form for the reader's literary enjoyment.

While vacationing, my beautiful, sexy lover read an advertisement in the local paper regarding a demonstration of cunnilingus to be held at the Cultural Center. Without my knowledge she purchased two tickets and on the night of the demonstration, took me by the hand and announced that we were going to the Cultural Center for a learning experience. When I asked what kind of learning experience, she told me, and I stopped dead in my tracks thinking perhaps I wasn't doing it right and this was her way of telling me. Men like to think we know all about that particular subject, and frankly I was a little offended.

She must have read my mind and immediately put me at ease by telling me how much I please her that way. Tonight was just a night out, something interesting to do; some place exciting to go.

We arrived early and there was a crowd of equally mixed men and women, couples arm in arm waiting to get into the Center. The air was alive with excitement, and the crowd is simply buzzing at the prospect of tonight's main event. The doors were opened and we found our way to our seats.

The air was electric with anticipation as Mr. B finally strode confidently out on stage to a thunderous applause from the audience. His 'Sexual Review of Cunnilingus' began.

The world renowned cunnilingus expert Mr. B, pointed to a lovely young lady in the audience and asked her to come on stage to be part of the demonstration. She was hesitant at first, but decided to comply.

When on stage, he asked her to stand facing him. He looked deep into her unfathomable dark brown eyes and said with a deep manly voice, "My Dear, I've been watching you since I came on stage. Your beauty is boundless and sexuality oozes from every pore."

He reached for her hand and, with her palm upward, using the tip of his tongue, he placed tiny circles of wetness and warmth to first one palm and then the other. I'm sure the sensations were reaching her innermost parts. Looking at her again he said, "I want permission to make oral love to you. It will be on this stage and others will be watching, but I want you to know that it is you I will be making love to, it is only you I want to please. Close your eyes, shut the audience out, it will be just you and I and wonderful sensations for your enjoyment. I am already aroused, anticipating your wonderful aroma and sweet nectar. Do I have your permission?"

"Yes, you have my permission."


He motioned for the curtain to be lifted revealing a bedroom like set with a comfortable easy chair placed in view of those watching. Next to the chair was a small camera with an attached light that projected its image onto a large screen for easy viewing. Another motion of his hand and the lights went out leaving the audience in darkness. A subdued light remained on stage from many lighted scented candles placed around the chair. Soft romantic music filled the auditorium.

Mr. B placed a hand at either side of her face and kissed her sweetly, tracing both lips with his tongue before gently sucking her lower lip. "Are you ready?" he whispered. "Are you ready to feel my mouth and tongue and nose and hands and fingers explore your lovely body inside and out?"


He led her to the chair and asked her to remove her shoes, socks and pants, and just let them lay on the floor. She started to remove her panties as well but he stopped her.

"No, no, not yet, we'll get to those later. Such lovely sexy panties they are. Won't you be seated, milady?"

When she was seated in the comfortable chair, he sat on a matching stool facing her. Picking up a foot he began a soothing massage that seemed to quickly relax her. She laid her head back and closed her eyes enjoying the warmth and sensation of his strong hands. He began to lick and suck each toe, slowly and sensuously, one by one. I'm sure she could feel his warm breath as he exhaled through his nose.

He began to slowly move up, parting her lovely legs to apply soft kisses to the supple spot at the backs of her knees. Moving upward he came to her wonderful thighs, one of the most sensitive and highly erotic parts of a woman's body. He used velvet kisses along her upper thighs; occasionally painting the smooth skin with flowing licks and light nibbles. All of his actions were slow, loving and deliberate as he steadily advanced up towards her panty-covered pussy.

Sitting in the audience, I could hear her soft sighs and felt myself stir. My lover leaned close and told me she was getting wet. I kissed her sweetly.

He ran his tongue back and forth over this area, using the silky fabric to carefully caress the delicate regions hidden beneath. The slippery material lubricated his lips as they repeatedly nibbled tenderly across her heated pubic mound. Each faint lick greeted his mouth with the delicious moisture that was beginning to soak through her panties from her excited pussy. This was his first opportunity to get his nose up close so he could drink in the sweet musky scent of her arousal.

Her hands began working beneath her blouse, gently cupping her bounteous breasts while subtly stroking her hardening nipples. I could almost see his mouth watering, I know mine was. I desperately wanted to join them.

Her pheromone -laced scent must have signaled her readiness, because he carefully caught the waistband of her delicate panties between his teeth and began to gently tug. The elastic stretched easily as caring fingers joined his mouth in slipping those silken panties down over her luscious hips. Without even asking, her curvaceous little bottom kindly lifted up from the chair to ease the path of those satiny undies as they slid onto her long legs before lowering toward her feet. A simple flick of the wrist brought the material carrying her feminine perfume up to his nose.

I almost lost it when he did that. I wanted to jump on the stage and take those panties away from him. I could only imagine her incredible scent.

"You like that, don't you," whispered my lover.

"Baby, you know I do!" I replied

"I'll let you smell my panties when we get back to the hotel."

The erotic aroma of her ardor fueled his passion as he dove into the task of pleasuring her with a renewed sense of purpose. For the first time that evening she was fully exposed to him from the waist down and instead of feeling shy or self conscious about her new found nudity, she seemed to have a wonderful sense of freedom and excitement in displaying her vagina to a lover's gaze. Gingerly he lifted her lovely legs and very carefully draped each knee over the arms of the chair to splay open both her thighs and her sex. As he leaned in for a closer look, his eyes caught hers looking down at the downy patch of hair between her legs in sweet anticipation of what he was about to do.

She couldn't just sit there and wait. Without thinking, her hands slipped down across her smooth belly and started to rub over her swollen pussy vigorously, her eyes closed tightly as gentle fingers probed along her moistened vaginal lips with the practiced hands of a woman who knows how to direct her own desires.

The small camera with the light zoomed in on her pussy to capture every movement. It was exciting to watch the subtle fingertip pressure that was used to stroke back and forth between her tender folds before going round and round the sensitive clitoral hood.

I've learned so much about pleasuring a woman by watching her pleasure herself. I only look on, simply mesmerized by the vision of those gratifying digits beginning to dig knuckle-deep into the sopping wetness of her love canal, even as the thumb continued to delicately circle her responsive little clit.

Seeing her opportunity, and believing whole-heartedly in audience participation, my lover began to lightly stroke my hard cock through my pants saying, "Darling, I'm so hot, I want this tonight, I want all of you."

Mr. B dove in headfirst. Faintly licking up one responsive side at the very edge of her puffy vulva and then slowly down the other. His nose carefully burrowed through her blonde curls as his tongue repeatedly traced along the outside of the swollen lips. Licking gently up and down her silken folds, not opening them, he just licked them and occasionally gave each one a very tender little nibble. Eventually, she slowly removed the two fingers that had continued to softly plunge in and out of her own slippery vagina to give him better access to her opening.

He took the newly withdrawn hand into his and lightly sucked her rich nectar from each fingertip.

I took my lover's hand and did the same. I could hear her breathing increase and I smiled knowing what it was doing to her.

There must be a logical reason why the sweet taste buds are located on the very tip of the human tongue. I happen to think it's so mine will delve deep into a luscious little honeypot and gather up as much of the sticky, sweet juices as I can get. Thus, like a horny little honeybee, I am drawn repeatedly to a feminine flower to leisurely lick the morning dew as it collects along those supple and highly responsive petals. I could merely sit and watch as Mr. B partook of the young lady's womanly charms.

He continued to slowly paint his tongue over this area that aroused her for several more minutes. Even as only the tip carefully delved between the dark outer lips and her succulent pink inner flesh, I could hear her breathing change to a series of faint gasps and whimpers. Once more, her tender fingers returned to the scene and begin an almost unconscious, rhythmical stirring motion at the very top of the crease before spreading apart to open her sex to his probing tongue. A deep moan escaped from her mouth as he soothingly lapped at the juices which were flowing so freely from her vaginal entrance.

Her supple legs lowered and draped easily over his shoulders. Now he moved on to the hood of skin covering her delicate little clitoris and began to suck ever-so-gently on the flap over her bud, not yet touching the exquisite pink pearl itself.

I loved the way her pelvis started to roll against the pleasing pressure of his mouth and I knew Mr. B did, too.

My lover was squirming in her seat. I know her and knew she was feeling what the blonde was experiencing if only in her imagination. My hand slowly worked its way from her knee to her inner thigh and finally ended at her pussy. I could feel the warmth and wetness through her slacks as I slowly rubbed up and down.

Mr. B decided to use a finger to smoothly stroke between her gaping pussy lips. It didn't take long for him to collect enough of her slippery juices to ease his digit within the velvety folds of her vagina. One finger soon became two as he tenderly probed along the front inner wall for her elusive G-spot.

Oh, her pussy must have felt warm and wet! Licking a pussy has to be one of the most instantaneous examples of "customer feedback" ever known to man... or in this case, to woman. All I have to do as the provider of a woman's pleasure is pay attention to how her gorgeous body responds to what I'm doing and how I'm doing it. I have a whole bag of tricks that I can use to bring a woman to the brink of orgasm... or orgasms. I love to look up at her beautiful face, all flushed with excitement, and determine just which of these actions helps her to reach her peak of sexual stimulation. I now had pre-come staining my trousers and my balls ached.

The hot woman seated on my other side sighed deeply.

The camera somehow was able to show a split screen, one side her lovely face clearly in rapture, the other her pussy as Mr. B continued his welcome assault.

He started licking around her clit in rapid little circles moving his fingers inside her like they were stirring a very small cup. Tonguing that pink pearl in subtle figure-eight motions, he spread the two fingers gently apart, then together over and over again. Using his tongue, he alternated between short, fast up and down motions of her love bud and writing the alphabet on her pussy, then using all the above to drive her mad with desire.

There was an unspoken sisterhood amongst the ladies in the theatre, and whether they were college co-eds or senior citizens, these women were bonded by the events of the night. They were becoming caught up in how this man seemed to be playing her vagina like a Stradivarius. Each one of them was thrilled by the thought of a partner using his or her mouth to pleasure their genitals, and even if they were not taking a hand in fulfilling their own sexual needs, they could still feel their pulses quicken, their breathing become more labored, and their pussies being soaked with excitement.

This female bonding was symbolized by the soft moans, groans, and gasps that filled the hall. Each woman was adding her delicate voice to an erotic chorus that was now helping to fuel the orgasmic climb of others. They all seemed to take their cue from the young woman on stage as she writhed beneath Mr. B's talented tongue while providing her own soprano solo of sexual sighs and whimpers.

Now some men only concentrate their time, talent and tongue on the vaginal venue during cunnilingus but Mr. B liked to extend his range of oral attack up onto the lower abdomen and across the gentle curve of her tummy and' yes, I agree with him. I happen to think that one of the most under-utilized and under-appreciated erogenous zones on the human body has to be the navel.

He applied delicate little butterfly kisses along the smooth skin of her belly while keeping up the smooth, rhythmical in-and-out thrusting of his fingers within the moist, velvety confines of her tight little pussy, licking around the sensitive nerve endings on the rim of her belly button.

After a little while, he got back to the task at hand by licking around the top of her luscious pussy, carefully teasing back the delicate hood with only the very tip of his tongue so that her clitoris was now fully exposed. He knew that he had to be very, very gentle with her as there are many highly sensitive nerve endings in this tiny piece of sex flesh; he only needed to suck on it lightly—VERY lightly.

Mmmmmm, I loved the way her body squirmed with delight against the pleasuring touch of his mouth. I was squirming in rhythm with her imagining my hard cock deep inside of her and fucking her long and sweet. My cock was straining against my pants.

My lover seemed to be hyperventilating as she leaned toward me and whispered, "I'm so hot, my pussy is dripping and my clit is throbbing and my nipples are hard, straining against my blouse. I think I'm going to come soon."

She guided my hand to her breasts and there is the total darkness of the auditorium my fingers lightly squeezed her hard nubs, and she moaned ever so softly.

The blonde's encouraging fingers were now carefully stroking through his hair and her wonderful hips began to writhe uncontrollably beneath his face, just as her subtle moans become exquisite groans of increasing sexual desperation. It took nearly all of his strength and concentration to keep his lips clamped lovingly around her pulsating clit as he continued to alternate his faint sucking motion with a delicate licking with the very tip of his tongue.

He knew that he only have to hold out for a few more critical seconds to ensure that she and her beautiful body would go completely over the edge of the climax that had been building up all this time deep within her heated loins.

And then it happened...the signals aren't really all that hard to spot. Her hands tightly gripped the back of his head to draw his face even harder against her heaving pussy while those long and lovely legs of hers wrapped around his neck to hold him in place.

It wasn't long before he could feel an intricate series of spasms ripple deep through her tummy until those powerful vaginal muscles clamped down around his plunging fingers in a series of incredible squeezing contractions. He looked up just in time to see her pretty little blonde head rolling from side to side as she finally vocalized her exquisite orgasmic release with an extended scream of pure sexual pleasure... and relief.

When she screamed her pleasure my cock could stand it no more and went off like a rocket. I could feel come running down my leg, the sticky mess staining my pants, at the same time my lover's hand squeezed my arm hard and I felt her tremble.

With a shiny face and an oh-so-wet mustache, Mr. B gathered the lovely young lady gently into his strong arms and kissed her mouth, allowing her to taste herself...and the curtain came down.

When the curtain came down, the lights in the auditorium came on. I turned to my lover, her flushed face and half hooded eyes told me she had had an orgasm. I kissed her softly and said, "Let's go home Darling, the night has just begun."

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