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The Dentist


My wife and I were enjoying a pleasant supper when I suddenly bit into something very hard and discovered that I had broken a molar. As my wife worked for a dentist I asked her to book an appointment for me in the morning. When she called me back the next day from the office to tell me that the soonest I could get in was a month I decided to see if I could find another dentist who could see me immediately. After a few hours calling I stumbled upon a young dentist just setting up a new practice who could see me later that same day.

Arriving at his office I was greeted by his receptionist/assistant and immediately usher into the exam room. After greeting my dentist, Bill, he began his examination. Unfortunately I had broken my tooth below the gum line and a crown would be required rather than the quick fix I had hoped for. While his receptionist/assistant cleaned up and prepared to leave for the evening Bill and I discussed the details and tried to arrange our schedules. Although not handsome by any means, Bill was very humorous, pleasant looking, average build and extremely outgoing. I found myself relaxing and enjoying his company as we discussed our respective wives and daughters.

Bill explained that the initial session would be about one and a half hours at which time a temporary crown would be installed followed by another session of one half hour to install the permanent crown. Due to my busy schedule I could not find a suitable time for the first session and Bill agreed that we could meet later in the day but this would prolong the sessions as his assistant leaves early. We set an appointment for the following day with another appointment the week after, during the afternoon.

As I sat in the dental chair the following afternoon Bill set up around me. As his assistant was leaving for the evening he needed to arrange the tray so that he could reach his equipment while working on my tooth. After a few trial runs he found it was more convenient to leave the tray on my left and reach over from my right to exchange equipment. As he injected the anesthetic I assumed my dental position, frozen in the chair with a death grip on the arm rests. Leaning in his crotch became firmly pressed against my hand which under normal circumstances I would have moved. However when someone has a sharp object in your mouth I decided that quick movements were probably unwise. When Bill was finished the look on his face told me that he was as embarrassed as I.

Once the freezing took place Bill began the work to shape my broken tooth to accept the crown. Every so often, depending on his position, his crotch would again press against the back of my hand. As he moved I could clearly distinguish the feel of his penis and the individual testicles. For some strange reason my stomach began to tighten and I developed a forbidden sense of excitement, much like watching your own sister or mother naked. You knew it was not right but couldn’t turn away. I had never wanted to have sex with a man but part of me wondered what it would be like to feel his cock in my hand. Would it feel like mine, or an alien and unique experience.

As he began grinding down my tooth and again leaned into me I tensed up, partially drawing my fingers up along the armrest. Doing so I could feel the length of his cock slide along the outside of my right hand. Mumbling a sorry around his fingers in my mouth I relaxed and returned my hands to their original position. Was it my imagination or did his cock feel a little bigger this time? Was he thinking of my hand pressed against his crotch as I was? As he continued grinding and hit a sensitive area I took the opportunity to again tense up drawing the side of my hand along his crotch. Again with a sorry I relaxed my hand, this time very slowly, and ran my fingers back down the armrest and along the length of his cock. It definitely was bigger and I found the discovery excited me strangely.

I repeated this charade a number of times as Bill worked on my tooth, moving the side of my hand across his crotch, sneaking feels of his cock. When the grinding was finished Bill stepped back allowing me to discretely glance down at a noticeable bulge in his pants. I experienced a peculiar sense of accomplishment over this fact. As he stepped back in to fit the temporary crown I relaxed my hand, lifted it slightly and spread my fingers to cover as much area as possible. As his hard cock pressed against my hand I was amazed by the heat I felt and by the pulsing of his cock. I soon realized what I was feeling was the beat of his heart, which seemed to be racing along with mine. Very slowly I began flexing my fingers, rubbing the back of my hand against his cock. Once finished he placed one finger into my mouth and began checking the fit of the temporary crown. Closing my mouth to swallow my lips wrapped around his finger.

A shock seemed to run through my whole body. He continued to slowly inspect my temporary crown, his finger sliding in and out through my closed lips as the back of my hand rubbed his hard cock through his pants. Time seemed frozen, a few seconds, a few minutes and as suddenly as it began the moment was broken. Pulling back his hand and stepping away Bill cleared his throat and told me we were finished. A distance developed between neither one of us wanted to look at the other. Thanking him I got up and left the office as quickly as I could.

Driving home I could not get the feel of his cock out of my mind or get over the excitement I had felt. That night I did not make love to my wife but fucked her with a passion. Over the next week my emotions swung from quilt, to disgust, to a rationalization that nothing really happened, just male curiosity about another. I, however, still could not get the feeling out of my system and found that I would get erect any time I thought about what had happened.

The day of my appointment Bill called to say he had an emergency and had to cancel our afternoon appointment and asked if I could again come at 5:00 to have the permanent crown placed. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest and a hot flush run over me as I agreed. The rest of the day was spent thinking about our last session.

As Bill sat me in his dental chair I could not help but notice a slight bulge in his pants. He had been thinking about our last session too and obviously had enjoyed it as much as I. Opening my mouth he again began sliding his fingertip over my temporary crown and asked how it had felt. “Very good” was all I said before closing my lips around his finger. At that Bill stepped in, pressing his now hard cock against the back of my hand, removed his finger from my mouth and lowered the chair. The movement of the chair dragged my hand across his cock and balls as I reclined. As the chair stopped I began a slow and steady flexing of my fingers against him. Very quickly, to quick for me, Bill removed the temporary crown, placed the permanent crown and smoothed out and imperfections he saw. I knew that he was done his work and the only thing I could think of was his cock against the back of my hand.

Again Bill checked the crown with his fingertip and again I closed my lips around his finger while rubbing his cock. His finger seemed to be taking longer strokes through my lips as he checked all of my teeth. Closing my eyes and enjoying the sensation of his finger sliding across my lips I rolled my hand until my palm and fingers were holding his cock. He paused just momentarily and then continued sliding his finger in and out of my mouth as I began slowly squeezing and stroking his cock through his pants.

I gave no conscious thought to where this would lead, I only knew that I did not want it to end. Bill eased himself forward, my hand still caressing him, until he stood at the head of the chair. Turning my head I could clearly make out the shape of his cock as I stroked it. His finger in my mouth was moving faster and deeper now, his strokes appearing more urgent. With my other hand I reached over and began clawing at his belt, unsuccessfully trying to open it but unwilling to let go of my prize. Bill slid his finger from my mouth and started to unfasten his belt and open his fly.

I stared, mesmerized, as he pulled his zipper half way down and freed the head of his cock from his shorts. It seemed huge in front of my face like that, the head stretched and purple, the slit winking at me as I kept stroking him. I ran my hand up until I grasp his bare cock. The skin was damp and seemed almost sticky, yet was also velvet smooth. His cock was as hard as an iron bar and I was struck by all the sensations I was feeling, experiencing. This was definitely not like holding my own cock. A strange smell seemed to fill the air and it took me a moment to realize that I was smelling the scent of a man for the first time. I pulled his pants lower still until I had exposed all of his cock. About 6” long and fairly thick it appeared gigantic in front of my face.

My mind began to race as I stroked his cock, reveling in the feel of it. Without thought I began pulling him closer to me with each stroke. Stretching out I ran my tongue over the head of Bill’s cock and was rewarded with a moan of delight. His cock felt spongy and pliable under my tongue, the taste a slight bit acrid and salty. I knew that I wanted, needed him in my mouth. I had to suck his cock. Opening my mouth for him I closed my lips around the head of his cock and began licking the head as he pushed more of his cock into my mouth. The heat of the shaft, the pulsing of the vein against my lips and Bill’s groans were all I needed. I started to devoir his cock, trying desperately to swallow him up to his balls. Bill began a steady, rhythmic motion stroking his cock in and out of my mouth.

Suddenly Bill’s cock became even thicker, harder, the head swelling up and becoming rigid and I knew he was going to cum. I also knew without question that I was going to take it. At first I noticed a change in the taste in my mouth mixing with the saliva, then realized he was cumming. I quickly swallowed my first taste and could feel his cock leap in my mouth and his thick warm sperm explode into me. Again salty and acrid, warm and choking. I swallowed as often as I could while he kept pouring his juice into me making short rapid strokes in and out of my mouth and kept sucking his cock until it softened in between my lips and he pulled away from me.

I lay there for a few moments until Bill spoke up to tell me he could not believe how good that was. With a big grin on my mouth I told him how much I loved it and was glad he enjoyed it. Bill finally cleaned himself up and raised the chair for me. As we left the exam room he asked if I would like to book an appointment for a cleaning, maybe in the evening. All the way home I kept thinking “I’m a cocksucker and I have an appointment in 6 months”. My wife commented that she has never seen me so happy after a dental appointment or to look forward to my next appointment, a cleaning and whitewash.

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