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The Descent


Hi my name is Jamie and I've been married for four years. I'm petite in case any of you want to picture me while your reading. I have light brown or dark blonde hair. My chest is perky and firm with c-cups and I wear between a thirty four and thirty six.(depending on the bra) Do you have a good image yet? Anyway I recently started working again now that my husband has regular hours. We only have one car. I work about a half hour form our house and my second week someone on my shift offered to give me a ride. His name is Matt. I only work on mondays, tuesdays, thursays and saturdays from four at night until ten. Matt has the exact same hours. I agreed and my husband of course didn't mind because this meant he'd have a car.

The first week went fine, we talked about life and everything else. I mentioned that on wednesdays my husband plays cards over at a friends house, and Matt said wow, so you guys must never see each other. I told him Fridays and Sundays were like 'our days'. He laughed, and we talked about sex and relationships Matt was between girlfriends.

Any way the second week we left work at ten and when I got into Matt's car he didn't start it right away.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I'm going to tell you the first rule for my car. I add one every week."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well is you want a ride home you have to take your pants off." Matt said he was laughing and smiling and I was sure he was kidding.

"C'mon I'm serious I won't touch you or even look, but that's the rule. It's either that or call your husband for a ride, it'll be fun and daring." He said. I could not believe that he was asking this.

The car sat for about five minutes before I knew that he really meant it. I'm not sure why I did, but I unbuttoned my jeans and yanked them down and off the end of my ankles. Sitting on the seat wearing nothing but Thong panties was humiliating and erotic at the same time. Matt pulled out of the parking lot. The ride seemed to take forever, but when we finally turned onto my street and Matt told me that I could get dressed I realized that I was soaking wet. When I got in the house it was quarter of eleven and I was horny, my husband was already snoring so I layed on the couch and took care of myself.

The next day at three fifteen Matt pulled up to pick me up and as he pulled away he looked over at me. I wasn't sure if I had been hoping he would or hoping he wouldn't, but once again I found myself pulling off my jeans. Today I had worn full panties and Matt seemed a little disappointed. They're my only pair and even my husband had commented on them.

"Once in a while they're nice." I had lied to him.

Most of the night I had been thinking of the ride home, and I was horny as hell when Matt and I walked out to the car. I climbed in and again waited fo Matt to tell me, although by now I wanted to take them off. Matt got in.

"You know." He said. "I'll give you a whole week off. You can wear your pants to and from work, all you have to do is ride home tonight right now with NO PANTIES on." I'll give you a few minutes to think about it.

That would leave my crotch on display. I thought.

"I can keep my legs closed tight?" I asked and Matt said of course.

"And next tuesday I'll give you the new rule." Matt said.

"Alright." I said quietly and undid my pants, this time pulling both my pants and panties off. They got stuck on my shoes and I had to struggle for a moment. Once I was naked from the waist down Matt pulled out.

I hoped that Matt couldn't tell, but I was so wet and horny that I could smell myself. At the first set of ligts Matt flipped on the dome light and dug a cd out of the glove box. I squirmed as his hand passed within inches of my pubic hair.

"Don't worry. I said I wouldn't touch you." He said. "Nice little bush though." He added laughing. I keep it trimmed around my legs and pelvis and really short on the lips, but there's a smallish puff of long hair right at the top. I find that it's relaxing to storke it at night. Not that I was about to tell Matt that.

We got to my street and I dressed trying to keep my legs fairly shut so Matt wouldn't even see my pussy, much less how damp and open it was. Tonight my husband was awake and I fucked the shit out of him.

True to his word I wore my pants on thurday, friday, and monday. Then Tuesday rolled around again. He waited until the way home to spring the 'new rule' and actually let me wear my pants to work. The new rule was simple in fact I already knew it. No more panties, it would be easy I had already done it. Now it would just be every day for a week. Then came the out. I could wear pants agin for a whole week, the solution. Ride home tonight with no panties and my legs open as far as I could spread them. Matt had an old buick with bench seats, so spreading them in the front seat would not be a problem. I thought about it long and hard. And I now had a pretty good idea of what next weeks rule would be. I was beginning to get queasy.

"Matt I think this might be going too far." I said.

"You can always call for a ride." He said. "I haven't hurt or touch you, it's just a cheap thrill, besides we've had some good conversations right?" He paused. "Besides I know it turns you on, it's in your body language, so c'mon you've already done the ride with no panties this is only a little bit further."

It took a minute to take my pants and panties down and almost two minutes to start spreading my legs. Matt waited patiently I stopped with my knees about a foot apart.

"A little bit wider." Matt said and I advanced to a foot and a half, "Almost..." He added and I was finally allowed to stop when one knee hit the door and the other the heater controls, all told my knees were close to thirty inches apart and I could smell my sex. This time I was fairly sure Matt could too. Again at the first light on came the dome light and out came a cd, I looked down as his wrist grazed my knee, my pussy lips hung obscenely open and they were visibly wet. When I looked up Matt too was looking at them, and then he shut off the light and kept driving. I was embarrassed, a little sick, mad for hiding this from my husband, and most of all ashamed at how horny I was.

Once home it was almost eleven and my husband was comatose in bed, I stripped and sat naked on the couch with my legs open using a mirror to try and see what Matt had seen, then I masturbated three times and felt bad for having done it.

The next week flew by, Matt was normal and nice as we commuted and we talked about everything except sex, and the rules. Then came tuesday night. I climbed in and he climbed in.

"You know the new rule." He said, and I nodded.

"Is there and out?" I asked a little confused and worried about my shirt. That would be risky. Matt nodded.

"It's not your top though." He said, "but you should start by getting down to your legs open, then I'll tell you the out." I slowly complied, and I was really nervous as I did. Once I was on display he started to drive.

"Your out this week is actually a bonus out, it's good for two weeks, but it will only buy you up to your panties. So if you agree you can wear panties to and from work, for two whole weeks and if you disagree you ride to and from work with your legs open until next tuesday when there's a new rule. The new rule next week has nothing to do with this week's out so don't panic. Also if you take the out you get out of next week's new rule." Matt said as we approached the first light. Again, the dome light and the cd. His hand brushed my thigh close to my knee, and the glove box opened between my legs, as he shuffled through the dozen or so discs his hand passed within two inches of my gaping womanhood, I was breathless and resisting an urge to thrust my hips forward a little.

"What's the out?" I asked and it was almost a panting whisper.

"Halfway home, there's a boat launch, it's closed for the night, but there's quiet parking there. The out is this. Five minutes of making out. For the first four minutes I can only kiss above your shoulders and only touch from your belly-button up. For the last minute I can kiss from the belly-button up and touch everything on the OUTSIDE of your body. I won't put my fingers inside you." He found the cd and his knuckle brushed my pubic hair as he shut the dome light off, put in the cd and began to drive away.

My mind raced and my groin ached, we would be at the boat launch in less than ten minutes and my libido and rationality fought with one another. The fact that you're reading this story should tell you what my decision was and looking back I don't know if I regret it or not.

We pulled into the parking lot, it was warm and Matt opened his sunroof. He parked under a tree not far from a streetlamp and left the radio playing. He then turned to face me. My legs were still wide open and I could see his face in the light from the lamp, I nodded and he came onto me slowly.

First kissing my neck and ears, which I had made the mistake of telling him turned me on, the very first week he gave me a ride, before eny of this had happened. Then I felt his hand slide under my shirt. He pawed my breast through my bra for a while as his lips found mine, My legs remained open and my pussy was throbbing wanting some attention, true to his rules he wormed his way into my bra and by now had my shirt bunched around my shoulders and my bra around my waist. He lazily rubbed my nipples which were by now super erect and sensitive while he tongued my open lips and I tongues him right back.

All too soon there was a beep from the timer on his watch and his head sank to my breasts as one hand sank to my groin. His tongue played firmly with my nipples and the underside of my breast as his hand cupped my pussy engulfing the whole of it and then individual fingers on either side of it, then his middle finger applying pressure to my clitoris. Iground against him, as I had the strongest orgasm I had had since my husband and I first met. He knew it and brought his fingers across my open gash as the moisture flowed out. As the minute ended he sat up and licked his fingers clean smiling at my disheveled mess.

It took me a minute to stop shaking enough to adjust my bra and straighten my shirt. The musky smell of my orgasm filled the car as we drove the last ten minutes home with my legs still open. As we turned onto my street I pulled my panties over my wet sex, and then my pants. I was finally catching my breath, it was five past eleven, and the house was dark.

"See you thursday." Matt said as I got out.

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