The Descent Ch. 01


"Come on!" She was pulling on his ears now.

Oh my God, he thought, I can't believe I am actually doing this. Suddenly his courage returned. He pressed his lips to her, and gave her a deep French kiss. She began to spasm around his tongue as she came. She pulled his nose even deeper within her cunt -- he couldn't breathe at all. He was going to suffocate, swallowed up completely by her flesh. Something hard and bitter was pressing against the tip of his tongue, a turd, he was sure of if. She was moaning now, almost screaming, and her fingernails were raking the back of his neck. The hard tile floor was digging into his knees. It was the most glorious moment of his existence.

After an eternity, she relaxed, and released him. He stood up, painfully, willing his knees to move. He leaned over her, gazing down at that angelic face, and then he bent down and kissed her. She made no resistance, no sign of disgust. She opened her mouth to his tongue, she brushed hers against his. He almost came, then and there, from the feel of her tongue against his. But not yet. He wasn't going to be satisfied until he saw his semen dribbling out from her asshole. He stood up again, pulled down his pants, and prepared to place his erection where his tongue had been.

There was a loud knock. More trick-or-treaters? No -- it was Billy, pounding at the family room door.

"It won't open!"

"Sorry," Karina shouted. "It jams sometimes."

"Let me out!"

"It will take a moment. We will have to find the key."

"Hurry! I've got to use the bathroom again!"

With a sigh, Tom pulled his pants up and went over to the sink to rinse his face off.

"Well, Tom and Billy, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She was so calm, so composed. They had shared a beer and some conversation, that was all.

"You have more cartoons?" Billy asked hopefully.

"Of course. You may come watch them whenever you wish. Assuming," she added quickly, "that your father approves."


Author's note: While this started out as a simple Halloween story, it is turning into a full blown novel. I'm posting the first few chapters for the Halloween contest. The rest still has to be written out.

Stayed tuned for Chapter 2, when Tom's wife returns for a weekend of desperation.

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