tagNovels and NovellasThe Descent Ch. 02

The Descent Ch. 02


After he had Billy safely off to bed, he spent the rest of the evening surfing for pictures of Karina, of women who looked like Karina, of women doing the things Karina was doing in her photos, of men doing the things that he had done for her -- and of men doing things to other men. He searched for articles on anal sex, on oral sex from the perspective of the provider. He went through cycles of exhilaration, repulsion, and terror. But never regret. Just the opposite. He was tempted to slip out of the house, to run back down the hill, to pound on Karina's door and to beg her -- for what? Only the image of her face, filled with amusement and contempt, held him in his bed. Only the vague realization that he would need all his resources for his wife's return held him back from emptying his balls onto the sheets.

He may have dozed. He may have only been day dreaming, letting his body sleep while his mind raced in a circuit, over and over, remembering what he had done, what he had seen, regretting what he had not done. He was awake enough to hear the limo pulling into the driveway. He opened the front door just as his wife was fumbling with the key.

"Hello," she stared at him, "I guess you're glad to see me." He had pulled on a robe, not bothering to close it. "Good thing I didn't let the driver carry up my bags. Don't kiss me," she shrugged him off. "I really need to brush my teeth. You too," she scowled. "What the hell have you been eating?" He realized, belatedly, that he had been preserving Karina's taste in his mouth. Like back in college, when he wouldn't wash his cock off after fucking, letting it get caked with the residue of desire, preserved, like a trophy

"Stop it." She pushed him away. "I really need the bathroom."

"How are you?" he asked belatedly. "How was your flight?"

"It sucked. We'll talk about it later." She was staring fixedly at his cock. "Look, dear, I need some time to unwind."

"Of course. I'm sorry." This wasn't going well. He remembered that one time in college, when he had come up to see her over the summer. She had still been living at home, out in Brooklyn, and she had come all the way back into his hotel on Sunday morning. She had knocked on the door of his hotel room, he had greeted her in pyjamas, and she had not been amused.

"Look!" She was getting really angry now. "I can see what you've been thinking about all night, but I've had a really lousy day, a really lousy flight. God, I'm going to have to go back out there again Monday, we didn't get things wrapped up -- I should have just stayed out there."

"Laurie, I'm sorry."

"I just want to go to sleep." She was staring at him defiantly. That look was enough to wilt him, at least temporarily.

"Sure," he said, "sure." He went into the front bathroom, Billy's bathroom, and found some kiddie toothpaste. He swirled it around his mouth for a while, peed, and lay down again, trying to relax. She was a long time in the bathroom, and he was almost asleep by the time she came in to lie down beside him.

"Oh," she said, "clean bathroom, clean sheets. How nice." She turned away so that he could rub her back.

Yes, he had prepared everything for the return of his love. Then he had gone out with Billy for trick or treat. Then he had seen Karina ...

"Tom," she felt him stiffening against her butt, "I thought we were just going to cuddle and sleep now."

"We are," he assured her.

"Well, I'm going to sleep. You can suit yourself. Rub there a little more. No, where your hand is." With that, she gave a sigh. Her breathing was slower, deeper, punctuated with little snores.

"Laurie, Laurie." He gave her a little kiss on the back of her neck, just behind her ear.


Suit yourself. That's what she'd told him She was warm, her skin soft above hard muscles. He started to rub against the crease between her cheeks. That was going to chafe her. That was the excuse he gave himself as he rolled over the other way to find the lube. He rolled back.

"Rub some more," she said. "right under the shoulder blade." He did that, but in the process he shifted so that his cock was in between her legs. She grunted a little, and rolled away, just a bit. If anything, that opened her up more to his intrusion.

"Don't wake me up," she said.

"Of course not." He stopped moving.

"You can rub more." She started to snore again. Rub what with what? She had not specified. In effect, she'd given him permission, hadn't she, more or less? As long as he didn't wake her up? He started to move his hips again. Stop it. She was going to say stop it, and he would stop. But she wasn't saying anything. The tip of his penis had found a place that was hotter, a little softer. He dared to put a finger there, and she squirmed. "You're scratching me," she protested, and he moved his hand back so that only the tip was touching her.

The brief touch with a finger had been enough to tell him that he had been a little off, a bit too far back. He adjusted his aim as best he could, without another finger touch, and he began to press in, very gently, very carefully. He could feel a tight ring of flesh slipping around him, just a little, then a little more. Half the tip was in her now, it seemed, hitting a point of resistance that frightened him.

"That's too hard," she said. "You're hurting me."

"Sorry." He backed off a little, concerned that he was in the wrong place after all, and she began to snore again.

It was time, past time, for him quit while he was ahead, to turn away and to go back to sleep. But he didn't. Well, he did turn away briefly, to apply more lube, and he was sure that she would shift position, roll over on her back. But she did not object as he manoeuvred back into place.

This time he was more patient, she more relaxed. There was no mistaking where the right spot was this time. When he hit it, the tip moved all the way inside her, just like that. She grunted a little, she shifted, just a bit, but he managed to shift with her, to maintain his penetration. God, he thought, what now? The tightness, the heat of her flesh, was intoxicating, driving him for more. He started to fuck her, with tiny little motions, very gently, very slowly, pushing just a little harder each time. Suddenly, one push went further. What his tongue had felt before, his cock was feeling now -- the smooth muscular tube wrapped tightly around it. He was, he confirmed gingerly, at least halfway in. He dared to press until he felt her cheeks against his thighs. That was too much. She grunted, and rolled over on her stomach, dislodging him.

Damn! He tried to tug her back on to her side.

"Stop that!" She shrugged his hand away. "That's enough rubbing. I want to go to sleep now."

Did she realize what he had been doing? Most likely not. He felt his penis -- it was coated with the lube and something more pungent -- spicy, aromatic. She must have been eating a lot of Mexican food on her trip. God, he had been so close, so close! He needed to come. But no amount of straining could push him over the edge. In the end, he fell asleep, next to her.

It seemed like Billy was looking for breakfast almost immediately. By the time his wife appeared, the football games had started. He had already popped open a beer. He kissed her, he was ready to do more than kiss her, but Billy had to go to soccer practice. By the time they got back, he was muddy, sweaty -- and she was raking leaves with a pointed fury.

"They just fell yesterday afternoon," he pretested, "I would have gotten them."

"I need to hit something!" She was attempting to move an enormous pile toward the street -- thrashing at it with all her might. "I hate this! I hate this!" She collapsed into his arms, weeping,

"Laurie," he said, "you don't have to do this. You can find another job. I can find a job." But he knew it was a lie. Everything they had depended on her. "Let's go for a walk." So they set off, just the two of them, leaving Billy to clean up on his own.

"We're in trouble," Laurie muttered

"You and me?" Had she figured that out already? So quickly? Had she realized what he had been doing to her the night before?

"No, not you and me. Well, maybe. I'm sorry I turned you down," she whispered, "I promise tonight will be better."

"And Sunday?"

"Sunday I'll be gone again." It was almost a wail. "Tom, you have to take me down to the airport tomorrow afternoon. I have to be out there for a meeting Monday morning. We have people out there working all weekend."

"You're in trouble."

"Yes, I'm in trouble. We're going to be at least two weeks late, half the stuff isn't working yet, the customer, our customer, is having trouble getting her boss to sign off -- Tom, there's a real good chance this thing is going to be cancelled."

"And then?"

"Well, I'll be around the house a lot more. Assuming we have a house."

"What time do you have to get to the airport?"


"One?" Tom was fretting now. "Billy has Sunday school."

"We'll leave from there. Damn! I wanted to get some sleep!"

"Why can't you take the limo?"

"Tom!" She was crying now. "I got a note this morning. They didn't want me to come home this weekend. They're not going to pay for the flight!"


"Five hundred dollars! Tom! Where are we going to get five hundred dollars?"

"It was worth it," he kissed her. But his mind was racing. "They won't let you come back?"

"I don't know," she was sobbing now. "I don't know! Maybe it was just because things are so fucked up. Tom, Tom, I never see you, and when I do ..."

"It'll be okay," he said, without much conviction. "It'll be okay."

They rounded the bend, and came upon Karina's driveway. Far down, on the deck, a small figure was waving up at him. He waved back, timidly.

"You know them?" his wife was surprised.

"I met her last night." Better the half truth than the lie. "Billy ran down there to trick or treat."

"Oh, what's she like?"

"Beautiful. Strange. Russian, or something like that. Her husband is a diplomat."

"Oh yeah? Moldavia?"

"How did you know that?"

"I know her sister. She has a daughter in Billy's class. Wow, small world, isn't it?" Laurie smiled sweetly and waved down the driveway. "Her sister is built like a Russian tank," she added.


"Solid. Five feet tall, two hundred pounds at least."

"Yeah," he said, "she's cut out of the same mould."

"I thought you said she was beautiful." Laurie was giving him a very strange look. He decided he'd better keep his mouth shut. They spent the rest of the walk in silence.

Later, after Billy was safely in bed, after they had prepared themselves, she asked him, teasingly, "all right, my love, what's you secret desire?"

"My secret desire?"

"Tom," she sighed. "I want tonight to be special. It may be our last time." After a moment, she added, "for a while."

"A while? How long?"

"I don't know," she sighed. "It depends what happens."

"You're going to be stuck in California."


"You won't be back next weekend."

"No," she sighed again. "Not next weekend."

"Have you told Billy?"

"No," she snapped. "What the fuck am I supposed to tell him? No sense in getting him upset."

"Of course not." he tried to soothe her.

"So, my love," she kissed his forehead, cooed seductively, "let's make tonight special. What's your secret desire?"

His secret desire! The images of those murals were flashing in front of his eyes. Karina's full breasts and Laurie's tiny ones. Actually, his wife's tits were a bit fuller. All of her was a little fuller. She was putting on weight with all those restaurant meals. He sighed, then said it. "I want to do anal."

"What?" The seductive smile was gone. "You want to do what?"

"I want to do anal."

She slapped him. He was stunned. Then she collapsed into tears.

"What's the matter?" He tried to act offended. "You asked, didn't you?"

"You stupid, selfish ... God, I came back here, I endangered everything, I blew five hundred bucks, so you could fuck me up the ass? God, what am I doing here?"

"We had a nice walk. You had some quality time with Billy."

"Yeah. You know what he asked me?"


"He asked me what girls are supposed to taste like."


"He said that Tiffany didn't taste very good. I told him maybe she had to brush her teeth. He just gave me a really funny look."

"You've to be kidding." He started to kiss down her belly. "You should have told him you taste delicious."

"Tom!" He thought he was going to get another slap, but she was giggling. "He's only in fifth grade!"

"They were probably just playing spin the bottle." He began to kiss lower. How many times had they done this together? She had groomed her pubic hair, most of it shaved away, the rest trimmed to a short fuzz.

"You like?" she asked, as he ran his tongue along the bristles. "I was getting a manicure, and there was this lady next to me getting a trim."

"Right out in the open?"

"Yep. I decided I wanted one too. What to you think?"

"No curls."

"You miss the curls?"

He didn't answer. He was doing other things with his tongue. "Use your finger." She was urging his hand up under his chin. "No! Not there, inside of me. Up a little." There was a little raised spot. She sighed as he began to rub it. How many times had they done this together? Hundreds. Thousands, perhaps. She had never asked for this before. He had never thought to try it. He turned his hand so that his other fingers were trailing beneath. Gingerly, his began to circle her anus with his little finger.

"Take your finger out of my asshole, please." He slid it up a bit, onto the perineum. "That's okay." More than okay. She was starting to shudder. As she moved, somehow that little finger was working its way back and in with each iteration. Within a few, it was lodged securely in her, he was twitching both fingers, practically tearing her clit off with his tongue -- all the things she detested, that she objected to, and she was coming, wildly. Her anal ring was vibrating around his little finger, and he was almost coming himself from the sensation.

At last, after a long time, she gave one last gasp to end all gasps, one final contraction and surrender, and she pulled his head away. He pointedly left his fingers in place, and she reached down a hand to pry them away.

"I thought I asked you not to do that."

"You didn't seem to mind." He started to move that little finger some more, feeling her twitch at his touch.

"You are really determined, aren't you? Wasn't last night enough for you?"

That was enough to make him stop moving, even to stop breathing.

"What?" She was laughing at him. "What? You thought you were doing something sneaky? You were taking advantage of me? You pig!"

"Laurie," he stammered, "I'm sorry."

"No you're not. You're not the least bit sorry, and you know it."

"Well," he tried to make the best of the situation, "you know it doesn't hurt."

"If you try to come that way, it's going to hurt. You mess up my tailbone just fucking from the rear like that."

"Let me give it a try."

He couldn't believe he was pushing her this hard. He was fully expecting her to storm off into the bathroom. But instead, she kissed him on the forehead again. "Tom," she gave him a long look, almost eyeball to eyeball, "I need this project."

Where was that coming from? "Let's talk about that later." He brushed her lips with his.

"No. Now. Right now. I'm going to do something for you." That was enough to take his breath away again. She kissed him in affirmation. "You are going to do something for me."

"What?" It's like a yacht ... he heard Karina's lilting voice, taunting him.

"Whatever I need to do to fix this project, I'm going to do. Understand?"

"I think so."

She rolled on her side, the same position she had been in the night before. Except now there were no covers to hide her, the lights were on, she was completely naked. The Odalisque, that's what she looked like, but with the correct number of vertebrae, and he kissed each one, all the way to the bottom of her spine. He placed his cock gingerly between her cheeks.

"Gently," she muttered, "take it easy."

"Pull your top knee up a little more." He watched in fascination as his penis vanished into her flesh. Not that he had not seen it do that many times, but never this way. "How does that feel?" To him, it felt amazing. More like in her mouth than in her cunt, when he had worked his way behind her tongue. She was twitching still, just a little. He didn't move. He just lay there, for a moment, feeling her flesh pulsate around him.

"It's okay," she said. "Just don't take too long." He began to fuck her. "Oh!"

"What's the matter?"

"You hit something. It hurt."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't push in so far." He pulled back so that the tip of his penis was just inside the inner ring. He tried sliding back a bit more, to slide the ring around the bottom of the tip. She gave a little gasp.

"That hurt?"

"Sort of. Do it again."

"Don't do it again?" He didn't think he had heard her correctly.

"No, do it again." She gave another gasp as the tip fought against the constriction of the ring.

"I'm hurting you."

"It's okay."

He pulled out even further, so that the ring was sliding closed over the front of the tip, then pushed back in slowly. "How was that?"

"Keep doing that."

He went fairly slowly. She was gasping at each stroke. He reached the point where he was just about to come, and stayed there, moving very slowly now, kissing her back, feeling her trembling, twitching, convulsing. One last convulsion pushed him over the edge. "That was very nice," he said.

"Yeah." She had curled up into fetal position. "Not as bad as I thought."

"Not as bad?" He was sure she had climaxed three or four times. "You seemed to be enjoying it."

"It was okay." She rolled over on her back. "Got anything left?"


"How about making love, nicely? That's what I want to remember."


Author's note: While this started out as a simple Halloween story, it is turning into a full blown novel. I'm posting the first few chapters for the Halloween contest. The rest still has to be written out.

Stayed tuned for Chapter 3, when Karina teaches Tom how to take it like a man.

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