tagNovels and NovellasThe Descent Ch. 04

The Descent Ch. 04


"You are tardy." Karina answered the door wearing only a frown and a strapon. The strapon, Tom noticed, was already glistening.

"I'm sorry. I stopped to vote."

"You what?"

"I stopped to vote. I was running right past there. Saves me an extra trip."

"They let you vote," she stared at his near nudity, "like that?"


"You did not need to provide identification?"

"They know who I am."

"Amazing. What an amazing country. Well, come in then. As you can see, we have started without you."

"We?" Who were the "we?" He got the answer as he stepped into the living room. A naked boy was lying on his stomach on the couch.

"Hi, Mr. Ryan."

"Brian." He flushed with embarrassment and shame. He wanted to bolt back out the door. But Karina had her hand firmly on his arm. "Shouldn't you be in school?"

"I graduated. Community college now, but no classes today because of the election."


"Did I hear you say you voted? So did I. First time," he added, not that he needed to.

"Brian has been training," Karina broke in, "for some time now."

"Thought I'd pick up a little extra cash." That brought a frown to her face, a quick motion of her hand to keep silent.

"What's going on?" Tom asked. "What is really going on here?"

"Please," Karina said, "in time you will understand. For the moment, accept that all that I have told you is the truth, and that your training is essential."

"And there are more things that you will be telling me?"

"Yes," she sighed. "More things."

"Why not tell me these additional things now?"

She sighed. She was silent for a minute, two minutes, perhaps. Her face barely contained the emotions that were surging within her. "My friend, I cannot tell you these things. I cannot even explain to you why I cannot. If you wish to leave, leave now. If you wish to continue, you must trust me."

He sighed, and took off the jogging shorts. "I should rinse off."

"No need."

"I should purge myself."

"You should have been on time. You will proceed, as you are."

"We are going into the recreation room?"

"No. We will be more comfortable here." It seemed she wasn't letting him anywhere near the bondage equipment, not after yesterday. "Brian, will you resume your position?"

The boy draped himself over the back of the couch, spreading his legs. The area in between was slick, he was still partly open. It seemed that she had been fucking him with the dildo, right up until she had answered the door.

"Good thing it wasn't Jehovah's Witnesses," Tom muttered.

"What is that?"

"It's a good thing it was me at the door, not Jehovah's Witnesses."

"Oh," she laughed. "It happened once. They have not returned since. Here." She took a tube of lubricant and spread on Tom's penis, rubbing it a little to urge it to stiffness. "Well?" She stared at him, waiting for him to get on with it.

"You want me to fuck Brian?"

"Yes." She sighed at his stupidity. "Of course. Why do you think that he is here? That you are here? You need to train with each other. More exactly, I want you to attempt to make him climax. He needs to learn how to do that, without any stimulation to his penis. Eventually, he will need to be able to do it in bondage. You also must learn how to achieve this. However, I would prefer that you do not yourself climax, not that way. I want him to practice accepting ejaculation."

"In his mouth?"

"Of course, in his mouth."

"Oh my God." He knew, that in a moment, nothing would ever be the same. Once his penis slid inside the boy, he would be ... what? He hardly even dared to think of it.

"Tom," she was saying, "what is your hesitation?"

"I can't do this."

"Tom, you have already committed to do this thing. You have promised. You have compromised me. If you waver now ..."

"I promised to please your husband."

"And how will you do that, if you do not train for it? I warned you that there would be training. You did not hesitate," she added. "If anything, you jumped at the chance. Even if you will not admit it to yourself, this is what you wanted."

"No," he protested.

"Look at him, how beautiful he is. In the future, you may have to deal with flesh that is not so desirable." She stroked the boy's back, she ran his fingers down to find his balls. "Come, feel. Enjoy." She took Tom's hand and urged it forward, she pressed it up to cup those balls. Well, they felt more or less like his, perhaps a little larger. He jiggled them, and Brian groaned.

"Brian," he asked, "are you okay with this?"

"It's part of my training."

"Come," she urged him closer to the couch. "Come."

"Brian," he sighed, "I'm sorry." He kissed the boy's neck, down his back, skinny and muscular, like his wife, and just as smooth. He kissed one cheek, gave it a little nibble, then the other. Then he licked the back side of those balls.

"Do not touch his penis," Karina growled.

He licked above, as he had caressed Karina -- it seemed so long ago. Brian was trembling. "Don't," the boy was giggling, "that tickles."

With a sigh, he stood up and pressed himself, very gently, against that wet little asshole. There was no hint of resistant, just a sigh from Brian as his cock vanished. It was hot and smooth and tight. He hadn't really taken the time to enjoy Karina, he had been too aroused, too enraged. He had just felt flesh tearing against flesh, painful to both of them. Now he appreciated how the inner ring was clutching at him, how pleasurable it was to slide back out so that it just brushed the base of the tip of his penis. The same way he had fucked his wife, three nights before. But now he knew what it felt like on the other end. He tried to drive inward, to find that constriction he had felt opened within him, but he was not as large as the dildo. He could just brush the beginning of that passage.

Karina slapped his ass. "Pay attention to his pleasure, not to yours. Make him come."

How to do that? He felt a little bump, sliding under his cock. That was it, the sweet spot. He started to rub the tip over it.

"Yes," Brian moaned. Tom reached down to feel how the boy was spouting. That provoked another slap.

"You may touch his balls," Karina said. "Touching his penis is not allowed."

All right. He dug his nails into those balls, the way he liked it done to him. He pushed harder, thrust more quickly. Brian squirmed, he shuddered.

"That's enough," the boy gasped. A huge streak of white fluid on the back of the couch confirmed that.

"Good," Karina said. "Very good. I knew you had potential. Come, let us move on."

Brian slid back onto the couch, then sideways, on his stomach, with his chin propped up on the low wide armrest. It put his head, Tom realized, into the sword swallower position, mouth open wide and waiting.

"Keep you hands behind your back," Karina said. "In the future, they will be bound there. Tom, do you understand what you are to do?"

It seemed pretty obvious. His cock, he decided, was pretty clean, considering. No shit on it at all. "He's going to give me a blow job."

"Not exactly. Brian is going to lie in that position without movement or resistance. You are going to push into him as deeply as you can, and use his throat for your pleasure."

"Isn't that going to hurt?"

"Here." She smeared more lube on him. "This will reduce the discomfort."

All this is coming back at me. Everything I do to him, he will do to me. That was how he justified himself. "Sit beside him, hold his hands back."

"You want him to be bound?"

"Yes," Tom admitted.

"Very well." She vanished for a moment, and came back with a set of double cuffs, which she attached the boys wrists and ankles. Brian was still through it all, holding his position, mouth still open and waiting.

"See how well he is trained?" she said.

Tom had dreamed of this, many times, maybe not with a boy, but some helpless figure. Still, he was gentle. He pushed into Brian's mouth very carefully, feeling the barrier at the back. The boy moved his head a little, trying to aim, and grunted for Tom to go on. A little, gentle push, and there was the constriction of the throat entrance. Then it parted, and he was sliding all the way in.

"My God!" He could see the bulge in Brian's throat where his penis had invaded. He watched it move, as he rocked gently in and out.

"When you are about to ejaculate," she said, "pull out into his mouth. He must taste and swallow."

She was behind him, then, kissing his back. She licked his balls, and he barely had time to do what she had requested. Brian gagged a bit as he slid out of the throat area, even more as semen spurted onto the area that he had just chafed.

"Good. Do not withdraw. Now, urinate into his mouth."


"Urinate into his mouth. Carefully, so that he can consume it. I do not want to spoil the rug."

"Brian," he withdrew so that the boy could talk. "Is this okay?"

"It will be expected of you," Karina said. "I can assure you, that my husband will require this."

"He pees into your mouth?" Tom was aghast.

"Routinely. It is not so bad."

Tom sighed, and put himself back into that gaping mouth. He really did have to urinate, he felt as if his bladder was bursting, but nothing happened. "I can't do it." It had taken him a long time to be able to come in his wife's mouth. This was beyond him.

"Brian," Karina said, "are you ready to urinate?"

"More than ready."

"Good. Come over here." She knelt down with her mouth open.

"What the fuck!" Tom had a view of Brian from the front for the first time.

"What is the matter?" Karina closed her lips to talk at just the wrong moment. Brian tried to stop, but she had urine dribbling down her chin, between her breasts. The boy delicately licked it off of her.

"He's got tits!" Not big ones, not even as big as his wife's, but noticeable. Budding, like a little girl.

"Too much pot, I guess," Brian mumbled.

"Bullshit! Bullshit!" Tom grabbed Karina by her long black hair, and slapped her. First her left cheek, then each breast, his wedding ring catching her nipple on the last slap so that she screamed in pain.

"Stop that!" Brian grabbed at his arm, but Tom shrugged off the boy.

"What was that for?" she whimpered. "I thought you had declared to me, yesterday, that you would not do such a thing again."

"I thought, yesterday, that you were my friend, that I could trust you."

"I warned you, that the training would be cruel."

"You have been lying to me."

"I have told you the truth."

"You have not told me the whole truth."

"The whole truth. My friend, the whole truth is known only to God." She cowered as he poised for another slap. Brian tackled him this time, knocking him to the rug. He kicked the boy hard, right in the balls, and sat up again.

"There are true things that you know, that you have not told me."

Karina sighed. "Let us call a truce."

"A truce then, if you will level with me."

"Level with you?" She sat up straighter so that her eyes were even with his.

"Tell me," he growled, "what the fuck is going on here."

"Tom, my friend. Please understand this. Everything that has happened, today and yesterday, has been recorded. Those recordings have been sent far away, to a place where they cannot be destroyed. There are agents who will disseminate those recordings if they do not receive instructions from me to the contrary."

He sat there, dumbfounded. "Why are you telling me this. Blackmail?"

"No, not blackmail. To encourage your attention, your," she searched for a word, "your willingness. To ensure that you do not break our truce."

"You will force me."

"I will not force you. I will implore you. You do not even know yet, what I am asking of you."

"Brian knows?"

"He knows what I am about to tell you."

"It's okay," Brian broke in. "Calm down. Give her a chance."

"What is it?" Tom sighed.

"My husband," Karina said, "is a dangerous man. Sooner rather than later, I will need to escape him."

"Escape. How?"

"I will need my own resources. Do you not feel it also, the need for your own resources? Your own funds at your disposal? I am a kept woman. You are a kept man. We are both in the same dilemma."

"Your solution?"

She sighed again. "I provide actors for certain types of movies. Participants for certain types of private parties."

"Men who can please both men and women."

"Women, also."

"You train them."


"Not for your husband?"

"Yes, for my husband!" She slammed the rug in frustration. "He is assured that all this is for his benefit. If he ever suspected otherwise ..." She paused. "The payments are quite substantial, all in cash, all without a way to trace them."

"Karina, I am not growing tits. I'm married. I have a kid."

"You will be able to do the film work, using makeup."

"The private parties," Brian broke in, "are where the big money is."

"Brian," Tom sighed, "how are you going to get away with this?"

"I strap them down. I wear a tee shirt."

"Someday your parents are going to see you. See them."

"You think I want to live at home all my life? By that time I'll have enough money to move out on my own."

"Tom," Karina said, "there is a movie to be made the day after tomorrow. It will be worth five hundred dollars to you, if you can do it."

"Five hundred dollars?"

"Yes. That is as much as the women are paid. You are being paid," she added, "to act as a woman. Do you understand?"

"Five hundred," he repeated. "Not all that much."

"We do these," she added, "once or twice a week. It is only a few hours of your time."

Enough to pay for that flight his wife had taken. Enough to get her home each weekend.

"Tomorrow," she was saying, "we will complete your training."

"I'm busy tomorrow," he groaned.

"This afternoon, then. Brian, are you capable? Ah, look at that. Is not youth wonderful? Tom, please present yourself."

"I really need to pee."

"You had your opportunity. Do you wish to try again?"

"Karina, please. I don't want to mess up your nice furniture."

"Very well." She left for a moment, and came back with a large pitcher. "Into this, if you please."

It was difficult, with the two of them staring at him, but then it all came out in a rush. She placed it on one of the coffee tables. He'd secretly been hoping to purge his bowels. He felt as if she had deliberately thwarted him. "I'm not very clean," he blurted out.

"All the better, in this instance. Both of you must learn to cope with such an eventuality."

He draped himself over the back of the couch. Brian's cock was not tapered like the dildo. It was slimmer, perhaps even a bit longer. There were no caresses, not a hint of foreplay. He was lying there, waiting for something to happen, and the next instant, that skinny cock was lancing into him, defying any resistance.

"Youth," Karina grumbled. "You are much too hasty. Did you not relish the kisses that Tom gave to you? Remove yourself. We will begin again, properly." There was a tone to her voice that Tom had not heard before, bitter, angry, dangerous. It was obvious that slap had not been forgiven.

"Karina," he said, "I'm so sorry. I did not intend to hurt you."

"No one." She stopped. She was trying not to sob. "No one ever intends to hurt me. That does not prevent them from doing so. Come, lie upon the rug. No, on your back, facing your lover." He winced at her choice of words. "Roll up. Now, Brian, enter him,"

"No kisses?"

"Not at this moment."

The boy just plunged into him again, even deeper than before, impaling the top of his rectum, worming, it seemed, all the way through. Tom gasped.

"Now, Tom," Karina's voice was tinged with contempt, "wrap your limbs around him. Very good. Now. Place your tongue within his mouth. Lie quietly, sharing your affection."

Tom opened his mouth to protest, and Brian kissed him, plunged his tongue within him. It was one thing to fuck the boy, that was hard enough, but to kiss him! And Brian was kissing him tenderly, passionately, stroking his hair. It was the best kiss of his life. The boy moved within him, not much, sliding his smooth hard belly against his erection in the process, and Tom came. He came, gasping, shuddering, his bowels in spasm, and Brian gave a sigh, a shudder of his own. They lay still for a few moments, still locked together, enjoying the way their flesh was glowing.

"I love you," the boy withdrew his tongue to murmur that. He raised himself up on his arms and began to move his hips again. He was already interested in more.

"No," Karina said. "Into his mouth. As you did for him. Tom, lie down on your back. Brian, come around behind him. Sit cross legged, like a yogi. Yes. Now, Tom, slide back, put your shoulders on his knees. Pull your head back."

Tom barely had time to see how thickly coated Brian's cock was. There was no escaping its pungency. There are been no opportunity to purge, and the boy had plunged in far into his bowels.

"Do not go in too quickly," Karina ordered. "Let him appreciate the taste of his bowels." Bitter, spicy. Actually, it was not too bad. "Now," she added, "provide him with something to wash it down. Carefully."

Brian was not careful, and Tom gagged and sputtered as the warm fluid burned his tonsils. He managed to gulp it down before it spilled out to stain the rug. Brian pushed on into his throat, and he felt warmth trickling down into his stomach. He could not see what was happening to his body, his head was cocked upward, staring at the boy's budding, conical breasts. But he could feel hands sliding over him, he sensed that he was erect again, pulsing with desire. Brian was rocking now, fucking his throat. There was soft weight on his thighs. He reached down to feel how Karina was straddling him. His hands found her breasts, and she engulfed him. She was so loose, so moist, that he barely felt her flesh enfolding him. She was rocking harder now, tightening with excitement, and Brian was pushing harder, too hard, carelessly. Tom tried to gag, but there was no way to escape. His throat went into spasm, and that was enough to send Brian over the edge. Karina, too. The two of them, together, hanging over him, triumphant. They got up and went out into the kitchen, leaving him on the carpet, soaked in their sweat, and worse, spent, used, and abandoned.

He was still erect. He made an attempt to induce one last orgasm, but no amount of straining would achieve it. He realized that he really needed, desperately, to find a bathroom. However much fluid the boy had deposited within him was working its way into his bladder. And his bowels were on fire.

He went down the hall to the bathroom with the murals. The room with a view. Once the end was in sight, he barely made it onto the toilet. Everything came out in one rush. He showered then, gargling the warm water as deeply as he could, rinsing his mouth with the bath soap. He would, he thought, never be clean again. He felt better than he ever had before. He could not believe that he had dared to do those things. He could not believe that he had actually done them. He could not wait to do them again.

He got out to the kitchen to find the other two sipping beer. "Underage," he teased.

Karina actually turned pale. She sputtered on her beer.

"To drink," Tom hastened to add. "He's too young to drink."

"What a strange country," she said. "He can vote, and he can fuck, but he cannot drink?" She sighed. "Tom," she stood up and kissed him. "Tom, my friend," ah, he was her friend again. All was forgiven. "You have done well. You have seen, that some of these things, which you may have feared, are not so unpleasant after all? Even, on occasion, pleasurable?"


"Things are things which others fear, which we can astonish and delight by performing. Do you understand?"

"I think so."

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