The Designated Driver Chronicles Ch. 04


"That was amazing. That was amazing. That was amazing. Now you."

"I'm very close...very close."

I had the ideal point-of-view as Gayle's ass was a mere two feet from my face, her brown eye winking at me. Below her, Ree's head and tongue moved from side to side, swabbing her friend's dripping snatch. She had two fingers buried deep in her canal. I supposed that she had found her g-spot. "Yes, yes, yes...don't stop...that's it, that's it...yessssss. Oh!" Gayle began to buck as a jet of pussy juice shot out of her and sprayed Ree's face. Ree squeezed her friend's ass and pushed her down drinking in the steady flow and moaning. I couldn't take much more and I began to groan, too. They looked at me as my cum began to fly up from my cock several feet into the air. Most of it landed on me but some landed on Gayle's ass, precisely where I had aimed it. Ree pulled her ass back down and licked it up.
The three of us lay spent and satisfied.

"That was great."

"I'll say. I'm just sorry I never did this before. It was so great!"

"I'm sorry I came like that, Ree. I've never squirted before. I didn't know I could do that!"

"Yeah, that was amazing. It really surprised the hell out of me but immediately I liked the different taste of it, almost like honey-lite. I wanted all of it. I never thought I would love the taste of pussy so much, especially a squirting one. I've never had that happen to me."

"Me neither...but now I have a goal! I really loved this. What an orgasm! Only now, it really confuses me. I mean, how come men, and by that I mean my husband, won't eat me like that? What a treat!"

"Aha! You touched upon a curiosity," I offered. "I suppose it has something to do with those pheromones. For some, the smell and taste of pussy drives them wild. For others, it does nothing. Some are hung up on the 'it's dirty, it's unclean' thing. I've even heard men complain that the woman might start to bleed and what to do then? For some, it's just plain ignorance."

"Selfish and stupidity, I'd say."

"So how come some woman don't like to give blow jobs or won't swallow cum? What's the big deal with that?"

"Sometimes, my jaw gets tired."

"Sometimes, I just get bored."

"That's because the act becomes too one-sided. It should be a fun and mutual activity. Now that the two of you have eaten pussy, it wasn't bad, was it? Also, you have a new appreciation of how you, as women, cum. You have some new tools to work with."

"You told me that you have had bisexual adventures. What was your first time like?"

"My first time was great. Fortunately, I had an experienced couple to break me in. But I remember that when I first felt his cock grow hard in my mouth, it felt great, like 'I did this!', 'I made him hard!' That I could do it at all felt like an accomplishment."

"And how did it feel when he came in your mouth? Did it nauseate you? I know it did the first time I ate cock."

"No, not at all. I'd already known what my own cum tasted like but his was different. It stimulated me to feel him blast his seed against my tongue. I liked the saltiness, the viscosity...the whole thing. It also gave me a new perspective and it made me a far better lover."

"Yes, I can see that happening. Already, I feel as though my new knowledge makes me feel more satisfied. I mean, I really like to cum and make someone else cum, too."

We lay there reveling in the glow of amazing sex. Both women snuggled up to my sides and we held each other. Ree flopped my dick around in her hand. When Gayle joined her, I started to get hard again. Both women shimmied down and began to lick and kiss it. I placed my hands on their heads and ran my fingers through their hair. This was paradise.

"I want you in me," whispered Ree as she got up and mounted me. My hand immediately went to her voluptuous breasts, grasping them to keep them from bouncing. Gayle moved up and placed her head on my stomach allowing her to lick Ree and me at the same time. For some reason, although I was hard, I was not cumming again. Still, I was high on sensations and that works, too. Instead, I enjoyed Ree aggressively riding me. Gayle was now whipping at her clit. In no time, Ree let out a wail and pushed down on me while pushing her vulva into Gayle's lips. She came hard again and this time longer. Finally, she rolled off me. She had this happy "just fucked", dewy-eyed look that spelled utter satisfaction. She leaned over my stomach, took Gayle's face in her hands and kissed her. Gayle responded and for a few minutes, their intimacy was exquisite.

"I'll be right back," Gayle said as she jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. She returned a few minutes later with refilled glasses of wine and a fresh joint. We sat on the bed knee-to-knee, giggling and reveling in our nakedness and the shared experience. The women were free with their hands, caressing and feeling each other.

"You know, we're going to do this again, babe, with or without Ray."

"That's for sure."

"Obviously, the two of you are pleased with the experience. Do you have any more curiosities?"

"Well, I've been thinking about something else," said Gayle. "I have a long time friend I've known since college. He's always lusted after me and I admit there have been times when I teased him mercilessly. I've always thought that he had an eye for men, too, even if he never acted on it. Anyway, he's recently divorced - for the third time...he's so handsome - and he's coming out here a few days before Labor Day and I'm thinking that we should have a foursome. I'll even let him fuck me for the first time. But more than anything, I want to see him suck your cock. I'd love to watch that. Maybe it might even be his first time and that would make it even more exciting. Just the thought is making me wet again."

"And what about your husband, er, husbands?"

"I'm sure he'll find some excuse to stay in the city and fuck his secretary or his receptionist or his assistant or whatever."

"Sam already told me that he's going to Hilton Head to play golf...and I could care less."

"So do we have a date? I'd really like to see all of us seduce him."

"It sounds like it could be easy."

"I'm in. I won't work that day. It will be worth it."

"Me, too."

"Oh, goodie! And don't worry, Ray, we'll cover your sweet, sweet ass."

We spent the next half hour showering and dressing before driving back to Ree's house and the nannies and the children. We had a three-way kiss in the car before I drove back to my place to crash. I had a long job the next day and I needed to catch a few winks.

The next morning, I received emails from both of them telling me that the experience was the best sex they'd ever had and couldn't wait to do it - and me and each other again.

And me? As I drove off to Sag Harbor to pick up my clients, I kept scratching my cock through my pants. I'd jerked off so hard watching the women the night before that I had made myself sore. I was glad that I had a small bottle of aloe cream with me in my backpack.

My Sag Harbor clients reminded me of another couple I'd driven earlier in the summer. He was a small, quiet man and she was a large, loud and busty woman. They wanted to be driven to a very private party on Shelter Island. I guess you could say that I'd been down this road before.


There's still another month left to the tourist season, Chapter 5 will be along soon to take you for another ride, this time with Gayle and Ree again.

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