tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 01

The Designer Ch. 01


Disclaimer: Work of fiction, all characters over the age of 18


I am a Designer. I haven't met anyone that has my ability, but I'm positive that I'm not alone. It's the only way to explain Katy Perry and Russell Brand, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (and Nicole Kidman for that matter), and Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova. You see, I design girlfriends. My fees are exorbitant, my client list confidential, and my methods are extensive. I'm better than the designers that have obviously manufactured the troubled relationships mentioned above, because my designs are meant to last, and they do.

The key to understanding how my ability works is to understand two simple concepts, morality and willpower. Morality is like the walls of a castle; they protect what's inside and provide a boundary for our ego that allows us to behave within a set of rules. Willpower is like a cadre or armed guards that protect the walls of morality, further protecting our beliefs, actions, and satisfaction. By manipulating these two constructs of another person, I can design them to be the perfect fit for another person. It takes time and isn't instantaneous, but when done correctly, it's lasting and permanent.

My clients want me to design for them their life partners. That is my requirement; I have a strong moral belief for monogamy, though I am not monogamous. I cannot be truly monogamous and still be a skillful designer, so I consider it an occupational hazard. I have a strong commitment in creating my designs to become permanent, and result in a lasting, mutually fulfilling relationship for both my customer and my designs. My track record is almost flawless, like with any skill, I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning. This story will be my confessions of my missteps as I learned and mastered the skills required to become a Designer.

We need to roll the clock back about twenty years. I'm not sure when my ability started to manifest. I assume it was coincident with puberty, but lagged by a few years. My talent was dormant until my sophomore year in college. That winter, I went to a competition at another university in a neighboring state. My team had finished its competition and we were enjoying a night of revelry roaming the unfamiliar campus.

My life until then had been largely regimental and structured. I didn't make a practice of drunken partying. I studied hard, and relaxed with books and television. This trip away from home allowed me to let loose a bit. I knew didn't like being drunk, so I watched my consumption and had a nice buzz. I was not fully shitfaced. I had that slightly fuzzy feeling like all my nerves were slightly paralyzed.

I was roaming a nearby dorm with some friends, when a local coed walked past. We must have all been watching her together, because she frowned and sneered at the four of us. One of my friends made a crude comment.

"Fuck off!" she replied.

"Is that a promise?" I asked as she walked swiftly away from us.

I never got an answer, and the four of us laughed and headed to the next party down the hall. Where we danced, drank, and flirted with girls. Thinking back, it was depressingly normal.

Another reason why I don't like to drink heavily is my small bladder. When I did drink, I tried to keep a near 1:1 beer to water ratio. Because of this my bladder kept me heading down the hall often for relief. My last time back, I took a different stairway to the next floor up, trying to find my way back to my room.

I rounded the flight of stairs and saw the same girl we'd noticed earlier leaning against the wall of the stairway, head down and crying. Her blond hair draped her face, a soft curtain that hiding her face. I knew she couldn't see me as she was lost in thought and looking down at the floor. I stopped and took a long examining look at her. She wasn't crying loudly, just soft weeps and sighs. She stood about six inches shorter than me, with a slender curvy frame obscured by a large college sweatshirt and faded jeans. Her shapely bust stretched the school logo, as her shoulders rose up and down with her quiet cries.

I paused on the landing, and tuned into her. I sensed something about her. I could feel her moral limits. I knew she was struggling with how her morals fit with a current situation, but I didn't know exactly. It was like being able to feel the outline of a wall around her. Not a physical wall, but it was as if I could sense her moral boundary. I started up the steps to her. She lifted her head to look above, like she were pleading to the heavens. She caught me approaching.

"You never answered my question," I stated quietly.

She looked at me, not recognizing me from before, and asked, "What question?"

I walked closer. Recognition passed over her face. Rubbing tears from her eyes, she shook her head and looked directly at me.

"Oh yeah, you were with those assholes, ogling me," she sneered

"Yes. You told me to, 'Fuck off,' and I was wondering if the offer was still open?" I cockily asked.

She lifted her chin defiantly, her blue eyes flashing in something between anger and sadness. Her light mascara darkened her eyes where she had wiped her tears.

"I don't think you're brave enough to find out!" she huffed at me.

I stepped closer to her, invading her space. I reached for her chin. I lifted it more to my level as I looked into her eyes. I sensed some fear, but also a strong will coupled with defiance.

"I want to find out," I stated, and I leaned down to kiss her.

She resisted; her lips tight. I felt her will rebel against me, fortifying her moral walls. My kiss revolted her. In reaction, I mentally pushed down the moral boundary I sensed in my mind.

Her self-control started tried to rally, as I kissed her. She put her hand on my chest. Her body stiffened momentarily. My talent destroyed the moral walls. Left unprotected, her self-control retreated. Her mouth opened and she allowed my tongue through her open lips. She tasted of cigarettes, which was never a turn on, but her suddenly open mouth and relaxing body engaged me to kiss her deeply. She slid her hands up around my neck. I lowered my arms to her hips and pulled her into a tight embrace.

When I pressed down her walls, I effectively eliminated her sense of morals. She wasn't immoral, or evil. She was amoral. Where seconds prior she was struggling with what was good or bad, she now really didn't have a constant to measure beyond how she felt. To her, my kiss felt good. So without moral restraint, she wanted more of it. With no morals, her self-control had nothing to defend. It was much like a platoon of soldiers simply laying down their weapons and going home.

She suddenly kissed me hungrily. At the time I thought she was just horny, another teasing college coed. I was sure she'd soon put her hand back on my chest and push me away. I didn't understand what I had done. Her rising passion and lust had no limiting boundary. Without the protection of her moral structure, she followed the pleasurable feeling. Instead of pushing me away, she moved her hands to my belt, and started to pull it open. I'm sure if I'd allowed it we would have had sex on the stairs. However, while she was happily amoral, I still had my sense of what was right. That sounds twisted as I type it now, remembering what I had done to her moments before.

"Can we go to your room?" I groaned into her ear. My hand squeezed her breasts from outside her sweatshirt.

"Yes, but hurry!" she moaned back.

Looking into my eyes and kissing my lips, she took my hand and led me up the remaining stairs and into the hallway. I'm not sure how many doors we passed. She quickly slid her key from her jean pocket and opened a door. In a single movement she tossed her key on a shelf, pulled me inside, shut the door, and pressed me against it. Her lips sealed around mine and thrust her tongue deep into my mouth, seeking my own tongue. This time I didn't stop her hand from unbuckling my belt. Instead, I pulled off my tee-shirt and tossed it who knows where. Then, I reached down to pull her top off while our lips were separated.

Her hands unfastened my belt, and then lifted into the air. This allowed me to pull her top off, tossing it aside. Her hands slid up my bare chest, her eyes lifted to mine. I reached behind and twisted open the closure of her bra, feeling the tight band slacken. She wasted little motion in shrugging out of her bra, releasing ripe round breasts. Her nipples were visibly stiffening in the cooler air, her light pink aureoles crinkled in arousal.

My hands couldn't grasp them too soon. She moaned softly as my palms pressed into her firm tits. I leaned down to kiss her, looking into her eyes as she closed them in passion. I lifted my eyes, looking past her to a bed directly behind her. We kissed lustily, lips and tongues exploring each other. I guided her back step by step as her hand move to the waist of my button fly jeans.

Her denim clad calves hit the edge of the bed. Her body arced in a delightful curve as I broke our kiss. My mouth moved down to her exposed neck, suckling a small trail of kisses. She arced her back, lifting her breasts to me as I kissed down to meet them. I slowly lowered her down to the raised platform and her mattress. She rested her bottom on the edge, her fingers unbuttoning my fly. My lips gained command of one of her nipples, gnawing on the stiff bud. My hands shifted down to her jeans as mine started to slide down my ass. Her hands lifted to my back. Her moan betrayed her obvious enjoyment of my lips and teeth worshipping her hard nipple.

My body bent over hers as she lay back. Her shoulders met the bed and her hips lifting slightly as I pulled down her jeans and panties in one motion. Our eyes re-engaged as I pulled her jeans and panties down her thighs. as she helpfully lifted her legs high, and I dragged the bundle of denim and lace off her shapely calves, tossing them behind me.

My eyes finally drank in her completely nude form. I stood smiling and wriggled my ass coaxing my jeans to pool around my ankles. Her eyes laughed as I did a short teasing reveal, dancing in my boxers. My erection tented the light cotton, and popped through the slit in the front. Her eyes darted to look at the engorged head. Caught up in the passion of the moment, I stopped the dance, and shoved my boxer shorts down and stepped out of them.

She looked angelic in the soft moonlight pouring through her large dorm window. Her long blonde curls arrayed around her cute dimpled face like a halo. Her bright blue eyes crackled with lust, passion and happiness. An unsuppressed smile had replaced the surly smirk from when she first recognized me on the stairway. Her breasts heaved as she sighed as her eyes took in my frame. Her slender taut tummy rising and falling with her short breathes. My eyes traveled lower, catching golden glints of moonlight off her trimmed pubic hair. My eyes lifted back up to her eyes, questioning.

She moaned, "Your cock will feel so good inside me!"

Her eyes were focused on my erect cock at the moment. Feeling my pause, she lifted her gaze up my muscled torso, and met my eyes. Then she nodded to my unspoken question. I fell to my knees in front of her bed. My eyes never leaving hers as I spread open her legs.

I panted, "I want to taste you first."

She smiled as she nodded, lifting her hands to her breasts. A soft moan encouraging me as her legs splayed apart. Her fingers pulled on her hard nipples. I lowered my mouth and kissed her smooth inner thigh, teasing her with my lips and tongue. My fingers tracing up and down her thighs, as I eyes were stilled locked on each other.

"Oh yes, please." She cooed, as my mouth covered her blond tufted mound.

*Knock Knock*

"Shit!" she said as she quickly sat up.

I looked at her with wide eyes, frozen. She smiled confidently and kissed me.

"Wait right here, don't you fucking move," she commanded.

Her naked form slipped past mine as I retracted my tongue enjoying the salty tang of my last kiss. Forgoing even a robe, she went to the door and opened it a crack.

"What?" she asked softly.

"Kelly is everything alright? I heard what Carl did! I heard you fought with him. They said you left crying," said the faceless voice beyond the door.

"It's okay, I'm fine, thanks." she spoke back, trying to re-close the door.

"Kelly wait! Do you need to talk about it?"

"No, I'm fine."

I saw a white sneakered foot slip inside, blocking the next attempt to shut the door.

"Are you sure?"

Kelly reacted to the intrusion by opening the door all the way. She posed her nude body coquettishly to her friend.

"I'm kinda busy, Jenn. But, I'm fine!" She said, turn her head back to me still kneeling on the floor, "Wonderful, Really."

"Oh!" was the reply as Jenn saw her naked friend. An awkward silence followed as she retracted her foot. I'm not sure if she saw me in the darkened room. I was caught in the spell of Kelly's nubile form. I did catch a small glimpse of Jenn, her eyes searching past Kelly.

"I won't bother you then," said Jenn, as the door began to shut.

Kelly giggled as she danced seductively closing the door.

"You've got to tell me everything tomorrow," Jenn hissed as the light from the hallway was extinguished with the click of the door. Another click followed -- the lock engaging.

Kelly marched back to the bed, and leaning down to kiss my still kneeling form as she slipped back to her back. "We shouldn't be disturbed again," she sighed as she lay back. She opened her legs again, moving her eyes back to mine. My shocked expression turned to lecherous greed as I licked my lips. I slid my fingers down her outstretched legs and lowered my mouth to her extended pink lips.

"Oh, yessss!" she cooed as my mouth touched her coral lips.

My tongue slipped along the edges of her labia softly peeling them apart. The tip revealed a slick sparkle along the crevice, evidence of her excitement. My tongue extended and felt more than saw her hard button of a clit pop free of its hooded enclosure.

She moaned again, wordlessly, as my mouth enveloped her entire open womanhood. My tongue slipped back and forth, up and down her distended lips. They were thick with her arousal and felt alive. I mixed her juices with my saliva. I reveled in the tangy taste of her womanhood. I sucked and drank the viscous fluid.

Her hips began to undulate as I lifted my eyes to watch her fingers pull on her taut nipples, her head thrown back as her back arched and swayed with the dance of her muscular pelvis. My lips and tongue encouraged her pleasure and lust. My hand slid under her raised ass. I pulled her writhing pelvis to me. I held it tight against my munching lips and tongue. The feel of sliding my tongue through her lips elicited a moan. I felt her body jolt as the tip of my tongue lapped at her hard, lengthening clit.

I slid one hand to the cleft of her ass. Sliding a finger along the groove and up past her puckered rose, I pressed into her. Her slick trail of juices oozing from her over-excited vagina eased the passage. I moved my mouth to focus on her clit, and easily slipped my index finger inside of her molten opening. She was tight, but her abundant lubrication allowed my finger to invade her entrance. Another finger coated with the mixed cocktail of my oral exercise joined the first. My tongue continued its assault of her engorged clitoris, battering the protuberance like a boxer's speed bag. Two fingers sliding inside of Kelly's tight liquefied tunnel elicited a moan of encouragement. Her back arched, wanting more. Her hips rotated to pull my fingers in deeper.

"Oh god, don't stop doing that, ever!" Kelly exulted as my fingers sawed in and out of her sex.

Sliding them part way inside of her I fluttered the tips against the top of her vaginal wall. Seeking the soft spongy point I pressed into the point. Above my fingers, my tongue fluttered across her clitoris. She couldn't stop moving. Her breaths came in short gaspst. Moans and whimpers filling the room as my mouth and fingers brought her higher and higher.

"OH FUCK!" she panted as her hips lifted from the bed.

Her pussy lips flowered in a spasm as I reflexively pulled my head back. Her pussy quaked and clenched my fingers. She came! Ejaculating a stream of clear liquid, as surprised face looked up at her in awe.

"Oh god, that's sexy!" I said in awe.

My fingers soothed the orgasmic pulses coursing through Kelly's jerking body. As she calmed, I gently slid her body onto the bed, gently turning her to lie lengthwise, as I raised a knee and climbed onto the mattress. Her eyes fluttered as she recovered. Her eyes found mine and returned my smile ten-fold.

"I hope there is more of that to come," Kelly breathed, her sex still shivering in orgasmic bliss.

I knelt between her knees, smiling. I was struck dumb at the vision of an orgasmic sex goddess. I simply nodded then crept forward on my knees. I slid my hand along the length of my cock, feeling its weight. Her eyes lowered to watch me jerk myself. I squeezed the bulbous head, and spread the resulting pre-cum around the sensitive glans.

Her eyes widened as she watched, then traced back up my torso to meet mine. I notched the glistening cockhead into her open dewy petals. Her eyes lidded half open at the sensation. At the feel of my cock head spreading her open, her mouth opened wide and she sighed. I pressed my cock into her slowly, sliding deep into her drenched passage.

My pre-cum was wasted on the slickness of my post-orgasmic beauty. Her cunt easily accepted my girth and length in a satin embrace. Her hips lifted to pull me deep inside her as she wrapped her strong legs around my ass, holding me deep. Our eyes met as I was fully sheathed, her rapturous lidded eyes opening and encouraging me. I retracted and started a slow steady fucking.

"Oh yes, fuck me! I don't even know your name, but fuck me!" Kelly encouraged.

"It's ...J" I panted as my piston-like strokes quickened.

She squeezed me with her pussy muscles, milking my cock as it slid in and out of her.

"Then fuck me Jay! Just keep fucking me!

I, of course, obliged. My mind became distracted as I lived out a real live Penthouse Letters moment.

"This kind of thing doesn't just happen to guys like me." I thought to myself as I went balls deep into the gorgeous coed. I realized that I wouldn't even know her name, had we not been interrupted her friend, Jenn.

I slid out, and holding my cock in my hand. Kelly looked up at me. Was that panic in her eyes?

"Let's try you on your knees," I soothed.

Kelly gasped, then smiled and quickly flipped onto her belly. She raised her pert bottom to me, rising onto her elbows. She looked over her shoulder with one eye and that heavenly mane of blonde hair.

"Do me, now!" she cried.

My momentary lapse into regret dissipated in the heat of the moment. I grasped her firm hips and slid against her. She slid a hand back between her thighs and guided my engorged shaft back between her dripping lips. She held her hand to her sex until I was fully engaged in her cunt, then leaned down on her elbows as my cock sunk into her depths.

"Oh god, yes! You fill me so deeply," Kelly moaned as her head melted into the mattress.

I grabbed her hips and slid in and out, finding the right pace. I quickly discovered the right length of my backstroke to saw my entire length in and out of her gripping sex. She returned her hand to her pussy, feeling me enter her chute. She moved her fingertips to rub her engorged clit. My strokes became faster, more frantic as she rocked back to meet my thrusts. The sound of my thighs slapping against her firm round ass filled the room, joining our chorus of moans and groans.

I hunched over her, my hands sliding up from her hips to cup her swaying breasts, capturing one in each hand, and pulling my fingers down to pinch each of her hard nipples.

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