tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 02

The Designer Ch. 02


Author's note:

This is a work of fiction, all characters are over the age of 18. This is a continuation of a story, it should stand on it's own, but reading from the first chapter is encouraged.

This chapter is an edited copy, that has replace the original submission. I appreciate the help of my editor sportychica334 in helping me tighten up my prose. Votes and comments are highly appreciated. Enjoy.


Chapter 2 -- Tabula Rasa

In philosophy 'tabula rasa' is described as an empty or erased slate. It is thought to be the state of an infant with no prior knowledge. As the child grows their 'slate' is filled by experiences and their environment. The theory has been around for centuries, and is not always accepted as truth in our post-modern world. The concept of an erased slate is a good way to explain my ability, and what I had done to Kelly. She still had her experiences and her knowledge, but her morals were effectively reset by my hasty interference with her psyche.

As we spooned beneath her soft quilt, my troubled dreams kept me from sleeping soundly. I did not want to disturb the sensuous sleeping form curled into my torso. So, as I softly held her, I scanned her boundaries again. Her steady breathing was calming as my acute senses traced the remains of her moral wall.

Scanning a moral boundary is hard to explain, it is much like tracing your tongue along the ridge of your teeth. I can feel the sharp edges, the peaks ,and valleys of a person's sense of what is good and bad. As I physically felt Kelly's warm and slightly moist skin on my chest and arms, my senses picked up that her morality had some significant changes from when I first scanned her in the empty stairwell. Before I pushed her walls were high and strong. Now the walls were not completely gone, but much smaller and the profile of it had changed significantly.

Pondering the dramatic changes, I realized that I had the power to alter this strange wall. This epiphany was both exhilarating and disturbing. The discovery that I had changed her resistance and manipulated her sense of what was mortally right and wrong. Those changes enabled our physical interaction which led to our rigorous sexual encounter. I understood my hasty push caused that sequence of events, and it disturbed me. I was not entirely comfortable with invading her mind, destroying her pure attitude towards sex. She had rejected a sexual relationship with her boyfriend. However, my hormonal response to the inherent sexual power of my actions was arousing, and that arousal was manifested with a hardening erection.

As my tumescent shaft pressed into Kelly's soft bottom, she stirred quietly. A soft moan escaped her lips as she unconsciously moved back against my erection. I sensed small fluctuations along her moral equalizer. Her moral graph pulsed in various sections as her body responded to the stimulation.

"Mmm, is that for me?" she sighed as she quietly awoke.

"I don't see any other woman in here," I whispered into her ear.

I brought my right hand up to her right breast and cupped it, my fingers raking softly over her nipple feeling it rise. I monitored how her moral graph shifted in response to my enticing touch. I perceived that she knew what brought her pleasure, sought more of it, and felt no shame that it involved a physical relationship with a virtual stranger. The immediate feedback of my actions only made my excitement, as well as my erection, grow. My cock stretched and nestled between her velvety ass cheeks.

"Ooohh, I like that I have that effect on you," she soothed as she rolled towards me, and onto her back.

My erection slid out from between her ass cheeks and pressed into her firm thigh as I lowered my mouth to her engorged nipple. Her hands came up to comb her fingers through my short hair moaning softly to her delight. I slid my fingers down her delightful stomach, and slid them through her sodden mound of pubic hair. The tips of my fingers curled into her core as they traced the outline of her outer labia. My thoughts scanned how my actions affected her new understanding of morals. Her moral graph shifted through the pleasure of my physical touch lighting up parts as she reacted to the stimulus. I mentally made a map of each moral segment and the fluctuations that vibrated along certain segments.

"Mmmmm," she sighed as she lifted her hips into my fingers as they slid along her nether lips.

"You're still soaking wet," I gruffed, as I pulled my lips from her breast and rose over her.

Feeling her positive response to the pleasurable sensation of my finger, I slid over her thigh. She squirmed sensuously, allowing me room to kneel between her opening thighs. My cockhead pressed into her belly, then slid down as I retracted my hips, watching her eyes and sensing her need, I felt myself slip into her open folds.


My brain had trouble reconciling the odd noise with the wondrous sensation of my cock sliding into Kelly's tight sheath. While Kelly's desire modulated slightly as she heard a sound more familiar to her experience.

"My roommate!" Kelly hissed, eyes wide as she felt my balls press against her ass cheeks.

My focus shifted from her lustful expression to the door, as a thin bright line appeared and grew wider. As my eyes closed against the glare my moral sense shifted from Kelly to the unnamed roommate now starkly silhouetted by the bright light from the hallway. The roommate's moral graph was strong, drastically different from Kelly's now nearly blank slate. I sensed the new person's surprise, shock, disgust and; was that desire?

"OH MY GOD!!!, I'm sorry! I didn't know..." said the voice from the shadow.

The shadow froze at the same moment I bottomed out, deeply embedded in Kelly's velvety snatch. Her features blank as my eyes fought with the contrast in lighting. I could make out a girlish figure slowly resolving into a recognizable person. My senses perceived that her alarm at finding her roommate having intercourse was also calling into battle her self-control soldiers. They manned her solid moral castle walls, and in my greedy lust I tried to adjust her battlements as I had with Kelly.


Well, not completely nothing, instead of backing out of the room, the room mate entered and closed the door behind her. I re-evaluated her moral graph, and while it wasn't completely collapsed, my mental effort had slightly lowered the walls. Her emotions moved from being shocked and revolted to more of a cautious curiosity with a slight increase in desire.

"Um, I can—Uh, maybe I'll just grab my pillow and sleep in the lounge," said the apparition.

Her features becoming more distinguishable as my eyes adjusted. She was about the same height as Kelly, just slightly skinnier but.with a smaller bust, set atop of a lithe frame. Her auburn hair collected in a ponytail which swayed as she turned, focusing on her bed to her left. She tried to avoid looking at us, but was unable to keep from turning back every few steps. Perplexed as to what limited my powers with this new subject, I stayed fully sheathed craning my head, watching her move.

"Lexi! I'm sorry!," Kelly said as she collected herself to speak, "Um, you don't have to sleep in the lounge. You can stay and watch if you want."

"That's interesting," I thought as my focus shifted to my newly amoral partner's mind.

"Are you kidding?" exclaimed Lexi, in an embarrassed tone, her moral signals revealed some shame, disgust, with a hint of curiosity that was quickly surrounded by a cadre of self-control.

"Oh, Lex, you should try it!" moaned Kelly, undulating and squeezing my cock.

Kelly tried to continue fucking me while I stayed firmly rooted deep inside of her. I looked down at Kelly, raising an eyebrow as I slowly flexed my muscles, causing my cock to enlarge inside her and eliciting a moan of pleasure from Kelly.

"That's a bit weird, don't you think?" stammered Lexi, "I can't really feel anything by just watching."

Despite her hesitant words, Lexi slightly altered moral graph limited her self-control. Her curiosity rose as she understood the lusty passion Kelly was emoting. Lexi approached the bed coming closer to me. When she stepped close enough to our bed, I instinctively reached over and grabbed her hand.

"It might be weird, or could be exciting." I said, trying to appeal to her increasing curiosity.

Then in a fit of horny lust, I repeated the same moral shove as I had with Kelly on the stairway. The physical touch did the trick, and my abrupt and uncontrolled push smashed her wall, and scattered her self-control army into disarray and retreat. Now unrestrained by a moral code, her curiosity expanded rapidly. She accepted my hand and stepped closer, dropping the pillow she was carrying. I sensed a rapid rise in arousal and desire, while her previous spiked fear and shame beat a hasty retreat.

"I guess I hadn't thought of it that way," considered Lexi, leaning in to kiss me on the lips.

"Oh that's hot!" cheered Kelly, her hips lifting screwing her pelvis in small circles into me.

Lexi broke the kiss and looked back at her friend, smiling like the cat the caught the canary.

"He kisses good," Lexi gushed, "do you mind sharing him with me, Kel?"

"You'll have to earn your place," I offered cockily, "show us you can keep up by stripping for us."

Lexi looked down, as if discovering that she was clothed for the first time. Her body was covered by school branded t-shirt stretched tight over her pert bosom, her baggy cargo style capris obscured her lower body, as she kicked off her sneakers .

"Challenge accepted!" Lexi quipped as she stepped back into the part of the room brightly lit by the moonlight.

"I've always thought you were sexy, Lexi," cooed Kelly as she used her pussy muscles to squeeze my invigorated cock, "I've always wanted to see you naked."

The frank statement enticed Lexi to unbutton her capris and slide them over her hips revealing firm thighs and muscular calves as she rocked her hips while out of them. Dancing to a tune in her head, Lexi crossed her hands and grabbed the bottom hem of her tee-shirt. She pulled it up seductively releasing her unburdened breasts with a lovely wobble, then tossed her tee-shirt aside. Her b-cup breasts were smaller than Kelly's tits, but sized perfectly for her lithe athletic body.

"What do you think now?" Lexi asked as she posed against the wall.

"I think you need to come closer," I interrupted, "and lose the panties too."

Lexi giggled delightfully as she slid her black boyshorts down her muscular legs, flicking them at me playfully as she approached. Her small breasts shimmied as she sauntered over to us. Kelly and I both extended a hand in welcome. Taking each of them in her warm palm she drew them around her hips as she leaned over and kissed Kelly on the lips.

Their kiss allowed me to examine Lexi more closely in the moonlit room; her skin was slightly paler than Kelly's tan figure, freckles delightfully arrayed across her skin in enticing patterns. My hand slid down her hip and over her tight buttocks, squeezing and appreciating her firm musculature. My eyes followed the curve of her hip along a flat belly and slid up towards her smaller breasts as they pressed into valley between Kelly's bountiful mounds. The two girls moaned as their kiss deepened. My hips started to slide back finally retracting my shaft from Kelly's tight pussy, then beginning a slow fuck.

My fingers explored Lexi's ass, sliding between her two round orbs and travelling the valley between them. Without breaking her kiss with Kelly, Lexi widened her stance, allowing me to cup my hand over her neatly trimmed bush, feeling her heat and gathering moisture on my fingertips.

"Oh god, yes. Touch me there!" Lexi sighed as she broke the kiss and looked over her shoulder at me, her bright eyes and sexy smile encouraging me.

I looked past her to Kelly's bright eyes, her smug smile only encouraging me more as my eyes focused back on Lexi, "I think there's room for one more, if you straddle Kelly," I instructed, a finger sluicing through her moist outer lips.

A thought passed through Lexi's mind as she considered the options, and reached back and grabbing my shoulder. She pulled on me to step on to the bed her feet settling on either side of Kelly's hips, then leaning forward from her hips she lowered her mouth to Kelly's, kissing her. Lexi's bending motion, reminiscent of a Downward Dog yoga position, opened her tight ass cheeks and exposed her moistened pussy lips to my vision. Unable to resist the lusciousness literally before my eyes, I leaned forward and kissed her pink lips, her amber pussy hair caressing my cheeks as my tongue slipped between her nether lips.

Engaged with both girls, I forgot my mental exercises of monitoring their moral profiles, and simply dived into the pleasure feast before me. My hands wrapped around Lexi's thighs as my mouth kissed, tongued and gnawed at her lubricated labia. My hips began a slow piston motion that sped up as my ears heard the muffled sighs and moans between the girls' passionate kiss.

"Fuck you taste divine," I gruffly spoke, my nose nestled against Lexi's puckered rose, a shiver of delight coursing through her frame.

"Oh god yes, suck my pussy, suck it." Lexi panted as her hips pressed back into my face.

My tongue slid inside her entrance as my lips surrounded her sex, sucking her outer lips into my mouth and savoring her taste. My inflamed cock grooving in and out of Kelly's cunt, feeling her squeeze me as she moaned into Lexi's mouth. I reached one of my hands around Lexi's thigh, sliding along her belly then down along her trimmed bush to find my munching chin. I pressed my digit down against the apex of Lexi's slit, and fiddled with the hard nub. Instinctively, I licked at my own finger coating it with a viscous mixture of my saliva and Lexi's fluid and then rubbing that elixir across her engorged clit.

"I love your kisses," Kelly moaned as Lexi arced back with a primitive moan from my oral and digital ministrations, "and your tits feel so good pressed against mine," she continued as she lifted her ankles around my thrusting thighs, "FUCK! Jay, I love your cock fucking me," Kelly encouraged.

"Unnhnn, you should feel his fucking tongue... Mmmmm," moaned Lexi as my seesawing motion pressed my mouth deeper into her drooling cunt. My mouth worked tirelessly to collect and savor her flowing juice.

Lexi arched her back, then hungrily lowered her mouth to Kelly's bouncing tits, "I want to suck your nipple, Kel. Mmmmm!" Lexi moaned as she enveloped one rigid tip between her lips.

"Oh yess, Lex! Nibble it. Fuck this feels fantastic!" Kelly exulted as her hips started to lift to meet my downward thrusts, our slapping sounds becoming louder as I continued to saw in and out of her slippery tunnel.

The aroma from Lexi's fragrant sex, the visual of her firm bottom, the tactile feel of my finger on her clit, the thrum of my tongue lapping between her lips, and the silky pleasure of my engorged cock sawing in and out of Kelly's cunt brought me to the brink of sensory overload. The sounds of their heated moans, coos and words of encouragement fired inside my brain. I convulsed and slammed hard into Kelly's pussy, roaring vocally into Lexi's pungent pussy as my cock ejected spurts of cum deep inside her.

My orgasm and vocal response bounced off the sapphic figures writhing under and before me, triggering their own orgasms as they lost the use of words and grunted their ecstasy. All of our bodies vibrated in a series of spasms as three full body orgasms rocked our senses, bounced off one, and rebounded into another. The echos of our shouts and moans fed back into a frenzied cycle of orgasmic bliss, before we all collapsed in a pile.

Lexi slid down to top of Kelly then rolled to one side and I teetered and slid down on Kelly's opposite side. Our breaths came in short gasps as our bodies clung to each other, almost overflowing the small bed frame.

Finally, able to form a coherent thought, I reflected on what had happened. Oddly I worried about how I had recklessly destroyed the moral profiles of new conquest. In my rutting lust, I had doubled my troubles, and added to my regret. However, my cocksure outer facade masked my inner distress as I rolled over on my side, and propped my head on one arm, while tracing fingers over the quivering flesh of my conquests.

"So? Was it weird? Or was it exciting?" I queried the panting pair.

They turned their faces toward me, impish smiles across both of their faces, as they spoke simultaneously.

"Can we do it again?!"

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