tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 03

The Designer Ch. 03


Author's Note: Thank you for reading, voting and commenting. Much thanks to *sportychica334* for her expert assistance with the editing of this chapter.

This is a work of fiction, all characters are over the age of 18.


"Can we do it again?" asked Kelly and Lexi together.

They were referring to the orgasmic encounter we just concluded when Lexi caught me and her roommate, Kelly, fucking in their dorm room. I used my newly discovered talent for adjusting moral boundaries on Kelly earlier in the evening. She brought me to her room, and I ended up balls deep inside of her when Lexi had opened the door. Caught in the act, I reached out to Lexi, and also destroyed her moral restraints to sex inducing her to join us. The three of us had just finished in a mind-blowing collective orgasm.

I sighed tiredly, "Love to, but I think I'm out for at least one round," indicating my limp organ still dripping the mixed elixir from my ejaculation into Kelly juicy pussy.

"Oh, that looks like it needs a tongue cleaning," gushed Lexi.

She sat up and sensuously crawled over Kelly's body licking her lips, "I want to find out what you and Kelly taste like."

I sensed her innocent curiosity as her mouth gently kissed my deflated head, "OW AW, careful! Still sensitive!" I warned.

Lexi opened her mouth and carefully enveloped the tired knob and sucked softly. I groaned as small shocks pulsed through my strained nerve endings. I reached down and combed my fingers through Lexi's red hair my touch assuring her that I appreciated her careful cleaning.

Kelly watching Lexi's soft sucking and licking said, "I want to taste Lexi," and snaked her body under her friend's leg, lifting it as she stretched her neck up and kissed her sodden lips.

"She tastes incredible!" I reported, licking my lips in remembrance of her juicy twat as Kelly reached around her friend's hips to pull her friend's pussy closer

Suddenly, I moaned uncomfortably, my hips twitching reflexively. I reached down and gently lifted Lexi's head from my sensitive glans.

"Your mouth is magical, but too much too soon, Lex."

Lexi licked her lips and smiled at me then closed her eyes and moaned as she felt Kelly's tongue slide her lower lips open.

"Oh god, Mmmmm," Lexi panted, eyes opening but still lidded with lust, "You both taste delicious together, so I'll finish cleaning up Kelly."

I smiled lustily as I watched Lexi slide over and lower her mouth to Kelly's open pussy. She eyed the dollop of white creamy fluid that oozed from Kelly's open lips lowering her tongue to collect a mouthful. She rolled her eyes and moaned savoring the taste.

I slid off the bed, and stood, looking around the strange dorm room. I spied what I thought was the door to the attached bathroom. Stretching, I looked back at the two roommates slowly licking and nibbling each other's cunts like it was the most natural thing in the world. I walked toward the bathroom tuning back into their moral profiles to evaluate how their lovemaking changed the outline.

I opened the door to the bathroom. Finding it empty, I cautiously searched the small room from where I entered to the opposite door that opened into the neighboring dorm room.. I found two shower stalls opposite each other in the center of the room. On the far side another closed door, with a toilet on one side and a sink opposite it. That same arrangement was repeated on the side where I entered. I sighed, relieved there wasn't yet another coed inside. I'm certain. in my horny state of mind, I would have demoralized any new coed I met in the small bathroom. That thought disturbed me deeply, was there no limit to my depravity? Would this new power end up corrupting me? I tried to figure out how I had co-opted and demoralized the two sexy women, happily pleasuring each other. Sitting on the toilet closest to the room I entered from, I relaxed, relieving my bladder, and contemplated my situation.

I looked back into the dorm room, past the entwined figures softly moaning, and out the window . The horizon was starting to glow as morning was breaking. I looked at my watch: 5:51 a.m.! I struggled to remember my schedule for the day, then I realized that our teams would be loading buses to the airport in about four hours for our flight back home.

"Crap!" I thought, "what can I do in that short time to undo the damage I have done?"

My eyes lowered from the dawning of daybreak on the horizon to the still undulating forms of the roommates exploring their new found mutual love for sex. They were enjoying the taste of each other using their tongues and lips, moaning lustily. I watched carefully, spying Kelly slide her fingers into Lexi's quim, then begin to saw her fingers in and out eliciting a new moan from her target. Still slightly disturbed at the results of my powers, I switched to monitoring their moralistic settings. I noticed that some of the areas were modulating as they rode the flood and ebb of their pleasures, while other parts of the graph were silent.

In my ignorance of how my power worked, I had collapsed all the areas of both the young women. I began to realize the sexual morality parts controlled how each woman felt about engaging in sexual acts were clustered in the same area of the graph. I knew I had needlessly and recklessly knocked down all of their boundaries but could I rebuild what I had destroyed?

I concentrated, trying to reverse my previous manipulation, and felt all of the boundaries begin to slowly rise, the cost was a dull headache. I watched, straining in mental effort from the distance. Slowly, their moans quieted, and their motions slowed. Their emotions morphed from enthusiastic exploration, to subdued shame and increasing disgust. As my push had knocked everything down, my lifting was raising all the boundaries, and now the girls began to doubt their actions. I could sense some fear and guilt as I exhaled and gave up.

I continued my examination and sensed all their levels deflate back lower again. Without any self-control, the exquisite feelings of their physical ministrations encouraged the continuous exploration. I made a note that the baseline wasn't immoral but amoral. With enough pleasure attached, the girls had no reason to maintain the high moral boundaries they'd started the night with. I felt a bit defeated, but shamefully smiled I as heard their moans become more and more active as the fear and guilt dissipated.

"Fascinating," I thought to myself. It was easy to destroy the moral boundaries, almost too easy. However it was difficult and seemed fruitless to try to rebuild a moral boundary with my power. Especially if the subject had no good reason to form that boundary. Maybe I just needed to practice? I concentrated again, this time on a quiet section of Kelly's map that were unaffected by her current behavior. Trying to raise the quiet section of the graph was easier mentally. The wall rose slowly, and stayed elevated after I stopped. I duplicated the same process on Lexi, matching the same settings on each girl's map.

"I wonder what I just did?" I thought, not having anything to align those new walls with actual behavior.

I rationalized my action as at least one way to undo my destruction. I was also relieved at the small control I was able to accomplish. I stopped to evaluate what I had discovered in the few hours since I first kissed Kelly in the stairway. It was much more of an effort mentally to raise a wall, than to knock one down, and I felt drained. I filed what I discovered in the back of my mind, because the exultant cries from the room had reignited my youthful desires. I stood up slowly, my cock swelling at the sound of the girls moans, and cries.

"Oh FUCK! your fingers, Kel!" chanted Lexi, as she lowered her mouth to flutter her tongue on Kelly's clit.

"Damn, Lex, your tongue is heaven," grunted Kelly as she worked three fingers into her friends drooling snatch her head lifting to suck and lick at her friend's red-haired mound.

I watched for a few more seconds, my hand idly stroking my cock as I stood near Kelly's end of the bed. Kelly noticed me as the sun first peaked over the horizon and smiled up at me, then lifted her mouth to suck the end of my cock into her mouth as she continued to probe Lexi's gaping cunt.

"Mmmmm yeah, your mouth feels so fucking good," I whispered down to Kelly, with an encouraging smile.

When she popped off my glistening cock head, I slid onto the bed, my knees on either side of Kelly's head, and positioned myself behind Lexi's rocking backside. I grabbed Kelly's wrist and pulled it from Lexi's pussy, and guided it to my engorged rod.

"Mmmffhhhhh. Don't you dare fucking stop!" moaned Lexi in a frustrated tone as she turned her head to look back at what Kelly was doing.

"Mind if I take over?" I responded as Kelly guided my cock, notching it back into Lexi's open petals.

"OH FUCK," she exclaimed as her mouth opened at the touch of my cock head, "YES!, I mean, no... I mean... Just FUCK me with that gorgeous cock!"

Feeling her lips envelop my bulbous knob I thrust forward, en-sheathing myself into her tight slick tunnel. My balls dragged over Kelly's brow, and nose, landing in her open mouth. Kelly didn't miss a beat, sucking one of my testicles into her mouth and swirling her tongue around the sensitive orb. I bottomed out into Lexi's cunt, her hips pressing back into me as she panted. Remembering her friend's oozing cunt below her, Lexi lowered her mouth to Kelly's pussy.

I rocked back, my balls sliding from Kelly's mouth. She responded by raising up and licking along Lexi's stretched lips where her labia met my rock hard shaft. Finding Lexi's raised bud, I felt Lexi buck as Kelly sucked her clit.

"FUCK YES , FUCK FUCK, MMMMMMMMMMMM" Lexi moaned into Kelly's mound, as I started sawing in and out. My hands squeezing the firm round orbs of Lexi's ass. I found a steady groove that kept me fucking Lexi's with full long strokes as Kelly continued her clitoral magic.

"FUCK!!!" Lexi screamed as she gave up trying to munch Kelly's twat and looked back at me, "You feel so fucking goo.. Ooooh, Fuck... You are making me... CUMMMMM!"

I felt Lexi's pussy pulse, quiver, tighten and quake as I slammed in and out, not stopping my swift strokes as I rode through her strong orgasm. Lexi arched her back, head flying her once tight ponytail, which had loosened, and the band flew off as her lush amber locks cascaded over her freckled shoulders. In the brightening morning light, she looked amazing as her body shook all over. I pulled out and Lexi collapsed on top of Kelly. As my cock head disengaged, I lifted my knee pulling away from Kelly's mouth still licking my rigid shaft.

"Rotate!" I commanded as I stepped off the bed and walked to the foot end where Lexi lay head resting between Kelly's spread thighs.

Kelly eagerly helped Lexi to roll to the side, and lie on her back her eyes blinking up as I stood over her. Lexi's flushed face glowed as she gasped. A silly smile glued to her face as her eyes looked up at me with gratitude. Lexi glanced over at Kelly just in time to see Kelly's knee lift up and settle on the far side of her head, then her eyes focused back on me, and drifted down to where my hand stroked my cock, waiting for Kelly to get into position.

"Open your mouth, Lex," I ordered as I knelt closer to the bed, and fed my cock coated with her orgasmic juices into Lexi's eager lips, "Taste your own cum."

Lexi's eyes widened in lustful satisfaction as her mouth enveloped my head, her tongue swirled as I slid my length into her mouth, feeling her suck as my cock head bounced against her throat. Her cheeks hollowed as I slowly pulled back, sucking her own juices from my cock as I withdrew. She lifted her hand and grasped my shaft, licking her lips as she closed her mouth and swallowed. Then she lifted up and licked Kelly's lips, spreading them open as she guided my cock into her roommate's ready slit.

"Fuck her, Jay! FUCK. HER. HARD!" Lexi gushed as she let her tongue wander and explore Kelly's pussy, my cock shaft then tasting my balls, suckling the collected dewy moisture from her explosive orgasm on my cock.

I was right on the end of the bed, and Kelly's tight cunt was at just the right height that I could stand and slam my cock deeply into her. Lexi leaned her head off the end of the bed to continue cleaning my balls while lapping at the steady coupling of my shaft into Kelly's pussy. I fucked Kelly in strong, long strokes. In front of me, Kelly hungrily lapped at Lexi's pussy, lapping the copious liquid sprayed all around her sex. Kelly moaned loudly with each thrust of my cock.

"Sounds like someone is enjoying themselves!" came a strange voice from the direction of the bathroom.

"Crap! I left the door open!" I thought.

I steeled myself to resort to using my new found powers to corrupt another young mind, as long as I could continue the fuck fest. I looked over towards the bathroom, and saw a stunning black haired Latina coed, completely naked. Her round dusky breasts heaved as she watched the three of us engaged in our frenetic ministration. One hand was pulling on a dark chocolate nipple, while the other was engaged beneath the dark lush forest of her sex. Her legs were in a wide stance as she fingered herself watching us fuck.

I monitored her moral frequency, slowing my thrusts as I evaluated the new situation. Her moral structure was intact, lower than my playmates initial settings, but still solid. Her self-control army though was absent and she had absolutely no resistance to being accepted into what had become an orgy. I saw Kelly's head lift up, looking back over her shoulder at me wondering why I slowed. Then catching the direction of my eyes, she doubled back and noticed our observer.

"Carmen!" She breathed, "You look so sexy finger fucking yourself. Come closer, I want to see your pussy."

Carmen blinked, surprised at the words, and glanced at me, eyebrow cocked. I nodded and gestured her to come over to the full bed. Carmen slid up the door, and rising to her full height of about 5'8" she strode towards the bed confidently.

"Isn't she a fox?" gushed Lexi from below me. I looked down at her as she had turned her head to watch Carmen, before looking back up at me between Kelly's spread legs. "I want to taste her too," said Lexi, suddenly a connoisseur of sex fluids.

Carmen stood next to the bed, and Kelly moved over her head level with the taller woman's hips and kissed along her mocha brown skin. Carmen looked over at me and gave a sexy shrug, as if to say, "Why have you stopped fucking my friend?"

I immediately continued to start sawing my cock deeply into Kelly's gripping pussy. Lexi slid back, pushing her self from underneath Kelly, and sliding off the bed. She stood up and walked around me then wrapped her arms around Carmen from behind. Kelly nuzzled into the dark black curls of Carmen's mound, and opened her mouth as Carmen leaned back into Lexi's supportive frame. As Carmen tilted slightly back, she lifted her hand to the back of Kelly's head pressing her into her sex. I just watched as I fucked Kelly steadily, watching her body sway into Carmen's body with each firm thrust.

"I never thought I'd see you two chicas lapping each other, let alone fuck a sexy man," Carmen cooed then moaned as Kelly's tongue lapped at her pussy.

My cock was on autopilot, numbed from the earlier over stimulation I was still a long way from cumming. I happily watched the three girls play with each other, plying my cock in and out of Kelly's tight pussy. I tuned into Carmen's moral profile again, and then my other two conquests, comparing the three. I realized the Carmen's profile was much lower in the same areas that rippled with activity along the roommate's' profiles as we continued to play. That explained why Carmen wasn't shocked. Her morals regarding sexuality were already very open. Mentally filing away that section of the profile, I checked back into the action, and accelerated my thrusts, hard fucking Kelly's pussy.

Lexi was having fun playing with Carmen's full breasts, her light fingers a stark contrast as she traced her fingertips around Carmen's dark chocolate nipples. Her fingers pulled each hard nub, stretching the sensitive buds, as Carmen gasped and moaned lustfully.

"Kelly, oooh, your tongue! how did you learn to lick a pussy so well?" Carmen gushed, as she smiled down at the bright blue eyes of my first conquest.

"I've been practicing with Lexi!" Kelly said brightly, "I'm just repeating what she did to me, when she licked all of Jay's cream from my pussy a bit ago."

Carmen cocked an eyebrow, and lifted her eyes to mine, "That so, hm?" she smiled and turned to Lexi who was licking and kissing Carmen's neck, "Did his cum taste good, L?"

"Car-car, it was so tasty, and Kelly's tangy cum made such a yummy mixture." Lexi whispered in Carmen's ear, "I'm sorry you weren't here to share, but I ate all of it myself."

"You greedy cunt," laughed Carmen, returning her eyes to mine, "I will just have to get some of that for myself," she proclaimed as she licked her full lips.

I smiled back, and felt Kelly begin to buck back against me, her hips rolling frantically in the now familiar rhythm that preceded her ascent to orgasm. I redoubled my thrusts, shortening the length, and pressing down on her shapely ass as I slid down along the top of her pussy, reaching a hand around to twiddle her hard clit.

"Hold that thought, Carmen," I quipped, as I fucked and frigged Kelly who responded by reaching around Carmen's hips to pull her to her gasping mouth, "I should be ready in a minute."

Carmen's eyes widened as she watched, then lidded as she felt the effects of Kelly's labors and tossed her head reveling in the lustful ministrations of our shared fuck toy. Lexi stood behind Carmen as she slumped down slowly, the pale Irish girl leaning over the dark Latina, her red hair cascading in a curtain over half of Carmen's face as she pressed her open mouth to the gasping Mexican. Lexi's fingers and thumbs softly twisted the dark brown nipples as she french kissed Carmen, eliciting a sharp scream, then a strong moan.

"Unnnh mi dios, girls!" Carmen huffed, "What has gotten into you sluts?"

"MMMMMMMMMM CUMMMMMIIINNNGGG" screamed Kelly into the dark muff of our new partner as her body shook.

I slammed deep into Kelly, feeling her pussy clench my cock tight, feeling the rippling pulses of her orgasm milk my shaft as her body shook. Kelly's spasms induced her juices to flood the base of my cock and ran down my balls, puddling on the cool tile between my feet. Kelly froze, then her body slowly collapsed, her eyes rolling back in her head as she rolled on her side near the foot of the bed, curling into a fetal position as her body quaked in post-orgasmic bliss.

"Lie down, Carmen." I gestured to the head of the bed, "I want to fuck you first, before I cum on those amazing tits," I commanded confidently.

She looked at me with a bit of confusion, as she weighed my statement. I felt a bit of resistance but, her unbridled lust overwhelmed her. She crawled onto the bed then rolled onto her back, lying sideways on the bed. Lexi stood alone, and looked at me, wondering what to do.

"You can either guide me into Carmen's pussy, or straddle Carmen and let her taste you," I shrugged, allowing the sexy Irish minx to make up her own mind.

"I'll do both," smiled Lexi, and she approached me, and pulled me close to her, opening her mouth and sharing a short deep passionate kiss that tasted remotely of Kelly.

Lexi slid her hand down to my slick engorged cock, then walked to Carmen, pulling my cock alongside. She knelt on the bed beside Carmen, and then pulled Carmen's leg open, she guided my cock down, aligning me deep inside the dark forest of Carmen's sex.

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