tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 04

The Designer Ch. 04


Author's Note:

Thanks for your comments and votes. A very big thank you to sportychica334 for her editing and encouragement. Any additional errors are all mine. I appreciate any comments and critiques.

All characters are over the age of 18.


"I need a shower, do you want to join me?" I offered.

"Yes, but I need your help to stand up," Lexi sighed.

I needed a shower because I was leaving in about three hours, and I reeked of sex and sweat. Lexi needed my help because she just experienced a series of mind blowing orgasms, and didn't look like she could rise to standing without help. She looked simultaneously sexy and small.

Sexy, because her dark red hair tousled off her shoulders in just-been-fucked-hard haphazard manner. It was plastered to one cheek where perspiration adhered the red locks to her freckled cheek. Her breasts rose and fell, smallish ivory orbs topped with pinkish conical nipples fading to a rosy red at the still erect tips.

Small, because I suddenly became aware of her innocent age. She was most likely a freshman, just a few months past her eighteenth birthday. Her fit healthy body luminous with youthful vigor. She smiled tiredly, looking up at me with her tantalizing green eyes revealing she'd enjoyed herself. Her exhausted posture showed she was a bit overwhelmed by the rigorous over the top foursome we enjoyed together..

I nodded at her and carefully crawled over the bed to where she laid against the window sill. I was careful, because I didn't want to disturb the bed's occupants. Kelly, my first victim, was busy exploring her neighbor Carmen's mouth with her cum filled tongue. Kelly's luscious blond locks were also glued to her bank and shoulders from the vigorous exertion of our tryst. Her lightly tanned voluptuous curves a stark contrast to the mocha brown skin of the target of her deep kisses. Carmen had wrapped her shapely dark calves around Kelly's lighter thighs. Carmen pulled Kelly into her with her heels, drawing the pair closer.

I got to the other side, and knelt beside where Lexi was sitting. She wrapped her arms around my neck. I cradled one of my arms behind her back, the other under her knees, and lifted her up. She nestled her tired head against my chest, her amber hair tickling me under my chin as she held on to me. I turned and walked around the foot of the bed, looking back to the pair on the far end.

Kelly had lowered her mouth down to Carmen's brown tits, mouthing and sucking on one nipple to Carmen's obvious joy. Her fingers were rolling the free nipple between her thumb and fingers, while her hand flexed massaging Carmen's luscious breast. Carmen was doing her part, hands wrapped around Kelly's round bottom, pulling her between her legs, lifting her hips to mash their fevered sexes together as their bodies writhed in passion. I considered how tired Lexi felt in my arms, and was amazed by Kelly's stamina as she feverishly worked her lusty magic on the Latina lass.

I made it to the bathroom, and reached with one hand to start the water running. Lowering Lexi down carefully, I helped support her as I let her feet rest on the floor. She rested against the edge of the shower, looking up at me with a tired smile.

"What is Lexi short for?" I asked with a smile.

"Alexis," she smiled, "Alexis Anne, but everyone calls me Lexi or Lex. I promise I'm not evil though, like Lex Luthor."

"Pleased to meet you, Alexis," I bantered back, "I don't think I introduced myself, I'm Jeremiah, though I'm not a bullfrog. That's why everyone calls me J."

Alexis giggled up at me as she rested against the shower wall. I tested the temperature of the water. Satisfied with the warmth I slipped under the spray pulling Lexi in with me. She turned her back to the spray and I watched rivulets of water run through her red hair and cascade down between her freckled breasts. She looked up at me blinking, as she rubbed her hands through my sparse chest hair. She reached over and grabbed a bar of soap rubbing her hands together creating a lather.

"I'm kinda glad we met the way we did, instead of the formality of introductions and awkward tea parties," she commented as she rubbed the lather into my chest, handing me the bar of soap.

"Yes, I love skipping past the chaperoned dates and right to the sex!" I laughed as I lathered the soap then rubbed the foam into her chest.

I rubbed along her shoulders and around her neck, before moving the slippery suds back to her upper chest, then around her small breasts. I payed more attention to massaging the perky mounds before I zeroed in on her small pink nipples that hardened visibly as I rubbed. Lexi was paying close attention to washing my chest, teasing my nipples with her small finger tips, then rubbing down along the line of hair to my belly button.

"I never thought I'd be introduced to sex so abruptly," said Lexi, looking down and sliding her soapy fingers around my flaccid penis.

"Wow, you were a virgin?" I asked, feeling slightly ill at the thought of my reckless interference.

"Technically, yes. I've never had intercourse," she said softly, as she looked up at me.

Her hands and fingers massaged the suds into my shaft, around the glans, and under my testicles. She continued to talk to me as she washed me. I could not sense any feelings or regret or shame.

"I have masturbated since I was 14, and made out with many boys. Heavy petting mostly. I've given head, and had orgasms. I think I busted my hymen riding horses, since I've never had any problems with toys."

"I didn't realize that you were a virgin, I'm sorry?"

"Why are you sorry? I'm not," she smiled at me, "I've never done anything that erotic, my only regret is that I haven't done anything like that sooner."

"How long have you known Kelly?" I asked turning her to face the spraying water.

She released my cock and balls, and reached under her breasts. Holding them under the spray she letting the water sluice between her uplifted tits. She rubbed the suds away as I started soaping up her back, collecting her soft red hair in a pony tail and letting it fall over her shoulder.

"We met at freshman indoc," Lexi continued after moving her face from the invigorating spray, "We were fast friends. We had a lot in common, both near the top of our high school classes. We enjoyed the same books and TV shows, and stayed up late just talking."

"Had you to messed around together?" I asked as my hands made their way down her back to her pert round bottom dusted with her ever present freckles.

"Oh no! We both avoided the topic of sex. Kelly was a virgin too. I was surprised that she was having sex, because I knew she was fighting with Carl, her boyfriend, over being pressured about sex." She looked back at me, "Ex-boyfriend now, I guess. It really shocked me when I realized you weren't him.

"It was unexpected for me too," I stammered, my fingers enjoying caressing her buttocks, then reaching around her hip and drawing her back to me, "I guess we just hit it off perfectly."

"Well, I'm certainly happy that you did," Lexi sighed, leaning into my chest as I rubbed the soap suds through her amber pubic hair. I traced my fingers trace through her slippery folds eliciting a moan. She reached up and back to comb through my hair leaning into me and opening her hips to my touch..

"Where's the shampoo?" I asked as I slid my fingers up her sides and cupped her cute breasts as the water sprayed across them.

"There," she pointed to the shelf, tossing her hair back across her back.

"Tell me about Carmen," I questioned as I poured some shampoo into my hands, rubbing them together then lathering her amber locks.

"She lives next door, she chased her first roommate away with her frequent gentlemen callers, and now she lives alone."

"Ah, how many boyfriends does she have?" I asked, "and are they bigger than me?"

"Don't worry, J, Carmen isn't a whore, nor does she take shit from her men. She just likes sex, a LOT. She's become a good friend too. She found out that I'm a runner, so we go on runs each Saturday morning and talk girl talk. Aside from her frequent, and loud, lovemaking, she's a great neighbor."

I twisted Lexi back around, and she tilted her head back to wash the shampoo from her hair. I took the opportunity to lean down and kiss her on the lips. Her eyes opened in a smile, then her mouth opened as she accepted my kiss. Our tongues met and entwined. Her hands wrapped around my neck, and I lowered my hands to her ass. Our kissing became a bit deeper as our bodies began to respond to our mutual passion.

We were interrupted by the sounds of applause and wolf whistles, from a very tired looking Kelly and a smiling Carmen. They laughed as Carmen reached in and started the other shower and stepped in to test the water. I reached out and pulled Kelly under the water from our shower, the hot spray flattening her blond locks to her skin as she crowded into the small shower pushing Lexi into the corner.

"Hey!" Lexi laughed, "He was kissing me!"

"I saw him first," giggled Kelly, as she lifted up on her tiptoes to kiss me firmly.

"You two ladies wash the sex off you," said Carmen in a tone that offered no argument, "I want to have a word with lover boy."

She reached in and pulled me from the stall, as Kelly laughed, "Okay Lexi, get to work missy, I've got a LOT of sex to wash off me."

Lexi laughed and grabbed the soap and started soaping up Kelly's chest paying careful attention to Kelly's bountiful chest.

Carmen pulled me into the opposite stall, and shut the shower curtain before I could complain. The other ladies didn't seem to mind much, as the bathroom filled with their joyous laughs, then soft moans, as they discovered the secrets of shared showers. I looked at Carmen with a cautious smile, and her return smile mirrored mine. I took a moment to scan her lush body with my eyes, enjoying the smooth olive tone of her luminous skin, and the perfect offsetting color of her dark nipples.

"Okay, cowboy," Carmen started, a flirty smile on her face, "Now that you've gotten your eyeful, why don't you start washing the cum off my skin."

"Certainly," I smiled back, reaching for the soap.

"Also, what in the fuck did you do to my friends?" she asked suddenly serious.

"What do you mean?" I asked looking into her eyes, as I touched the soap to her upper chest.

Carmen shoved me back against the shower wall fiercely. Leaning up against me her eyes filled with intensity and a determined look in her eyes.

"Don't fuck with me, motherfucker!" Carmen breathed lowly, "Those sweet girls over there are my closest friends, and I know you've done something to them. Last night they would have been cringing in the corner at the sight of a naked man in their room. Now they're feeling each other up and sucking each other's pussy? That shit don't add up.."

Her eyes flashed in anger. She was in protective momma bear mode, and wasn't taking any shit. At first I was taken aback, and began to get defensive. Seeing her ferocity and intensity, I sank back defeated. I was also relieved, I really was worried that I'd done something darkly wrong. I lifted my eyes back to her, reflecting my inner turmoil and genuine concern for the pair.

"I don't know, exactly what it is," I began to explain, "At first it just was a feeling I got, that I could... It's hard to explain."

"I have nothing but time, asshole," Carmen said, relaxing her hold on me.

"I don't have much time to explain," I answered, "I have to meet back with my team in a little bit to fly back to my school. But I'll tell you what I know."

"Well," she smiled back at me, sensing my honesty, "you can still wash me while you tell me, since you're pressed for time."

"Well I saw Kelly crying in the stairwell," I began.

As I lathered up Carmen's body, I spilled the whole story. I told her about how I pushed down Kelly's resistance at my first kiss. I told her how she responded. I explained that we heatedly rushed to her room to have sex. I told her Lexi interrupted in the middle of our third go-round. I also admitted to adjusting Lexi's protective walls, and our explosive threesome. She listened carefully, asking questions as they came up. I answered everything honestly. I tried to explain how I was able to scan their moral profile, and was able to modify it. She grew concerned.

"Did you fuck with mine?" she asked angrily.

"No Carmen, I scanned you," I explained, "but I sensed that you were willing and so I didn't adjust anything."

"But, you would have, if I'd reacted differently?" she questioned.

"Yeah," I shrugged honestly, "I really wasn't thinking it all through."

"No," Carmen interrupted, "you were thinking with this head," she spat as she grabbed my cock, "Not this one!" she rapped her knuckles on my skull.

"True enough," I admitted.

"So, I'm glad you didn't fuck with me," she modulated, "I'm also glad you realize you fucked up. What are you going to do about it?"

"I don't know," I admitted, "I'm scared that I can't undo what I've done. I didn't know either of them before tonight, and if I mess up the re-adjustment, I might end up making them religious zealots or something."

"That's true," Carmen allowed, "What will happen if you leave them like this?"

"I don't know that either," I confessed, "I know they'll need a good friend. I'm now glad you walked in when you did, and that you're concerned about both Kelly and Alexis. I just don't know what to do."

"How can I help?" Carmen asked honestly.

"Well, I can't do anything about leaving now, and I'm sure there isn't anything a medical doctor can do. I need to figure out how my power works, and I'll need to come back here and try to fix them as soon as I can. What you can do is look out for them. Babysit them... if that makes sense?"

"What the hell?" Carmen laughed, "This is the most fucked up explanation I've ever heard, but for some fucking reason I believe you. I do care about Alexis and Kelly as if they were my own sisters, so of course I'll babysit them. But, how do I know you'll ever come back?"

"You don't." I answered honestly. "Look, do you have email? You can write me a daily message, that would help me figure out what I did to them. I'll write you back with my progress and we'll figure it all out. I swear to you, I won't quit until they're back to normal. Or at least normal enough for you, since I don't know what is their normal. Deal?"

I offered my hand. She looked at me, and my hand, glanced back up and cocked her eyebrow. Finally she took my hand and shook it.

"Deal," she said, "as if I have a choice."

She pulled me closer to her pulling my hand around her back as she leaned her breasts against me.

"If I'm going to babysit those two brats, I'm going to need advance payment. Got another round in you stud?"

She reached down and felt my cock. It stiffened in her hand as she stroked it in the warm water. I gasped, a question in my eyes, not quite understanding how we got back to sex.

"Seeing you three together was so hot," Carmen moaned into my ear as she embraced me, "just thinking of it still makes me wet, and when you fucked me, hombre, that was the best sex I've had in months. If you listened to Lex, that gossipy bitch, you know that's saying something."

My ego was effectively stroked, along with my cock. Amazingly (though not too surprising) my soldier responded positively to her pleas, coming to attention in heroic fashion. I moved my mouth to hers, kissing her deeply for the first time. Her lips opened and her tongue drove into my mouth. She leaned into me, smashing her heavy breasts into my chest. I lowered my hands to her hips, then grabbed around her round firm ass, lifting her up to her tiptoes. Her hand pulled on my cock, feeling it lengthen in her palm, but still not fully erect.

She pulled back and looked at me lustily, "I'll get it ready, don't worry," Carmen breathed as she lowered herself to her knees.

The warm shower struck my chest and rivulets of water ran down my stomach and through my pubic hair. Carmen looked up at me with her dark drown eyes, stroking my cock in her hand. She opened her mouth and sucked my head between her luscious lips. Watching her mouth encircle the head, I felt a surge of intensity and my cock responded by thickening and lengthening. Her eyes smiled up at me in triumph as she rocked her mouth up and down my cock, swirling her talented tongue around the shaft and glans.

"Fuck! Carmen," I enthused looking down at the olive skinned beauty squatting beneath me, "I'm ready, put your hands against the wall!"

Smiling triumphantly, Carmen stood, and kissed me deeply. She turned towards the shower head, and put her hands on the wall. The water sprayed against her tits, as she spread her legs apart. It was my turn to kneel, and I did. I wanted to taste that dusky snatch badly. I reached my fingers up, and spread her tight cheeks apart revealing her brown puckered asshole. She leaned forward slightly, revealing her ready sex, outlined by lush dark curly pubic hair. I leaned forward and enveloped her flower with my mouth, sliding my tongue between those meaty lips. She actually tasted spicy, it seemed, as I munched at her sex; using my tongue to lick, and my lips to suck her heavenly slit.

Tasting her excitement, and satisfied she was ready, I stood. I held my cock as she looked over her shoulder, catching my eye with her lustful gaze. I notched my glans between her folds and slammed my hips forward. I entered her with a vigorous thrust, her bottom bounced as I reached around her and captured one of her breasts. I pulled my hips back, and started to fuck Carmen quickly, causing her to toss her head back and moan lustily.

Our shower curtain was tossed back, and suddenly we had an audience. Kelly and Lexi stood side by side, their wet hair draped back over their shoulders. Their breasts side by side added to my enjoyment as I compared Lexi's small pert pear shaped tits to Kelly's large bountiful round orbs. The two girls smiled at us as I continued to rapidly fuck Carmen.

"Oh fuck, you bitches watch close," Carmen huffed, "this is how you fuck."

"Fuck her, J, slam it into her!" Lexi shouted, reaching out and slapping my ass with a loud smack.

"Damn that's sexy," moaned Kelly, a hand drifting to squeeze one of her breasts as she reached and held on to Lexi's other hand.

I was speechless, as I continued to saw in and out of Carmen as she leaned into the wall, thrusting her hips back to meet my thrusts. I pulled out, and took at step back. Carmen turned swiftly, and reaching for me strode across the short space and pulled my head down to hers, kissing me deeply. She grabbed for my cock, as I reached around her hips. I grabbed her hips in my hand, as she guided my cock to her pussy. I lifted her up as she shoved my dick back in her open pussy. I held her securely with my hands supporting her firm ass cheeks. She wrapped her legs around my hips. Our kiss deepened as she humped her hips back and forth.

"Watch out!" I panted as I stepped toward the naked pair in the middle of the shower room.

The girls stepped back, as I carefully walked out of the bathroom carrying Carmen. Carmen clung to me as walked back into Kelly's room. I inhaled as I walked and noticing the pungent smell of sex that infused the whole room. I walked back to Kelly's sodden bed, and lowered Carmen onto the mattress. I lowered myself onto Carmen and started my hips moving as I continuously kissed her deeply.

Carmen lifted her hands to my face as we kissed, her hips rolling as I sawed in and out of her pussy. She combed her fingers through my hair, moaned loudly, breaking my kiss. She arched her back, spasming as an orgasm passed through her, eyes flashing up at mine.

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