The Designer Ch. 04


"I want your cum in me, I want to feel you jet in my belly," Carmen interjected.

Being the gentleman I am, I made sure to comply. I nodded then started my final sprint to the finish, hips flashing like lightening as my pace quickened. I leaned back, raising to my knees on the edge of the bed to fuck her deeply. Kelly knelt on the bed and leaned over to suckle one of Carmen's perfect nipples. Lexi rubbed her hand over my ass as I stroked in and out, then leaned down and kissed Carmen deeply. Lexi kept coaxing my thrusts as her other hand cupped and stroked Carmen's free breast.

Overcome by the collective stimulation, Carmen tossed her head back and screamed. She lifted her hips, inner walls gripping my cock. I slammed deep into her, feeling her pussy walls ripple with her orgasm. Her lusty motion triggered my release and I roared. Arching my back, and pressing my cock deep inside her I felt it pulse and jet two powerful ropes deep into her womb. As her orgasm continued, her powerful vibration coaxed two more pulses. It felt as if her pussy were milking the cum straight from my balls. I groaned and shivered as I watched her body spasm.

Kelly and Lexi watched the two of us shake in orgasmic bliss, looking back and forth, then over at each other. They leaned over Carmen's twitching body and kissed deeply. They lifted their hands to each others breasts enjoying a deep passionate kiss as Carmen and I recovered. I stayed deeply embedded in Carmen's gripping chute, until my cock softened slid out.

I staggered back a step, and Kelly looked over at me. She looked down at Carmen's pussy where a white pool of our mingled juices began to ooze out. Kelly leaned over and put her mouth over Carmen's pussy, licking and the mixture and collecting it in her mouth. Lexi slid off the bed, kneeling before me. She carefully lifted my cock, and slid her mouth over the sensitive glans. Lexi's tongue hungrily swirled around my softening cock, cleaning the viscous fluid of our coupling from it's still twitching skin.

Lexi looked up at me and licked her lips. Then she swiveled around and leaned over to Kelly, her hand lightly lifting her head from Carmen's pussy lips. Kelly and Lexi looked at each other, then leaned together to share a kiss. Their lips and tongues meshed, sharing the mingled taste of Carmen's and my ejaculations. It was sexy as hell. I watched mesmerized as they shared the perverted communion, before both turning, taking turns sucking my cum from Carmen's oozing pussy.

I ran my fingers through my short hair, and sighed. I looked at my watch and realized how little time I had. I searched the room for my discarded clothes, finding my tee-shirt on one side, and my jeans and boxers under the edge of the bed. I had to nudge Kelly aside to reach them. She, thankfully was still enjoying Carmen's tasty pussy, or she may have induced me to start up again with her. I didn't have the time.

I dressed, as I backed away from the sensuous site. Remembering my promise to Carmen, I went through the bathroom and into her neat bedroom. I found her computer, and taking a sticky note I wrote my email down and stuck it to her monitor. Then I retreated back towards Kelly's boudoir.

Carmen met me in the bathroom. I raised an eyebrow, in question, as she hugged me close.

"They're on Lexi's bed, lapping one each other's cunts," She said bawdily, "They said Kelly's was too soaked to be comfortable."

"Yeah," I laughed, "We abused that poor bed."

"Lover, you rock my world," Carmen moaned softly as she kissed my lips softly, "I know you have to go. I wanted to tell you goodbye, for the three of us."

"I wish I could stay, I have so much I need to fix," I spoke back softly.

My concern and worry must have shown in my face. Carmen scanned my eyes, and ran her finger through my short cropped hair.

"I know you'll do everything you can," Carmen said comfortingly, "Did you leave your email address?"

"Yeah, on your monitor. Send me one and I answer it when I get home tonight."

"I will, and don't worry, I raised my four brothers and sisters. Taking care of these two bitches shouldn't be a problem."

"I hope you're right."

I looked at my watch and did the mental time-distance problem for getting back to my dorm, packing my bags and making it to the bus in time. I didn't have much time to waste.

"I really need to go," I said softly, leaning down and kissed Carmen again.

"Go, use my door, I don't think you'd make it back out the other way," she laughed and pushed me away.

Taming the two girls would prove more difficult than Carmen thought. I made it to the bus with two minutes to spare. I took the ribbing of my teammates as the hooted and hollered, making inaccurate guesses as to where I ended up. I assured them I passed out drunk and woke up in one of the dorm's communal bath rooms. That made them laugh harder, and also kept them from asking all the questions that my true story would've prompted.

The bus ride passed slowly, and I tiredly trudged through the airport, to our gate. Once I boarded the plane, I fell asleep. Finally resting with only a few disturbing dreams. The last dream I had, the three girls were angry at me, and were chasing me on the roof of a hotel. I ran away from them, then tripped and fell over the side.


I snapped awake to the shock of the plane landing back home. I realized I was in over my head, and I needed some serious help.

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