tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 06

The Designer Ch. 06


Author's Note: When I wrote the first few chapters of The Designer, Carmen's character really intrigued me. I hope you enjoy her perspective on the events that have transpired. I know I enjoyed writing it, and finding out more about her.

Editing props again go out to sportychica334, who has been a great encouragement for this project. Any additional errors are completely mine.

This is a work of fiction, all characters are above the age of 18.

8/16: Made small changes. Fixed name reversals and some small misspellings.



Alyssa placed her books on the counter, pulled out a notepad and pencil, then leaned back into the earpiece of the phone I had to my ear. I was talking to Carmen, long distance, about what had happened between Kelly, Lexi and herself after I had left them roughly eight hours ago. Alyssa proceeded to take notes, while I just listened. I trusted Alyssa to listen dispassionately, and valued her feedback in helping me fix what I had done.

"Okay, let me think," Carmen started, "You left and Lexi was on her bed with Kelly lying between her legs licking Lexi's pussy. It was just playful and exploratory, more relaxing and intimate. Kelly's bed was a mess from the night before. I was satisfied but tired from not very much sleep. I realized that neither of the girls had slept since Friday"

I looked at Alyssa, and she nodded at me. I figured she was tracking with what she recalled from when I told the sordid tale to her at the buffet. "Okay, go on," I said into the receiver.

"So I went and sat down next to Lexi, and kissed her to get her attention. She looked at me and smiled her lovely, but weary smile. 'You tired, Lex?' I asked. She looked at me for a moment, then it was like she realized there was something other than sex, and nodded. I combed through Kelly's hair, coaxing her to lift her head up and look at me. She licked her lips savoring the taste. She smiled at me. She acted like licking Lexi's pussy was the most natural thing. 'Kelly, you need to get some sleep, girlfriend,' She went through the same mental process as Lexi, and sat up."

Carmen continued, "I examined the room, and realized the other bed was unusable. So I helped Kelly lie down next to Lexi, and pulled the covers over them. They cuddled into a ball, and fell asleep quickly. I thought to myself, this won't be so hard."

"Have you changed that assessment?" I asked dreading the answer.

"Oh, fuck yes, these bitches..." Carmen began.

"Wait. Stop. I know, sorry," I interrupted, "Continue, what happened after they went to sleep?"

"Okay, so I look around," Carmen continued, "I figured that Kelly's sheets wouldn't wash themselves, so I stripped her bed, put on my robe and took her sheets and blankets down to the laundry. I started the load, came back upstairs and fell asleep in my bed."

"It's good you got some rest," I said.

"You don't even know, Jeremiah," Carmen lamented, "I had so many thoughts racing through my brain I couldn't even process it. I was still amazed as the changes in Kelly. She went from a frigid ice queen, to a lusty lover. Lexi had changed too, but not as drastically as Kelly."

"I really didn't know much about Kelly," I admitted.

"I didn't either, we'd only started talking to each other a few weeks ago." Carmen stated.

I looked at Alyssa, and she wrote something on her notepad.

"How long did you sleep?" I prompted, reading from Aly's note.

"Only a few hours," Carmen laughed lowly, "I woke up to the wonderful feeling of two mouths on my breasts. Kelly was on my left and Lexi on my right. I had left both bathroom doors open so I would hear them if they woke up. They ended up quietly coming into my room. I sleep naked, did I tell you that?"

I lost track of what she was saying for a few moments, imagining her asleep in the nude. I shifted a bit, re-crossing my legs and adjusting a growing erection. Partly because of my memories of the three sexy coeds, but also because of the knowledge that I had initiated the whole incident by this new power of my will. Such power was arousing, erotic, and also horrifying. I wasn't altogether comfortable with my physical reaction to the story. Thankfully, Alyssa didn't seem to notice.

"Anyway," Carmen rambled, "They were suckling on me, then looked up at me. Once they knew I was awake they lifted their heads and spoke almost simultaneously, 'We're hungry!' like a couple of toddlers. I said I was too then I told them to get dressed."

"Oh. My. God!" Carmen exclaimed, "The expression on their face at the mention of clothes was like I was asking them to go murder a goat. 'In clothes?' Kelly gasped, completely disgusted. Lexi couldn't even form words just made gagging sounds."

"That is... interesting," I stammered.

I looked at Alyssa, widening my eyes in shock and remorse. She looked at me with a cocked eyebrow, clearly wondering what had me spooked. I gulped silently, then explained to Carmen so Alyssa could hear.

"I may have done that," I started, "Before you joined us, I was in the bathroom, and I tried an experiment. I was able to shift their moral profile up in a specific section, but I didn't know what area I adjusted."

"Huh?" Carmen questioned, "I'm not understanding."

Alyssa held the eraser of her pencil to her lips in thought, then nodded at me indicating that she agreed with my theory.

"What that means is that by adjusting that profile, that area might have affected how they respond to clothes. So my adjustment, might have made them nudists," I explained, "I'm sorry."

"Well fuck, you'd better be sorry!," Carmen laughed, "Okay, yeah, that might make sense, they have like the opposite reaction to sex, totally open to anything. With clothes, though, it was like pulling teeth getting them decent enough to go to the meal hall."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know what I was doing," I confessed.


"Okay then what about the meal hall?" I questioned, ready to move past another of my mistakes.

"They didn't have any moral whatevers over the food. They were little piggies. They were turning heads in their skimpy outfits, piling their plates with food. Going back again and again to the dessert bar. I think Lexi ate at least her weight in food, before I forced her to quit."

"So they didn't reject any food, but focused on the most tasty food?" I asked, repeating the question that Alyssa had written down on her pad, and circled, holding it up for me to read.

"Yeah, pretty much. After that they wanted to play again. So we came back to our suite, and all of us fell into my bed. I was a bit exhausted from herding them around. Don't blame me, I have a healthy libido, and they weren't wearing a lot of clothes."

"Okay, so pretty much sex from after lunch until dinner time?" I said, trying to shorten the call as my long distance minutes added up.

"Yeah, and dinner was pretty much the same. I don't know how many orgasms they've had, but I'm a bit over stimulated, and I really need to rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day."

"Do they have classes?" I asked.

"I think I'm going to call them in sick," Carmen offered in a motherly tone. "It's clear they wouldn't know what to do in class, and they might start something sexual that might get them tossed out of the University."

"Yeah, good plan," I said to Alyssa's nodding approval, finally I read Alyssa's last question, "Can you write an email tomorrow that details as best you can what you know about Kelly and Lexi before I met them? I need to understand what they were like so I can figure out how to fix them."

"Yeah, I can do that," Carmen yawned. "Will you actually read your email tomorrow?" she teased.

"Promise," I stated, "I think I'm staying home sick too."

"Okay, Jeremiah, sweet dreams, stud!" Carmen made a kissing sound and hung up.

Alyssa looked at me, and saw how bone tired I was, "You go to bed too, I'm going to study these books, and we'll pow-wow in the morning."

"Deal," I said flatly and hung up the phone.

I walked the six steps to my bed and fell into it, and didn't move til morning.


From: Carmen M.

To: Jeremiah

Subject: You're a sick perverted bastard.

And I think I love you. Or at least I love having sex with you.

Jeremiah, you asked that I write out what happened in the last 24-48 hours from my point of view. I hope this helps. Part of me thinks you'll use this to jerk off, but since I signed up to help, I'll do my best. I suck at writing. Hello? Dance Major! But I'll do my best.

So I'll just write what I know about what my friends were like before they came into contact with you, Jeremiah.

But first, let's talk about me! My favorite subject!!

Besides majoring in Dance, I also major in drama (unofficially). I consider myself a nympho-maniac, meaning I love sex! Both genders, by the way, but you knew that already. I especially like lots of sex, as often as possible! I don't see anything morally wrong with sex, so long as you're careful. I'm in college and on the pill, so I'm living the dream.

That is part of the story, my ex-roommate didn't like seeing my thong draped over the doorknob most nights of the week, or the loud moans and screams that rang out under the door, and moved out. Without a roommate I had more and more sex. My sex is how I met Lexi and Kelly.

Our dorm rooms connect via a common bathroom, so I couldn't help bump into them, but never really spoke with them, until after I had my room to myself. Then one night, when I was studying (I'm not a total slut, I do want a degree!) I heard a soft knock on my bathroom door.

I called out, "Come in!" and the door slowly opened and in shuffled Kelly and Alexis. Kelly was the spokeswoman, and Alexis stood about a step behind her, as Kelly shuffled in and walked towards me. She was stiff, and looked directly at me. It was like she was afraid to look around the room.

"Hi!" she said in a way that reminded me of a cheerleader or one of the goody two-shoes from the Honor Society in high school, "I'm Kelly, and this is Alexis - but you can call her Lexi."

"'sup?" I nodded, "I'm Carmen. What do you need?"

I tried to be happy and smiley but I must have come across totally wrong, because she appeared a little scared.

"Well, Carmen, Lexi and I wanted to discuss your, um; extra-curricular activities..." Kelly started.

"You mean when I'm having sex." I interrupted, I don't beat around the bush.

"Yes, we really don't care what you do," she continued, non-judgmentally, "We only ask that you try and keep it down after midnight, or move your headboard to the other side of the room."

"Oh," I said, a bit embarrassed, "that bad huh?

She nodded, then half-smiled. "We just need to sleep for classes, that's all."

"That's cool," I smiled back, relieved that it wasn't too much drama, "I'll try to remember that next time. I can't promise anything. When I come, I can get pretty loud, but I'll try," I added, just to tweak her a bit.

"Thank you, Carmen, I hope we can all be friends!" she added, and Lexi nodded at me, then they left.

The next time I saw one of them, I was at the track, getting in a few laps running, when I saw Lexi running on the opposite side of the track. I waved, and she waved back. In a few laps, she caught up to me. The girl is crazy fast. When she caught up she slowed to my pace, and we started talking. Having a common topic, running, to talk about really opened her up from the quiet side-kick she appeared to be when Kelly and her visited.

She encouraged me to keep running, and volunteered to run with me on the weekends away from the track, "Just for fun!" she added, as she kicked it up a gear as I slowed to a jog. She raced off as I sat on the infield stretching and must have run 8 more laps before she finally slowed down and started her cooldown stretch next to me.

"You're really fast!" I said, "I'm impressed."

"I used to run cross-country in high school, and I'm hoping to try out for the team next fall." she explained as she stretched.

"That's cool, I run to keep my butt nice and round, and my endurance up for my late night fucking." I replied

She blushed terribly, "Well, um, I wouldn't know anything about that. But running helps with most things. I'm trying to shave about 30 seconds off my 5k time." she said trying to change the topic.

I decided to push her boundary, something told me she wasn't as reserved as she let on. In my bedroom, she let Kelly take the lead in the conversation, not saying a word, but more of a show of support for Kelly's idea. She kept looking around my room, curiously looking at my hanging dance clothes, and unmade bed. Here on the track, she was more confident, even meeting my eyes and talking directly at me.

"I just want to be able to keep my breath going while my partner slams me hard, or if it's one of my girl friends," I made a point of looking at her, "to keep licking her while I cum from her tongue."

"You do that?" she asked breathlessly, before blushing and averting her eyes.

"Aha! she's a curious one," I thought, "too bad she is rooming with Bible Belt Barbie."

I had been investigating Kelly, she was an active member of a number of religious clubs, as well as promoting celibacy pacts with other girls in our dorm. She apparently had a boyfriend, who I'm sure suffered a bout of blue balls at least three times a week. Kelly was smoking hot, blonde, curvy in all the right places, round full breasts, and killer legs. She was, despite her prudish attitude towards sex, also a very nice girl, seeking me out a few times in the cafeteria to chat about college life during a meal. She was a mystery to me, I was growing to like her more and more.

I remembered this first run with Lexi, because starting then we ran together every Saturday for over an hour. We didn't run Lexi's blistering normal pace, but enjoyed pace where we could talk comfortably. She became my best friend, and we teased each other regarding our nationalities. I'm a mixed bag of genes but mostly Mexican, mixed with a bit of everything else. Lexi was a pure bred Irish-American lass; red hair, freckles instead of tan, green eyes that lit up when she talked. She was just wonderful.

Saturday, the night of our threesome collided with you, Jeremiah. Was a troubling day. Okay, back up...

Friday night, Kelly had gone out on a date with her boyfriend, and they had come back to her room. She and Carl were talking (really: "kissing and petting with clothes on.") I had brought over my latest paramour and we were having a rutting good time. I must have been a little too loud, and after I had came, and kicked my boy out (I like to sleep alone). I heard arguing from next door. A door slam later, I heard a knock on my door. Rolling my eyes, as I covered myself with my sheet, I called for Kelly to come in. She was crying and upset.

"I hope you're happy, Carmen!" she cried. "Your moaning and carrying on, got Carl all hot and bothered!"

"I'm sorry, Kel, I couldn't help myself, Antonio's cock felt so good." I explained, I didn't mince words with Kelly, and surprisingly she didn't seem to care. Well usually, that is, tonight she wouldn't have it.

"Carmen, stop it. I can't take it. Carl is getting more demanding, and I just can't let myself have sex yet. Your constant carrying on with whomever is closest doesn't help. I'm a young woman, who's trying to resist the lure of sex, and all I hear practically every night is either you having sex, with a guy, or crying out some girl's name. I don't even want to KNOW what THAT is about.. It's maddening, sometimes I think I'M GOING CRAZY!" she ranted, before turning going back to her room and slamming the door.

I rolled over and went to sleep. I can be a bitch.

Next morning I met Lexi in the cafeteria for breakfast, so we could plan our run in the afternoon.

"Car-car, you really got to Kelly last night?" Lexi started looking across the table at me.

"Lex, give me a break. I'm not going to stop having sex, just because SHE doesn't want to have sex." I complained.

"It's not that, she's just hit her breaking point, I think she almost let Carl go further last night. But your orgasm scared her and she pushed him away. He got mad, and they fought horribly." Lexi continued.

"I'm sorry, I had no idea." I offered, "Although, I'm not sure why I need to clear my social calendar around when Kelly wants to give up her v-card."

I was getting a bit hot about the whole situation, but Lexi, just looked at me calmly, waiting for my latin blood to cool.

"Carmen, I think she's going to break up with Carl tonight." she confessed, "I really don't want to be around when she gets back. At least just not right away. I don't like drama. Want to catch the midnight movie with me?"

"Um," I cocked my head thinking, "Yeah, that sounds fun, I don't have any dates tonight. Let's have a late dinner, go shopping, then go see the show. That should keep us away from drama central should the shit hit the fan."

She nodded, and we ate silently. I really didn't understand why Kelly had such a big hangup over sex, but I also kind of respected her willingness to stand up for her values, even if it meant ending a relationship. I started to feel a bit ashamed at being wrapped up in my own little world.

"Lex," I started, "I'm sorry, I was being a bitch. I feel bad about what happened. I'm sorry you'll catch the brunt of the drama of the breakup. Should I apologize to Kelly? I'm so horrible at manners."

"Apology accepted," Lexi smiled, "Though you have nothing to say sorry to me about. I like living my sex-life vicariously through your loud lovemaking." She laughed, and her eyes sparkled, then got serious again, "Just tell Kelly, 'I'm sorry,' she'll respect that, and this will all blow over in a week or so."

So after we got back from our run, I saw Kelly in our shared bathroom, as I stepped out of the shower. I was actually modestly dressed, towel over my boobs and everything, when I said, "I'm sorry, Kelly, I hope you and Carl can work it out."

"Thank you Carmen," she said, "But, It's too late, I think. He's taking me to dinner in a few minutes. He says he wants to talk, but I think he's going to break up with me. I don't know how I'll take it."

"Well, I'm sorry, but whatever happens, Kelly, I'm glad to be your friend. I'm here for you if you need to talk about it."

I started getting ready for a girls night out with Lexi, and Kelly left with Carl. From their our paths split. Lexi and I stopped at the 24 hour diner for pie after the movie, partly not wanting to return to the aftermath we'd assumed was happening, and also because running makes us ravenous! Anyway, we got back to the dorm around 3 a.m., and I waved to Lexi and went into my room.

I was tired. I heard noises from next door, and figured the drama had started, so I put in my headphones, loaded a cassette tape in my Walkman, and zoned out. A bit later, I heard some really weird noises, like screams and moans, but by the time I took my headphones off, it had silenced. I dozed off shortly after that.

Then I woke up with a full bladder, and opened my side of the restroom to take a piss. I noticed Lexi's door was opened, so I tried to keep quiet. Finishing my business, I heard some moans, and that didn't make any sense, so I tip-toed to their side and looked through their door.

I just about fainted, the sight was such an unexpected shock. Kelly was on all fours over who had to be Lexi. Lexi, MY Lexi! was getting fucked hard by some dude I'd never seen before. (that was you Jeremiah, xo!) Kelly was busy licking his balls, and lapping at Lexi's clit, and Lexi had her head down munching on Kelly's pussy.

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

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