tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 07

The Designer Ch. 07


Author's Note: The structure for this chapter will be a bit different, switching between Carmen and Jeremiah as they work different sides of the problem. The switch between perspectives is indicated by the section marks.

Thank you again for all your comments and votes. I value your feedback. A big thank you to sportychica334 for her editing and encouragement. Any additional errors are completely mine.

This is a work of fiction, all characters are above the age of 18.


--------- Carmen: -------

I've decided to keep the doors between my room and Lexi's room open, so I can hear what the bitches are up to. Mostly, based on the noises and sounds from their love-nest, it is mostly sexual exploration, love-making, heavy fucking and sleeping. When I'm not forcing clothes on them and taking them to eat in the dining hall. I usually stay in my room, and let them have their fun. It makes me too horny to watch.

I've been thinking I need to try and get them to do more than just fuck. I mean, I feel like a maid in a cheap by-the-hour hotel, constantly washing cum stained sheets. The bitches, besides their insatiable appetites for both food and sex, seem to be normal. When we do talk, they act just like their normal selves, then a nipple gets brushed or a thigh gets squeezed. Then they start getting aroused and lose track, and are soon back at it again. I thought I was bad.

Anyways, I've decided that I'm going to reward good behavior, and start enforcing some discipline. Calm and assertive, that's me!

-------- Jeremiah --------------

Alyssa was very excited about conducting psychological experiments. She has a fetish for psychological evaluation, and she's trying to pull me into her web of academia. For a computer science major, most of what she says flies over my head. But some of the concepts she goes on about sort of sound familiar from my studies in artificial intelligence. I've decided to trust her in designing the experiment. She seems to have a keen insight about what goes on inside brains, so listening to her might do the trick.

First she wanted to know everything I could tell her about my talent. I explained about how I perceived a person's moral graph by scanning across it like running my tongue across my teeth. She asked if I could draw out a picture of a graph. So I scanned her, and drew a sketch of a wave, sort of like what a graph in calculus looks like, just a curve that fluctuates. Then she asked me to draw what I remembered from Kelly, Lexi and Carmen. So I drew two more graphs, Kelly's and Lexi's were both much lower, while Carmen's was more like Alyssa's but different.

"So I think we need more samples," said Alyssa examining the graphs.

"How can we do that?" I asked.

"I have an idea," Alyssa responded, "but first, you said you said you could feel activity along the graph? Can you explain that more?"

"Well, okay, it's like when you run your tongue over your teeth, you can feel roughness over your teeth, or some scraps of food that get stuck between the teeth. I noticed that all three girls had that type of feel in the same area when we had our orgy," I explained and circled one spot on the drawings, where Carmen's graph dipped almost as low as Kelly's and Lexi's.

"Interesting," Alyssa commented, using her finger to trace the same portion on the graph I drew of hers. Her sex section wasn't much higher than Carmen's, but in other sections her was drastically different.

"Why do you think the profile is different?" She asked, looking over her glasses at me.

"Well, Carmen is bi-sexual and you are a lesbian," I offered, "Maybe that's why, also you're not a nymphomaniac, like Carmen."

"Well technically, according to Kinsey," Alyssa cited, "Most people are somewhat bi-sexual, with only a few strongly homosexual or heterosexual. Which begs the question, can you sense your own graph?"

"Hmm, I've never tried." I admitted.

I tried to turn my talent inwards and was unable to sense it the same way I easily did with other people. I tried other methods, not really knowing what would work. I must have made some funny faces, because Alyssa smiled then laughed at me.

"Don't give yourself an aneurysm," she giggled, "We'll just have to get some male subjects that you can scan."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We'll need to set up a way that you can scan a person, and then ask them questions to test their moral reactions." Alyssa theorized, "That way you can start to identify the areas of the graph that have to do with other moral values, beside sex and clothing."

I nodded, and then just listened as she explained her plan to me.

------------------- Carmen ----------------

Tonight, after folding a third load of sheets in the laundry room of the dorm, I came back up to our rooms to a surprise. I was putting away the sheets in my room, when I heard an unfamiliar voice in the girls' room.

"Oh, Kelly, YES!" said this new voice.

"Oh fuck, now what?" I said to myself as I walked through the bathroom.

I saw a brunette friend of Kelly's, Jenn is her name, I think. She was sitting against Lexi's headboard moaning, while Kelly was lapping away at her pussy. Lexi sat beside Jenn and was busy licking one of Jenn's breasts. Jenn's clothing was only halfway off, her skirt up around her hips, shirt unbuttoned and bra pulled down. It looked like the girls had attacked her.

"MMMMFFH, Kelly! I've wanted this..." Jenn was moaning, combing her fingers through Kelly's hair.

"Why didn't you ever say," Kelly asked between sucks and licks.

"I just never... FUCK! Don't stop licking!" Jenn instructed.

Clearly this conversation would have to wait. I watched, fully dressed as the three girls made out, and Kelly made Jenn come twice. It was really hard not to just strip, pull Lexi off of Jenn and force her to lick my dripping cunt, but I didn't. When the moaning and groaning slowed, I coughed.

"Um, hello." I started, unsure how to start a conversation with Jenn, "I'm Carmen the next door neighbor, uh. It's good to meet you."

"Car-car," Lexi exclaimed, running over to me and hugging me, before starting to undress me.

I slowed Lexi down, as best I could while still allowing her to undress me. Jenn looked at me glowing in the refraction from her orgasm, and reddened in embarrassment.

"Oh, don't worry about it, any friend of Kelly's is a friend of mine," I offered, the strange words rolling off my tongue. Was I really friends with Kelly now?

"I'm sorry, I just came over to ask Kelly what happened to her Friday night," Jenn explained, "I knew she was sad over breaking up with Carl, but when I came by, she was with some other guy completely nude. I was shocked, I thought Kelly wasn't into sex."

"Are you into sex?" I asked moaning softly as Lexi had attached herself to one of my breasts.

Jenn's eyes brightened as she watched Lexi undress me, obviously enjoying the view, "Oh yes, I just don't play around with boys."

"Oh, mmmm, I see," I managed, because Lexi had pulled down my skirt, and was rubbing her fingertips along my bare pussy.

"I've had a crush on Kelly, but I didn't think she liked girls," Jenn continued pulling Kelly up from between her legs, "Well not until she kissed me when I stopped by a few minutes ago."

"Uh huh," I muttered, licking my lips as Lexi had slid down to her knees to lick my other lips.

The conversation faded as Lexi persuaded me to lie down on Kelly's bed and hungrily lapped at me. I was delighted. I remember looking over and seeing Jenn between Kelly's legs returning the favor. The rest of the night we swapped back and forth. I had a wonderful time.

--------------- Jeremiah ------------------

Alyssa ran our experiment out of a study carrel in the library. It was a small windowless room, with a single door, a table and four chairs. She had me sit beside her on one side of the table. She told me to draw each person's graph. As she asked a question (she had a list of 25, all numbered) I was to indicate by number what part of the subject's graph was being activated.

The questions were a mix, but all were to be answered simply with either a, "yes," or, "no." Or at least that was the plan. What ended up happening, was when the interviewee was conflicted and couldn't make a decision, they'd try to explain their answer. This worked better for me, because their graph lit up like a Christmas tree in the area they were struggling with. At first Alyssa tried to stop them from explaining, but I soon convinced her to change. The simple answers didn't give me enough time to evaluate the graph, explanations made it easier.

We spent hours in the carrel, discussing all sorts of moral conundrums, some sexual questions, but the majority were more ethical, and mundane. It was quite boring, and I became more interested in mentally undressing the cute coeds that came in, and evaluating their sexual curve. Of course, I pretty much ignored the male candidates, but I did get a pretty good understanding of how their moral graphs worked.

Overall there were some significant differences between a male subject and a female subject. But the areas of the graph were roughly identified thanks to the the variety of questions that Alyssa asked. I was quite surprised how varied the sexual curves of the ladies and the men were, surprisingly the majority of both were lower than I expected. I always thought men were more open about sex than women, but the data we gathered showed about the same level of openness to sexual experimentation.

"So, what do you think?" asked Alyssa.

"I think I've been underestimating my chances." I admitted.

"Chances? Chances for what?" Alyssa said.

"Chances for getting laid by some random girl," I admitted as I blushed, "I'm a bit shocked that so many of the girls, and many of them hot girls, weren't more disinclined towards sex."

"That's so sexist," Alyssa claimed, "Women are no different than boys, and while the women you scanned may have been open about sex, you might be mis-interpreting the data. Besides, you'd think grabbing a sexual trifecta over the weekend, you'd understand how some girls work."

"That's not fair, I changed Kelly and Lexi!" I offered, "How could I be misinterpreting the data?"

"Ask me to have sex," Alyssa dared, "then pay attention to my graph."

"Okay," I shrugged, "Alyssa lets get naked and make out."

"No," Alyssa said teasingly, I scanned her graph and noticed a bit of activity outside of the normal sexual range, "Now tell me how my sexual portion of my moral graph is compared with the others you've observed."

"Hmm, your sexual graph is actually on the low side, not as low as Carmen's, but no where near as high as Kelly's and Lexi's used to be," I explained, "So why don't you want to have sex with me?"

"One, I'm a lesbian," Alyssa started as I monitored where her moral graph was active, "And Two, you're my friend, I don't want to mess up our friendship with romantic feelings."

"Who said sex had anything to do with romance?" I retorted, "I'm perfectly capable to separate the physical act of sex, and the relationship part. Besides, I can have sex with you and not use my penis."

"Oh. My. God!" Alyssa exclaimed, "Whether or not you have a penis has nothing to do with my sexual orientation!"

"Gotcha," I said, and winked at her.

"Damnit, Jeremiah, you're an ass." Alyssa said, but then smiled back at me.

"Actually, teasing aside, this was a good conversation," I started, "I learned something new about the interactions, while I was asking you to have sex and you were responding, I noticed part of the graph unrelated to the normal area begin to light up with activity. Would you be willing to let me experiment? I promise I'll fix you after the test.."

The stream of pretty coeds had got me pretty worked up. Working closely with Alyssa had also left me attracted to her in a way different than our friendship. The way she absently curled her fingers through her hair was sensual. The bright, passionate eyes, that lit up when she was interested in the conversation. Although dressed in normal clothes, her body was nicely shaped, that I had begun to explore in my imagination.

"I dunno, J," Alyssa sighed, "I worry that our friendship could get messed up."

"Alyssa," I comforted, "You are my closest friend, my confidante, and I would share anything with you, I don't see how that changes. Ever."

"Hmmm," Alyssa looked at me, her blue eyes magnified in her glasses as she considered the consequences, I also noticed a bit of activity in her sexual range as she considered her options.

"Look, I offered, I'll set my alarm for 15 minutes," I offered, "After that time, I'll revert any changes I make back to what they were. If nothing happens, no big deal, I still need the practice making adjustments. All I've done all day is scan."

"Okay, Jeremiah," Alyssa allowed, taking my hand while looking at me seriously, "15 minutes."

---------------- Carmen ---------------

I woke up spooning some other woman. The hair was brown, so I knew it wasn't Lexi or Kelly. I recognized my bedroom, but couldn't really remember how I got back to my bed. Flashes of many orgasms, and four bodies enjoying sexual explorations reminded me of Jenn's unanticipated visit.

"Jenn?" I asked softly, enveloping her in my arms feeling her breasts move as I embraced her tenderly.

"Hmm," she said, as she rolled her back, pressing her bottom into my hips.

"It's morning, do you have class?" I offered, trying to remember which day it was.

"No class for me until 2 p.m.," she yawned, rolling towards me and reaching an arm back around my head as she blinked her eyes trying to focus on mine.

"I have class at 11," I explained looking into her bright green eyes, my hands exploring her sides and curves.

Having just met Jenn last night, and being pulled into the tryst by Lexi so quickly, I hadn't had a chance to appreciate her assets. She had beautiful brown hair, streaked with blonde and red strands. her bright green eyes were mesmerizing. Her skin was a light olive color with no tan lines and smooth as a baby, even her pussy was without hair or stubble. Her breasts were a little smaller than mine, but not as small as Lexi's and had puffy nipples, the whole areola would swell when she was aroused. I was doing my best to get them stiff with my fingers as I rolled to my side, letting her roll onto her back. My fingers traced circles over her nipple as I spoke to her.

"Um, would you mind keeping an eye on Lexi and Kelly, while I go to class?" I asked.

"Why do they need watching?" Jenn questioned, lifting her mouth to kiss along my jawline.

"Um, it's hard to explain," I started breathlessly, "I just need someone to keep an eye on them while I'm at class. I don't want anyone else to be surprised by their change in behavior."

"I kind of liked their change in behavior," Jenn giggled kissing me sliding her tongue along my lips, teasing the tip between my lips.

I enjoyed the kiss and kissed her back, rising up on my arms over her. Our breasts touched as I lowered my body to hers. My hard nipples pressed into the soft warm skin of her bosom. I slid one of my legs between hers, and she lifted her sex to my thigh as I thrust my hips to grind into her thigh. Finally I broke the kiss, but looked at her as we continued to hump each other.

"Oh, I do too," I moaned remembering their touches, moans and unbridled passion, "But I think we need to be careful who knows, in case the change is temporary."

Jenn bit her lip, closing her eyes in a moan as she pressed into me. Then she looked up at me and smiled with half-lidded eyes.

"Do I have to behave myself?" she questioned.

I shook my head, and lifted off of her. She sat up, a look of need and frustration on her face. I smiled at her as I went to my closet. I pulled out a small suitcase, and brought it to my bedside. Her eyes widened as I flipped open the lid, revealing my collection of sex toys.

"I'll even let you use my toys," I smiled grabbing a strap-on harness, "But you have to promise, no one else comes in their room."

Jenn slid back on her back and spread her legs. I fitted the harness snuggly to my hips, then attached a life-like dildo.

"You can be very persuasive," Jenn giggled, as she let her fingers spread her moisture over her bare labia.

I slid my hand along the fake cock, as I kneeled on the bed sliding my knees between her legs, "So do you promise?" I asked huskily, feeling her hand tug at the fake dick, pulling me into her.

"Yes, I promise..." she began, "Just fuck me! NOW!"

So I did.

--------------------------- Jeremiah --------------------------

I finished setting my alarm, and turned to face Alyssa. She was sitting cross-legged at one end of my bed. I turned and rested against my headboard and looked at her. I smiled, and started monitoring her moral graph. I was looking for the right spot to adjust.

"Are you still a virgin?" I asked seriously.

"Technically, yes, since I've never had intercourse with a male," Alyssa began, "I've been sexually active since 16, at first with a few boys, just heaving petting and a couple of blow-jobs. Then at a sleepover I messed around with my friend Tammy. We ended up breaking each other's hymen with our fingers. Afterwards we both knew that being with another woman felt more natural than with any boy."

"I see," I started, homing in on the part that was active during her explanation, and modifying the profile, "Do you have a partner now?"

"No," she admitted, "after Tammy and I broke up to go to college, I've been mostly celibate. You know that Jeremiah."

"I know," I nodded and slid closer to her, holding out my hand.

She took my hand, and then leaned into me when I pulled her close. She let her legs slide around as I pulled her into my chest. She laid her head against me as I combed through her uniform brown hair. My secure hug, and soft caresses helped her to relax into me.

"It's just easier not being attached, I can focus on my studies," she explained, her hand pressing into the center of my chest, feeling my heart beat.

"I know," I said, lifting her head up to look at her eyes, huge behind her thick framed glasses. I leaned down to kiss my friend. She pursed her lips kissing me back, our lips tight. I wrapped my other arm around her, and kissed her again. Both of our mouths opened, as we felt our passions stir. I'd only adjusted a small portion of the graph, but she was responding to the stimulating kiss.

She pushed softly against my chest, breaking the kiss, as she rose up on her knees. Sitting back on her haunches she looked at me, evaluating her feelings.

"That felt really good, J," she allowed, "You certainly are a good kisser."

"But..." I responded, as I sensed her resistance and probed her moral boundary again.

"But," she continued, "you are my best friend, I just don't feel that way..."

Her voice trailed off, as I adjusted the new section alive with her resistance. I reached for her again, just holding my hand out. She blushed and took my hand, letting herself be pulled back into my arms. As I lowered the resistant section she became less stiff, relaxing her body into mine. Our lips met, and resumed our oral exploration. Her hesitancy was silent, her self-control retreating, surrendering to her building desire. I allowed our kiss and passion to continue without changing any of her normal sexual section values.

She started to unbutton my oxford shirt, while I lifted my hands under her top and cupped her bra encased breasts. She slipped a hand inside of my shirt, feeling my chest hair. Her fingertips ran across my nipple, then curling her fingers raked across the sensitive nub. I broke the kiss with a gasp of pleasure, as she finished the rest of my buttons. I pulled my shirt off my shoulders looking at her wildly. She pulled her top off in a flash smiling wickedly as she lowered her mouth to mine.

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