The Designer Ch. 12


Smiling at the thought, I flexed my inner muscle and made my cock engorge a small bit, and I heard Carmen's sharp intake of breath. She turned her head, and looked up at me with a smile.. then shifted her body to kiss my cock. I groaned and shook my head, I felt almost raw. She smiled and gave it a nice peck on the tip, then slid up my body to look at me.

I mouthed, "are you hungry?" not wanting to wake the other three.

She nodded and smiled. Then she laid her head on my abdomen, and combed her fingers through Alyssa's hair. Alyssa stirred her head moving back before relaxing back into my chest. She must have smiled at Carmen, because Carmen's smiled slightly changed. Carmen moved up and kissed Alyssa, dragging her breasts across my skin. I felt my dick pulse in response to the sensuous movement, which cause Carmen to look at me. Then Alyssa moved to look at me, and smiled. Her movement woke up Lexi, who slid over Alyssa to kiss Carmen, while all the motion stirred Kelly who started kissing my chest and rubbing her fingers across my chest.

I could have stayed in that bed forever.

Instead I shifted my body and sat up, as the girls all shifted into sitting positions. We enjoyed a comfortable closeness, that while sexually charged with our nudity was also just a relaxing respite. Eventually everyone started sliding off the bed, and moving to find clothes. It was almost like we didn't have to say anything to understand that it was time to eat. In a few minutes we were all dressed. Then we looked at each other and realized that all the girls hair was messy, and we all laughed at each other.

While the ladies went into the bathrooms, I sat in a chair and collected my thoughts. The day we had today was without drama, I didn't feel bad for enjoying all of my women. Though I didn't know what to call all of them. My girls, sounds possessive; My harem, too middle eastern; My family was the closest fit. But that didn't really completely define who we were. I felt like our connection was deeper than any relationship I'd ever had, even more than my parents and siblings.

Was it because I had shifted their minds? Was my mind shifted because of that interaction? Did my initial careless push bind us together forever, or was it the more careful small fixes that slowly knotted our psyches. I knew that Alexis and Kelly were just slightly different than Alyssa and Carmen. Alyssa and Carmen still seemed to be their own selves. Drawn to me, but also willing to make up their own minds. Lexi and Kelly always seemed to want to check in with me, see if I was okay. The three of us seemed to share a more intuitive understanding of each others minds. Almost like a hive mind, where the swarm does the bidding of the queen.

Wait, that would make me the queen? I smiled at my own joke. No, I was definitely a king, and these four were my princesses. As I wrapped up that thought they all returned to the main suite's sitting room as if on cue. They all had their hair back in ponytails, and looked radiant. Without saying another word, I followed them out of the room and down to the hotel.

I began to wonder what, if any, additional control I had of the other girls minds. My perception was I could effect their moral values and their self-control. I thought that they still retained the ability to choose, a modified free will. I decided to try another experiment, could I directly influence their behavior, could I make them choose to do something. Without speaking, I tried to push the thought of getting into Kelly's car and driving to a new place to eat. As we exited the lobby, Kelly took the lead, and soon we were all in the car without another word spoken. I was somewhat amazed that I was able to influence them that easily.

I pushed another thought, this time I pushed the desire to kiss Alyssa towards Carmen. They were sitting on either side of me in the back seat, with Kelly driving and Lexi beside her in the passenger seat. Slowly Carmen's hand slid over my lap, and pulled Alyssa across me, and kissed her a soft sensuous kiss. My mind quivered in arousal, shock, bewilderment and questions; oh so many questions.

"What made you kiss Alyssa?" I asked finally breaking the silence.

"Suddenly, I wanted to kiss her," Carmen replied, "I felt like I wanted to reassure her that I was thinking about her."

"And you?" I asked Alyssa, "what were you thinking just now?"

"When she grabbed my hand, and pulled me across your lap, I felt she needed a kiss" Alyssa admitted, "I guess, it felt natural to accept her kiss and return it."

My face must have gone pale, because Alyssa suddenly looked at me with concern.

"What is the matter J?" she asked.

"I just was thinking about how much I wanted to see Carmen kiss you," I admitted sheepishly. "I was shocked when she kissed you. I think I caused it. The same thing in getting in the car to go to dinner, no one spoke, I just thought it."

Alyssa looked up at me, and I could tell she was thinking about what I just said. Rationally, I considered that it could all be coincidence, that I pushed a thought and the others acted independently. I knew Alyssa was thinking the same thing.

"But two..." I began.

"different thoughts," she continued.

"in a row." We finished together.

A chill ran up my spine. I suddenly knew that we were linked. I was quietly freaking out, and Alyssa tried to help by holding my hand, grounding me. The interior of the car seemingly teemed with nervous energy.

"You've got to calm down, love," Alyssa said quietly, "deep breaths, find a center, you'll terrify us all."

I closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I looked at her and focused on her brilliant blue eyes. Her brow knotted in intensity, and suddenly I felt awash in a deep sense of peace. I squeezed Alyssa's hand in mine, and looked at her.

"Thank you," I said, "I think it might flow both ways, suggestions. At least between you and me."

"Why do you think that?" Alyssa asked.

"Because, weren't you thinking that?," I tried to explain, "I thought you might be sending me a thoughts of peace and ... "

"I was only worried that you'd freak out and we'd all feel it," Alyssa said, "Whatever you felt was the power of your own control of the situation."

I breathed out, and tried to concentrate on my thoughts, without sending worry and stress out to the rest of the car. It felt weird trying to guard my thoughts, but it became easier. The rest of the car which had fallen into a quiet solemn tomb, soon returned to the happy vibe that we'd felt as we left the hotel room.

We drove to the mall, and Kelly picked an Italian restaurant on the edge of the parking lot. At that point I was trying to stay neutral in my thoughts, so I was relieved that Kelly determined where we would eat on her own. I was disturbed thinking that I had created a woman drone army. I guess I let my imagination run away with me. Kelly and Lexi got out of the car followed by Carmen. Alyssa leaned across the seat and grabbed Carmen's hand.

"Go get a table, I need to talk to Jeremiah real quick," Alyssa said.

Carmen smiled a knowing smile, "Don't be too long, we still have a long night ahead of us."

I blushed, but I knew that this wasn't going to be a quick fuck as Carmen assumed. When Carmen shut the door, I knew counseling had started. I was glad for that, because I was on the verge of freaking out.

"Jeremiah, tell me what is troubling you," Alyssa started

"I think my powers have changed, or I have discovered something new!" I began cautiously. "Beyond just shifting morals and self-control, I think I can control people."

"Control people?" Alyssa questioned, "Explain how can you control people."

"Just now, I pushed a thought to have Carmen kiss you." I explained. "Before that I suggested we all get in the car. No one said anything, but all of you just went to the car. I don't want to have that much control over anyone!"

"Okay, Jeremiah, calm down." Alyssa soothed, "I did feel both suggestions, but I didn't feel like I couldn't say no to it. Try to suggest something to me now."

I pushed a thought of her taking off her top, and presenting her breasts to me.

Alyssa blushed, then spoke, "Oh Jeremiah, I do like that idea, but we really should eat. Don't you think?"

I sat speechless for a moment, "What did you think I wanted you to do?"

"Pull up my top and show you my tits," Alyssa said simply with a smile.

I opened my mouth as if to say something, but no words came out.

"I think you've established a bit of telepathy with each of us," Alyssa explained, "I don't think it's that surprising, you've established a deep physical and sexual connection with each of us. There is something that happens in the brain when two people have sex. It's something science doesn't understand very well. Think about it though, Jeremiah, how well do you remember the people you've had sex with?"

I thought for a moment, then answered, "Each person has been special to me, and I can remember each of them vividly. Even just the people I've kissed."

"That's right," Alyssa continued, "That's what I'm talking about. So with your connections with each of us, and with your powers, I think you can send us ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions. We are still free to accept those or reject those thoughts."

"Don't you think that's just weird," I asked, "Won't if freak the other girls out that I have such control."

Alyssa thought for a moment, then asked, "Can you tell me what I'm thinking, not generally but an exact thought?"

I scanned, and saw her moral profile centered on food and relationships, I tried to zoom in more, but shook my head.

"No, all I can tell is that you are thinking about food and social relationships."

"Okay so you can't read our mind, exactly." Alyssa said. "You can tell I'm really hungry and I am thinking about how all of us relate together. That's not surprising really, you'd know that without your powers. So I think if we can explain that to all the girls, I think they'd understand it just another way that you are a very special person."

I bowed my head in thought, then sought her eyes. She was smiling at me, and then reached up and grabbed my hand. I knew the counseling session was over, and was relieved.

"Jeremiah, we all trust you, you've shown all of us that you have our best interests in heart," Alyssa said softly, "I only wish you would start trusting yourself."

I smiled and opened the door. After I got out, I held out my hand and helped Alyssa step out of the car. We held hands as we got into the restaurant, and soon we were all seated around another table. The other three girls met us both with smiles, and soon we were all eating, and talking as normal.

After a bit, I needed to start the discussion about what would happen next. So I pushed a thought out to all of them with a question about what they would like to happen. I didn't want to influence any of them with my desires, I just wanted to get the conversation going.

"Ugh, I'm dreading the ride home tomorrow," said Carmen with her usual bluntness.

"Well thanks, Carmen," said Lexi teasing, "I'm actually looking forward to driving in the car with you. Now that Kelly is back to driving, maybe we can share some alone time."

"I hadn't thought of that," returned Carmen, "Now I'm looking forward to the drive."

"If you think I'm going to drive all the way with you two having sex in the back seat," exclaimed Kelly a bit too loudly. So I pushed a suggestion to lower voices, and Kelly's voice dropped in volume, "you'd better think again! I think we can set up a rotation."

"I think I'm going to sleep the whole way back," said Alyssa, "I love all of you, but I need to start exercising to increase my stamina to keep with all of you."

"What will you do when you get back to school?" I asked, "You all missed a week of classes, will any of you struggle with your grades?"

All three thought for a second, then shook their heads. I paid attention to the part of the graph they were focusing on, and pushed a boost in self-control, as well as a suggestion to study hard and make good grades. Transfers worked better with good students, and I was beginning to lok forward to having my family all together.

"I think I can buckle down and catch up on the missed week," said Kelly, "finals aren't for another month, if I apply myself I might get Dean's list this semester."

Lexi nodded and agreed, "Yeah, classes won't be an issue, I was ahead a bit before last week, so I'm not too far behind. I should make Dean's list again."

Carmen rolled her eyes, "Dean's list?! I'll be lucky to get a few Bs. I'm just a dancer, all this core class work is really hard for me."

Kelly and Lexi both turned to Carmen and both agreed to help her with her classes. I made a small adjustment to Carmen's mental profile to help her see the value in studying and give her the self-control to stay on task.

"Are all of you still going to transfer to State for the fall semester?" I asked, wondering if the conversations from last night and this morning was still serious.

They all nodded and talked about how their school was too cold during the winter, and would like to live in a more moderate area like State. They also said after talking with me and Alyssa that State sounded perfect for all their future plans. Kelly brought up her parents again, and I increased her self-control, and her moral boundary that lit up when she talked about the conflict.

"Maybe I should meet your parents," I offered, and for the first time considered using my powers to help one of my friends.

"Oh would you?" asked Kelly excitedly. "I don't live far from the State campus, I only went to my school to put a bit of distance between me and my parents. I think they'll be fine with me transferring, it's the change in major they'll resist. Still I'd love to introduce you to them."

I nodded, and we agreed to talk more after the semester was over. As the conversation wound down I called for the check. The restaurant that Kelly drove us to was outside the local mall, and I suggested we browse for a bit before going to the hotel. The girls, of course, agreed. I say of course, because they are girls, and shopping seems to be part of their DNA, but also because I wanted to give them all something, so I pushed a strong suggestion along with my words.

We left the car parked in the restaurant lot, and walked the short distance to the mall entrance. Once inside I found a jewelry story, and started looking. The girls all looked at the rings with wide eyes. I knew they weren't expecting me to buy rings, looking at rings is just another thing that girls like to do. I was looking for something more specific.

After looking through the different cases, I found what I was looking for, a small pendant in silver that had a four section celtic knot.

I asked the shopkeeper, "Do you happen to have four of these? along with silver chain necklaces?"

The shopkeeper eyed my four companions, then nodded knowingly, "Yes, sir I believe I do have four of that item, let me check."

He went back in the back room, while I kept looking through the cases. I had checked the amount on the pendant and I was sure I could afford to put the fine jewelry on my AMEX card. In another month I'd turn 21, and the balance of my trust fund from my grandfather would be available. It wasn't millions of dollars, but it would make the rest of my college life a bit more enjoyable.

Finally the jeweler returned with four black boxes, displaying each of them for me, the delicate knot looked amazing with a fine silver chain. I nodded and slid across my card, and soon the transaction was complete. With a nod, I thanked the jeweler. I then sent a suggestion to leave the mall and go back to the hotel, becoming more comfortable with my newfound ability to influence my girls.

After we drove the short distance to the hotel and went back up to our room, I asked all the girls to come into the main sitting room. I passed each of them one of the slim black necklace boxes, then asked them to open it together.

"I want each one of you to have a symbol for what each of us means to each other." I said taking the time to look at each one of them with a smile. "In the short time I've known you three, and in the past week, Alyssa, I've discovered such a strong bond between us. I love each of you, and I want to be with you all."

They all smiled back at me, taking the necklaces out of the boxes and looking at them in the light. I went first to Alyssa and helped to fasten it behind her neck. I kissed her neck where the chain touched her skin. I continued around the room and repeated the same ritual. A sense of love and warmth filled the room as sat back down in my chair. I wanted to hear from each of the girls, so i quieted my mind, and tried to just listen.

Kelly smiled at me, "Jeremiah, I will proudly wear this because it will remind me that you are looking out for me. That you care for me, and I care for you too." Then she looked around the room at each of the other girls, "This also symbolizes that I care for each of you, that we are sisters together in this relationship."

Lexi spoke next, her eyes bright with emotion, "Everything that Kelly said is true for me too. This past week has been amazing, and this weekend was like icing on the cake. I know I will always cherish each of you, and this symbol will always remind me of each of you."

Carmen held her head down, her hands covering her mouth. Her hair was covering her face, and I felt strong emotions from her, I resisted the impulse to scan her, because I wanted everyone to be honest in what they said. Finally, Carmen lifted her head to speak, tears streaming down her cheeks.

"I don't know what to say," she started, "I started this weekend confused over what a true relationship really meant. Now, near the end I have a symbol of a real and honest relationship. The most fucked up relationship I've ever heard of, but the best thing that's ever happened to me. Thank you Jeremiah. Thank each of you."

Before Alyssa spoke she slid a small black box out of her purse and gave it to me. I opened the box and saw a similar pendant on a heftier chain. Four loops around a central loop. As I saw the chain, it started to get blurry and I felt tears fall down my cheeks. Alyssa stood up and fastened the chain around my neck.

"We all chipped in to get you this chain, Jeremiah," she started, "we were talking while we were looking at rings, and wanted to give you a gift. To show you how we all felt about you. So with this chain our circle is complete. I am all in. I love you Jeremiah, and I love Kelly and Carmen and Lexi too."

I was silent. With what I had learned today, the synchronicity of the purchase wasn't a surprise. But the questions in my mind wouldn't stop, did I cause them to want to buy me a symbol by wanting to buy a symbol for them? The whole idea was like infinity, never-ending. Perhaps their thoughts had influenced my decision. What I couldn't deny was that we were inexorably linked, and to tear apart that bond would hurt us all. The one thing I never wanted to do was to hurt any of these women.

Slowly, wordlessly, we all rose and began to undress until the only thing each of us wore were the silver knots on silver chains. Then we all walked into the main suite's bedroom, and began to physically show each other the love we had for each other. There were moans and sighs. Words weren't spoken as we enjoyed each others bodies. The love making was slow and sensual, like a slow boil. When the crest of our emotions finally peaked we all shivered in orgasm. I sent my feeling of bliss to each of the girls, and they all shuddered as they felt my passion pass through them.

We slept in a tangle of bodies, not waking until the sun just peaked through the windows. As we untangled and showered. Each of us said our goodbyes as we packed for our rides home. Words were spoken and promises made. The goodbyes were short, because we knew we'd be together soon. We left that hotel, and headed in opposite directions. I felt a slight emptiness as we left, but as I fingered my pendant I felt more at peace than I had in days.

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