tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 13

The Designer Ch. 13


After the weekend at the hotel, things finally got back to normal. Well, a new normal. Alyssa and I continued to grow closer, physically and emotionally. I heard regularly from Carmen, Lexi and Kelly. Mostly we concentrated on school and other hobbies. It was normal, but I felt a huge emptiness at times when Alyssa was off studying and I was alone.

Alyssa reported the same feeling, so we stayed together whenever we could. The change in behavior didn't go without notice from the rest of our housemates. Alyssa and I shared a house with four other people, namely four men that were on my team. Often during the week all of us, and some of their girlfriends would share pizza and a movie. So when Alyssa and I started acting like a couple, the teasing started as well. We both enjoyed the attention, and our new status as couple.

Alyssa and I had always enjoyed hanging out together. However, as we become closer emotionally, we began to enjoy being physically closer. Constantly touching whenever possible. It helped to touch each other. We were both missing Kelly, Lexi and Carmen, and our physical touches seemed to sooth the emptiness we both felt.

"Should we all try to live together?" I asked Alyssa one day, "Do you think that would work?"

Alyssa knew exactly who I was thinking about, but thought for a moment before answering, "I think we have to at least try, don't you?"

"Yeah, but finding a place for five people to live is going to be hard," I started, "Oh wait, would you want to live here?"

"Could we get the others to move out?" Alyssa asked.

"It doesn't matter, I can evict them." I answered with a smug smile.

"You what?"

"I never told anyone this before, because I really hadn't thought much about it. When my trust fund came through, I became the owner of this fine off-campus house."

The house was owned by my grandparents and was part of the estate of my grandfather. It had been held in trust until I reached the age of 21, at which time ownership would pass to me. My grandfathers estate had rented the house for many years to college students, and it generated a good amount of income. The proximity to campus was a big reason the house was a good investment. The house was paid for many years ago, so rent was also very low. That and the rest of my inheritance provided me a nice nest egg for the next few years.

As Alyssa and I discussed how to use what we now thought of as our house, we determined that it would be rude to just evict everyone, especially since we would continue to live there. So we announced the news to my buddies. The news was not joyously received by all the other housemates. Now faced with the need to find new housing for the next school year, one my friends was not happy with me. Ron, the alpha male of our house, got pretty irate, and came close to threatening me.

"Dammit, Jeremiah, I don't have any place else to live." Ron said a few days after I broke the news.

Ron was a pretty tall guy, but sinewy, not bulky. I was almost as tall, and outweighed him by a more than few pounds. Physically we were a match, and physical confrontation was always Ron's first option. I assessed him, taking a moment to scan through his moral profile to get an idea of where I could find some leverage. I hadn't scanned many males, but the profiles were pretty similar. It appeared that Ron was worried about finances and his relationship. I knew he had been seeing a girl named Robin fairly regularly. Maybe she was how I could encourage him to move on.

"Why not see if you can move in with Robin?" I asked, "She'd probably like someone else to share her rent."

"I dunno, she's been pretty weird lately," Ron said, "She wants me to be more serious, more stable. I don't know what the fuck she wants, really. I do know this place has one of the lowest rents in town. Are you sure you don't want at least one renter? I'd even take one of the basement rooms."

"Not an option, Ron, sorry," I said quickly. I had some ideas about what to do with the basement, and none of them had anything to do with athletic, aggressive alpha males like Ron.

"Maybe I can talk to Robin with you?" I offered, "Alyssa and I could go on a double date with you two, so she doesn't think it's an ambush."

Ron thought about it. It took awhile for Ron to think about anything. I scanned him again, I sensed he was hesitant about any relationship with any woman. Which was too bad, Robin seemed like a nice responsible girl, though what she was doing dating Ron was always a mystery to me. Ron usually liked his girls a bit dumber than he was.

Finally, Ron nodded, "Okay, I'm willing to talk with her about it."

"Great, I'll have Alyssa give her a call and set up a date for Friday." I finished, then walked back upstairs to my room.

When I got upstairs, Alyssa was lying on my bed, reading a book. I slid in beside her and snuggled close.

"Want to go on a date?" I asked.

"Mmmm... Maybe," she teased, "what type of date are you thinking about?"

"Going out on Friday with Ron and Robin." I asked then held my breath. Alyssa didn't like Ron.

"Why, Jeremiah? Would I willingly subject myself to a dinner with Ron," Alyssa asked.

"Because we need to convince Robin to have Ron move in with her." I explained.

"Poor Robin," Alyssa said, "I'm almost sorry I introduced the two of them."

Alyssa met Robin in one of her psychology classes, and they shared many of the same interests. Alyssa invited Robin to one of our house parties and had introduced her to Ron with many reservations. Ron was a very attractive guy, so it wasn't surprising to have Robin be attracted to him. Unfortunately, Robin also entertained the idea that she could fix men. Ron certainly fit that description, he was rude, uncouth and a genuine asshole. Knowing him a bit better than most people, I knew he just didn't have good social skills. He got flustered and frustrated easily, but he also had a stubborn streak a mile wide. The combination of all his flawed character traits made him pretty difficult to get along with. Robin had stuck around longer than most of his girlfriends, because she did see the diamond under the surface. I really didn't think Ron would ever change.

I guess my thoughts, must have leaked into Alyssa's brain, because suddenly she turned to me.

"Actually, J," she said with some excitement, "this might be a way to help Ron and Robin."

"Huh?" I asked not understanding how a little date to talk about Ron's living conditions would really help either one of them.

"You could help them!" Alyssa said eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Oh hell no!" I said, "I like Ron, probably more than most people, but there is no way I'm letting him into my head."

The telepathy I'd developed with Alyssa, Carmen, Lexi and Kelly still kind of freaked me out. It did come in handy with Alyssa now and then. I admit there are sometimes I took advantage and encouraged Alyssa to get physical with me. I probably could have just asked her, but it made it more exciting to do it wordlessly. I hadn't changed anyone else since the weekend with the girls, because I feared that I'd develop more psychic connections with more people.

"I don't think that would happen," Alyssa said, "I'm pretty sure your telepathy develops from a sexual connection. Unless you started having sex with Ron, I think you'd be safe."

I shiver of disgust ran through me at the thought of having sex with Ron. However, I remembered what Alyssa had said before about the power of a sexual connection. I knew that nothing ever sexually would happen between me and Ron, so I agreed that it might be safe to try. Anything to help Ron move out of my house was worth trying.

So I asked, "Okay, What do you have in mind?"

"I see both of them needing an adjustment. Robin is a bit of a busybody, the only reason she's stayed with Ron this long is because she sees him as a project. Ron is a mess, but I'm sure you can help him become more of a gentleman. I think you'd need to try and get some good scans of them before our date. I can look them over and try to figure out what we needed to do."

"Okay," I shrugged, "I'm not thrilled about adjusting Ron, but if it gets him out of the house to make room for our family, I'm game for anything."

Alyssa hugged me close. I hugged her back. We seemed to crave more closeness with each other whenever we thought about Kelly, Alexis, and Carmen. It had only been a little over a month but the emptiness of not having them close was almost palpable. We shared a quiet moment, together thinking of them, and hoping they were safe and happy.

"They'll be here soon, just a few more weeks," I comforted, "I miss them too."

"It's so strange," Alyssa replied, "Before that weekend, I didn't know any of them. Now I miss them so much. I know it's because of you, Jeremiah. The connection is so deep, sometimes it's as if I can feel them."

"I know what you mean," I agreed, "That's why I'm so hesitant to try and change others. I really get uncomfortable thinking about what my powers are capable of doing."

"Jeremiah," Alyssa said, looking up at me with her brilliant eyes, "That's the reason I trust you, because you are so careful about how you use your powers. You need to trust yourself, because I think you can make some wonderful things happen. Not just with us, and the girls, but with anyone that needs more than just the normal help. Like you did with Carmen."

I swallowed carefully. Carmen was in a self-destructive pattern when I met her, seeking solace in random sexual encounters with all types of men. She had elevated normal relationships to an unrealistic level, and since no real relationship could match that, she went to find solace in sex. When Alyssa and I figured that out, I had adjusted her understanding of a good relationship. Since then, according to her emails she had kept her sexual appetite constrained to only Lexi and Kelly. No more one night stands with random men. By all accounts, she was much happier after my adjustment than the quiet torture she felt before.

"So you think that I can fix Ron?" I asked.

"Yes, but Robin also needs adjustment," Alyssa replied, "The vibe I get from her is that she thinks she's perfect, and other people need to change. That's not true, no one is perfect, and the only people we can change is ourselves.

She paused, and looked and me and laughed.

"Well except you, you can fix other people." Alyssa kissed my cheek, "You are the only exception."

The next few days I spent some time with Ron, and was able to draw some fairly detailed curves. Alyssa evaluated the curves along with the baseline from our experiments. She also invited Robin over to study a couple of times so I was able to get some decent moral values from scanning her from across the room. Alyssa spent a lot of time looking over the curves and coming up with a plan.

Friday was the day that Alyssa and Robin had set up a date for dinner and a movie. Alyssa figured that I could adjust them both during dinner, then evaluate the changes during the movie. She chose a movie we'd already seen so that I wouldn't be distracted.

"Okay, I have a question," I finally asked Friday afternoon, "Usually I have to touch someone to make adjustments to their curves. Won't it be awkward to grab Ron? I might be able to get away with touching Robin a couple of times."

"Yeah, I hadn't thought of that," Alyssa said looking at me thoughtfully, "How long do you need to touch someone before you can accurately adjust them?"

"I don't know a up to a minute."

"What if you and Ron arm wrestled?" Alyssa asked, then giggled, "You know us girls love to see our men demonstrate feats of strength!"

I pondered that for a second, then nodded, "I guess that would work. God knows that Ron would jump at the chance to prove his manhood."

I actually thought I could take him, especially if I altered a specific part of his moral graph right when we started. Part of my brain told me that would be cheating. I ignored that part of my brain.

We arrived at a local restaurant. It was a nice restaurant with semi-private booths specializing in steaks and local seafood. On cue Ron immediately made an ass of himself, being so flirty with the hostess it bordered on harassment. It was classic Ron, just trying too hard, smiling too much. I scanned his profile to figure out what parts were active. I realized that he was really insecure, and was overcompensating by trying to be charming. It wasn't working. I felt bad for Robin, but as I scanned her I saw that she was busy thinking about relationships and scholarly thoughts. She was experiencing Ron through the lens of psychology. Alyssa was right, she was cataloging how to fix Ron.

When we finally got to the table, I confronted Ron, just to push his buttons.

"What was that all about, Ron?" I asked, "Robin isn't enough for you? You trying to get a second date for the movie?"

"Huh?" Ron asked truly confused, then his face flushed with embarrassment, "Oh that? I was just joking."

An uncomfortable silence fell across the table as I realized I'd overstepped my place. It was awkward. Always a fan of awkwardness, I charged forward.

"You know what, never mind," changing subjects quickly, "Wanna arm wrestle?"

I felt Alyssa squeeze my thigh, and I looked over at her. She gritted her teeth at me like she wanted me to understand something. I tried to give her my "I got this under control look" and plopped my elbow on the table. Looking over at Ron with a confident challenge in my eyes. Both of the girls tried to blend into the seats of the table.

Ron's eyes blazed with the challenge, as well as a bit of malice from my biting words. As we grabbed each other's hands I felt some energy drain from me, as I tried to adjust Ron's moral curve. Ron was amped and quickly tried to thrust my hand through the top of the table. As my changes took effect, I was able to recover and push my hand up, returning to vertical. I locked eyes with Ron, and saw his eyes cloud with confusion. He suddenly wasn't concerned with the challenge of the arm wrestling. I merely kept our hands in the center, because Ron had ceased to fight. Ron looked over to Robin and slid his hand out of mine.

"Robin," Ron started, "I'm sorry about what I said to the hostess. I was just really nervous being out with such a lovely woman. Can you forgive me?"

Robin's eyes widened, total surprise and shock registering in her face. I slid my leg under the table and was able to press my bare calve against hers and push the changes that Alyssa had indicated to make to Robin. Her eyes closed suddenly, then a tear brimmed in the corner of her eye. When she opened her eyes, she looked at Ron.

"I forgive you, Ron." Robin said, "We all make mistakes, I'm glad to be here with you."

I breathed a slow sigh of relief, it seemed the changes were both made with little problems. I slid my hand into Alyssa's and squeezed. She looked up at me, and then leaned into my ear.

"Jeremiah, sometimes you are as smooth as a bull in a glass shop." She hissed, then giggled, "but it looks as if the direct approach may have worked.

The rest of the dinner was really fun. Alyssa, always the conversationalist, led the four of us through various topics. I monitored both Robin and Ron as the discussion moved through our test topics. I had memorized the sections and the questions as well as the modified curves that Alyssa had indicated. I made a few more alterations, once the first touch and changes were made it was easier to make new changes. I tried to keep any further alterations to a minimum not wanting more people inside my head.

Finally as we were finishing dessert, the conversation turned to Ron's living arrangements.

"Have you found a new place to live, Ron?" Alyssa asked.

Ron frowned, and looked at me with dark eyes, "Not yet, I was really hoping that Jeremiah would change his mind."

"Sorry pal, I've got changes planned for the whole house," I said to the whole table.

"Are you looking for a place, Ron?" Robin asked, "I have room in my apartment, and frankly I could use help on the rent."

Ron looked at Robin, "You are, I'd like ... um, are you sure? I really like being around you, and don't want to be just roommates."

Robin blushed, "I don't want you to be a roommate either Ron, I want you to live with me."

Robin turned to Alyssa, "It's almost the twenty-first century, a girl can ask a guy to move in with her, right Aly?"

Alyssa smiled and nodded.

Robin looked back at Ron, "So what do you say, will you share my apartment with me Ron?"

"How soon can I move in?" Ron asked with a big grin. He then leaned over and kissed Robin softly wrapping her in his arms.

We soon left the restaurant and headed to the movie theater. Ron and Robin were inseparable, and acting like a normal couple on a date. Ron's attitude had changed and he became quite the gentleman, opening Robin's door, escorting her from car to the ticket line. I was really impressed, and so was Alyssa. She clung to my arm as we walked, hands sliding up and down my arm. I was getting very aroused with her expressive touching.

When we got settled in the movie theater, and the lights darkened, Alyssa allowed my hand to slide inside her thigh. She leaned over to me, and kissed me on the cheek.

"I'm so aroused right now," Alyssa said, "I knew you could help them, but I'm so impressed with the changes. Ron is being such a gentleman, and Robin has stopped being controlling. I think it's so hot that you made that happen. Can you feel how aroused I am."

As she was talking she slowly pulled my hand between her legs. My fingers touched her silky panties and felt her moisture. I curled my finger along the edge of her gusset and pulled it aside and stroked her outer lips.

"Mmmmm," Alyssa moaned in my ear, "be careful, Jeremiah, I might have an orgasm right now."

"That's what you want isn't it?" I asked.

I sent a mental push for Alyssa to orgasm, and she suddenly moaned loudly. Robin turned around from the seats in front of us. Luckily my jacket was draped over Alyssa's lap and hid my arm from her view.

"Are you okay?" Robin asked.

Alyssa moved my hand away from her open thighs, and put on a look of discomfort, "I think I ate too much at dinner. I don't feel well, is it okay if Jeremiah and I went home?"

"Oh honey, sure," Robin said with concern in her voice, "Ron and I will be fine, you feel better"

Robin turned around, hugged Ron then whispered something in his ear. Ron put his arm around her and pulled her close, then looked back at me and nodded, as if to say, "See ya!"

Alyssa and I quickly left the movie theater and hurried to her car. I slid into the driver's seat and Alyssa slumped into the passenger's seat.

"God Jeremiah," Alyssa moaned, "That wasn't fair... It was glorious, but I need more... and quickly."

I made quick time back to our house and Alyssa quickly ran to our room. Well my room, Alyssa had practically moved in with me since we got back from our weekend with our girls. She'd only use her room to store her clothes, but she slept, studied and did everything else with me.

Alyssa raced up the stairs, out pacing me, like it was a race. I decided I would let her win, and slowed to a walk. A confident walk. I was feeling fairly good about myself. The feeling of power from using my unique abilities to help other people was intoxicating. For once I didn't feel guilty, but in control. I pushed an image to Alyssa as I walked up the stairs.

When I got to the room and opened the door, I saw that Alyssa had received my thought and had obeyed. She was naked except her ever present glasses. Her face and eyes obscured by her brown hair hanging in front of her face like a curtain as he bowed her head. She was kneeling on the bed, her bottom resting lightly on her heels, knees slightly apart. Her hands were resting on her thighs palm up. An image of submission. I stood mesmerised at the door and quietly undressed. Watching her heavy breasts rise and fall with her breaths.

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