tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 14

The Designer Ch. 14


Author's note: This is an edited version of chapter 14. I noticed a timeline error after this story was published. It was easier to change this chapter than to revise several other chapters in repairing the error. I also spiced up the action in a few areas.

This is part of a series, that is best understood by starting in Ch. 1. Work of fiction, all characters are over the age of 18.


I woke up the next morning, as the sun was rising, on my right side. Alyssa's arm was draped along my leg her breath warm against my back. I was always curious how we moved during the night. I knew when I fell asleep and when I awoke our bodies were always touching. I laid there thinking as Alyssa's breath stayed deep and steady. As it was my tendency to self-flagellate, I began to doubt the changes I'd made to Ron and Robin. I had a nice discussion of the, "What-Ifs" with myself. Then I felt a calming peace wash over me, the kind of peace I felt when I spoke with Alyssa about important things. This peaceful feeling assured me that if something needed to be done, I would be able to adjust things. It was as if a piece of Alyssa's mind turned on and sent me a message, "stop worrying!" I slowed my breathing and slipped back asleep.

Some time later I woke up on my back, with a delicious feeling between my thighs. I felt slightly cold as I realized the blanket was tossed back. I felt the ticklish tendrils of Alyssa's brown locks trace up and down my lower pelvis. I lifted my head and saw her moving up and down my erection. What a glorious way to wake up! I moved my hand to her head and combed her hair to one side so I could watch her suck my shaft into her mouth. Her eyes lifted to mine, and crinkled into a smile as she lifted her mouth off me.

"Good morning, lover!" she said and crawled forward to kiss me on the mouth.

"Good morning!" I said as I tasted myself on her lips.

I felt her maneuver my shaft until my glans was nestled against her swollen pussy lips. Then with exquisite slowness she slid herself down my shaft until my pubic hair tickled her bare lips. It felt heavenly, and I slid my hands to her round ass to pull her deeply into me. She kissed me deeply as she rotated her core screwing herself onto my cock.

*ring ring*

I ignored the phone, concentrating instead on lifting my hips to meet Alyssa as she rose and fell on my stiff cock. She held her torso steady by pressing her hands into my chest. I loved the delicious feeling of her warm pussy pulsing around my engorged manhood.

"J!!!," Ron shouted from downstairs, "It's for you! She said her name was Kelly!"

Alyssa's eyes brightened and she slid off my cock, and slipped out of bed. She hastily pulled on one of my tee-shirts and grabbed the phone out in the hallway next to the stairs.

"Hello? Kelly!," she said excitedly, "It's Alyssa! how are you?"

After I pulled on my shorts I joined Alyssa in the hallway. I was a bit grumpy from being interrupted in coitus. I was also very happy to be hearing from Kelly. So I smiled and hugged Alyssa close then leaned down to her ear so I could listen.

Alyssa slid her hand around my waist, "Yeah, J's listening now." she said.

"I'm done with finals," Kelly said, "I don't want to move my stuff back to my parent's house, but my parents want to discuss this transfer. I'm worried they won't let me change schools."

"Do you want to stay here?" I asked, "We have plenty of room, when are your folks expecting you?"

"They aren't expecting me to be at their house until later in the week," Kelly explained, "I haven't told them I'm finished with finals yet, I wanted to talk with you first, J."

"Come home," I said, somewhat amazed I meant with me and Alyssa instead of with her parents. "Alyssa and I can't wait to see you and show you our house."

"I knew you'd say that Jeremiah," Kelly said, and I could see her flirty smile in my mind's eye, "I should be there late tonight."

"That soon?" I asked a bit surprised, but also excited to see her again. Alyssa squeezed me tighter, obviously excited too.

"I don't see any reason to wait around," Kelly said, "I packed my car yesterday, and I'd drive myself crazy just hanging around here."

"How do Lexi and Carmen feel about that?" Alyssa asked.

"They are both madly jealous, of course!" Kelly teased, "But Lexi has to stay for a lab on Wednesday." Kelly reported, "Carmen is struggling in her English Comp, and Lexi is helping her. They should both be done by Wednesday. Carmen says to tell you she's renting a truck and her and Lexi should be home by Friday."

"What if she doesn't pass English Comp?" I asked. I heard Kelly repeat the question on her end. I heard some rustling on the other end of the line, then Carmen's voice.

"Jeremiah, I'll be home by Friday. I said I'm in, and I'm all in," Carmen stated, "You got that hombre?"

"Carmen, I just want to make sure your school..."

"Look," she interrupted, "Life is sometimes more important that school, I'll figure it out when I get there. Okay?"

"Okay, Carmen," I smiled, "I can't wait for our family to be together under one roof."

"Me either, stud. kisses." Carmen said, then dropped the phone. Then muffled voices, then breathing in the receiver.

"Um, hello?" Lexi said, "Are you still there?"

"Yeah, Lex, how are you?" said Alyssa.

"I miss you both..." she paused, then continued, "Don't worry about Carmen, I'll get her through... I want us all to be together so badly!."

"I know, Lex... I love all of you." I started.

"I love and miss all of you too!" Alyssa said with a voice full of emotion.

"Stop, I'll start crying," said Lexi, then we heard a dial tone.

I put the receiver down and hugged Alyssa to my chest. She lifted her mouth to kiss me. Then we kissed more, my erection returning to full strength and tenting my shorts. Alyssa ran her fingers along my length and parted from our kiss. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes.

"Is that for me," she teased, "Or are you thinking about fucking Bible Belt Barbie?"

"Both!" I said with a smile, then lifted her up and carried her back to my bed.

She squealed with joy as I laid her down and started pushing my tee-shirt up. I planted kisses along each inch of skin that I exposed. Taking my time, then as I exposed her delicious breasts hungrily consuming her firm nipples. Alyssa took over pulling the edge of the tee-shirt from my fingers and lifting it off her head. I lost myself in breast worship as Alyssa worked her fingers through my short hair.

My torso was between Alyssa's legs and she wrapped her calves around my back. Her desire sparking as he squeezed her core into my abdomen. I took the hint and lifted myself on my knees between her spread thighs. She reached down between us to grab my shaft and guide it between her ready lips. I moaned into the breast I'd filled my mouth with as I slid my dick deep inside her molten sex.

Saturday mornings were made for screwing, so I took my time. I enjoyed the delicious feeling of sliding in and out of her hot sheath. My breast play had turned her on, and she was soon lifting her hips to meet my thrusts. I lifted my head from her breasts to watch her, as she tossed her head back, arching her body as she felt her first orgasm thrill through her body. I rode through the first wave, slowly as she recovered.

I rolled off her and onto my back beside her. She hungrily rolled on top of me and spread her thighs across my waist. Reaching between her legs, she realigned my shaft and settled onto my cock. She took over, starting with a slower pace. She slid down fully onto my cock, then rotated her hips screwing herself into me, feeling me stir deeply inside her. We made love patiently, enjoying the closeness of being together. We parted and kissed, moving between positions as we prolonged our morning play.

Then, together, we began our final ascent. I was on top, and had lifted her legs back until her knees were near her face. As I bent her in half, I thrusted deeply into her well lubricated cunt. Our eyes locked as I totally controlled her motions and fucked her deeply. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as we both watched each other in amazement as our orgasms crashed together. I sent out a small pulse of my power, that caught her by surprise and made her tremble. I bottomed out and drilled my shaft into her, shooting jets of cum deep inside of her. Gasping we parted and readjusted to hold each other as we regained our breath and our words.

"I'm getting hungry," I finally said.

"Me too!" Alyssa agreed.

We got dressed, well sort of dressed, Alyssa put on her favorite fuzzy robe and slippers, and I pulled on a t-shirt and gym shorts and slipped on a pair of flip-flops. We walked down the stairs to the main floor, and into the main kitchen. Robin was at the stove in one of Ron's dress shirts, hair tied up in a loose bun while Ron was behind her. His arms were in front of her, one hand flipping pancakes. Robin was reaching behind her, sliding her hands around his bottom softly stroking his ass through his shorts.

"Oh, do we need to leave you two alone?" Alyssa asked with a lilt in her voice.

Ron's head snapped around, then he slid around Robin's side, keeping her body between himself and us. Almost like he was trying to hide an erection.

"Us?!" Ron said with a knowing smile, "It sounded like you two were having fun too!"

I smiled confidently, then scolded, "Tsk, tsk, kitchens and sex games don't mix — you might burn the sausage." I smiled, then helped myself to a slice of bacon.

"Between that soundtrack," Ron laughed, "and Robin so near me, it is hard to resist."

"Speaking of hard," Robin rejoined, "After last night, I'm amazed he still has lead in his pencil," joked bawdily smiling a chaste grin.

"I think we're the only four left in the house this weekend," I offered after a few moments of awkward silence, "Can we help with the rest of the breakfast?"

Robin took charge, "Table needs set, and orange juice poured."

I started setting out plates, while Alyssa retrieved the glasses and the OJ. Ron, finally, was able to rejoin decent company, and started carrying over plates of food; bacon, sausage, pancakes, and eggs. Ron and I loved to have big breakfasts on the weekends. I noticed a lack of fruit, so I grabbed a knife and started cutting up oranges, strawberries, and bananas, so Alyssa would have something to eat beyond all the animal protein.

Alyssa looked at me, then to the big platter of bacon in front of her. I sensed that she wanted something from me. I pushed an image of her eating bacon, and she smiled and nodded. I winked at her and modified her moral curve which allowed her to enjoy bacon. Alyssa happily took a slice and savored the salty, fatty taste. Soon all of us were devouring the breakfast food together.

"I guess you're feeling better, unless the ruckus this morning was another tummy issue'" Robin said with a knowing smile.

"Yes, much better, thank you. Jeremiah has a wonderful elixir that always helps my troubles," Alyssa smiled.

Ron coughed, and was speechless. The old Ron would have made a crude joke that would have taken the flirty sexual banter into something more crude and rude. But this morning, he just smiled along with the jokes.

"Jeremiah," Ron said finally, "I know there are two weeks left in our rental contract, but I was thinking I might move out early. Um. Could I get a partial refund on this month's rent?"

"I don't think that will be a problem," I agreed with a smile, anxious to have him move out. Especially knowing Kelly would be here later that night. I politely added, "I'm not trying to shove you out, though."

"Oh, I know that bud, I just figured, 'why put it off!'" and he hugged Robin and kissed the top of her head, "Robin's roommate already left last month, and the extra half-months rent could really help her out."

"I'm not sure that's the only help she appreciates," I said with a wink, "Do you need any help moving?"

"Nah," Ron said, "I've always packed light, a couple of suitcases, the furniture is all part of the house. Then just my books and gym stuff. I can handle it."

"Good enough, when are you going to start," I asked.

"Right after we clean up from breakfast." Ron answered plopping the last slice of bacon in his mouth.

Alyssa frowned as the last slice of bacon disappear, but then broke into a huge smile as she processed what Ron said. I sensed how eager she was for Ron to leave, and for Kelly rejoin us. I squeezed her hand tenderly under the table, and she squeezed back.

She said, "J and I can clean up this mess. You go ahead Ron -- do what you need to do."

"Thanks Alyssa." Ron leaned over and kissed her cheek, "that's sweet."

To Alyssa's credit she accepted Ron's buss with a smile.

In a few hours we truly had the house to ourselves. It was wonderful, and it never felt emptier. We walked down to the basement and explored the rest of the house. My roommates all being future military men were very neat, and the rooms were neat and clean. Furniture was piled up waiting for the deep cleaning that was scheduled at the end of the semester. The main floor was also clean and tidy, everyone had pitched in to clean up the common rooms. With Ron's room now empty the house seemed almost too silent.

The final week of school was next week, but most of my housemates had taken finals early so they could get to their summer jobs at camps or back home. Alyssa and I only had a one final each the following week, both in easy classes. With the emptiness of our house, we sat on the sofa and just enjoyed being alone together.

We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out Ron's room. We picked Ron's room because it was the easiest to clean, he wasn't kidding about traveling light. Also he was the one that spent the most time sleeping over outside of the house. We cleaned the carpet and washed the walls.

I really was at a loss over what to do with the house now that it was completely ours. For so many years I'd thought of the house as six separated rooms with common areas. That would no longer be true as the whole concept of how the five of us could live together changed everything. So our cleaning really focused on making a place for Kelly to call home.

Before long Ron's... no Kelly's room was spotless and ready for her to move in. Alyssa and I watched TV through the early evening, looking out the window each time we heard a car drive past. It was silly, how impatient we both were, we silently wished she'd be home sooner.

We ordered pizza, feeling empty and hungry, but also in case Kelly was hungry when she arrived. Car travel in the late 80s wasn't like today. Cell phones weren't available so communication while on the road was completely null. Finally we heard a car horn and looked out the window. Alyssa flew from the house and practically dragged Kelly from the car to hug her close. I walked quickly behind her, and wrapped both of the girls up in my arms.

"I'm so glad you're here safe," I said, finally able to kiss her.

She kissed me back, then looked in my eyes, "It felt like I'd never get here: the whole ride I was thinking of you."

"Come inside, we can unpack you tomorrow."

"I was sort of hoping you'd pack me tonight," Kelly teased, her fingers sliding inside my waistband.

"Mmm.. I promise, but let's get inside first."

I hugged Alyssa with one arm, and looked at her and her tear streaked face, "You okay, babe?"

"I'm just so happy she's here!" Alyssa said with more emotion than she usually allowed.

"Oh Aly, I'm so glad to be here with you." Kelly said.

The three of us entered the house from the front door.

"Wow, all this is ours?" Kelly asked as she entered.

"Yep, it's all ours. I need your help to figure out how to fix it up. It used to be set up as six separate rooms with common living spaces, and now it's well... I don't want us to live in separate rooms."

"Yeah," Kelly nodded, "I know what you mean. Give me the tour, let me see what we have to work with."

We walked Kelly down to the basement, and then toured the main floor before climbing the stairs to the rooms Alyssa and I still occupied. Kelly asked questions, checked out walls and windows, looked in bathrooms and eating areas. She finally nodded as she reached my room.

"I think I can come up with something that will work," Kelly said smiling, "The house has good bones, that's all that matters."

"Thanks to my inheritance, I think I can afford a nice renovation," I started, "But, I really don't know where to start, I'd love to hear your ideas?"

"Sure, that's right up my alley!" Kelly said smiling, then she hugged me close, "But I want you up my alley right now."

Alyssa laughed at the blatant innuendo, and grabbed Kelly's hand, "Come on, J, let's make Kelly feel at home."

Soon I was consumed by the willing flesh of two of my favorite girls. I was in that heady place where body parts were disconnected from people as I explored curves, mounds, crevices and buds. Using my fingers and mouth to soothe and caress, my body twisting to touch this body part, or to press into another body part. Finally we ended up with Kelly on her back and my cock hammering firmly into her sex. Alyssa had spread her legs over Kelly's face and was leaned over kissing me while Kelly licked her pussy.

Our moans of passion inflamed each of our motions and soon we headed to a crescendo. We all seemed to orgasm at once, our cries in our empty house. We collapsed into a heap shuddering. I put my arm around each woman's shoulders, and they nestled their heads into my chest. Alyssa pulled the cover over us, and we all fell into a peaceful sleep.

I awoke Sunday morning to the touches of Alyssa stroking my cock, and Kelly kissing my nipples. I pulled Kelly up to kiss her, enjoying her deep returned kiss. While feeling Alyssa's tongue slipping around my engorged cock head. Could life get any better? Despite taking our time, and enjoying another round of orgasms, we still felt a bit empty.. We all snuggled together and thought of Lexi and Carmen, and enjoyed the afterglow of our coupling.

Then the day started, and our new life began. I unpacked Kelly's car, moving most of her stuff into Ron's empty room, while taking her clothes up to Lexi's room. Seemed to be the best idea, since I knew we'd all share a bed. Then it was showers and breakfast.

"We need a bigger bed," Alyssa said over coffee.

"Oh yes, and more furniture! this place is kind of sparse," added Kelly.

"Well where should we shop?" I asked, I had nothing planned for Sunday and my exam wasn't until Wednesday morning.

"A furniture store, duh," teased Kelly, "I don't know, I've never lived in this town."

"I know a place," said Alyssa, "but we shouldn't buy a lot of stuff until we know how we're going to remodel the house."

"Hmm, that's true," I agreed, "Also my room is a bit too small for a much larger bed, if we got a bigger one, it would have to go in the basement for now."

"Well, I was thinking about knocking all of the walls down in the upstairs," started Kelly, grabbing a napkin and drawing with a pencil, "We could make our bedroom the whole upstairs, and expand the bathroom like this."

She drew a rough floor plan that would allow for a large bathroom, including a tub and a roomy shower area. She then drew an outline for a much larger bedroom. She even sketched out an area for clothing storage and a dressing area. Considering the challenge of designing for five people, Kelly's quick design ideas were impressive. The strength of Kelly's ideas excited me and I couldn't wait to get started on the project. I was struggling with what the next step would be, beyond hiring a good general contractor, I had no idea what to do next.

Instead of discussing my insecurity, I offered, "Well until we can get that done, maybe we'd be better living in the basement. It will be cooler down there during the summer too. What do you two think?"

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