tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 15

The Designer Ch. 15


Author's Note: After I had submitted chapter 14, I realized I'd made a small error that affected continuity. That resulted in two Monday mornings, which bothered me to the point of distraction. I went back and revised chapter 14 to resolve the issue.

The new revision is now published, I added a few more details here and there which I think are worth the read. I'll add this prelude regardless to help make the space-time continuum change be less drastic: Kelly arrives a day early, Saturday night. The spend Sunday shopping,and setting up house. Which brings us to Monday morning...

I woke up Monday morning to an empty bed. I knew Alyssa had planned on an early start to cram for her final on Tuesday, but I was curious as to where Kelly had gone. I rubbed my eyes, and stretched. Finding myself alone in a huge bed was a bit of a disappointment. I got out of bed and tried to find my clothes, but all I could find was Alyssa's and Kelly's. So I walked up the back stairs to the main room nude. In our haste to christen the bed, we'd forgotten to move all our clothes to the basement.

As I walked up the stairs I wondered if Alyssa had done the same thing, and the thought of watching her walk up the stairs naked stirred my loins. I got the to the main floor and saw Kelly's blonde hair hanging over the back of the sofa. She was talking on the phone, and so I tried to sneak by her. A loose floorboard gave me away, and she turned and saw me.

Covering the phone's mouthpiece, Kelly said, "Mmmm is that for me?" with a smile and a wink.

I realized she had on my tee-shirt, which solved the disappearing shirt mystery.

"I'm going to take a shower and get dressed," I whispered, not sure who she was talking to and not wanting to intrude.

"No, nothing Mom, someone brought me a nice hot cup of coffee," Kelly said winking as she answered her mother's question.

I smiled and walked past her on the way to the upstairs and my normal bathroom. I found my gym shorts stuffed in the hamper, and figured that Alyssa must have brought them up with her. Today we would have to move our clothes downstairs. I didn't mind being nude, but it was a bit uncomfortable walking up two floors of stairs with a semi-rigid erection bouncing against my thighs.

I started the shower as was washing my hair when I felt Kelly's hand slide around my back.

"Got room for a partner?" she asked as she hugged me close her breasts pressing into my back.

"Always," I said turning around and lowering my mouth to kiss her softly.

"You called your mother pretty early." I said as I turned her back to the spray and started to wet her blonde locks.

"Both she and I are early risers, I usually call her in the morning a few times each week," Kelly said closing her eyes and leaning her head back into the mist, "She's going to email me some contacts for architects and contractors in the area."

"She has email?" I asked. In the mid-80s, email was almost exclusively for schools and government agencies.

"Compuserve," Kelly answered, "she's got an account when I started school last fall, one for both of us. I figured you'd have a computer and a modem."

"Yeah, I'll show you where it is once I've washed all the sex off you." I smiled.

"Aww... I was hoping to get some more sex on me," she teased and started pulling on my erection.

"I've made an oath to always keep my housemates happy." I said with a smile lowering my mouth to her breasts and suckling a nipple.

She leaned back more, presenting her fabulous round orbs to my mouth. I made sure to show my appreciation by suckling both of her hard nipples. Then Kelly slipped down out of my arms and knelt beneath me. The hot water hit my chest and streamed down my torso as Kelly grabbed my firm erection with both hands. She brought her mouth to the tip of the glans sucking the tip into her mouth with glorious suction. She looked up at me, her eyes blinking against the spray of water but holding my gaze as she slowly slid her mouth up and down my cock.

I was taken by her beauty, she seemed to be even more radiant than ever. When we were at the hotel she had appeared a bit tired and worn out. Now she looked fresher, more alive. She was bubbling with energy, whatever adjustments I'd made at the hotel seemed to suit her just fine. Her technique at oral sex was wonderful, her fingers cupping and playing with my balls as she took my entire length into her mouth.

I combed my hands through her hair, then held her face steady as my hips thrust into her face. She steadied her rocking motion and just kept her mouth sealed to my shaft. She had great control of her gag reflex and my cock slid down into the tightness of her throat. Her eyes staying locked on mine as I fucked her mouth harder.

I released her and pulled back with a pop. I leaned down and lifted her up wrapping my arms around her trim waist and pulling her into me. My cock pressed into her abdomen as my hands squeezed her round ass. I bent my mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, tasting myself on her tongue. She squealed when I pinched her bottom and twisted from the offending fingers. I turned her around to face the shower wall. Her head was under the spray allowing her to turn her head and watch me without being drenched.

She widened her stance and bent over offering her delicious round cheeks to me. I swatted one cheek playfully then grabbing my cock guided my erection between her smooth dewy petals. She bit her lower lip as she looked over her shoulder, her eyes closing as I slid deeply into her channel. Once I was fully seated inside her, I started a quick fucking motion. Her oral attention had me needing more, and I quickly built to a furious pace. I watched her ass ripple as my thighs slammed into her cheeks. Her breasts were swaying in circles as I pounded her body with vigorous thrusts.

"OH GOD! YESS!" Kelly shrieked as I fucked her hard and fast, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME!"

Furiously I did as she asked, holding her tightly and pulling her back into my hard deep thrusts. She tossed her head and leaned into the shower wall, her cheek pressed against the cool tile. I felt my balls begin to boil, and I thrust into her madly. I hammered a final thrust and roared out as I erupted deep inside her. Feeling my jism fill her pussy set off her own orgasm. Kelly moaned out and her pussy clamped around my shaft. The tremors milking my cock of its offering.

I pulled her back, then twisted her around. She wrapped her arm around my neck as I lowered my mouth to hers. Kissing and panting as I caught my breath. Fucking Kelly was an intense feast for the eyes. Her golden locks accenting her golden tan skin. She wasn't Bible Belt any more, but she certainly had the Barbie thing going on. I held her close as we both recovered. Then I lovingly washed her gorgeous body. I enjoyed rediscovering her smooth curves, the trimness of her waist, the dip in her lower back. She returned the favor, washing me and investing as much interested in exploring my body. Finally clean, we kissed softly and turned off the water.

Then we got out and dried, and Kelly went down to her room to find a change of clothes. I went to my room and dressed in comfortable jeans and a tee-shirt and started studying for my Software Design final. The course was mostly theory and concepts, almost mind-numbingly boring, but I needed to keep it fresh for the final. The phone rang, and I stepped in the hall to answer it as Kelly hit the top step. She kissed me softly as I picked up the phone.

"Mmm.. Hello?"

"Mmm!? ... J??" said a male voice.

"Uh, sorry, ... this is J, who's this"

"Jerry, what was all that, 'Mmm?'"

Jerry was a friend, we had many classes together. Jerry was also a geek, a bit awkward in social situations, and really into technology and programming. He was a great guy, a good friend, but had no idea about women. I didn't think he really cared, so long as he had his porn collection.

"A friend just gave me a sip of a really good coffee," I lied, winking at Kelly, "What do you need Jerry?"

"I'm falling asleep trying to study for this stupid Software Design final. Do you want to study together, or at least keep one another from falling asleep.?"

"Just a sec," I held my hand over the receiver.

"Hey Kel, do you mind if a friend comes over and studies?" I asked Kelly

"No babe," Kelly said smiling, "I need to get my mom's email and start calling some people, so go ahead.".

"Okay, thanks.. and I'll get you set up in just a minute." I said as Kelly wandered into my room and say at my computer.

"Yeah Jerry, sure that would be good. When will you be over?"

"Oh 10-15, want me to bring sandwiches? I can stop by Subway." Jerry replied

"Kelly, you want a Subway?" I asked.

"Oh, yes please, a Veggie?" she replied turning and giving me her dazzling smile.

"That'd be great Jerry, get a Club and a Veggie, I'll pay you back." I answered.

"A veggie? uh, okay. I'll see you in a few." Jerry replied and hung up.

I smiled and returned to Kelly and flipped on the computer. I showed her the modem software, and found the access number to Compuserve from an ad in the yellow pages. Soon she was logged in and printing her mom's email on my dot-matrix printer.

"We may want to put this computer someplace more accessible," Kelly said as she stood up and kissed my cheek.

"Maybe it's time for me to get a new one." I said with a smile, "You tell me where you want this one, and I'll put it there. You're in charge of the house design."

"That's right mister," Kelly said, "Let me think on that," and she hopped down the stairs.

I signed on to my campus email account, and checked for anything interesting. I was hoping for an email from Carmen or Lexi, but it was just the normal exchange between classmates, and some notes from the Software Design professor. I printed out two copies of the professor's email; one for me and one for Jerry. Then collected my books and went downstairs.

Kelly was curled on one end of the sofa, talking on the phone. Sounded like she was talking to an architect, because I heard the words, design, floorplan and drawings interspersed in her conversation. Part of me wanted to listen in, and exercise some control. I knew that I was out of my league, and Kelly seemed very comfortable talking with the person at the other end of the line. I gave her a big smile and sat down next to her putting my books on the table and reading through the email from the professor.

Kelly was wearing a pair of cute capri pants that hugged her curves, and a white cotton blouse. Her full breasts pulled the fabric tight across her bust. She had her blond hair pulled into a ponytail that bounced sassily as she spoke into the phone. Her feet were pulled up under her on one side as she had kicked off her sandals on the floor below. She looked very much at home in our house. I felt a rising happiness inside me as I scanned the professor's email.

Soon there was a knock on the door, and I rose to answer. I let Jerry in and took the bag of Subway sandwiches from him, and led him into the living room. Kelly stood up as she hung up the phone. Jerry just kind of stood there, stunned.

"Hi, I'm Kelly," said Kelly walking towards Jerry and holding out her hand.

Jerry dropped his books to take her hand, and said, "Uh, hi, Jerry."

"Thanks for picking up sandwiches, Jerry," smiled Kelly, "I'll go fix us some drinks."

Kelly kissed me on the cheek on the way past me, and Jerry bent to pick up his dropped books.

"Who is that?" Jerry whispered.

"Kelly, one of my new roommates." I said, "Didn't you hear her say her name?"

"Yeah, I heard her," Jerry said still dumbstruck, "She is hot, man! Where did you meet her, and does she have a sister?"

"I met her a few months ago, and convinced her with my sterling personality to change schools and move in with me and Aly." I told him truthfully.

"Yeah, right!" Jerry smiled, thinking I was joking.

"It's the truth." I said seriously, then cracked a grin, "Let's have a seat and start figuring out this test. Did you see the profs email?"

"No, dammit, what did it say?"

"I printed you a copy," I said handing him his copy as he sat on the opposite sofa.

Kelly returned from the kitchen with three large glasses of water and a bag of potato chips on a tray. She leaned over to place the tray on the table, and Jerry's eyes just about popped out of his skull as he watched her display her gorgeous cleavage. Kelly rose up not really aware of her display and stepped past me to sit in the corner of the couch between me and Jerry. She reached back across the table, inadvertently giving Jerry another eyeful, to grab her sandwich and a glass of water. Kelly unwrapped her sandwich and took a bite completely unaware of the attention that Jerry was paying to her body. Jerry had slid his books across his lap to hide what was certainly an erection.

"So Jerry, what do you study?" Kelly asked politely.

"Uh um, computer science with J." Jerry said quickly, then grabbed his sandwich and unrolled it over his stack of books on his lap.

"How long have you gone to State?" Kelly continued, between bites.

"I'm a Junior like J, we have a lot of classes together." Jerry said getting a bit more comfortable talking to Kelly.

"Oh, J," Kelly said turning to me, "I made an appointment for an architect to come by today around 3, and after I eat I'm going out to talk with a couple contractors to see some of their work."

"That's fine Kelly," I said, "Will you be here for the architect?"

"Absolutely," Kelly smiled and continued to eat.

"What do you need an architect for?" Jerry asked.

"We're remodeling the house," Kelly said, "We're making a big master suite on the top floor and modernizing everything on the other two floors. Two phases, the first being the top floor and this floor, then we'll be able to move out of the basement."

"Sounds extensive," Jerry said.

"It is pretty ambitious," Kelly allowed, "but not difficult, if I can get the plans drawn up quickly. We can probably start by the end of the month. Hopefully everything will be done by the end of the summer."

"Then what?" asked Jerry.

"Then we'll be all set for the fall semester," Kelly said smiling.

We all chatted back and forth as we ate our sandwiches. Kelly cleaned up her wrapper, napkin and took it and her water glass back to the kitchen. Jerry watched her every move, but would always avert his eyes when he sensed her looking towards him.as much as he dared.

"I've got to go, thanks for the sandwich Jerry," Kelly said as she came back and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I turned and gave her a hug, "Have a good time,"

"It was nice meeting you Jerry." She said then turned to me with a glint in her eye, "I be back at three, honey."

"Nice meeting you too!" said Jerry finally as she left through the front door.

Jerry finished eating then looked at me, "Honey? What the hell? I thought you were going out with Alyssa?"

I grinned confidently and lifted my feet on the coffee table, crossing my ankles, "Alyssa and I have a very open relationship."

"Wow, you're a very lucky man," Jerry said, as he finally readjusted his books and started to read the email from the professor.

We started studying for the test, using the professor's notes to help us direct our attention to the important parts. We figured the final would be more practical but still have some trivial questions. It was a professional level course, so it did require some practical application. We developed a fairly easy to remember rubric to help us go through a development process for a waterfall and an object oriented model.

Just as we were finishing up, Alyssa walked through the front door. I rose and greeted her with a hug and a kiss, while Jerry was packing up his books and papers.

"Hey babe, did you get a good bit of studying in?" I asked Alyssa.

"Yeah, I'm burnt out and hungry now."Alyssa said then saw Jerry behind me, "Oh, Hi Jerry! How are you? It's been a few weeks since I've seen you around."

"Hi Aly," said Jerry with a smile, "I guess we've both been busy."

"I'll say," said Alyssa disappearing into the kitchen.

"Okay," said Jerry as he carried his books to the door, "I don't know why you get two beautiful chicks, while I'm left with nothing. Life just doesn't seem fair."

He was smiling and teasing me, but I felt a bit uncomfortable. I was completely happy to have both Alyssa and Kelly in my life, living under the same roof. I was also uneasy, because Jerry's friendly visit and question reminded me that our family might not fit in with the surrounding world. The familiar feelings of uneasiness and doubt started to creep into my emotions again.

"Well maybe I can help you find yourself a friend," I offered Jerry honestly.

"Well if you get tired of Kelly, let me know!" Jerry said with a wink then left with a wave.

I walked into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around Alyssa. She was preparing a large salad, and continued to fix her lunch as I nuzzled into her fragrant neck.

"It was good to see Jerry, I think you need to keep meeting with your friends." she said.

"It was a bit awkward," I admitted, "Kelly was here when he arrived, and he was totally smitten."

Alyssa laughed, "I bet, Kelly probably reminds him of several of his centerfolds. Carmen did call her 'Bible Belt Barbie?' except now she's dropped the piousness."

"Well yeah," I agreed, "He seemed to accept that I'm living with both of you well enough. I'm worried how that perception will change when Lexi and Carmen get here."

"Hmmm, I really hadn't considered that," Alyssa admitted, "We might need to limit the public displays of affection when we have normal people around."

"Yeah," I agreed a bit sullenly.

"J, we'll figure it out," Alyssa said putting down her utensils and turning around.

She put her hands behind my neck, and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me. I kissed her back and looked at her beautiful blue eyes. My uneasiness settled a bit, as she stroked the back of my head, and leaned against me. We hugged tightly for a few moments, before she turned back around and finished preparing her salad.

"Are you ready for your test?" I asked shifting the subject.

"Yeah, my brain is all full." She said taking her salad bowl and heading to the living room. "I'm going to let it all settle and should be good for the final tomorrow morning."

"Kelly is meeting with an architect in about a half hour," I mentioned, "She's going gangbusters with making the remodeling changes. I'm pretty impressed."

"I thought she had a pretty good head on her shoulders. From Carmen's emails about how she was before you met, she seemed a well organized and serious person. I think she'll be do great with the remodel."

"Yeah," I agreed, "I just hadn't seen this side of Kelly before, it was nice to see her fully engaged with ... uh... normal things."

Alyssa laughed, and put her feet in my lap as she leaned against the arm of the sofa eating her salad. I pulled off her sandals and started massaging her feet.

"You know Jeremiah," Alyssa said with a flirty smile, "We're going to be doing more and more normal things."

"Oh I know, Aly," I admitted with a blush, "I'm actually excited to learn more about how each of them are outside of the bedroom."

We chatted for a bit about normal things, and made some plans for how our house should run. We talked about mundane things like shopping, and menus and schedules. I actually felt pretty good about things. At about five til three Kelly came back in the front door. She slid a couple of bags from a decorating store against the door and waved at us.

"Hey guys," she said with her dazzling smile, "I found the mall!"

"Why do I feel my wallet shrinking," I joked standing up to greet her.

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