tagMind ControlThe Designer Ch. 16

The Designer Ch. 16


I woke up Tuesday morning with a warm body pressed against my chest. As my eyes focused on the blonde hair just under my chin, I knew it was Kelly. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled myself closer to her. My morning wood mashing into her round bottom. She moved and turned her head towards me.

"All for me?" she asked sleepily.

"I'm pretty sure Alyssa left for her exam," I answered.

I let Kelly roll onto her back and crawled onto my knees above her. Kissing her fully on the mouth as she fluttered her eyes sleepily. I kissed along her jaw, then down her neck and finally filled my mouth with her round breasts. My tongue soon had both nipples hard, as Kelly encouraged my oral exploration with soothing strokes of her fingers through my hair. I moved down, kissing along her taut belly and finally over her soft blonde curls. She had shaved along her lips but kept a tuft of hair just above her pussy. I enjoyed a teasing kiss then moved my mouth over her pussy and licked slowly. Her gasp told me I was on the right track and I sucked her engorged lips into my mouth.

After making sure she was wet and ready with a mixture of my saliva and her own juices, I maneuvered my body between her thighs. She spread her legs wide as I notched my cockhead between her open lips. I slid my cock home, and lowered my mouth to her breasts. I loved to suck her sensitive nipples as I slowly pumped in and out of her tight pussy. Her hands lovingly stroked my head and shoulders as I used my mouth and cock to lift her higher and higher. Her moans and gasps encouraged me as we neared a mutual climax. Finally feeling my passion I reared back and fucked her hard and fast. My eyes were locked on her as she lifted her hands to my chest. She tweaked my nipples with her fingers as I thrust into her and emptied my seed deep in her womb. She arched her back at my pulsing cock and her cunt clasped my member firmly as she came hard.

I gasped and rolled off of her, then pulled her close to me. We recovered our breath in a tender embrace, enjoying the feeling of just holding each other. Eventually, Kelly wriggled from my grasp and got out of bed walking towards the basement shower.

"Come on, Jeremiah," she said over her shoulder, "Lots to do today, let's wash the sex off us."

I couldn't resist a shower with Kelly, and quickly followed her into the basement shower. We washed each other, and eventually I got hard again. Kelly laughed.

"I can't wait til Lexi and Caren get here, so I can have some help!"

"Oh, poor you!" I said, and turned her to face the wall.

A few more minutes under the warm water, and I was sated again. Kelly turned around also happily satisfied and kissed me deeply.

"Now seriously, Jeremiah," she said to me with a smile, "We need to get some work done today, namely move all our stuff down here. I'm tired of walking upstairs naked to get a change of clothes."

"I'll never tire of you walking up and down the stairs naked," I said honestly.

Kelly laughed and turned off the water. We dried each other off, and she sauntered out of the room and up the stairs naked to find a new outfit. I walked to where I had folded my clothes from the previous day, and decided it was probably better to get a new pair of clothes. So I bounded up the stairs in my birthday suit. At the top of the stairs I almost ran over Alyssa. Who grabbed onto me so she wouldn't get knocked down.

"Be careful Jeremiah!" she said laughing. "And what is this, have you turned into a nudist?"

"Hey baby," I said, kissing her softly, "All my clothes are still upstairs. Wanna help me dress?"

"Sure," Alyssa said with a smile, "but I warn you, I did awesome on my test, and that always makes me horny."

I started back up the stairs and Alyssa whistled bawdily at my naked backside. I smiled and hurried up to the second floor, with Alyssa right behind me.

"I think you need to wait a few minutes before you get dressed," said Alyssa slipping out of her jeans.

I smiled and laid on my bed, my cock tumescent but not rigid. I patted the bed next to me as Alyssa undressed. I loved watching as she revealed her lightly freckled body. Her breasts swaying as she removed her clothes, her nipples firm and mouth watering. She slid beside me and kissed me hungrily, her hand going to me cock.

"What's the matter." she asked at my flaccid state.

"Kelly was a bit greedy this morning," I teased.

"I think you were the greedy one," Alyssa laughed back.

"I'll make do with this," I said and kissed her hard and deep then kissed down her body.

I loved tasting her bald pussy. She loved the feel of my stubble against her tender skin as I licked and sucked her tasty lips. Her hands held me close as she encouraged me vocally,

"Mmmm yes, Jeremiah, lick me... that feels so GOOD"

Her passionate cries soon had my cock awakening as I mouth fucked her roughly. I continued to nibble and suck her hungrily. My lips surrounded her clit sucking while my tongue lapped at the sensitive bud. When I felt her body start to respond I backed off and knelt between her thighs.

"DON'T STOP, J... keep going." she huffed at me, then saw my stiff erection, "Mmm oh YES.. FUCK ME!"

I quickly entered her pussy and rode her through her orgasm. My cock was still hard as a rock, having been desensitized, so I continued to ride her hard. She looked up at me with awe and amazement as I continued to thrust in and out of her. She wrapped her ankles around my back and lifted her ass off the bed, meeting my thrusts. We lost the ability to talk as we moaned and grunted, I felt my third orgasm approaching and ramped up my furious fucking. The swift thrusts fired off Alyssa's second climax and she tossed her head back and screamed. I roared and reared back, spearing her on my cock as it jetted deeply inside of her.

We froze like that, two bodies arched together, joined in tangent as our overloaded senses fired ecstasy through our nerves. Then I slid down beside Alyssa and pulled her close. She curled into me, her fingers clenching my chest hair as she tried to catch her breath.

*clap clap clap*

We lifted our heads, and turned towards the door. There stood Kelly with her bright smile fully dressed and clapping her hands.

"I'm impressed J," she teased, "That was hot as hell. Alyssa simply amazing."

We both blushed at the adulation, but didn't try to cover up. We were completely comfortable even if we had been caught in coitus. Kelly smiled and came and sat on the bed, and caressed both of us.

"C'mon you two," she said, "It's time to get some stuff done, I need your help."

"I'm sorry, Kelly," I said, "I remember the work we need to do, but Alyssa caught me running up the stairs naked, and well..."

"Oh I understand!" Kelly said, "I'd do the same thing, believe me!"

We all laughed and I got up and pulled on some working clothes. Alyssa made a quick trip to the bathroom, then joined us. We spent the rest of the morning moving clothes armful by armful down to the armoires Kelly had purchased. After we'd moved the clothes from the second floor, we carried Kelly's clothes and luggage down to the basement.

After moving all our clothes downstairs, and starting a load of laundry, we relaxed on the sofa for a moment to regroup.

"We need to get all of the furniture from the second floor moved down to the first," Kelly said.

"Why the rush?" I asked, a little fatigued from my exertions, "We don't even have plans yet!"

"Because it needs to be done," Kelly said, "If the upstairs is completely clean, we can start demolition before we get plans. Besides, I think we should have a yard sale and get rid of all the old furniture."

"That's a good idea," Alyssa agreed, "If we're going to make this a B&B it's needs a whole new look. The tired college dorm look just won't be attractive."

"We could market our house as an authentic back to school experience for homecoming and reunions," I joked.

Alyssa and Kelly did not crack a smile. I learned then not to joke about home decor.

"Okay, you are right!" I confessed, "I'm just a bit tired. I'm not looking forward to moving furniture either. I still need to move the computer. Where do you want that, Kelly?"

"I think in the room where you had all my stuff," Kelly said, "I can use that as an office. You said you needed a new computer, so maybe I can use your old one?"

"If that room is big enough for two computers," I answered, "With five of us downstairs, I don't think I'll have room down there. Or we can just share mine until the end of summer. Without classes I don't think I'll be using it a bunch."

"That will work I think," Kelly said, "Oh, I need to call my mom!"

"Are we still on for dinner tomorrow with your parents?" I asked.

"I haven't set that up yet, because we hadn't finalized what our background story was." Kelly explained, "I've been avoiding my mother's questions about who I'm staying with. I'm sure she'll ask again when I call. So what's our story?"

"It's probably best to use the truth as much as possible," Alyssa advised, "Say you met Jeremiah when he visited your school for a competition. He found out that your family had a B&B and you started discussing what to do with this house he'd just inherited."

"Yeah," I agreed, "the more truth the easier it is to remember. After I left we exchanged emails, and I asked you to come visit me and my girlfriend after school was out. I wanted your opinion on my property."

"Then Jeremiah offered you a job to help manage the property," Alyssa added, "As well as free rent during the school year."

"Okay, that should work." Kelly said with a smile, "I kinda wanted to introduce Jeremiah as my boyfriend, but that would cause a lot of alarm bells to ring in my Dad's head. Especially since I've already spent two nights with you."

"Okay," I smiled, "Give your mom a call and set up dinner. Alyssa I could use your help moving the computer."

"Just keep your hands off each other," Kelly laughed as she picked up the phone, "I don't want to have to explain weird sex noises. It was hard enough living next to Carmen!"

Alyssa and I laughed as we went upstairs. Honestly, I was focused on the task at hand, my adventurous morning activities I wasn't especially horny. Apparently that wasn't true for Alyssa, because after we'd disconnected all the wires, and stacked the components near the door, Alyssa grabbed me and kissed me deeply.

"I really am excited about how all of this is working," Alyssa said.

"It's crazy how everything seems to be aligning neatly," I smiled, then combed my fingers through her hair, "Are you okay with being my girlfriend, I mean we have been in this relationship for a few months now. This just makes it more real."

"Jeremiah, I want to be with you for the rest of my life," Alyssa said to me, searching my eyes, "I love you more than anything else. I know we have this weird family, and our life won't be easy. I know all of that. But that doesn't change how I feel about you."

"I love you too, Aly." I said softly, and kissed her tenderly, "I would love to spend the rest of my life with you."

We hugged tightly, both of us overcome with our own emotions. I felt the familiar pangs of worry and doubt start to invade my mind. Did I just propose marriage? What would the other girls think if I made Alyssa and my relationship formal? Would that make things different? I could feel Alyssa stiffen as my doubt grew.

"Sweetheart, you worry too much." Alyssa said, sensing my thoughts.

"Was I leaking again?" I asked with a smile.

"Yes! It's a weird feeling hearing you in my head, but also comforting. I'm not sure Kelly has the same link that I have with you." Alyssa explained, then continued with a glowing smile, "To answer your first question; the answer is yes, and I accept. As to the other questions, we'll all figure it out. I love Carmen, Lexi and Kelly as much as you do."

I smiled and kissed her firmly, then said, "I guess I'd better get a ring, might make tonights dinner a bit more realistic."

"We'd better talk to Kelly first," Alyssa advised, "I don't know how she'll react to the news."

We hugged then started moving the parts of the computer downstairs. While I set up Ron's old desk, Alyssa went and talked with Kelly. I setup all the components and reconnected all the wires. Soon the computer was booting up, and I logged in and checked my campus email. One from Carmen attracted my attention.


From: Carmen

To: Jeremiah

Subj: We are ready to come home.

I'm tired of studying for the final, so I'm writing this email to you. Lexi thinks I should practice writing as much as I can before the final. She is such a task master. Between grammar and running she's wearing me out. I take it out on her with the strap-on though, so we're even.

We both miss you, Jeremiah. You and Alyssa. We even miss Kelly (that was a joke.)

It's really feels emptier now that she's gone. We've decided to change plans and drive straight through on Thursday. Staying one more night away from our family will be intolerable. I'm going to destroy my English Comp final first thing in the morning on Wednesday, and then pack the truck in the afternoon. With both of us driving, we should be home by bedtime. So save us a place!




I smiled. It was strange, even with Kelly here, the house still felt empty. I missed Lexi's infectious smile, and Carmen's fiery personality. I also felt a little wary about making plans for our family without both of them here. Things seemed to moving so fast, I hoped that when they got home the day after tomorrow that life might slow down a bit.


From: Jeremiah

To: Carmen

Subj: Re: we are ready to come home

Carmen and Lexi,

We're ready for you to BE home. Kelly's helped us set up a room for us all to sleep together. It's very nice, but it feels empty without the both of you. Study hard, and drive safe.

soon we'll all be together.



I walked back into the living room where Alyssa and Kelly were sitting on the same sofa and chatting. I went and sat on the opposite couch, waiting for a break in their conversation."

"I got an email from Carmen," I announced, "They'll be here Thursday night."

Both the girls smiled at the news, "That's awesome!" Kelly said excitedly, "I just left them a few days ago, but I miss them both so much."

"I miss them too," Alyssa smiled wiping a tear from her cheek, "I'm so glad that you're here though, Kelly." She leaned over and hugged her tightly.

I was a bit confused by Alyssa's overly emotional display. She was usually a bit cooler with showing emotions. I looked at her with concern as she pulled away from Kelly's embrace. I scanned them both trying to piece the puzzle together. Kelly was buzzing with relationships and happiness. Alyssa was alive with the same. It didn't make any sense to me.

"Um, why the tears, Aly?" I asked.

Alyssa came over and slid into my lap, and kissed me gently, "Tears of joy, my love."

I looked up at her, and still shook my head, "Sorry babe, I'm still confused."

"Alyssa told me about the happy news!" Kelly said with a broad smile, "I am so happy for the both of you!!"

"Wait," I asked, then looked at Kelly, "Alyssa told you about our, uh.. engagement? And you're happy?!"

I was certain that this would be harder for Kelly. I wasn't sure why. It would be normal, I thought, for for her to feel some jealousy or resentment. However, looking at Kelly she couldn't be happier and was buzzing with excitement.

"Are you kidding!? Ecstatic!" Kelly said, "Can I plan the wedding?! We can have it here, after the garden is done."

"Oh that would be awesome!," Alyssa said excitedly, "Of course you can plan the wedding..."

I checked out of their conversation. Things were moving too fast for me again. The momentum just seemed to be getting faster and faster. I suddenly found myself engaged to be married, without bending a knee, or even saying the words. One of my lovers was planning my wedding. My other two lovers would be here in two days, and didn't know that I had a fiance. I felt my emotions start to rise up; guilt, happiness, remorse, and joy. I consciously tried to control my thoughts from leaking, since both Alyssa and Kelly were overjoyed.

As the girls happily chatted, Alyssa slipped from my lap and rejoined Kelly on her sofa. I stood up and walked outside. I just started walking aimlessly. Then I walked towards campus along the nearby residence hall. I really didn't have a destination in mind, but just wanted to be alone with my own thoughts.

Campus was a bustle of activity, even though it was finals week. The weather was pleasant. People were studying on the mall. Couples were sharing lunch. For everything extraordinary that was happening in my life, it felt good to be surrounded by a sea of normal people, doing normal things.

I realized I was hungry, so I walked to my favorite eatery. I ordered grilled burger with bleu cheese, fries, and a beer. I sat at a table by myself and waited for my food to arrive. I sipped the beer and tried to make sense of what I was feeling.

Did I love Alyssa? Of course I did. I'd known it subconsciously for many months. It was only after I had modified her sexual moral curve which allowed us to begin a physical relationship that my feelings for her rose to the surface. Since that night, I'd never had any doubt of my love for her. She completed me in so many ways, I knew I could never be without her.

Why was I confused? This should be the happiest day of my life! I thought of Kelly, Lexi and Carmen. I had very strong feelings for all of them too. Each slightly different, but no less powerful. From the experiences of the past few weeks without them, I also knew that they'd always be a part of my life. We were connected, intertwined really, so deeply.

I sighed. I took another long drink of my beer. Soon the waitress brought me my food, and I started eating. As I took a bite, two figures slid into the booth seat across from me. I didn't need to even look up, I'd already felt their presence, and it did reassure me. I looked up sheepishly. They both had concerned looks on their faces.

"I guess the, 'I was hungry,' excuse probably wouldn't work." I said with a smile.

"No J." said Alyssa.

There was a quiet silence as I tried to figure out what to say, finally Alyssa continued.

"You can't just walk out, Jeremiah," she explained, "I know you're overwhelmed, I can feel it. I am too. But you need to talk about it."

"I know, Aly," I said, "I'm sorry. Both of you deserved better. I just needed to be alone and sort out things in my head. I didn't want to interfere, or leak my concerns into you two. I should have at least explained that to you before I just walked out."

"Jeremiah," said Kelly, "I don't understand, I thought you'd be happy to be engaged to Alyssa. I know how much you love her, I can feel it when we're together."

"I do Kel, and I am happy," I smiled at both of them, "I'm confused because of the rest of our family. I love each of you, differently. I know that Alyssa is my soulmate. I guess I feel guilty that I can't be a soulmate for all of you."

"Why can't you be?" Kelly asked, "I don't think you knew that I was raised as a Mormon. The LDS church doesn't really quote polygamy as doctrine, but there are many smaller groups that accept a multiple marriage."

"Polygamy is illegal, Kelly." I said simply.

"Yes, by the state," she agreed, "but the smaller groups and the closeted polygamists usually have an official wife that has a state sanctioned marriage certificate. It adds legitimacy to the main relationship. Surely you can see that you and Alyssa are the main relationship that hold all of us together."

"I can accept that," I said after some thought, "but what about Lexi and Carmen? Will they be so happy?"

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