tagNonHumanThe Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 04

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 04


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"You may take your mate." The words rang in Guillame's ears. He saw no one but his little red wolf, in front of him, draped in the plain robe.

Leona and Zsálya reached out and took hold of the robe, pulling it gently off Orsolya, who stood absolutely still.

Guillame was stunned by the beautiful sight before him. Orsolya seemed to sparkle as she stood in her golden gown. Her hair was a fiery red, and her green eyes seemed to give off brilliant flashes of light. Her smile lit up his world. She was his. His heart beat loud in his chest, and he struggled to control his breathing. He just couldn't tear his eyes away from her. No one else existed in this time and place other than the two of them. He never heard the gasps and whispers as his mate was revealed.

Orsolya felt her heart would burst as she looked at her wolf. He was magnificent. His hard muscles rippled under his skin. She was mesmerized by his eyes as he watched her. She knew they saw only her. Neither moved for several moments.

"You are mine now." Guillame said it in a whisper. He watched her nod her head in response. His hand strayed to her silky red hair, and he stroked it slowly, not wanting to let it go. He brought his hand higher to gently touch her face, her skin as soft as a doe's. He'd never given any thought to finding a mate. He hadn't been looking, but fate had led him to her. He would not waste a moment of the precious time they had to share.

His hand slid around her neck, and he pulled her forward as he bent down to take her lips in a gentle kiss. His wolf was impatient to take his mate and fought to take control. He had earned the right. But his human half didn't want to lose one bit of his own enjoyment. His wolf would just have to wait his turn. Guillame took his time, exploring Orsolya's mouth with his tongue. He had kissed her numerous times in the last day since their meeting. Why did this feel so different?

Zsálya leaned against her grandmother as she watched her sister and Guillame kiss. She and Orsolya had such a close and unique bond, she could actually feel Guillame's lips against her own. When she sighed, her grandmother glanced at her out of the corner of her eye. She saw the look of joy on Zsálya's face, which matched Orsolya's perfectly. She gently took Zsálya by the shoulders and walked her to a small patch of grass a little apart from the pack.

Leona watched her carefully. This might be her only chance to know the love of a mate. She wouldn't interfere. She stood in front of her, hiding her from immediate view. She saw Ártur's questioning look and smiled. There was no need for him to worry about his other daughter; not tonight, anyway.

Guillame was in no hurry to mate. He wanted to feel every inch of his little wolf before they shifted. He kissed from the corner of her mouth, across her jaw, and down her neck. He paused for a moment as her intoxicating scent enveloped him. He inhaled over and over: lilac and birch. He would never forget it, no matter how far apart the fates might send them.

His hands traveled down her arms to her back, finding the small buttons holding the dress in place. One by one he pulled each from its hole and made his way to the small of her back until he felt no more. He grasped the edges of the dress and pulled towards him as Orsolya pulled her arms out, baring her torso to her mate for the first time. He thought he had seen beautiful bitches before, but none had been as exquisite as the flawless creature before him now.

Orsolya felt a heat building inside her body. It began with her heart and radiated outwards. She thought her brain was on fire. Her blood boiled, her limbs felt light and heavy at the same time. And she smelled her arousal, something new to her. Watching the other wolves mate had never affected her like she was being affected just by his presence. She carefully stepped out of the dress, Guillame guiding her gently by the hand. She stepped forward into his arms, feeling his skin along her entire body as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight to him. Her lips pressed softly against his chest, tracing the faint red lines that still were visible, left over from the fight with the bear.

She felt his hands in her hair as he pulled back, tilting her head up to gaze into his blazing eyes. She felt they were being consumed by the same fire. She would willingly jump into the flames with him.

This time he crushed her lips with his, taking her mouth almost violently. His wolf had won for the moment, and made his presence known. He kissed down her throat, growling as he passed the spot he had chosen for his bite. He dropped to his knees, taking her to the ground with him, never losing contact with her skin. Once on their knees, they were a more comparable height and it made it easier for him to reach the rest of her body. His hands stroked down her sides, brushing against the swell of her breasts. He felt her sudden intake of breath and smiled to himself. He would be the only male to give her pleasure. This gave his wolf a great sense of satisfaction.

Orsolya leaned into his hands as they touched her breasts again, just lightly with his fingertips. She felt a pulsation between her legs that made no sense to her. How could his hands on her breasts make her so wet and wanting in that part of her body? She needed something there, she needed to be filled. She knew what happened when wolves mated. She had grown up in the pack and had seen it many times, but it had never been her. Her wolf had never seemed the least bit interested. But now was their time.

Ártur watched Zsálya carefully. She had shed her clothing and was kneeling behind Leona. Her arms seemed to be caressing a body that was not there. Leona stood as if trying to hide her from the pack. He climbed down from the rocks and approached slowly, stopping to stand next to Leona. "The bond with her sister is that strong?"

Leona spoke in a whisper. "Yes, it appears to be so. But is that so bad?" She looked pointedly at the worried father.

He looked behind him for a moment and saw the blissful expression on her beautiful face, one he thought he'd never see from her. He sighed and shook his head. "No, I suppose not. Perhaps I should be grateful for her to have this chance." Leona flashed him a smile and continued to watch the new lovers. Ártur wasn't sure how the members of his pack would react to seeing Zsálya's obvious participation in the mating of her sister. Of course they were enraptured by the sight of Guillame and Orsolya and probably would not notice. And if they did, he didn't care. Werewolves took pleasure where they found it. His daughter was entitled to that as well.

Guillame took a breast in each hand, pushing them together, and bending down to take first one nipple into his mouth, and then the other. He alternated between sucking and nipping, his wolf growling his pleasure. He felt Orsolya pushing herself into him, holding his head tighter to her chest, pressing him forward, little mewling sounds escaping from her. He took his free hand and began to stroke her thighs, moving closer to her wetness. His fingers found their way and moved slowly along her slit. He pulled his hand back, and Orsolya watched as Guillame slowly licked her sticky fluids from his fingers. He captured her lips again, and she tasted herself on his tongue.

Orsolya had not thought she could become more excited, but tasting her own essence on Guillame's tongue had made her so. She felt a new rush of fluid accumulating and wondered if he would push his fingers inside her again. But he urged her down to lay on her back. The cool green grass on her back made for a comfortable bed. He pulled her legs to the side and made his way between her open thighs. She saw the blue eyes watching her over the rise of her belly and smiled as she gave herself fully to her big brown wolf. She closed her eyes and gasped when she first felt his tongue lap between her slick folds. At first it had surprised her, but she soon became used to it and found herself raising her hips to meet his mouth.

When Orsolya bucked against his mouth, Guillame grasped her hips and pushed his face deeper inside her as he drank all of her wetness he could reach. His wolf growled to be let loose and Guillame allowed it, but reminded him that their mate was a virgin, and he must be gentle. His wolf reluctantly agreed as he shifted, although he was unsure just how much he could hold back. His tongue quickly found its way deep inside his young mate. Her passage was tight, and he thoughts moved to how his cock would feel as he entered her for the first time.

"Oh, Guillame!" She screamed out his name as his long tongue traveled deep in its quest to drain her of every drop of her fluids. She was unaware of the pack gathered close around them. She knew that when an alpha mated, the whole pack watched. But she was just his daughter. She had thought they would be busy with their own matings. She had been wrong. The pack knew the importance of this mating, and wanted to be witness to the continued future of the Vlkolak.

Ártur and Leona watched Orsolya as she had her first orgasm from Guillame's tongue. At the same moment, they heard Zsálya's moans of pleasure as she too climaxed, her hips moving alone, her legs spread wide with no one filling the space. Their sensitive noses could smell her obvious arousal. Yes, they had to be sure no one noticed her. An unmated young wolf might lose control to smell her, to see her so wanton, so willing.

Orsolya gasped for breath after experiencing her first orgasm. She looked down at Guillame's sapphire eyes and his beautiful lupine face. "Guillame, I never dreamed I could feel so much pleasure. Please, show me more." She expected him to lap at her wetness again but was startled when he backed up, watching her intently. She wasn't sure what she was expected to do next.

Guillame waited for her to shift. Why didn't she? He walked around her luscious prone body and flicked his tongue along her skin as he moved to her head. He pushed his nose into her face and was surprised when she licked the remnants of her fluids from his nose. He watched her, cocking his head as she seemed to be enjoying her own taste. He moved to her side and pushed into her hip. She seemed to understand and rolled onto her hands and knees. The sight of her in that position, her lush breasts hanging below her, made his cock jerk. But he wanted to see her wolf.

Orsolya positioned herself, waiting to feel his paws around her hips, his fur on her back. But he just stood there, cocking his head at her in a questioning look. She turned to look over her shoulder at him. "Guillame, I will not shift. You will understand soon. And you will be pleased, I promise."

Guillame and his wolf were both confused by this. Why wouldn't her wolf want to mate? Why would she leave it to her human half? It made no sense to him, although he had noticed this pack had far different customs than his own. But still, it was odd. He shook his head in frustration. They would have their mate one way or another. If it was to be in her human form, then so be it. He would have to wait to mate with his little red wolf. Maybe it was their way with virgin bitches?

He moved up slowly behind her, again, pushing his nose into her folds and snaking his tongue deep inside and then sliding it out and up across her other passage. He felt her shiver and push back towards him. He carefully raised up on his hind legs, covering her, his hard cock pushing into the swollen entrance to her heated center. He moved cautiously, not wanting to scare her or cause her any more pain than he had to. His front legs hooked around her thighs, pinning her in place. When the head of his cock met her barrier he whined in frustration. He wanted to sink into her but knew he had to be patient.

Ártur glanced behind him and saw Zsálya on her hands and knees. Her face held the same look of concurrent awe, pleasure, and pain as Orsolya's. He heard her gasps and moans in perfect coordination with her twin. This had been so unexpected. He hoped he had made the right decision by allowing it to continue. Perhaps he should have had Leona sever the sisters' connection. He changed his position slightly to better shield her from view of the pack. Leona did the same.

Orsolya gritted her teeth as she felt the probing head of his cock come against her barrier. She knew what she must do. She braced herself, held her breath, and pushed back into Guillame as he surged forward, gasping in pain as he was suddenly buried to the hilt inside her tight walls. He held himself still for a few moments, his tongue lazily licking her back, her body quivering in mixed pain and pleasure.

Guillame was a little startled when Orsolya pushed back into him. But to feel his cock suddenly encased in her hot sheath was intensely pleasurable. He growled softly at her, a wolf's murmurs of reassurance. When she had settled underneath him he began to move inside her, slowly at first, but when he felt her thrusting back at him he couldn't hold back another second. His wolf took full control now, plundering his mate's channel. He thrust in and out, each time pulling out 'til just the tip was still within her warmth, then slamming back into her. With each thrust he heard her pleasurable moans. He could feel her body tensing. She was close to another orgasm. His knot had formed, and he held her tightly as he ground his pelvis into her, the knot stretching her open.

The immense pleasure she was feeling intensified with each thrust. Orsolya felt his grip tighten on her legs and knew he would set his knot soon. And then she felt the stretching. She'd heard the bitches talk about the great pain they felt the first time they took their mate's knot. She had thought they were exaggerating until now. She couldn't help herself and screamed out in pain. For a moment she thought she heard Zsálya scream as well. But then a blissful feeling overcame her and all she felt was pleasure. The slight throbbing pain from her opening being stretched only seemed to make the pleasure even better. She felt the pressure building up inside her as his tongue lapped at her neck. When his teeth broke her skin she cried out with an ecstasy she had never known 'til now. Her body exploded, every muscle spasming and her only sounds animal-like grunts, gasps, and moans.

His wolf had lost all sense of reason. Instinct took hold completely as he felt his mate on the edge. His teeth sank into her flesh as he continued his mad thrusting into her body, constrained only by his knot. Her walls constricted all along his cock, and when he let go of her neck he howled to the moon as he flooded his mate with his seed. He continued to thrust as he gently licked the bite wound. It healed quickly under his tongue, but he was pleased at the scar that remained. He pulled her to her side, in front of him to wait for his knot to shrink. He shifted back to his human form while they were tied and nuzzled her neck, whispering to her: "You are mine now, Orsolya. No matter how far we are separated, you are always mine."

Orsolya let out a pleasurable sigh. "Yes, my love, and soon you will belong to me as well." She pulled his arms around her to cup her breasts as they rested and waited. She finally noticed the rest of the pack. Some were still clothed, some stood nude in their human form, and some had shifted. But they all eagerly awaited what was to come. She smiled to herself. Guillame would be pleased, she hoped.

Zsálya had turned onto her side and lay there with an imaginary arm clutched to her breasts. Ártur wasn't sure how much longer the pack would ignore her. "Leona, we should move her before she is discovered." Leona nodded quietly. Ártur bent down and gently took his daughter into his arms, holding her closely. She snuggled into his chest, still with the same blissful smile as her sister. Leona followed close behind him as he walked to the compound. He laid her on her bed. "You will stay with her?"

"Yes, thank you, Ártur. Thank you for not stopping her." Leona sat on the bed next to her granddaughter. She smiled at Ártur as he gently brushed Zsálya's black hair out of her face. Without another word he walked out the door.

Two small black eyes watched from their hiding place in the bushes as the Alpha left the house alone. The black wolf had been frustrated by his inability to get past the sentries to see what strange rituals they performed in the clearing. He'd seen the males leaving on the hunt and returning in small groups with their kills. He'd decided to wait here for the pack to return, hoping to glean information from stray remarks. But the sight of the raven haired female in the arms of the Alpha had caught his attention. She looked as if she was in ecstasy. But why would he have brought her here? And left her with the other female?

He snuck to a window and looked in carefully, not wanting to be noticed by the older female. He could see the strong resemblance between the two. Mother and daughter perhaps? He watched with fascination as the younger laid on her bed, a smile on her perfect face. The elder female patted her on the shoulder before standing and moving into the other room. He had never seen such an enchanting female. Maybe this assignment would not be as bad as he had first thought. He was startled when she began to move, turning to her hands and knees and stretching, almost like a cat. His eyes couldn't leave the lovely sight in front of him.

The wolf watched her with curiosity when she held her hand like she was stroking something, but there was nothing there. When she moved her mouth as if she was sucking he blinked several times, thinking he was missing the male figure underneath her, but no, there was no one there. What was this? Some kind of sorcery? The Council would not approve at all of werewolves using black magic. Magic of any kind was frowned upon by the Council, but this? As he stared in wonder, his own cock hardened, the red tip poking out of its sheath.

He licked his lips in anticipation. Her face was blissful. She reminded him of his own sister. It was the same look of wonder, joy, and pleasure she had had when she mated for the first time. The beauty looked down and smiled. He wondered what or who it was she saw. Her leg lifted like she straddling something, or someone, and she sat down slowly, her mouth open as she moaned loudly. She began moving up and down. The wolf imagined it was his body underneath her. He could almost feel her riding his hard cock, her beautiful full breasts bouncing above him. She gasped and held her hands on her own breasts, kneading them. She leaned forward and made the most amazing sounds as she cried out. "Oh yes, please, suck harder."

He closed his eyes just for a moment, thinking of lying there with his cock buried deep inside her, sitting up to take a nipple in his mouth and sucking hard. His eyes flew open at the sound of footsteps entering the room. He ducked down just before the older female reached the window and pulled the shutters closed. He would see his raven-haired beauty again, of that he was sure.


Guillame was under the spell of his little red wolf as she rode his hard cock. He felt his knot grow, held her hips tightly, and plunged deeply into her, stretching her tight walls. He loved watching her expressive face as she moaned above him. Her red hair was draped across her eyes, so his hands reached up to tuck it behind her ears. He didn't want to miss one second of her pleasure.

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