tagNonHumanThe Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 05

The Destruction of the Vlkolak Ch. 05


I'm so sorry for the delay on this chapter. I promise to get back on track!!! I love reading your comments, posted or sent in private. Don't forget to vote. And as always, a huge thank you to Archangel_M, my wonderful editor. Thank you for the polish you leave on my story.


Orsolya loved every moment of her life with Guillame. As far as she was concerned, he was the perfect mate. She did her best to push any thoughts of their future out of her mind. She lived in the present. And now that she was carrying his cubs, she almost floated on air. Even Zsálya seemed to be happier. Guillame had agreed to let her twin live with them, and Zsálya was as excited to help raise the cubs as Orsolya and Guillame.

Orsolya had been so worried Zsálya would withdraw from her after she was mated to Guillame. But Zsálya had accepted Guillame into their family with no hesitation. He made her laugh, and for that, Orsolya would be eternally grateful. She did notice the way Zsálya looked at Guillame sometimes. Her grandmother told her it was just a crush and not to worry. It was a common thing among unmated females. Orsolya was actually happy Zsálya seemed to have some interest in a male. Maybe she would finally allow herself to enjoy life.

While Orsolya was not shy about mating with Guillame in front of the pack, she did have a strange feeling when it came to Zsálya. Even though she didn't think it made Zsálya uncomfortable, Zsálya would always disappear when they began, only to reappear when they had finished. Sometimes she was flushed, or out of breath. But she would shield her thoughts from Orsolya. Maybe she went out to run? Maybe she was hiding jealousy? No, Zsálya could never be jealous of anyone's happiness.

Orsolya looked out the window and saw Guillame with her father. They spent all their time together discussing plans for the pack's cubs. Guillame seemed so sad when he returned from such meetings. She did her best to keep him from dwelling on things that could not be changed. She had her ways to keep his mind occupied. She giggled to herself when she thought about the amount of clothing she was having to repair because they did not wait to disrobe before shifting. When she had been a wolf, her clothing would just fall off. But her panther was much larger, and split her dresses at the seams. She really had to learn to control her other half better. When her panther wanted their mate, she did not want to wait a moment.

Guillame opened the door and scanned the room for Orsolya. Before he could say a word, she had leapt out of her chair and crossed the floor to his arms. He smiled as he leaned in close to take in her scent. As much as he was upset after meetings with Ártur, all it took was the simple smell of lilac and birch to calm him. He closed his eyes, the scent burning its way through his mind. He grinned and buried his nose in her neck, his tongue tasting her skin. He felt her shiver in his arms.

His wolf growled possessively when he heard footsteps outside the door. Orsolya giggled into his shoulder. She whispered, "They will not come between us, Guillame. I belong to you and you only, my love." His grip around her body tightened. She loved when he held her this way. She caught Zsálya out of the corner of her eye slipping out the door. For just a brief moment she wondered why she felt the need to leave. Guillame's lips on hers made her forget all about her sister. In reality, the only times in her life she had not thought of her sister were when she was with Guillame.

Guillame easily swept Orsolya into his arms and brought her to their bed, laying her down gently. "I have heard the laughter from the females about the amount of clothing you are sewing. Best to remove them quickly now, lest they have more to joke about at our expense." He shed his own clothing, leaving it laying in a pile on the floor next to the bed.

Orsolya wriggled out of her dress, holding it out for him to take. He threw it over a nearby chair and slowly climbed onto the bed, between her legs. The feral look on his face showed how close his wolf was. It was rare his wolf allowed his human half to stay in control when they took their mate. But Orsolya saw Guillame's struggle to remain in control.

Guillame reminded his wolf that their human half very rarely had a chance to enjoy their mate. He wanted his turn. He wanted to relish in her lush body and the changes that her pregnancy was causing. He loved stroking the swell of her belly, the new fullness of her breasts. He wanted to have the time to lay his ear next to his cubs and feel their movement. It was much more difficult in her panther form. His wolf reluctantly agreed to wait his turn.

Orsolya reached out a hand to caress Guillame's hair as he lay his head on her belly. She could feel the cubs kicking and giggled at her mate when she saw his look of awe. "They want to meet their father. Every time you touch my stomach they start kicking."

Guillame's hand traced the fullness and stopped whenever he felt movement. "Soon my little cubs, soon." His lips followed the light touch of his fingers.

Orsolya loved listening to him talking to the cubs. But she was worried by the fact that her visions had had always been of one cub. The midwife told her there were two. Maybe her vision had been wrong. At times they did not exactly match what came to pass. Her interpretations were not always correct, and later she would reevaluate and realize her mistakes. That was why she had begun reciting her visions to Guillame, who wrote them down word for word.

She was brought back to the present by Guillame's lips and hands moving over her swollen belly. His touch made her entire body feel like it was bursting into flames and the only thing that could put the fire out was the feeling of him inside her, emptying himself into her depths. Only then would she be sated. She could smell the fluids leaking from her swollen pussy, and she saw the instant recognition on his face. He looked up from her belly with a devilish grin on his face.

He pushed his way down the bed until his face was pressed to her wet fragrance. His tongue reached out to taste her. He heard her sudden gasp and felt her legs close around his head. He wrapped his arms around her thighs to hold her open and began to drink his mate's sweet nectar. He had become addicted to her taste and lapped at her as she flooded his mouth.


Zsálya had made her way to the secluded cave she had found many months before. It was perfect for her use. No one ventured this far away from the compound. It wasn't near the hunting grounds or where the cubs played. She could be alone with her thoughts and feelings. She had barely made it into the cave when the lust overtook her. She dropped to the ground, gasping for air, clawing at her clothes, leaving them where they fell. She lay on her back, her legs spread wide. Immediately, her hips began to rise, lost in the sensation of an invisible mouth on her virgin flesh.

His black eyes followed her every move, unable to look away. He had watched her come to this cave day after day, losing herself to whatever took hold of her when she thought she was alone.

She cried out as the orgasms washed over her, one after another. She heard nothing but her heart pounding in her chest, her blood rushing through her veins, her gasps for breath. She didn't hear the movement at the mouth of the cave.

The black wolf watched closely as the female writhed on the ground in front of him. What magic was this? Was it a demon, an incubus? No matter; he could not look away. He stood still, mesmerized by the erotic picture before him. Her movements called to him. He moved forward slowly, her scent drawing him ever closer. She seemed blind to everything around her. He watched her hands digging into the dirt as she took her pleasure.

The wolf crouched down and inched his way towards the raven-haired female. His nose twitched as her scent overwhelmed his senses. He couldn't stop himself; he had to taste her. He'd been watching her all these months and never approached her. But his resolve was gone. He slowly moved across the cave until he laid between her open legs. His tongue flicked out and just barely touched her pink flesh. Her taste exploded on his tongue. She hadn't seemed to notice. His tongue snaked out again and lapped at her weeping folds.

Zsálya was surprised by the brush of a hot tongue against her wetness. She could swear Orsolya was only feeling Guillame's mouth on her breasts at this moment. How could this be? She could feel what Orsolya felt. But this was different. Had one of the pack followed her? She was afraid to open her eyes to see. But her fear was overcome by waves of orgasms crashing down upon her as the long tongue delved deeper into her swollen flesh. She couldn't control her body as it jerked and spasmed with the added stimulation from the stranger between her legs.

As the feelings began to fade, she could hear the sounds of his tongue drinking her fluids. The tongue never stopped its exploration of her body, becoming bolder and moving its way across her belly and towards her heaving breasts. It was everything she had craved since experiencing Orsolya's pleasure from her mate. But should she look, or pretend she was under a spell and not able to open her eyes? Would she destroy something wonderful, or save herself from something evil?

The tongue curled around first one nipple, feeling it harden, and then moving quickly to the other. He couldn't believe she was allowing his touch. But the more she allowed, the more daring he became. His tongue dragged along her soft, perfect skin from her navel to her collar bone. Her moans went straight to his cock, each sound from her causing a corresponding twitch and jerk. There was a constant drip of precum from the tip. As he moved up her body, his cock left a trail of the sticky liquid.

Zsálya could smell him. He was not of her pack. What had she done? She blocked her thoughts from Orsolya and her father and grandmother. She could not let them know she had put herself in this position. As she pondered how to escape from this unknown wolf she felt his nose pushing at her side. She knew what he wanted. Should she comply? If she did, would he leave her after? Would he kill her? If she refused him, would the outcome be the same? A sudden thought came to her. Was this the black wolf of her nightmares? She kept her eyes tightly shut as she felt the insistent pushing on her shoulder.

Tears fell from the corners of her eyes as she quickly made a decision. She turned her body onto her hands and knees. She felt the warm nose at her swollen entrance. If she shifted, would she have the time to escape? Did she want to? She had invited this in a way. She had lulled herself into a false sense of security these many months. Now she would pay. She braced her arms and legs when she felt the hard tip of the wolf's cock at her pussy. She felt it probing her as his front legs grabbed her tightly around the hips. Suddenly, the shaft plunged in, ripping her maidenhead in one motion.

Zsálya screamed with the searing pain. There had been pain for Orsolya, but nothing to compare with this. Guillame had been gentle with his virgin mate. Not this wolf. He plundered her depths, pounding into her tight sheath, not listening to her screams of pain and fear. He had what he wanted and would take more. The wolf had taken complete control and sought only to mate. His knot had grown, and he ground it into her tight tunnel. She screamed in response to the invasion of the hard base of his cock. It stretched her too quickly and she felt a sudden urge to escape the pain. She scrambled to try to pull herself away but only caused herself more excruciating agony.

The wolf felt her begin to struggle and dug his claws into her sides. No! She would not escape him now. He held her tightly by the hips and pulled himself up farther as he continued thrusting into her torn and bloody channel. He bared his teeth and bit deeply into her neck, tearing the flesh and allowing her blood to fill his mouth.

Zsálya's screams could be heard echoing through the cave and only caused her fear to escalate. He wanted to take her as a mate. Would her wolf respond to the bite? No, she could not let it happen. She tried to roll over to dislodge him but now, not only were they joined at her ravaged pussy, but he had not let loose his bite. The more she struggled, the more he tore at her neck.

"Noooooooo!" She screamed as loudly as she could and shifted, praying her wolf would be able to dislodge the larger animal. But as she concentrated her will on escape, she lost her ability to shield her thoughts from the family bonds.


Orsolya lay in the bed, enjoying the feeling of her mate tied to her while his hands idly massaged her belly. She giggled when the cubs would kick out after his gentle caress. She couldn't think of a better way to spend an afternoon.

Orsolya's body suddenly went rigid. "Zsálya!" Orsolya screamed in anguish as she felt her twin's fear and pain. She pulled away from Guillame's shrinking knot and turned to him, her face pale and distraught. "Guillame, Zsálya is in danger!" She leapt off the bed and shifted, running out the door before Guillame could say a word.

"Orsolya, wait!" Guillame shifted and took off like a shot after his mate. He could feel through their bond what she had seen from Zsálya and felt a sense of dread wash over him. He caught up to Orsolya, and they ran side by side to the cave. "Orsolya, when we arrive you must stay back. You must not endanger the cubs."

Orsolya ignored him, her thoughts centered on her sister. She felt Zsálya's searing pain and spine-chilling fear, but her sister's thoughts were so jumbled Orsolya couldn't understand what had happened. She didn't notice the huge black wolf and panther catch up to them.

In minutes they had reached the cave. Orsolya, please, wait here. Guillame's pleading through their bond reached her, and she came to a stop outside the cave. Her sides heaved as she tried to catch her breath. She watched as her mate, father, and grandmother entered the cave. She waited for what seemed like hours to her but was actually mere seconds. The three quickly reappeared at the entrance to the cave.

"She is shielding her thoughts. She must have realized she let down her guard and is blocking us again." Ártur called to his daughter. "Zsálya, please, tell us where you are so we can help you. We are close."

The red panther paced, her snarling punctuated with intermittent growls as she pondered what she would do to the animal that dared harm her sister. Guillame watched her protectively. He had a sense of foreboding that this would not end well.

Ártur found Zsálya's scent and the four weres followed it through the woods. She couldn't be that far ahead of them. But Ártur smelled the scent of another, one that he didn't know. "Zsálya, we are coming." Ártur felt a heaviness in his heart. He had seen the blood in the cave and knew it belonged to his daughter.

The betas had caught up to them now and joined the Alpha in trailing the scent of his daughter and her attacker. The pack of wolves and the two panthers ran for miles, climbing into the mountains.


Zsálya ran as fast as she could, ducking branches, trying to elude the black wolf who followed closely behind her. The only advantage she had was her familiarity with the landscape. He was bigger than she, stronger, and his urge to mate made him more dangerous. She heard the movement behind her, the ragged breathing of the male. As she ran, she warred with herself about whether she should call to her father for help. Would it change anything? She knew her fate. Her father couldn't change it.

She continued to run and began the steep climb up the mountainside. She knew what she must do. She could not mate with this wolf. He was evil. He would seek to control her, to control the visions. She couldn't let that happen. He had laid his claim to her wolf who already wanted to stop and finish the mating. She could not allow it!

She was amazed at how fast her mind could work as she ran from the stranger. If she stopped and allowed her wolf to complete the mating she could call to her father. He would kill the male. But he would be her mate, and her wolf would be desolate. How could she function if her wolf was not in agreement with her?

Zsálya ran blindly through the rocky terrain. She didn't know how close he was behind her. She didn't care. She ran until her lungs burned. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would burst in her chest. She didn't care. She could see her goal. She would make it. He was close, but not close enough.

She finally reached the top of the rocky crag. The wind swirled around her. She stopped and looked back at the fast approaching black wolf. She looked away and out over the cliff. It was a beautiful cold autumn day. The clouds began to drop large white flakes of snow. She looked up and blinked as the cold snow landed on her face. She closed her eyes and spoke to her family. "I love you all."

She crouched down for just a moment before hurtling herself over the side to the ground far below.

The black wolf struggled to stop before going over the cliff himself. He looked down and saw the body of the little wolf at the bottom of the canyon. He could hear the baying of the hunting pack several miles away. If he was lucky, he could make it far enough away before they began the search for him. He turned and ran.


Guillame was startled when everyone stopped abruptly. He felt Orsolya's anguish before he realized what was going on. The red panther collapsed onto the ground, crying pitifully. Guillame ran to her side, his whole body touching hers, trying to comfort her. He could see Ártur and Leona, both motionless, stunned.

Orsolya's thoughts flooded his mind. "Guillame, my sister is gone! Zsálya, why? Why did you do this?"

Guillame felt helpless. He tried to console his mate, but even as he did so, he heard Ártur's mournful howl. He looked up to see the Alpha, his head held up to the sky as he called to the spirit of his mate to watch after their daughter. He watched as the black panther fell to the ground, seemingly without enough strength to lift her head. Orsolya's brothers joined their father in sorrowful howling. He could hear answering calls from miles away.

Guillame felt their pain, and not just through his bond with his mate. Zsálya had been his little sister. They had shared their own special bond in the last few months. "Orsolya, she thought she had no choice. We may never know why." Guillame rubbed his head against his mate. His tongue gently lapped at the tears that flowed down her face.

Suddenly, Ártur regained control of himself and picked up his daughter's trail. He owed it to her to bring her home, no matter what. Leona slowly got to her feet, looked sadly at Orsolya, and left with Ártur. The betas slowly followed, Zsigmond and Istvan in the lead. Both wolves looked defeated.

Orsolya looked up at her family. She had to join them no matter how horrible she felt. She had to help them find Zsálya. She had to help bring her home. If it wasn't for Guillame's loving thoughts in her mind she didn't know how she could bring herself to get to her feet. He stayed close to her side as she made herself stand and follow the pack.

They picked their way carefully through the rocks until they reached the point where her scent faded. Ártur shifted and stood at the edge and forced himself to look down. He fell to his knees as he looked upon the broken body of his beautiful daughter. His fists clenched as he tried to maintain his control. He had not felt this kind of pain since the death of his mate. He couldn't tear his eyes away from the little black wolf as the snow fell on her still form.

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