The Devil and an Angel


"I know what you meant and once I've seen some of those locations, I might just trust you both ways but for now be happy you're not sleeping on the floor or in the car."

Tom stood up, took off his jacket, and tossed it over the back of a chair. He sat back down and then lay back on the bed. Jana looked over at him and grinned. "You're easier to look at sit or laying down. I get a crick in my neck when you're standing up. "

"I'll have to remember that," Tom said sleepily, wiggled up on the bed, and found a pillow. Rolling on his side he whispered, "I think it's time for me to sleep." A moment later, he was asleep.

Jana looked at him for a few seconds and then she got up and went to the bathroom. She took off her bra and the thong. Both had been annoying her since earlier in the evening, actually since she had put them on. What had she been thinking?

She folded the underwear in the peasant blouse and pulled the elastic waistband of the full skirt up under her arms and above her boobs. It covered her down to mid thigh. Tom could sleep in his clothes if he wanted but she was going to be comfortable and under the covers where it was safer, she thought with a grin. For whom, she wasn't going to even think about.


Somewhere in the early dawn, Tom woke up cold and slightly hung over. He rolled off the bed, took off his shirt and pants, and crawled back in bed. As he slipped under the sheets, he realized that he was not alone. There was a warm naked ass pressed up against his equally naked pelvis region.

Tom was suddenly very wide-awake and very aware of the situation he was in. He was also aware of the steady growth in his junior member as it moved to fit snuggly in the warm crack of Jana's ass and expanded to it's full length and girth. He held his breath as she murmured in her sleep and wiggled back tighter to him.

Damn her ass was warm as opposed to his ex-wife's ass, which was always cold as ice. Jana murmured again and then sighed deeply as her hips moved, rubbing her little round ass suggestively against him. For such a small woman, she sure had one hell of a hot ass, in more ways than one.

Tom realized that he was getting silly about her rear and decided the best thing was to ease back out of the bed and get dressed. As he started to ease away from Jana, she made a growling sound and asked, "Where do you think you're going?"

"Uh, off this bed and back into my clothes. I forgot I wasn't alone. I apologize for.... Uh... Yeah...." Tom found himself at a lose for words. "I don't usually.... Well, I do normally sleep nude but not with people I hardly know, especially female people."

Jana laughed and then sighed, "Shut up and hold me, I won't yell rape, or bite you, not hard anyway. I haven't been held in a long time and I'm not going to pass up a perfectly good opportunity."

Something in her voice made Tom pause and then he snuggled back up behind her and wrapping his arms around her. For a small woman, she fit in his arms nicely and fit against his body even better. She had on some sort of a dress and then he realized that it was her skirt. When he pressed his dick back against the crease of her ass she shivered.

He held her and she wiggled back tight against him but neither of them were truly relaxed. Their combined breathing was rubbing his shaft up and down slowly and both of them were breathing a little more rapidly than normal. Her hips gave a little shiver ever so often but she did not move away.

"I.... Uh.... We.... Uh.... You...." Jana stammered for a second and then she said, "Damn, that thing is hot and distracting to say the least."

"You should feel it from my side," Tom whispered softly. "It feels like a hotdog in a bun. A warm toasty bun."

Jana laughed. "Now there's a visual."

She moved her ass from side to side and then shivered as his manhood slipped even deeper between her ass cheeks. It did fit nicely and was so hot. "Damn, now you've got me thinking about wiener roasts and... uh... other things."

Tom chuckled. "Yeah, it's the other things that keep whizzing through my mind also." Tom shifted his hips slightly and lifted his knees. This moved her knees up and forward and brought them closer together in a spoon fashion.

Now the lower part of his manhood was pressed against her very wet and very hot opening. Jana gave a short jerk and then moaned as she wiggled back against him. His left hand moved slightly and brushed over her hard right nipple. "Oh shit, I wish you hadn't done that."

"Uh, sorry, I needed to move that arm before it went to sleep," Tom whispered.

Jana moved her shoulders and her nipple brushed against his hand again. She gave a little gasp and then shivered. "I may not have much in the way of boobs but my nipples more than make up for it in sensitivity. With the way you're pressed against my ass, it wouldn't take very much in the way of teasing my nipples for me to go boom big time."

Tom took the hint and brushed his fingers across the swollen fingertip sized nub under the thin cloth of the skirt. Jana moaned and arched her back, pressing her ass back against him tighter and lifting her breast so his hand could reach both nipples at once. She knew she was treading on dangerous ground but right this minute her body did not care and when his big hand brushed both nipples at once, she went off like a skyrocket.

Jana made a little yelping whining sound and shivered from head to toe. The point where her sex touched him got even hotter and wetter as she came long and hard. Tom strummed his fingers back and forth over her right nipple as he rubbed his left palm against the other. The whining got louder and she ground her ass back against him.

With a growling groan, Jana raised her hand and trapped his against her left breast. His fingers stop moving against her right nipple a few seconds later. She could feel her nipples throbbing against his palm as she breathed rapidly. There was also a throbbing pulse coming from his dick where it was pressed tightly to the crack of her ass.

Jana sighed and tried to relax but that hot dick between her ass cheeks held her attention. It moved slightly with their breathing and felt thick as she clenched her ass cheeks. She wondered how it would feel rubbing in her slit and against her clit. She shivered at the thought.

"That was interesting. Quick but very interesting," Tom whispered.

Jana halfway stifled a giggle and nodded. "Wasn't it though? You might say I've been neglecting part of my love life, like all of it lately. I've been so busy going after your ass."

"That's not good, the neglect part that is." Tom paused a second and flexed his ass muscles, causing his dick to jerk in the cleft of her ass. "It looks like I've found your ass instead of the other way around."

Jana shivered when his dick moved and then she ground her ass against him. "Be careful or I might just try and find out what it's really like to ride a mountain," she whispered still grinding her ass against him.

"Spurs are optional for riding cowgirl," was the reply she got.

Jana groaned loudly and rolled away from the big man in the bed beside her. She ended up on her side facing him. In the dim light coming in around the curtains, she could make out his face. She had expected a leering grin but was surprised to find a soft smile instead. Again, he did not fit the preconceived ideas that she held.

"You really are a nice guy, aren't you?" she asked aloud, speaking more to herself than him. Without waiting for a reply she asked, "What would you do if I said I was going to sleep now and on this side of the bed?"

Tom grinned and shrugged. "I'd roll over on my right side and cry myself to sleep. I was liking the idea of holding you, not to mention that nice warm ass of yours."

Jana laughed and shook her head. "Not the answer I would have expected earlier today but now I believe it's probably true."

"What else should I do? Forcing myself on you isn't an option."

She nodded and grinned. "What about me forcing myself on you?" She whispered softly.

Tom looked the tiny young woman up and down and gave her a like grin. "Forcing yourself on me might be more true than you might think."

Jana laughed and then shivered hard. "Tell me about it." She shivered harder and added, "Maybe I should sleep over here before I hurt myself trying."

Tom rolled over on his back and got comfortable. A moment later, he whispered, "You never know if something will work until you try it."

Jana whimpered softly and scooted over closer to him. Then she rolled over on her back and stared at the ceiling. Her eyes were on the white ceiling but her mind was on the hard dick that had felt so good between the cheeks of her ass. She also remembered his gentle touch on her nipples and a shiver ran up and down her spine.

"Well?" Tom asked a few seconds later.

"I'm thinking, I'm thinking," Jana replied quickly.

"I've found that's always a dangerous thing when I do it," he said with a chuckle.

A few seconds later, there was movement on the bed next to him and something went flying across the room. It was Jana's skirt.

"Now you've done it," Tom said. "Now you've got me to thinking also."

Jana laughed. "Don't try to kid me, you were already thinking."

"Yeah but now there are pictures to go with it. Or at least the Braille transfer of pictures. That's even worse."

"Tell me about it," Jana whispered with a soft groan.

A moment later, Jana scooted sideways and rolled over on her side facing the big man next to her. "I'm probably going to regret this but..." she whispered as she snuggled her naked body up tightly against his. She sighed as his arm went around her and his hand ended up resting on her hip.

"There's nothing like sleeping with the enemy to get the juices flowing," Tom whispered.

Jana looked up at him for a second and asked, "What enemy have you been sleeping with?"

"An ex wife on rare occasions," Tom replied with a grin.

"Ah," Jana replied.

"But her butt is like ice even in the hottest part of the summer."

Jana grinned. "I've never had that problem. Not that I know of anyway. Was that the reason for the divorce?"

"Nope. The divorce was mutual. We married way too young and had nothing in common, so to speak. One day we just decided we were together because it was convenient. We didn't have kids so we took the step off the cliff."

"Do you still love her? I mean, you still sleep with her."

"The sex was the only part of our marriage we both loved and no, I don't still love her. I sometimes wonder if I ever did," Tom said and then sighed. "She was good company, even if we had little to talk about."

"I've never tried it," Jana admitted.

"I hope you're talking about marriage," Tom replied with a grin.

Jana laughed. "Yes, I'm talking about marriage. I've had lovers and boyfriends but I've never found the one that.... Well, that had all the qualities that I wanted and or needed."

"Since the divorce, I haven't even been looking," Tom, admitted.

"I haven't looked in a long time myself," Jana said and then sighed as she snuggled closer. "Although, you are comfy."

"Is the small talk working," Tom asked.

"Hell no!" Jana replied with a laugh.

"Well, that leaves us with two options. We can try and go back to sleep or we an get up, get dressed, and go get your truck so we can check out those locations you want to see," Tom said softly and slowly.

Jana looked up at his face. His eyes were closed and his face looked calm. "There is a third option and you damned well know it."

Tom grinned and opened one eye. Seeing her looking at him, he opened the other eye. "That's your option but I'm willing, if you are."

Jana laughed. "I'll just bet you are." Then she groaned softly. "Decisions, decisions," she added in a whisper.

Her right hand had been resting on his chest. Now it slowly moved down across his stomach to stop at his belly button. She sighed and shivered. "The point of no return is close at hand," she whispered teasingly a moment later.

Was she teasing him or herself? Now there was a question. Before she could think about it too much, she moved her hand down until her fingers touched the head of his dick. As they moved across the sensitive head, Tom groaned softly. When they stopped and gripped his shaft, he groaned again but this time so did Jana. Her fingers did not touch her thumb. She had small hands but....

"I... uh... yeah," Jana whispered as she squeezed the hard shaft.

Tom's hand moved off her hip and cupped her right ass cheek. His hand covered most of that cheek as he gave it a squeeze. Jana moaned and squeezed his shaft again.

"Nice and firm," Tom whispered.

"Hard as an iron bar," Jana whispered back.

A moment later, she groaned and sat up beside the big man's hip. She was sitting on his hand. The covers fell away and her eyes went to what she was holding. She groaned long and loud as she gave him another squeeze. Not only was it big around but there was no way she could cover its length if she used both hands.

Tom's eyes were on Jana's very small breasts. Her breasts might be small but her nipples were large and long. If she came with him brushing them through the material of her skirt, what would happen if he sucked on them? Not to mention flicking them with his tongue.

"Fuck it!" Jana said a moment later and came up on her knees. "One mountain ride coming up."

She turned and moved her knee over him until she was straddling his hips. It was a stretch and she had to let go of his dick as she did so she could use both hands for balance. Her sex was pressed tightly to his shaft. It slipped between the folds of her sex easily. They both groaned.

Tom was once again looking at Jana. Yes, she did have good looking legs and the hair on her mound was as red as the hair on her head. All in all, Fred had been right. She was a neat little package and as cute as a button. The expression on her face was a mixture of lust, passion, and fear. Lust seemed to be winning out.

Jana sat there with her hands on Tom's massive chest. Her eyes were open but she was feeling the hard dick between her thighs much more than she was seeing anything. To say it held her complete attention was a massive understatement. She groaned loudly and then whimpered softly.

Tom groaned as her hips moved a little forward and then back. Her sex settled even more around his shaft and her slippery opening was like a branding iron. She sat up a little straighter and rocked her hips again. It seemed impossible but the heat where her sex was pressed to his dick got even hotter. Tom groaned loudly.

"My... knees... barely reach the bed," Jana whispered. Her hips moved as she tried to get a knee more firmly on the bed so she had some leverage. It wasn't working very well. She was rocking from side to side more then anything.

Tom groaned again and asked, "Why aren't you on fire?"

Jana grinned and then laughed. "So you like my little oven do you? Don't worry, I'm far too wet to burn."

"How about me?" Tom asked in reply.

Jana laughed again and said, "If I can figure out how to get some leverage, I'll wet you down in no time."

Tom raised his hands and got a grip on her ass cheeks. He lifted slightly and Jana found herself being rubbed along his shaft from the base to the head. She would gasp loudly each time her clit bumped against the flange at the head of his dick. After several trips up and down, she was sliding even easier on his shaft. She moved her knees as wide as they would go and let him move her.

"Wet and slippery, ain't the word for it," Tom whispered a moment later. "I might have to have a snorkel when I go down on you."

Jana groaned loudly as she thought of his head between her thighs. She loved oral, both getting and giving, but his dick rubbing her so deliciously had her distracted again.

"So, that idea appeals to you?" Tom asked as he moved her a little faster.

Jana groaned again and nodded her head. Her voice wasn't working very well as her clit rubbed on his shaft and bumped over the head of his dick. She groaned and grabbed his hips with her knees. The sudden stop made her rock forward onto her hands and arms more and rammed her clit hard against his shaft. That almost put her over the edge.

Tom grinned at the expression on Jana's face. Her eyes were shut and she was chewing on her bottom lip. She was right on the ragged edge of another orgasm. When she shivered as he lowered her full weight back onto his dick, he knew he was correct.

They were both still for several minutes and then Jana sighed deeply. Her eyes opened and she looked down at the man under her. A smile spread across her face a moment later. It matched the smile on his face.

"What would happen if I licked, sucked, and nibbled on one of your nipples right now?"

Jana shivered and replied, "Two things. One, I would have to move from where I'm sitting and I really don't want to move. And two, I would come harder than I did earlier."

"And If I picked you up and sat you on my face?"

Jana groaned long and loud, her hips flexing and jerking as she started to come. Her hips moving, rubbed her clit against his shaft and lifted her orgasm to new heights. His hands on her breasts suddenly lifted it even higher. He just pressed his palms to them but her rapid breathing was rubbing them against him just enough to shoot sparks straight to her sex.

There was a sudden hot liquid feeling on his shaft where her burning sex was when she started to come. There was another just like it a few seconds after he covered her breasts with his hands. Both made him groan softly. He couldn't remember ever being this wet from his ex rubbing on his shaft.

Jana leaned forward against his hands and moaned softly as her clit moved against his shaft. Then she was being lowered until she was laying flat on top of the big man under her. His arms went around her as she snuggled and sighed.

It was several minutes before she licked her dry lips and whispered, "Riding Mountains seems to be thirsty work."

Tom chuckled but didn't say anything.

Jana grinned; she knew exactly what he was thinking. "At least you didn't catch fire," she whispered a moment later.

"It wasn't from the lack of trying," was his reply.

With a laugh, Jana crawled forward and kissed the big man gently on the lips. Then she lifted her head and looked him in the eyes. "When you first asked about us going out, I thought it would be you trying to take advantage of me but it seems to be working out the other way around."

"You don't hear me complaining do you."

Jana shook her head and then kissed him again. His hands had been resting on the backs of her thighs. Now they slid up over her ass, where one stopped and the other came on up to her back. He was kissing her in return, which made her whimper softly. His kiss was soft and gentle. As she took the lead and teased his lips and tongue, it grew more passionate.

One of his hands caressed and squeezed her butt, while the other caressed her back. They were big and rough feeling against her skin but gentle of touch. She heard herself moan each time he squeezed one ass cheek or the other. A finger ran up and down between the cheeks for a moment and then teased her hot slippery opening.

Jana groaned deeply and wiggled her hips as his fingertip gently probed her vagina. As wet as she was, it had little problem entering her to the first knuckle. Her inner muscles clamped down on it and she groaned again. When he did not move the finger, she wiggled her hips. The finger moved deeper very slowly, which made her groan again even louder.

When the finger stopped again and did not move for a minute or so, Jana broke the kiss and pushed up with her arms, arching her back. "That's teasing," she whispered.

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