tagNonHumanThe Devil & Me

The Devil & Me


It began slowly. I was lightly dozing in bed, naked, when the first signs that something was wrong happened. At first it felt like the beginning tremors of an earthquake, shaking the queen-sized bed on its frame.

I opened my eyes to find the bedroom walls were the colors of fire. The angry color made me sick to my stomach and the room begun to spin out of control. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse the bottom fell out from beneath the bed.

Like a runaway elevator the bed plummeted down, down in a deadly spiral. The walls of the room flashed out of sight to be replaced by red clay colored rocks and dirt on every side. My stomach rose up to my throat and panic set in. Seconds later I landed with a loud crash.

Fear of a different kind took over now. I was hot. My skin felt like it was burning. The scent of burning hair and matches filled the air and sickened me further.

My eyes flew open and above me stood evil itself. His hair was pure black, so black that what dim light there was made patches of it appear blue. Eyes as blue as the hottest flame stared back at me and his lips could tempt a nun to sin.

"Welcome to Hell, Sheila," he said and smiled. "I've been waiting for this day ever since you were born." His gleaming canines sent a chill along my spine. They ended in sharp points and looked like they could shred skin with ease.

He held his hand out for me to take and my eyes zeroed in on his long, black claw like nails. I dreaded the contact but placed my hand in his and felt the heat sizzle up the length of my arm. He tugged my naked body from the safety of the bed and then cupped my elbow, leading me away from the one thing that was connected to my life on earth.

As we walked I couldn't keep my eyes from roaming over his body. I took in his skintight blue jeans and black silk shirt, and thought if anyone looked at him quickly they would think he was a normal human being.

The sounds of moans and screams coming from the end of the rock-lined corridor drew my attention away from him. My heart raced as I pictured all sorts of tortures being done to an unknown number of beings in the space ahead of us. As we reached the opening I barely stifled my own cry at the vision before me.

The orgy of all orgies was happening right before my very eyes. Every combination of man and woman I could think of were together. The numbers varied from couples of two to groups of various sizes.

The Devil at my side walked slowly, pausing at certain points, sometimes even circling us around a group. I tried not to look at the depravity happening in front of me, but everywhere I moved my eyes there was another scene worse than the one before me.

A deep moan came from my immediate right and I turned to look, wishing I hadn't. The Devil was excited at all the carnal festivities going on around us. His cock bulged to an amazing size inside his light colored blue jeans. My mouth fell open as I saw him cup himself and squeeze before he rubbed his palm along the fly.

He turned his eyes on me, their color no longer blue, now they were a bright blazing red. His lips pulled back and his tongue slid over his teeth before he grinned, "Beautiful, isn't it, Sheila."

A scream was muffled behind me and I whipped around. My hand flew to my mouth as I watched a lush brunette taken in every hole. Cocks as big as pop cans ravaged her pussy and ass with brutal force. Another just as thick pumped into her mouth with equal strength.

The man using her mouth pulled away, his cock dripping with saliva. The woman's breath rasped loudly before she licked her lips and growled, "Feed me."

I started to turn away but the Devil's grip on my arm prevented me from moving, as the scene grew rougher. The man using the brunette's ass dragged his nails down her back, drawing blood to the surface in long streaks. He bent and ran his tongue over each cut, licking her clean. The blood seem to give him even more power, as his thrust drove the woman into the other two cocks filling her.

The man under the woman drove his cock up, slamming inch after inch into her cunt. His hands gripped and squeezed her tits. His fingers pinched her nipples, tugging them till she groaned on the cock in her mouth. His eyes were riveted on the site above him where he watched the cock slid in and out of her mouth. Stared at her throat as it bulged again and again.

My gaze couldn't move away as the man placed his hand around the brunette's neck and said, "Oh yeah! Fuck that bitch's throat deep."

The man pumping into her mouth had his hands wrapped tight in the brunette's hair. He slid his cock between her lips slow and steady, pushing all the way in till his balls pressed against her chin, and then pulling back till only the head remained trapped inside.

Suddenly he rammed in hard. The muscles in his arms flexed as he held her struggling head down, keeping her lips wrapped around the root. "Suck you cock hungry slut," he shouted. His hips jerked quickly back and forth, fucking, keeping himself buried in her throat.

The man drilling her ass shouted out that he was coming. He groaned as he rode her hard. Punching his cock in deep, holding still for just a moment, then pumping wildly till he was milked dry by her bowels. He finally pulled his semi-hard cock from her, covered in ass juice and still dripping cum.

The Devil dragged me closer and said, "This will be happening to you soon, Sheila." Then he laid my hand over the bulge of his cock and stroked it against himself.

I was so lost to every thing around me, except for what was happening right in front of me, that I didn't notice what the Devil was up to with my hand.

The man fucking the brunette's cunt reached back and grabbed the cheeks of the woman's ass and pulled them apart. "Look, Master," he said, showing the gapping hole. A wad of cum slid out of the woman's ass and flowed down to her cunt to run onto the shaft of the man below her.

That was all the man on his back needed. He grunted and his hips went into over-drive. His shaft moved like a well-oiled piston, reaching balls deep into her cunt. His growls increased in volume the harder he pushed into her.

I ached between my legs as I watched the cock swell bigger and bigger between the lips of the woman's pussy. I tried not to give in but the need to pleasure myself was to great to deny.

My fingers found my clit quickly. It throbbed beneath my knowledgeable touch. I could feel the blood filling it, hardening it even more till it extended beyond the puffy lips of my pussy.

The Devil let go of my other hand and it instantly found a home at my breast. I tugged the nipple harder, squeezed my tit until I cried out in pain.

The sight of me playing with myself excited the Devil. He stroked his claw like nails down my back, working them between the cheeks of my ass. He circled the tight puckered hole there, teasing it till I pushed back, hungry for more.

He moved his fingers from me abruptly, but before I could protest over the injustice of it he plunged two fingers into my juicy cunt. Fire pure and hot shot from my opening to my womb. The heat and thickness of his fingers triggered an orgasm inside me like I had never experienced in my life.

On the makeshift platform before us the man impaled the woman onto his full length. I moaned and fucked the Devil's fingers in my dripping hole hard as the man's cum ran down his shaft to his balls.

At that moment the man using the brunette's mouth shouted, "Swallow it bitch! Suck me dry!" His whole body shook in ecstasy as he held her head between his hands and fed her squirt after squirt of cum.

The Devil pulled his fingers from me and brought them to his mouth, sucking them clean. He captured my elbow and propelled me from the room to another dark corridor. The silence was deafening now. The screams, the cries of pleasure and pain no longer reaching my ears.

At last we entered an empty cavern. The walls were red and looked to be weeping actual blood. He forced me down to my knees then stood in front of me. In a wisp of smoke his clothes disappeared, exposing a deeply bronzed, extremely well muscled body.

But I only had eyes for his cock. It was the most magnificent specimen of erect flesh I had ever seen. It had everything I'd ever searched for. It was smooth in all the right places and it had veins that decorated the shaft in spots where my tongue always loved to explore.

I screamed and fell backwards onto my ass as a chair appeared out of thin air beside me. The Devil sat down then said, "To prove that I know exactly how big a slut you are Sheila, I want you to stare straight ahead and watch what appears. I think any protest or lies you might try to tell me will die a quiet death on your lips."

On the wall in front of me every sexual thought, fantasy or deed that I had ever had or done, began to flash across the wall. Everything from the innocent and curious thoughts I had as a child to the most depraved deed I had done in my adult life streamed before me.

He reached out and squeezed my nipple between his claw like nails. "You were such a horny little girl, Sheila. You surprised me with how long you remained a virgin."

I scream as pain tore through my breast. Wiping the tears from my eyes I looked down to see the Devil's nails withdraw from the hole he just pierced in my nipple. Blood ran from the open wound onto my stomach.

"On your feet Sheila and stand in front of me," he said so calmly. I was still in shock at what he had done to my breast and didn't move. He wrapped his hand around my arm and my skin burned. The scent of my burning flesh filled the air as he jerked me to my feet, pulling me to stand between his spread open legs. His handprint was burned into my skin when he removed it, leaving red, raw wounds in its place. "The next time I tell you to do something Sheila, I expect you to do it instantly."

I didn't have time to show a reaction before the Devil's tongue slid from his mouth. It was like a snake slithering between his lips as he brought the tip to my stomach, licking up the trail of blood till he was at my nipple. Around and around it swirled before he pushed the tip into the open wound. A wave of fresh pain went through me and intensified when he wrapped his lips around the nipple and begun to suck.

He raked his teeth over it when he pulled away then looked up at me, "Delicious, just like I knew it would be." Then he showed me his empty hand then closed it. When he opened it back up there in his palm laid a golden loop with a charm on it. The Devil pushed the loop through my pierced nipple then leaned back to stare at his handy work. Then slowly he pierced my other nipple, taking his time causing me as much pain as possible before adoring it with another loop to match the other nipple.

My body shook hard from the shock and pain of having my nipples pierce without anything to numb them before hand. I gently touched the charm on one side but couldn't make out the design, then looked at him and asked, "What is it?"

He smiled and ran his tongue over the sharp points of his canines then answered, "It's a design that marks you as one of the Devil's Sluts of course. And Sheila, don't dare think you're anything more than that, because you're not."

He pulled me down till I straddle his lap. His fingers tugged on the nipple rings and my hands grabbed his wrists trying to stop him from hurting me. My arms went behind my back so quickly I didn't even know he'd moved till I felt something lock around my wrists holding them in place. His hands now free he slapped my breasts hard, making sure that he hit the nipples each time. "Don't ever touch me unless I tell you to, slut."

My head fell back on my shoulders, eyes toward the ceiling and I cried out, "Please help me!"

The Devil laughed such a wicked sound, "No use in staring toward heaven, it's too late to ask him for help, slut. Your soul belongs to me now."

He dragged his nails down my belly scratching deep enough to make me bleed. The he raked them over the lips of my pussy before pushing them inside me. He pumped me and told me what was going to happen to my life. "Till I tire of you, slut, my cock will be the only one to fill you. Then once I'm through using you, which I don't think will be anytime soon, you'll join the rest of my sluts in servicing everyone in my dungeon. And I do mean everyone."

His thumb worked my clit and his fingers seem to grow in length inside me. He crushed my breasts into his chest and I screamed as my throbbing nipples smashed against him. His teeth bit at my neck and then he whispered in my ear, "I know everyone of your fantasies, Sheila. One of them is about to come true, but not in the way you think."

He pushed me to my feet and then sat back. Before my very eyes I watched as a lump formed above his cock. I didn't know what was going on, but I soon found out. That lump grew into a second cock. It was just as big and just as perfect as the first one.

I blinked and the next thing I knew I was on my hands and knees with the Devil behind me. The wall that once acted as a movie screen now became a mirror. I could see his hands spreading my ass cheeks apart then saw his long tongue reach down and lick me. My moan echoed around the room as the tip worked in and out of me going deeper with each plunge. It felt as thick and as stiff as any cock that had ever fucked me in my life.

He withdrew his tongue and then placed the head of one cock against my ass and the head of the other against my cunt. There was no easing them in he rammed them in. My scream tore from my lungs as both of my holes felt like they were ripping open. His claws dug into my shoulders and pulled me back tight against his body. Every inch of his cocks filled me beyond full.

His rhythm was fast and his strokes deep. His hands grabbed my hair as he pumped into me harder and harder. His growls sounded so animal like that I looked up to find that he was no longer in human form, he now looked like that monstrous vision I've always pictured the Devil to be.

He had horns and his skin tone was red in color, but a dull looking red. His face did not look anything like a human, but a cross between a mix of animal species. Those sharp teeth that I had been staring at from time to time all night had grown even longer and thicker in his misshapen mouth.

He rolled us over suddenly to where my back was pressed to his chest. His arm went beneath my breast across my body till his hand palmed my left tit. His fingers squeezed and twisted the nipple ring sending pain and heat to my cunt.

Over top of us on the ceiling was another mirror reflecting our images back and I watched as that long tongue licked my neck and cheek before it dipped into my mouth. I closed my eyes as the pleasure took over only to have him grab my hair and pull till tears ran from my eyes. "If you close your eyes again, slut, the pain will be nothing like you've ever felt before," he growled.

So I was forced to watch his cock plunge into my pussy over and over and I couldn't stop myself from loving the sight of it stretching me so open in the mirror above us. His eyes bore into mine and then I watched his lips move as he said, "Remember what I said about your fantasies all coming true?"

I didn't even get to answer as two images materialized in the mirror. I groaned as they formed the images of two women, who had the same level of beauty that the Devil did when I first arrived. Two sets of hands and lips touched and tasted me. Soft lips pressed to mine and an equally soft tongue filled my mouth. Another mouth sucked on my nipples inflicting more painful pleasure.

The thing that finally pushed me over the edge was when the woman kissing me moved between the Devil's and my legs. The Devil lifted my head so I could look down and stare at her lovely face as she flicked out a long tongue. Every muscle in my cunt and ass was clenching tight to the cocks inside them. Then she leaned down and open her mouth and licked my clit, swirled her tongue around it. She stared back at me as I cried out, body shaking and she closed her lips around my clit and sucked.

It was all a dream!

I jerked awake, soaked with sweat and cumming hard in my own bed. I didn't, couldn't stop shaking. The images would not stop playing in my head.

The sound of the door bell forced me out of the stupor that my orgasm had left me with. I threw on my robe and made my way to the front door. Glancing at the clock on the wall, I couldn't believe that it was so late and time for trick-or-treaters to come around.

I grabbed the bowl of candy from the hallway table and open the door. I screamed and dropped it at the sight that greeted me. There, standing before me, in the flesh, was the human form of the Devil from my dream.

He smiled, teeth gleaming and eyes twinkling. "So how did you like the dream, Sheila?" He asked. He leaned forward, his breath fanned lightly over my face then said, "Trust me, slut, by the time I get you broke in that dream will be tame in comparison."

Then with a snap of his fingers the floor disappeared beneath my feet, and I could only stare, as I whizzed past the red clay walls into the pits of Hell.

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