tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Devil in Ms. Jones

The Devil in Ms. Jones


Long time reader, first time poster. I hope you enjoy it!


Jessica turned her head to the side, wanting her roommate to stop but unable to make her. The devil in Jessica was taking hold again. God help her, part of her wanted it to. Each time the stirrings grew stronger, harder to fight. Each time the release grew so much sweeter.

Amy's lips brushed Jessica's earlobe. A hot rush of air in her ear. "I don't see anything yet," she purred. "You sure you don't just want to fuck your roommate and don't know how to ask?" Her tone was playful, skeptical. Her hands roamed lightly across Jessica's stomach. Amy was an admitted lesbian but didn't really want to do anything with Jessica. She was just teasing her roommate for what she had said. She didn't believe Jessica.

But she would.

Jessica felt the first sign. Her pussy grew hot. So very hot. She still didn't know how the skin of her labia didn't blister from the heat. Biting her lip, she pushed off the couch and staggered into the kitchen of their apartment, putting the counter top between her and her roommate. Amy giggled evilly, bouncing to her feet. "You're such a drama queen, Jessica."

Jessica's breathing grew heavy. Sweat poured down her face and chest. So hot. Jessica itched to touch herself but fought to hold off. Maybe this time it would work. Amy just stood there, in her tiny cotton jogging shorts and sports bra, cocking her cute blonde head to the side. Her nipples belied her casual attitude, standing perfectly erect through the spandex. Jessica's eyes drifted to the V of Amy's crotch. The smoothness of those tanned thighs... the flat belly... Lord, she could swear she could smell the moisture from across the room. Amy was horny too. "You have to get out..." Jessica gasped, gripping the counter for support, trying to spare her roommate from what was to come. "Please..."

Slowly, her hips swaying subtly, Amy approached the counter. She smiled demurely. "Oh come on, Jess," she said, her voice dropping to a husky insinuation. "If you really want to be with me just say it. You are cute..." As she moved around the counter she ran her finger tips across her chest, tilting her head back just slightly.

Jessica backed up against the sink. She'd have crawled into it if she thought it would do any good. "You said... you said you didn't like... me..." she stammered. She tried to look away but couldn't. Did Amy's nipples just grow?

Amy smiled, running her hands down across her belly and along her thighs. Jessica's pussy felt like it should smell of burned flesh. Instead it just throbbed. "Oh, I don't know," Amy said languidly. "I'm warming up to the idea." Jessica's left hand twitched to reach for the waistband of Amy's shorts. Ruthlessly she pushed the urge away. When did Amy move so close to her? Pushing by her Jessica moved back into the living room.

"You don't understand... that's not you talking. My body... it's giving of pheromones... turning you on!" Jessica pleaded, as Amy advanced again, this time slowly lowering a strap of her sports bra to her arm, completely baring a perfectly shaped shoulder. "Okay," she replied, with a throaty laugh, as if accepting whatever excuse Jessica wanted to put forth.

Jessica moaned slightly as she felt the second sign. The heat disappeared instantly, replaced by a swelling. It was too late now, she knew. But she tried again anyway. "Please, Amy, go! If you stay... you'll be my slave! It'll change you! I don't want to do that to you!" But she did now. The words sounded hollower by the moment. Amy stepped closer.

"What if I don't want to?" she asked, pulling down the other strap, leaving her supple breasts barely covered by the flimsy material. Jessica groaned. The devil in her had a hold now. She couldn't stop it if she'd wanted to. And she didn't want to. Deep down she knew she never wanted to stop it. If she did she would have left. Looking her roommate in the eyes, she said quietly, with the last vestige of regret, "I'm so sorry."

Pushing Amy back onto the couch Jessica pulled roughly at her own panties, tearing them to pieces in her lust. Amy's look of playful arousal was replaced with shock as she saw Jessica's clitoris. Swollen and distended, it resembled a tiny penis, only two inches long, sticking out from under the tiny patch of dark red hair. Smiling in arousal, Jessica took a hold of it and stroked it slowly, relishing in the twinges of pleasure that rippled through her. It grew faster, the head swelling to a bell shape and revealing a tiny slit in the tip. Four inches. Six inches. The whole time Amy's eyes grew wider in shock.

"O-okay..." she stammered, suddenly aware of her vulnerability. "I... I think I'm gonna..." She made to stand up but Jessica pushed her back onto the couch. Her cock stood a proud eight inches and thick as her wrist, rock hard and throbbing in time to her own beating heart.

"Suck it," she demanded. Her voice was the same but sounded deeper somehow. Amy leaned forward slightly before pushing back against the couch.

"N-no," she said quietly. Jessica knew what was going on in her new slave's head. Amy was wondering why she wanted to say yes, why she couldn't stop herself.

Stepping closer, so she was almost kneeling on the couch, she said it again more forcefully. "Suck it." The tip of Jessica's cock brushed her roommate's lips, leaving a tiny trail of precum on them. Amy's eyes widened in shock before glazing slightly as she leaned in and took Jessica in her mouth. Both women moaned in unison at the sudden sensory input. Amy put her hands on the shaft as she took half of it in her mouth before backing off, stroking it. She hesitated a moment, the last vestiges of free will asserting themselves. Jessica put a finger under Amy's chin and tilted her head. A small string of spit ran from Amy's lower lip to Jessica's rod. "You're mine now," Jessica said quietly but firmly.

Amy's eyes glazed over, she nodded and went back to sucking her roommate's distended prick. The horror was gone from her face now, replaced by hunger. Need. Raw lust aching for satisfaction. Jessica growled and put her hands on Amy's head. Holding her still, she thrust into her mouth. The first one went halfway. The next a little deeper. Amy's eyes welled with tears as she gagged but she looked at Jessica in rapt pleasure. Her hands left Jessica's shaft and went to her own breasts, pulling the sports bra down to her waist. As Jessica finally got her member all the way in Amy pinched her nipples and massaged her tits, moaning around the cock.

Jessica pulled out abruptly. She wanted to come, but not down Amy's throat. No, she wanted to put her seed in her slave's pussy. "Take your clothes off," she said to her slave. Amy rushed to obey, hurriedly sliding everything down to her ankles and kicking it away. She leaned back on the couch, her legs splayed. Her pussy was bald, the lips red and swollen and glistening with moisture. Jessica's cock twitched at the sight of it. The devil wanted in his cave. So did Jessica. Amy's hands ran across her belly to her pussy, fingers stroking her clit. "Please..." she said pleadingly. Jessica grinned.

"'Please' what?" she asked, deliberately innocent.

Amy moaned at the stall, pushing two fingers into her hole. "Please fuck me!" she moaned. Amy didn't know it yet, but she wouldn't come until Jessica did. But once she did come, she would do anything to have her master inside her again. Jessica would be more than willing to oblige, too.

She leaned down and picked Amy up by the legs, folding her back till her knees were on either side of her head, enough to be able to taste her womanhood without much effort. The devil throbbed with need but she ignored it. Jessica Jones would have her fun first. Leaning in she buried her face in Amy's sopping cunt, licking and sucking. Amy let out a loud moan as her pleasure built to the point of breaking. Her pussy flooded with juices and Jessica lapped them up greedily. Finally Jessica straightened, her face glistening with her slave's wetness. She silently pointed to the bedroom.

Amy stood wordlessly and walked to the bedroom. Jessica admired her ass as she walked, the cheeks bouncing slightly. Amy reached her bed and laid back on it. She grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart as far as they'd go. She wanted it as much as Jessica did. They always did, Jessica thought lustily. She grabbed a pillow and shoved it roughly under her slave's ass, pointing her cunt perfectly towards the rigid flesh waiting to strike.

Grasping her cock, Jessica slapped the head roughly against Amy's clit. Amy yelped, and then moaned. Her juices poured from her labia, creating a wet spot on the pillow. Her master teased her more, rubbing the head of her member up and down the slit, coating it in her juices. "Please!" Amy pleaded, her muscles quivering with need.

"Beg me," Jessica replied. Amy pulled her knees to her chest, ankles apart, spreading the lips of her pussy.

"Please put it in me, Master! I need to feel your cock inside me!"

Before she'd even finished, Jessica thrust inside her to the hilt. Amy screamed at the sudden increase in sensation. Jessica moaned loudly. She would not last long, but she did not care. Any desire for delaying the pleasure had been replaced by the raw urge to breed the woman in front of her. "God... god..." Amy moaned over and over as Jessica thrust roughly into her. Her words trailed off into weak moans, the pleasure overwhelming her. The room became filled with the sounds of their sex, the squelching of Jessica's cock in Amy's pussy, the sound of skin slapping against skin.

Soon Jessica felt the devil swelling. It was time. She stopped thrusting and looked at her new slave. Amy's eyes opened to look glazed at her master wondering why the exquisite motions had stopped. "Do you want to come?" Jessica asked. As she said the word her cock twitched inside Amy and Amy moaned. "Yes," she said weakly. The devil twitched again, swelling larger. "If I come inside you, I will breed you. You will be mine forever," Jessica warned. She already knew the answer; it was always the same. Amy gave it anyway. "Yes... come inside me... fill me with your cum and make me yours, please!"

Jessica smiled and began thrusting again. Amy's moans resumed, louder. After a few strokes Jessica felt the fluid rushing up her shaft as her orgasm began. She pushed in as deep as she could go, her cock bumping up against her slave's cervix. Amy's moans turned to screams as her pussy was filled with Jessica's cum, sending her over the edge as well. Jessica moaned confidently, relishing in the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Her cock twitched violently as it spurted more and more. Her slave's pussy clenched around her shaft, milking her seed from her. She kept thrusting, her cum mixing with Amy's, coating the shaft and running down the crack of Amy's ass.

Finally their moans died off. Jessica collapsed on top of her roommate, both breathing in heaves, covered in sweat. Amy let her legs go and they fell limp. Soon Jessica felt the change in her and stood, pulling herself roughly from Amy's cunt. She moaned disappointedly but didn't move, rendered limp from her sound fucking. Slowly, Jessica's cum-covered prick shrunk. As it did the juices collected and ran down the crack of her underused pussy. She moaned, leaning back against the dresser behind her. The change always sent another orgasm through her, one more like what she had been used to before the devil.

Amy slowly sat up, looking down at her ravaged pussy. Slowly, she reached down and ran her fingers through her cum soaked lips. She shuddered as she did. She brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting it. She studied her new master as she sucked on her fingers. Silently, a now normal Jessica looked back. She remembered everything, but felt like an outside observer. She felt the last of their sex running down her thighs.

Finally, Amy got up on her hands and knees. She looked at Jessica over her shoulder and said, "Please, fuck me again." The words rang of a familiar finality to Jessica.

The burning in Jessica's pussy returned. Once was never enough for the devil in her.

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